Nicole wondered what she was doing here, attending a party on a narrow and secluded beach, little more than a cove, that the hosts had exclusive access to, the pristine golden sands having a steep headland to each end and that the public was unable to access. Pines and dense scrub, so typical of the Mediterranean coastline, provided the ideal barrier to those intent on spying on their goings on.

Leo and Emma Archembeau had been her friends for years, and over that time she had forgiven them their wilder excesses when it came to parties, just as she was obliged to do now as she gazed upon the naked flesh of those attending and that Leo had declared on his invitation card would be ‘the best swinger’s party for a decade’. Only his closest friends and those of a like mind had been invited for two days of sun, sea and…whatever you and your partner of the moment put your minds to.

She had been to a few of these sublimely wayward gatherings, she was ashamed to admit, but it had been a few years since the last one, and every year her excuses not to do so became lamer until she had conceded. The lovely Emma, with her varied tastes, preferences and partners that included her, had been the one to persuade her.

‘Leo understands that I will want to be with you after so long…’

‘Only a few weeks,’ she had laughed in dismay that Emma should even mention it as a reason for her to be here. She had rented a cosy and sun-filled holiday apartment for a week. There, she would devote some precious time to her work of sculpting items that would be sent home by a road courier, if her creations justified the expense.

Now, with the flimsiest of sun dresses covering her flesh coloured, and see-through, bra and high-waisted panties she walked amongst the squares formed by colourful windbreaks and on the softer sands of the beach. She was greeted by naked men and women alike, their bodies glistening from the generous applications of sun-oils. Curiosity soon got the better of her. She chose to also glance over the feeble barriers offering privacy, and there to see couples in flagrante, two women on a man, or as she stopped by a square with a pyramidal roof supported on metal poles, her hosts Leo and Emma.

‘At last, chéri!’ Emma called out. Nicole was unsure if it was her orgasm that made her cry out, or the sight of her peering down at them as they fucked, Leo pistoning into his wife’s body and under the watchful gaze of someone she knew only too well, but who had never ventured to attend these wild days. ‘You’ll have to wait, Max, sorry…sorry!’

Emma was held in her husband’s fevered embrace until her orgasm subsided and she finally coaxed Leo to ease out of her. She lay back on the cottons sheets, their corners having been pegged into the sand. Leo soon lay beside her, both of them flushed by their efforts, their skins glistening. Emma stilled Max’s claims upon her, but guided his kisses to her belly and breasts, squirmed as his fingers touched her enervated pink lips.

‘Let me at least taste you…and do this,’ Max seemed to demand of her. ‘You can be with Nicole soon enough…’ He looked up at her, his eyes taking in her appearance. ‘You’re a little over-dressed…’

‘And you’ve lost none of your charm…’

‘C’mon you two…kiss and make up. You’re here to love and live it out…not to argue or to settle old scores.’ Emma reached up and brushed her fingers over Nicole’s calves as she stood over them all. ‘Say hello to me properly.’

Nicole knelt down and kissed Emma full on the lips, felt her friend and lover clamp her hand on one of her heavy breasts, then pull slowly on the hard nipple.

‘Okay now?’ she groaned through their long kiss and on feeling both Leo and Max lift the hem of her dress and one, she did not know who, unfasten her bra. ‘Your hands are still so rough…so rough,’ she gasped as Max sought to kiss her and clamped a hand, as Emma had done, to her breasts and squeezed on them, hard.

‘Yes, now undress for me…for all of us,’ Emma smiled up at her. Some guests topped, those not involved with their partners, to look on.

Nicole nodded. She felt obliged to lean over her friend and kiss Leo, then turn to meet Max’s slow and questing claims upon her, a hand soon moving under her dress, his slow touches on her thighs arousing a rush of longing before they pressed against her slit. She prolonged the kiss, felt her juices flow as Max tugged aside her panties and slid is fingers over her wet lips and slowly ümraniye escort entered. In spite of everything that had happened and had wrecked their relationship, she never could forget what he brought and that she took so greedily from him. Now, their claims upon each other would be in having sex, not the sharing of a deeper loving act. The thought had arisen in her as she watched Leo and Emma rutting like beasts. She had taken to wondering how they could still pursue such ways in front of others.

She stood over Emma as her dress was lifted away. Many hands caressed her body, over her fleshy thighs, her belly and cupped the heavy tumble of her breasts. Both Leo and Max kissed her lips, her breasts and Leo palmed her butt cheeks before she pulled away and knelt over Emma’s face.

‘You first,’ she gasped as her friend lifted her head and slowly ate her out, pushed her tongue into her, Emma’s fingers spreading her pink lips before she settled; slowly moved her hips in slow circles to heighten the pleasure Emma brought to her so brazenly. The two men kissed and groped her; tugged on her breasts and pinched touches to her firm aching nipples. ‘What a welcome…but…but I don’t want all of you like this. It’s crazy!’

She rolled off her in spite of Emma’s restraining touches to her thighs and sat down, unashamedly exposing her sex to the two men standing over her. Leo held a hand out to Emma who soon stood beside him, her arm about his waist.

‘I’m sure you two have so much to catch up on,’ she smiled at Nicole and Max in turn.

‘We’ll see….’ Nicole retorted and made a grab for her beach bag and sun oil bottle. She notices Max offer to help her in that.

His long penis sways as he walks, and it arcs out from a dense mat of hair. It, and his rounded belly, giving Max the look of a man who has often lived a dissolute life and one that she once shared with him. He is a man she no longer loves, his betrayals of her too many to count and that she could once find it in her heart to forgive, but no longer.

They never married but lived together in an only too loose and often pleasurable arrangement that a busy social life made possible. It disguised what was so often at work in each of them; she sculpting and crafting small works in stone or hardwoods in her studio on the city’s outskirts; Max a theatre director, obsessive about bringing the work of unknown playwrights to the stage, in fringe theatres both in Paris and the larger provincial cities.

She hadn’t seen him for over a year and now, in these unreal surroundings and with laughter, loud voices, squeals of pleasure and surprise all around them as others frolicked, swam, lazed in the sun or took to each other in their enclosures, Max slowly caressed in the sun oil over the freckled skin of her breasts and arms, down over her belly before he fingered her in slow touches, pressed and slicked her opening and leant in to kiss and lap on her. He breathed in the musky aroma of her sex.

‘I’ve missed what you bring, Nikki…’

He loved the sight and feel of her heavy and round breasts, but he saw no stretch marks, just their slow indolent sway as she moved under his touches. She did not stop him as he bent to kiss and suck caresses upon them greedily.

‘Until you found someone else….’ She spat out and finally pushing him away. Nicole moved to lie on her front, and he began to oil her back, unmoved by her reply.

‘It worked for us, in some ways…as you know only too well and I could remind you of,’ Max said on a low voice, his questing hands never ceasing in their caresses.

She shivered as the oil was squirted onto her hot skin and his fingers smoothed it, gently pressed until she parted her thighs and allowed his touches to bring her on. She gripped the sheet she lay on. She simply had to lift her hips as he reached beneath her and moved his oiled fingers from her belly and down over her pussy before they entered, the angle stretching her and provoking her to buck her hips and feel the uncommon pleasure of being taken in this way. She then felt the press of his penis tip slide between the oiled cheeks of her buttocks, the caress of that hard length as he knelt behind sending renewed shock waves of pleasure coursing through her body. She fingered herself and heard him gasp as she touched the tip of his penis, felt him press forward to meet them..

‘I could…’ he whispered in her are as she lifted her hips, escort ümraniye his questing hands soon coaxing her to kneel before him.

‘I know you can…could do anything you wanted once upon a time!’ She felt him rock and sway behind her, his penis caressing against, and rubbing over, her slicked folds. ‘Just bring it to me!’

His hands gripped the tumble of her breasts as Max pulled her onto him, kneading them gently and playing with her nipples. He put his gorged prick against her pussy’s lips and shafted her in one long stroke.

‘You’re unreal…what you bring to me!’ she groaned.

Max felt Nicole shudder before her muscles tightened on him and she began to jerk on him as she pushed back and pulled away. ‘Nikki…you wonder! How I’ve missed your ways…go on!’

They were oblivious to the onlookers. She was being fucked in an only too public way by this bearded lothario, a wild man who spoke soft words but rarely meant them.

‘AAHHH!’ she couldn’t help but yell, twisting and turning to meet his look as his hips slammed against her butt cheeks and his hands gripped her breasts. ‘Go on…that feels so good!’

Max left his dick in her for a moment and enjoyed the feeling of her warm, tight pussy around him. She brought so much that he wondered once more how he could have forsaken the incredible feelings aroused in him, both from the sight of her and what she now did. He resumed In his taking of her, the pace slow at first like and how he usually likes it, giving her the chance to grip him as she did now, her knees shifting on the sheet beneath them and stretching him.

‘I’ve got to take you!’ Max slowly picked up the pace until her pussy felt like it was being pounded by an out-of-control jackhammer. She reached behind her, every touch and call inciting him to take her harder, faster, deeper. ‘I…I want to look at you…’

‘And I need to put a condom on you! I don’t know where you’ve been with that!’

Nicole reached for her beach bag as she lay back and handed the packet to him. A small group of onlookers continued to see the show that Max would put on. Together they slipped the sheath over his length.

‘Let the show begin!’ she yelped, gripping his hands as she settled on him, her breasts swaying and her wild auburn red hair flying about her face. Max pulled her to him and kissed her, stifled his moans of pleasure that her wrenching on him provoked. This beautiful woman was riding him and getting reacquainted with his pole. ‘Hold them…do what you want with them!

Max had grabbed her swaying breasts and taken them to his mouth, squeezed on them so hard that she gasped in pain and abject pleasure. She met the looks of younger women, her uncontrolled brazenness something for them to copy. She’d been here before and not just with Max, but to do it so publicly was a departure from discreet weekends here in a Riviera home. Leo had his ways and Emma had loved along with them, but such times had only ever been in the privacy of their luxurious apartment in Paris or here.

She looked at Max with unseeing eyes as she abandoned more restrained ways. She eased in her claims and encouraged Max to have her hold onto him with her arms and legs. She then lay back aching for him to be on top of her, to fuck her in missionary position so that she could really jerk on him and begin the last stages of him reclaiming her body…for old times’ sake, and no more. She could do this and not be emotionally involved with him as she had once been.

‘Really do it…put on a show,’ she urged through breathless kisses as she held him tightly and he started fucking her more intensely, thrusting deeply and withdrawing before slamming down into her. ‘Yes…go on!’

She was aware of a younger man’s look upon her even as she screamed encouragement in Max’s ear and loudly begging for more. Max slowed down, he had to. Nicole’s wrenching rhythm was wasting him, so a reprieve would allow him time to catch his breath while still fucking her but slowly.

‘I’m making it last…want that from you!’

Nicole chose to ignore him and bucked her hips and jerked on him; writhed underneath him even as she met Max’s look upon her, felt his lips tug on her breasts, then his hands push them up so that he kissed warm skin beneath them, lapped his tongue over them as she sought to prolong this reunion fuck with her.

‘Don’t be selfish!’ she cried out. ‘Others will want you!’

‘And ümraniye escort bayan I want you… like that!’ she heard the young guy’s voice call out to her.

‘Perhaps! We’ll see!’

Nicole met his wondering look and held a hand out to him, but he could not take it. They exchanged looks even as Max slowed in his rutting movements. Nicole knew that he was close and waited. He picked up the pace again, selfishly plugged her at a relentless pace as she arched her back and felt the wracking spasms of her orgasm rush through her body. Max easing in his claims had been the trigger. They had provoked her to contract her muscles around him as Max held her tightly to him

Nicole clung to her wayward lover. She could not see the young man and his hungering look upon her. Instead, she conceded to Max’s final claims as he shot his load in searing rushes that she felt through the thin skein of the condom, the man filling the rubber with spurt after spurt of cum. In times, long ago, he had filled her, the feelings of his release and in their shared orgasms like nothing she had shared in since those times. She had known that she was not the only one to know of such moments and she’d thrown him out of her life.

They came down from a shared and only too public high as Leo and Emma’s voices were heard calling everyone to lunch.

Nicole threw back her head and laughed, pushing Max from her as she did so. She saw Max tug away the rubber and put it in a small bin, the lid clanking as it was shut. Leo and Emma had thought of everything.

Nicole sat up, even heard a ripple of soft applause.

‘Yes, the show’s over, folks!’

Étienne drew closer to that wondrous woman he had seen being pegged by that brute of a guy some fifteen minutes ago. He’d watched her stroll into the sea and to swim, her oiled body glistening in the light from the blazing, unforgiving sun directly overhead now. It picked out the colours in her auburn hair and its faux blonde strands. She had tied it back at te nape of her neck and he had seen the brilliant white candy-strip earrings that swayed lazily as she moved. He had felt the gnaw of lust for the woman on seeing the ripple of her fleshy thighs and buttocks. To his eyes she was a voluptuous goddess and he wanted her, had yet to peg anyone and wanted her to be the first and then, perhaps, the only one.

Her bra and panties were like a second skin, but the woman did not stroll shamelessly about the group gathering for lunch under the long, open-sided, tent. She waited, as if to gather more attention upon her.

A streak of modesty, or was it a way to inflame and tease a man, that made her do it? The woman with her nearly flat belly, fleshy legs, and wonderfully large breasts that were so natural and not firmed up by some alien gel, met his look as he stood by the few remaining seats at a long beautifully laid out table. Waiters and waitresses, only in loin cloths, stood ready to serve drinks and lunch.

‘May I sit with you…during this feast for the wanton?’ He now asked and on brazenly holding out a hand that she gripped. He kissed it. ‘There’s no end in sight for you, unless I may be the only one from now on?’

‘You were watching me, all the time?’

‘Yes…I want to learn of it…all of it, and from you.’ He paused. ‘My name’s Etienne…my people own a property nearby. Leo and Emma have become friends, in these ways of it, and Emma especially. She is always open to new ideas and arrangements, if you understand?’

‘I do understand, and I am Nicole…’

‘I know, I heard that man you were with calling it out…’

‘I don’t remember…’

‘I hope you will be the same with me…and only me…and that you will remember.’

Nicole felt him clutch her hand as they walked into the tent and to their seats at the table. She met his confident smile and knew that he would have his way with a woman who must be three times his age. She couldn’t hold his gaze as he took in all that she would bring to him and she would find with him, the swell in his swimming trunks impossible to ignore.

She wasn’t embarrassed to meet that look. She knew that, if she chose to pursue such ways, there would be no end in sight while she was on this beach and succumbed to Leo’s and Emma’s demands that everyone enjoyed themselves whenever and with whoever, and of their choice.

Max had been a distraction.

She wanted so much more from the days here, and from this young guy called Ėtienne. She could let go and devote all her energy, and ways of it, to one lustful and only too good-looking young guy.

Her fingers brushed his naked thigh as they sat close, and Nicole smiled her acceptance, shivered on hearing his whispered words in her ear.

‘The sun, sea and now you,’ he had whispered before she met a slow kiss.