Wild Times At the Resort BarWell if you have been following this series my husband Phil and I bought a bar on a lake in Wisconsin. The bar catered to the younger “boating” crowd. Business was bad so I decided to hire three girlfriends to work as waitresses at the bar. They wore skimpy shorts, a bikini white sox and gym shoes. They looked great!! One, Sasha a Russian blond beauty, Susan the petite wife of a guy renting a cottage at the bar had a small body that would not quit. And my lesbian girlfriend Sandy. Well the bar was hopping that Saturday night and after midnight Susan as usual started to parade around topless for the patrons. That girl had a beautiful body and made a ton of money in tips by displaying her perky tits and gorgeous body to the crowd. She changed into a thong and that drove the guys wild, for the women it was a different story, they did not like their guys drinking and ogling my girls, but they had to put up with it. Saturday night was really special. Late in the evening Susan began doing lap dances for the patrons at fifty bucks a pop. She was a great lap dancer and soon Sandy and Sasha joined çankaya escort in. But what happened tonight was really outrageous. Susan really liked this young pro baseball player Tim who had a place on the lake. He paid for a lap dance and then said “how much for a blow job” Susan to my surprise said $300.00 and Tim said “your on” and she came to my register to run his credit card for $300.00. I gave her the cash and off she went to a back booth in the bar. I just sat at the bar and watched.Then Susan went over to Tim’s corner booth and got on her knees and spread Tim’s legs as she pulled down his swimsuit. She said “I am really into sucking cock, and you’re the lucky guy tonight”. Tim said “No you’re the lucky girl tonight” as he whipped out his eight inches of thick man meet for that little minx. Susan took his cock in hand for what I knew would be a great blowjob. Susan’s mouth began by vigorously sucking the head of Tim’s cock, concentrating on just the head. Then she worked her way down the shaft sucking harder and harder, she had a really unusual mouth and could take a whole cebeci escort cock. She could slide about five inches of his monster cock down her throat and hold it there milking it with her mouth like a baby calf. Susan kept sucking his cock hard holding it firmly in place with her hand and mouth. Obviously, Tim had never gotten a blow job like this before, from watching I knew she was doing things to his cock that he had never experienced. She not only sucked his cock with her whole mouth and cheeks her mouth and lips surrounded Tim’s cock in a vice like grip. She alternated by constantly kissing and licking her tongue down the side of Tim’s massive cock. Most women suck you with their lips, but she used every organ in her mouth, her lips, cheeks and throat to virtually surround your cock in one titillating sucking motion. Susan was crazy, and soon my hand began rubbing my pussy as I watched her go at it !!!It must have been five minutes of cocksucking as Susan swallowed Tim’s cock again and again all the way down her throat as she sucked his entire cock. I could tell Tim was not able demetevler escort to take this anymore and I yelled “baby, I am Cumming right now!!!” With that, she deep throated his cock and held it there while he shot a load deep down her throat. Then something unusual happened, she stroked his cock and sucked it harder that I thought was imaginable as she massaged his scrotum. It was like she was milking a calf drawing every ounce of cum he had in his entire body. This girl drained his balls dry by the machinations she performed on his dick. Then she performed what I knew from talking to her as her “specialty”, she sucked Tim’s highly sensitized cockhead, it must have been incredible for him and he arched his back upwards to meet her mouth. Susan licked the area where Tim’s cock head met the shaft. Susan knew where the male “G” spot was, so she sucked and licked this part of the head of his cock. Finally, Tim said “Stop! Stop! You’re killing my cock”. Susan stopped, and she just looked up at him and grinned as his excess sperm dripped down the corner of her mouth. She scoped the cum off her face and licked it off her fingers.Now I knew things in the bar were going too far, I could lose my liquor license for prostitution. As we were closing I said to Susan, “no more blowjobs” in the bar, do it on a boat. Susan said, that’s a great idea I’ll use my husband’s boat or the guys boat next time, no problem.