working hardMy name is Micheal my birth. But I am known as Michelle As a c***d I had began cross dressing at around ten years age. I had actually been allowed to pick out and wear anything from my mother’s closets and drawers. I was a very feminine boy and was often mistaken for being a little girl.My mother understood that to force me into a gender that was not really part of me would affect me badly for the rest of my life. My mother understood this because she herself was a lesbian and had divorced my biological father before I was five. She had been living with a very pretty lady Samantha. My Mother and Samantha had raised me and my sister Lori in a well to do neighborhood and we wanted for nothing. My parents were talented and wealthy. I normally dressed as girl and often fought with Lori over clothes. When I was about 12 I started wearing my mothers stockings and pantyhose and trying on her shoes. Samantha realized it was time for me to have my own clothes when she notice me masturbating in my mothers lingerie. I soon began to find new pairs of panties,stockings,pantyhose,sexy dresses and pretty heeled sandals all in my size. I was still small and very feminine for a boy. My sister Lori was so jealous. Again we fought over clothing but now there were my things. Lori was also given sexy new clothes as she was just turning 13 hiltonbet giriş and was already seeing a boy. That boy was called Romero and he only knew me as Lori’s sister. When Romero 1st saw me dressed in a mini-dress stocking and high heals he was obviously interested but could not act on it because of Lori’s jealous nature. Tie pasted and Lori’s interest in her boyfriend faded. The next time I saw Romero he was 15 and I was 14. He had come by he house to run and errand for my mother’s partner Samantha. Romero was easily persuaded to do things for Samantha because she was still just as pretty and sexy as ever. Samantha had long ravens black hair and perfect light olive skin and a truly sexy body that any man or woman lust after. Romero was a strong bodied tall lean boy with dark hair skin and eyes. so handsome. On that day Romero was greeted by me at the door. I was dressed in a full length blue silk dress with french silk stockings and high heel shoes. I was only five nine in height but my heels made me look much taller. I wore my light brown hair at a few inches past my shoulder. My eyes are green and the most striking feature of a very feminine face. My figure was of a girl that had not yet blossomed my hips were straight and my chest was of course flat. I wore a near invisible bra with built in small hiltonbet yeni giriş false breast which were very realistic. I had come up with the idea of securing my long cock to my inner thigh with a tight garter belt after a suggestion by Samantha when she noticed my sometimes hard dick could easily be noticed beneath my pretty girls clothes. As Romero looked me over with hungry eyes and felt my cock begin to swell under its restraint. Behind me Samantha said hello to Romero which broke his gaze. As he walked right past me the to stand in the aroma of Samantha’s fine perfume. I felt such jealousy my eyes welled with tears I looked up and down at Romero’s body with his back now turned to me as he asked Samantha about the errand she had called his for. Romero was wear runners shorts and shoes his tan lean strong legs flexed with muscular definition his dark skin shown with a light sweat. he wore a muscle shirt which showed off his wide back and shoulders. I shot a piercing stare at Samantha and motioned toward myself. Samantha hesitated for a moment to answer Romero’s question but then quickly said “I need you to help my daughter move some furniture in her room, she wants to redecorate but a few things are too heavy for us the move.” Romero turned to look at me and said “ok”. I smiled with and gave hiltonbet güvenilirmi a look of gratitude to Samantha. I told Romero my room was upstairs and he began to walk toward the stairs while walked closely behind him watching his gorgeous ass. As we walked up the stairs I turned to Samantha, now sitting on the big leather couch in the living room, as I mouthed the words ” I love you” she smiled and likewise replied silently “have fun”. Walked slowly up the stairs behind Romero my hard cock was getting stoked between my silk cover thigh and the garter belt. Then a feeling of terror came over me. Oh my god I thought to myself , what am I doing he thinks I’m a girl. This is going to be my first sexual encounter with a guy and he has no idea I have a cock. he has no idea I want him to fuck me in the ass. As he stood in the middle of my room I closed the door behind us and felt a drop off pre-cum run down my thigh to my knee. Romero’s eyes focused on that drop as it ran to my ankle. My cock was throbbing. Romero came close to me now was enjoying my lavender perfume. He smiled and asked “so what do you need?” I didn’t know what to do. I slowly moved even closer and started softly kissing his chest tasting his sweat. I pressed against his body and his arms wrapped around me. He slipped the thin straps of dress off my shoulders and my dress fell to the floor. He said I know, your sister told me. I felt such relief and at the same time so hard,so ready. He took off my bra and reached down to take off the garter belt which kept my cock a secret for so long. he stroked my long cock and knelt know to suck me. to be continued