Wife loves it
Now after a few years with the wife our sex life has become a little shall i say when talking about it one night she agreed to spice it up but how she didnt know.
I on the other hand had ideas i would love to put forward and one of them is watching her with another man..always turned me on of the idea of her sucking on another cock.
We talked about it and she was like “well I dont know i dont feel 100% about myself” and i said ” dont worry i know of a site you can go on and the guys will flock and give you compliments”
So we went onto a well known site and posted some sexy photos and a good bit about herself… and then waited and watched as men after men messaged my wife.
Some were more forward than others and some were very kind and just wanted to talk…one guy took her eye was a 23 yr old guy who was local and said he was available on that particulate night.
She exchanged messages and spoke for about an hour..I didnt want to know what they were saying but i was horny as hell and she was excited and all wet.
In the end she got up and went upstairs, I heard the bathroom door close and also the wardrobe doors so i knew with it being 9:30 pm she was getting ready for this guy.
about an hour later she came downstairs WOW! was the only word i could get out…
typical secretary look and with glasses too. High heels,stockings and a nice slim skirt to show off her figure and also a white shirt and boy was she looking hot..i wanted to have her right there and then.
I said “why dont you dress like that for me?” she said I dont know to be honest,Do i look alright?” “alright i said” “wow super sexy ”
she said “he will be here in 10 minutes” i was excited as hell my heart was racing and i couldnt believe we was doing this..
i said “whats the plans then?” she said “ha ha wait and see”
10 minutes went past as i started to pace when there was a knock at the door…my wife turned around and went into the hallway and close the door behind…then i heard them walk along into the kitchen. the room door as slightly ajar and i could see the reflection in the kitchen window..she was kissing this guy…only slightly could see what she was doing…
I turned the tv down a bit and moved closer to the kitchen where i heard them whispering…then i tried to see what they were upto and i couldnt see her or him, I moved closer and saw the reflection in the window..she was on her knees giving this guy head..
omg my heart was pumping and i was turned on shaking with excitement.
i grabbed my crotch to my rock hard cock..i unzipped it and got it out..i started to wank furiously at what i was seeing..
then she got up and grab his hand and walked back into the hallway and upstairs..
i listened for a minute as she locked the bedroom door and sat on the bed with a squeak of the bed..a few noises later and some moans later the bed was rocking,squeaking and hard fucking was going on…i wanked harder and harder and i wanted to see.
I took off my shorts and walked upstairs and listened as i got to the door to her saying “your cock is massive, its bigger than my hubbys”
the guy was moaning too and the bed was really squeaking..I had to see them at it when i tried the door…it was locked..the bitch had locked it..i tried again just in case,i couldnt bastard i said as I stuck my ear to the door..
they were really going for it and i heard him say “go on bend over sexy fucker,let me see that arse”
a few moans later and the bed was rocking again..i was well hard but i wanted to see but i couldnt so i said to my wife “hun please open the door” to which she replied ” not yet cant ya hear im busy”..well that just teased me.
I wanked my cock harder and harder and i so wanted to cum but i wanted to wait.
i tried the door again and said ” come on hun let me in i wana see” the guy piped up and said “fuck off little dick bastard”,”im fucking this sexy wife of yours” and with that she moaned harder and screamed and kept saying ” omg your cock is massive hun,fuck me harder please,make me cum “,”oh youre going to make me cum” and with that she had an orgasm right there on his cock…
“hmm” she said “youre good arnt you”
“come here” she said and i heard her on the floor ..
the guy said “”ooo dirty bitch ,suck that fat cock”
slurping noises,gagging noises and a slap here and there and i couldnt see..
i was pissed off but horny as fuck knowing what was going on but not been able to see.
The guy said “im going to cum baby” .”open wide I want you to swallow my cum” she said” give me that yummy cum please” ,” come on baby cum in my mouth” and with that i heard him moan and i knew he was shooting his load right into my wifes mouth…god i was hard and nearly cumming my self…i heard some talkling going on and laughing and the door unlocking..I shot right into the next bedroom and looked through the crack in the door and saw this guy come out and go downstairs and out and gone..
it was quiet when i heard my wife say ” hunny you can come in now”
I went into the bedroom to see her knealing down in her stockings with cum all over her face and lips..i got my cock out and shoved in into her mouth and wanked it…i was proper turned on to see my wifes face covered in cum from another guy..she grabbed my cock and wanked it…
it wasnt long before i started to shoot my load right down her throat..she gobbled and swallowed it all..nearly overflowing but managing to hold it all in..
i said “so what ya think ? ” she said ” i loved it..can we do it again?,he was hot”