Wife’s Friend Spanked and FuckedMy wife and her friends regularly go out on Friday nights and as long as my wife behaves, I do not mind. This means not getting drunk, wearing sensible clothes and coming home at a reasonable hour.On the occasion in question, my wife’s friend Alice was going to stay with us as she lived some way away from where they were spending the evening. Alice is fully aware of my house rules and understands that if she is staying with me, then she will have to adhere to them.Off they went at about 7 30 PM. I expected them home by 1200 at the latest, or else there would be trouble!At 10 past 12, I started to get agitated at their non appearance. At 1230 I was angry. At 1245 I was livid! Just after 1 o’clock, they appeared. They stumbled though the door swaying and giggling, dishevelled and all the worse for drink. My wife does not usually drink too much and is always on time. It looks like Alice is a bad influence on her. I barked out loud “What time do you call this”. They both put their heads down and giggled, attempting to prop each other up. I shouted at my wife “Sharon, go upstairs to bed, I will deal with you tomorrow. Alice! Come with me”. My wife artemisbet yeni giriş made her way slowly upstairs as I grabbed Alice’s arm and marched her into the living room, pushing her unceremoniously into the easy chair.“Not only are you late Alice, you are drunk!” I said loudly. Alice mumbled something incoherent as her chin now rested on her chest. I said “You know what happens here if you break my rules don’t you”. Silence….. Alice was fast nodding off to sleep, so I went into the kitchen, picked up the spray bottle I use to water the plants with and gave her a heavy dose of cold water spray into her face.Alice spluttered and came to, waving her hands all around her face, she screamed “Get off what are you doing”. Her speech was coherent yet slurred. I said “I am talking to you and you are sleeping. You need to learn some manners young lady” With this, I grabbed her arm and raised her to her feet. Alice rested her body against me to support herself and I could feel her warm bosom on my chest, her breath was in my ear as her head rested on my shoulder. I pushed her slowly away, just far enough so she had to balance on her own feet.I said “Alice, artemisbet giriş you leave me no option but to punish you for your bad behaviour. I am slightly reluctant to do it while you are in this state, as I fear you may not remember the lesson, but all things considered, I have decided to punish you now.” Alice barely acknowledged what I said but did seem to be able to support herself now.I really lost my cool and dragged her to the white sofa, I threw her down, positioned her so her knees were on the sofa and her arms were under her chest on the back rest. I pulled her white panties down and turned over her tartan skirt, to reveal her naked and beautifully formed bottom, with her pussy showing between the top of her legs. I pulled out my belt and proceeded to larrup her bare bottom.I must admit, I was quite annoyed at this stage and gave her some really good hard whacks. the sound of the whoosh and then the smack!….smack!, smack! As the thin belt lashed her unprotected bottom. Alice didn’t give out much of a sound. I think the alcohol had numbed the pain. More and more blows rained down on her naked arse. Thwaaack, smaaaack, a whoosh and a stinging artemisbet güvenilirmi smack followed one after the other, until finally, I threw the belt down next to her on the settee and stared at my work.Her bottom was nice and red now and she didn’t look round. Alice just maintained the spanking position, still and quiet. I stared at her lovely bottom and her inviting pussy now pushing out through the top of her legs. I was sweating and aroused. My wife would be well asleep by now. I decided to take a chance. I unzipped my fly and took out my stiff cock and slipped it through my boxers. I closed in on Alice until I could feel the heat from her beaten red bottom. Slowly I pierced the tight pussy to feel the juicy wet softness inside. She gave a little gasp. I could feel her pushing her bottom out so as my cock went in deeper. The heat of her bottom was a real turn on and slowly I started to move in and out, harder and harder I thrust, using the sofa as an anchor to pin her hard against on every inward thrust. She began to gasp. Louder and louder she moaned, suddenly, in a frenzy of movement, we both came. My spunk spurted hard into her like a waterfall as her pussy clenched tight around my cock.She slumped forward and I on top of her my cock resting on her naked bottom.After a minute or so I removed my cock and Alice got up. Her bottom was in a right state. She pulled up her tiny white panties and without a word, went up the stairs to bed.