Workplace Medical ExaminationThis story happened on leaving school and starting my first ever job back in 1980.It was a Friday and I was close to finish my first week as an employee at a small printing company, I was given a few duties between departments. On the Friday I was helping out in the accounts department, which consisted of two women in their late fifties Margaret and Muriel, also working there was Tracey who was in my year at School and to be honest I had a crush on her for as long as I could remember. I was just about to go to lunch, when Margaret told me that I would have to have my staff medical when I got back, I really was not sure what it would entail, but not having had a job before I guess it was what happens.As I got back to work, Tracey was just coming back from her lunch, I asked if she had her medical, she kind of giggled and said yes a few weeks ago. I was feeling good about myself as it was the first time I had kocaeli rus escort plucked up the courage to talk to Tracey, being quite a shy person.As we walked into the office at the back of the premises, Margaret and Muriel were sat at their desks finishing their coffees. ‘Okay ready for your staff medical?’ Margaret said, I kind of shrugged my shoulders and nodded. ‘Myself and Muriel both have nursing experience and will do the examination and Tracey will take the notes’ I looked over and Tracey was sat down with a pen and notepad.’Okay please strip down to your underpants’ added Muriel. I felt my face go red as I slowly started to undress, until I was stood in my white Y fronts, wishing I had mother who bought me more exciting underwear.In the corner of my eye I could see Tracey had a smirk on her face, as Muriel pulled out all kinds of medical apparatus, before doing all kind of tests, kocaeli rus escort bayan listening to my heart, blood pressure, looking in my mouth and ears and testing my balance, Then things were to get a little more humiliating, when Margaret told me to remove my underpants, her tone was quite strict and despite my reluctance I obeyed my instruction. I turned away from Tracey as I slowly lowered my pants, both Margaret and Muriel were stood in front of me as my privates became exposed. ‘right off young man’ Muriel added. I stepped out of my pants. Margaret picked them up and put them on the desk. Muriel took hold of my penis and cupped my testicles and told me to cough, which I did. She then started to peel my foreskin back and examined around the head of my penis as Margaret watched, at this point Tracey moved so she could get a better view. I Muriel fondled my penis and testicles I rus escort kocaeli could feel myself becoming hard, I was so embarrassed and my cock started to stick up in mid air. Being a virgin all three women were seeing my erect penis for the first time in female company.Margaret then told me to bend over the desk and to part my legs. I did as she said, I could feel her insert something up my anus, taking my temperature I presumed.The next task was to be the most embarrassing of all as Margaret and Muriel sat down as Tracey placed a glass jar on the desk. Margaret told me I had to produce a sperm sample, I was dumbfounded and stood before them with my hard-on bouncing in mid air before me. ‘Wank off into the Jar young man!’ Muriel quipped. I looked at Tracey who had a smile going from ear to ear and wondered what she did for her medical.I took grip of my penis and rubbed my foreskin back and forth, trying not to look at the ladies as I filled my head up with dirty thoughts. It didn’t take long as my balls went started to shoot thick globules of spunk into the jar.As I squeezed the last drop of spunk out of my wilting cock. Margaret picked up the jar, both Muriel and Tracey started to laugh out loud, I realized that they were just having a laugh at my expense.