Yes my darling daughter“Hi, darling. I’m home……Oh my god! I’m so sorry!”“Mu-um!”Diane stared in shock. She hadn’t even thought about it and just burst into Debbie’s bedroom and there on the bed, her daughter, stark naked, Her legs wide and her hips raised and obviously near the peak of her orgasm. The girl collapsed and tried to cover her naked parts.“I’m so sorry, love,” Diane repeated. “I didn’t – er – well, you know.”“Yes, Thanks, Mum!” the girl said. “You can stop staring now.”“What? Oh. Oh, yes. Sorry.”Diane backed out of her daughter’s bedroom and closed the door. She leant against it ad blushed. The thought of catching her teenage daughter in the middle of a masturbation session was embarrassing for her and she could only guess how bad it was for Debbie. She moved to the kitchen and busied herself in making coffee. In a few moments Debbie almost sidled into the room and sat at the table. There was a moment’s silence before the girl spoke.“I’m sorry, Mum,” she said simply. Diane took their coffees over to the table and set them down.“You’re sorry? What for?” she said softly. “It’s me who should be sorry. I should never have burst in like that.”“Yes, But I’m sorry for – well, you know.”Diane smiled and placed her hand on her daughter’s“Don’t be so silly,” she said and trying to lighten the mood added. “We girls have got to ease the tension sometimes, haven’t we? Why should men get all the fun?”She was amazed at her daughter’s expression. She was wide eyed and staring at her mother. Her mouth had dropped open.“Well you don’t think it stops when you get to thirty-ni… er into your early thirties, do you?”“Mu-um! T.M.I!” Debbie said laughing.“Oh come on, Debs. We all do it and since your father went it has been my salvation.”Debbie grinned and sipped her coffee. Diane studied her.“Hope I didn’t spoil it?” she said. Debbie looked up in mock shock. “I mean, you were able to finish it off were you?”Debbie grinned and shook her head.“Like I could carry on wanking knowing my mother had seen me,” Debbie chided.“Oh, Love. I’m so sorry,” Diane said and stood and cuddled her daughter’s head to her stomach. Debbie put her arms around her mother and felt her hair being stroked. “My little girl is growing up.”They stood for a moment and then Diane pulled back and looked at her daughter.“Come on,” she said. “Come with me.”Taking Debbie’s hand, she led the girl down the small passageway.“Where?” Debbie asked. Diane led isveçbahis yeni giriş her into her bedroom.“Sit!” she said indicating the bed and went to her dressing table. As Debbie sat and watched, Diane rummaged in a drawer and looked with interest as she saw some very silky underwear being moved about.Finding what she wanted, Diane turned with her arms behind her and moved over to Debbie and stood in front of the girl.“Since I spoiled your ‘pleasure’,” she said. “Perhaps you’ll let me make amends by giving you – this!”She brought her hand back and Debbie was looking at a large, pink vibrator.“bloody hell!” the girl said and stared at it.“Don’t worry,” Diane said. “It’s one your father bought for me and I’ve never used. I think you will make good use of it.”“But – but – what do I do with it?”Diane gave her an old fashioned look and turned it on.“What do you think you do with it?” she said with mock exasperation and placed the tip of it to her skirt at the top of her legs. She flinched slightly. “bloody hell! If I’d known it was that good I would have used it.”“Mum! I can’t use that. I’d be totally embarrassed knowing you could probably hear me…”“Don’t be so silly. Here, let’s try it out.”Diane pushed her daughter back on the bed and slid the vibrator under her dressing gown. As she fallen back, her legs were apart and the pink dildo touched her pussy immediately. “Fucking hell!” she said. The expletive had burst out at the sudden thrill of the stimulation.Diane laughed.“Good isn’t it?” she said.Debbie writhed on the bed. The feelings had hit her so hard and so quickly she didn’t even consider the thought that it was her mother doing it. Her dressing gown had fallen open and Diane was looking at her daughter’s bald mound. She could feel a trickle between her own legs and thought she should not be tossing her own daughter off but she was fascinated by the sight and her senses were heightened. As Debbie writhed and bucked her hips, her cunt lips opened to receive the head of the cock shaped vibrator. Diane could see the wetness covering the pink latex toy.“Oh, fuck!” the girl was saying. “My fucking cunt’s on fire.”Hearing her daughter’s language flipped Diane over the top and she lay next to the writhing young girl, whispering in her ear.“Is it? Is your cunt tingling my love.?”The girl turned her face to her mother. It was a grimacing mask. Her breath was rough and she was grunting.“Yes! isveçbahis giriş Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! I’m fucking cumming you bitch. I’m fucking….Yes! Yes! Yessssssss! Fuuuuuuuuck!”And Diane felt the spray on her hand. One, two, three squirts. Her daughter was a squirter like she was. Debbie pushed her mother’s hand away and lay panting on the bed, her eyes closed. Diane turned off the vibrator and looked at it. It was wet. Stealing a look at her daughter to make sure she wasn’t looking, she brought the sex toy to her lips and licked the wetness. It was sweet and sticky. She licked her hand where the cum had shot. She smiled and turned back to her daughter who was looking at her.“Tasty?” Debbie asked with a grin.“Very,” her mother said and lay down and cuddled the girl to her. “Better?”“Mmmm.” Debbie said softly and they lay quietly for a few moments before Diane spoke again.“So who was it?”“Who was what?” Debbie asked.“Who was the hunk you had in mind while you were cumming?”“I didn’t.”“Oh, come on,” Diane said. “Don’ tell me you weren’t thinking about some stallion with a rigid cock fucking you.”“It’s not like that, Mum,” Debbie said. “I’m not really into cocks.”“What do you mean?” Diane asked, laughing. “You’re not telling me you’re a lesbian are you?”The girl turned to face her mother and looked at her. They stared for a moment and Diane’s eyes opened wide. Then she felt Debbie’s hand at the hem of her skirt. It was moving up her thigh. She held her breath as she felt the fingers on her knickers, seeking the hem at the leg, probing under it and finding her wet lips, a finger stroking along the wet channel and finding the hard nub of her clitoris. “You might need this,” Diane said huskily, holding up the vibrator. Debbie‘s hand came away and took the toy.“I think Mummy should get comfortable and get those wet knickers off,” she said, taking charge. Diane lay on her back and raised her skirt over her hips and eased her knickers of. Debbi moved and knelt by the bed, spreading her mothers‘ legs and as Diane lay back, brought the vibrator to her cunt lips. The older woman groaned as the girl eased it between her cunt lips and stroked the tip along it working on the clit and then circling her hole. Diminishing circles the slowly penetrated her.“Oh god, darling,” Diane said. “That is so fucking gorgeous.”“You‘ve got a beautiful cunt mummy, Why don‘t you shave it?”“No. isveçbahis güvenilirmi I don‘t want to shave it, darling. But you can shave it for meeeeeeee! Oh my God yes! “Debbie had slid two finger up her mother‘s cunt as she vibrated her clit.”“Oh yes, Debs,” Diane was saying. “Here it comes. I’m going to – Yes, Yes! Move darling because I squirt too.”“So fucking squirt,” Diane heard her daughter say but it sounded far off and she was reaching the stars.“Fucking hell! Fucking, Fucking hell! Oh Fuck! Oh, Fuck! Fuck, Fuck Fuck Fuck. Yesssss!”As she came, she felt Debbie’s mouth clamp over her cunt and then she was shooting her cum. Squirt after squirt. And Debbie’s tongue was working her hole.Then the girl was on her and kissing her. Mouth on mouth. She was dribbling her own cum into her mouth.They collapsed together and lay panting and laughing on the bed.“My daughter, the lesbian,” Diane said.“Just trying to get back into the hole I came out of,” Debbie said.Together they laughed, and kissed and cuddled.A while later Diane moved.“Where you off to?” Debbie asked. “We haven’t finished have we?”“No we haven’t finished, dirty girl. I’m just going for a pee.”“Not without me you’re not,” Debbie said. “Come on! Bath!”“Bath?”“I lay in the bath, You stand over me and I get a beautiful shower.”“You dirty little bitch,” Diane laughed. “You really are your mother’s daughter.”They were naked in seconds and Debbie took her place. Carefully Diane placed a foot either side of her daughter’s waist and with her fingers parted her cunt lips. “Your father liked this,” she said. “And he loved to let his erection go off in me and piss up there.”“Mmmmmm. I love it,” Debbie said as the golden stream splashed over her body. She opened her mouth as it hit her face and laughed as she swallowed the liquid.“My turn,” Diane said when she’d finished and they changed places but as Debbie let go her stream, Diane raised her head and pushed it between the girls legs catching the whole lot in her mouth and swallowing rapidly trying not to spill any.They laughed and hugged when they’d finished.“Mum”, Debbie said. Finally.“What’s the matter love,”“Will you use the vibrator to take my virginity, please?”“No, love.” Diane said. “I have something much better for that and I’ll strap it on in a while. And when I’ve opened your cunt fully, I’m going to bum-fuck you.”“Oh, yes please, mum,” Debbie said “I want to be totally sexual.”“Totally sexual?” Diane said. “Darling, by the time I’ve finished you will be a total whore.”“Good. And I’d like you to meet a couple of my friends at some time.”“Are they…?”“We’ve talked about it but never done anything.”“Well, love. I guess we’re going to have some good fun teaching them.”