you?Awoke the other night like I have so often recently, with a leaky dick straining to burst. Falling back to sleep was out of the question so I grabbed hold and slowly started rubbing my cock, closed my eyes and started dreaming…..She came into my room and climbed on top of me. We were both naked and our hands roamed freely all over each other. She let out a sweet sigh of delight as I cupped her beautiful breasts, and spread her legs a bit as my hand found its way to her damp crotch. I slipped a finger in to her and she let out a groan that I stifled with my tongue in her waiting mouth. My lips and tongue were all over her neck and mouth. I brought the tasty soaked finger up for both of us to enjoy, then slowly retraced my path several more times prompting cry’s of pleasure from both of us. My hand had found the spot and was getting nice and wet. We were both steaming. we licked the love juice off my finger and each other faces, savoring the flavor. She smiled at me then slowly moved down and started licking the sides of my shaft as I tried to keep calm but to no avail. I watched as my dick (quite big in my dream!) inched into her mouth. I had to stop her after a few long sucks, as I had to hold my load and my body was screaming to let go.” no no no” I yelped. pulling my cock out with a sucking sound. She laughed at my helplessness as my dick pulsed in mid-air, loosing a long string of clear semen. Once more my dick sank as deep in her mouth, her teasing me. my dick was getting worked over good, and I came close to filling her mouth as she hummed away, her face a study in concentration. She loves having my dick sliding in her mouth almost as much as I do, I kept feeding it to her steadily. My cock was straining and I needed a break so I pulled her on top of me and she sank slowly on to my shaft. The feeling overwhelming. My lap was her saddle and she settled right in. We started slowly just getting a feel for the rhythm. With her hips wiggling and me thrusting we started a nice back and forth fucking each other “.Fuck yeah” I hissed as she ground on top of me, by this time my cock was buried as deep as it would go. The head of my dick was pressed way inside her and she started riding it a little quicker.”Oh” she whispered, getting some steam up. I grabbed her hips and thrust deeper.”Oh” she whispered again,reaching down to rub her swollen clit. My mouth found her lonely tit. “Oh” she hummed. “Oh fuck yeah she added, now writhing on my cock. My dick was slick with her love juice and the smacking sound of her cunt on me was driving me crazy. “OH” she fairly yelled, “I love that cock in me”. My hands found her butt and thrust upwards,now shes riding me like a cowgirl and we are fucking wildly. “OOHH” we both cry out loud. And I am witness to the orgasm spasming on top of my screaming wood .Riding to beautiful full throat climax, my dick slickly slid out of her lovely slit. Her wonderful mouth takes over and I am transfixed as she grabs my swollen, soaking wet shaft and sexily licks off her cunt juice, her eyes never leaving mine. I grab her and flip her on her back and start literally fucking her mouth, feeding her as much as she can take. “You love that cock don’t you?” I gasp. “Mmmhuh” she replies, I almost lose it, and quickly remove my dick to save the building load. “Let me fuck you from behind” I say , “sure” she says enthusiastically. Now on all fours I rub that lucky pecker up and down her moist gash with my hand, “yeah” she whispers “fuck me gaziantep rus escort Pauly”. My dick sinks in slowly into her steamy cunt and we both cry in delight.I give her some good long strokes and we are both enjoying this ride. “I want you to come in my mouth” she says. My dick responds and thickens at her words. “Wow say that again” I laugh, “did you feel that” . Repeating the words she backs onto my throbbing cock her breath coming quicker and quicker . She is trying to impale herself on my happy friend. Thinking its time to lick her I pull out and slide down and stick my tongue deep in her. Her sweet ass waving in the air as my lips and tongue devour that luscious pussy my hands all over her . I am in heaven. Apparently she is doing alright as well, her wonderful cries of passion fill my ears. Playing over her ample lips and swollen clit my mouth is making out with her cunt and I am rewarded with sweet secretions of love juice. Nice and wet, I pay plenty attention to her lovely body , trying to bring her full pleasure. My hands roam freely over her and she is fully aroused, as am I. After a bit I had to let it go. I got on my knees and she knelt in front of me and slipped my dick into her mouth.”Oh boy” I hissed. She laughed with my dick in her mouth, then got down to work .Her mouth worked my cock over and all i could say was “Oh fuck”. With dedication to task she made my dick disappear again and again in her wonderful mouth, now starting to coax me along and having no trouble. Moaning softly at each down stroke I was losing it again. “Mmmph” I heard over and over, her one hand rubbing her clit, she was totally in to it .Like a pot coming to a boil my dick felt like it was upon a launch pad, I could feel a small but steady stream leaking down her throat. As if to let me know we were on the same page , her mouth left my dick and sucked my tongue into her mouth and shared pre come fluid with me, we kissed deeply for a bit, Then she assaulted my helpless cock again with her hot little mouth. My load was edging closer and I knew she could feel it. By now she was almost swallowing my dick, then she took a free hand and lovingly cupped my nuts and that was it. Everything slowed down, as i vainly tried to hold back. “Mmmph” she pleaded. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I groaned, and could feel the dam slowly giving way. “Holy fuck” I screamed, “I’m coming”. My cock hit bottom and she was able to get a “mmhuh” out before the flood. I watched my dick jerk in her mouth and the first shot was on its way. Her cheeks swelled but her mouth kept a tight ring over the shaft. I was aware of a little girl screaming, then realized it was me, totally losing control. “Aaargh” i yelled.Then I heard her swallow my load to make room for the second and successive shots. It was fucking music to hear her sucking and smacking her lips. My screaming continued as she continued coaxing my love load, greedily lapping my friend clean.Several times I pumped (again…my dream), and the copious flow caught up with her as she let a dollop run down my shaft, knowing that it drives me nuts. By now shes laughing at my screaming and knowing she is in control continues to suck heartily. My legs are trembling but she refuses to let go of my balls and staff even though they are spent.. for now. not being able to take it anymore, I collapse in a heap. She playfully rubs me but I am way gone and plead for mercy. Knowing I am helpless she lets go and has a great laugh at me and my lack of control…………Then I woke up and figured I better wash the bedding.