Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 03mmf – bisexual male – anal – strapon – dominatrix – first time – submissive – femdom – creampieIt’s been over a month now since my wife took on the dominatrix role in our relationship. Since then I have eaten my own cum, took a strap-on dildo up my ass, shaved my body, and dressed like a sissy cum loving slut. I love getting fucked in the ass so much that I actually cheated on my wife just so that I could feel a real cock deep inside my boy pussy, a secret I have kept from her. As if my life hasn’t changed enough, now I find out she has offered our spare room in our apartment to her friend’s boyfriend.I heard a door open. I was trying to wake up, and clear my head from the popper high, but I could not focus on the time. Carol surprised me by coming back to the motel early. I was excited and disappointed at the same time. I so wanted Brian to put his big cock in my pussy and fuck me good and hard, but then again, Carol’s tits being dragged up my back as she crawled up the bed felt nice as well.I was feeling a bit guilty for cheating on Carol, should I tell her that I fucked someone else and it was a man, or just let it go for now? I opted for letting it go for now. Carol lay on my back and kissed the back of my neck, then I felt her breath by my ear, “You look so good laying here clean and naked, with your ass all exposed and ready for some fucking. Wake up sleepy head; I need a cock in me now.”I moaned for her, and then I twisted around under her as my hard cock slapped against her stomach. I smiled up at her and said “Mmmm, this is a nice way to be woken up. Come sit on my face and let me get you nice and wet.”I attempted to grab her waist and pull her up to my mouth when she shouted “NO, just fuck me. I need your cock in my pussy now. I am so horny I want to feel you cum inside of me first.”She sat right down on my cock with no resistance. She was already hot and wet. Really wet. Man, one night away from me and she was this wet and horny. I liked that feeling, what an ego boost.She bounced on my cock, grinding her pussy onto my cock. Her juices were really flowing and dripping down my balls and down the crack of my ass. Wow this was hot.She didn’t want this to last too long because she grabbed my nipples and pulled and twisted them. “Was my little slut bored without me? Do you need to release a load or did you jack off and eat your cum? I hope you saved enough for my pussy baby?” She said as she was riding my cock hard. She was slamming down on my balls and pulling on my nipples like they were horse reins.I started to buck back up into her, “Ya, that’s it baby push that cock deep in my pussy, I’m almost there, oh ya baby that’s it I’m going to cum.”She grabbed my nipples and twisted them really hard forcing me to scream and jam my cock deep in her pussy. Her pussy clamped so tight around the base of my cock that it stopped my cum from spewing out of my cock. The pressure was intense. When she slowed her orgasm enough to release my cock I shot four large spurts of high pressured cum, followed by a slow fountain of dribbles, that flooded into her pussy.She jumped off my cock, turned around and sat on my face, “Now you can eat my pussy you cum slut. Lick it all out, every drop of cum. Mmmm. Ya, that’s it slut suck it down and swallow baby.” I ate and ate as the floods of cum flushed out of her pussy. I couldn’t believe all the cum I shot into her, it seemed to never stop. My mouth just kept filling up with thick juicy cum, salty and tangy.Carol began to orgasm again as she crammed her pussy hard down on my face shooting her cum and forcing more of my cum down my throat. She finally lifted off of me and I was able to breathe again. Not that I was complaining. “So damn hot, did that big cum breakfast fill you up baby?”I just laid there with a big grin and my cum smeared all over my face and neck “MMMMM, MMMMM, GOOD-morning,” I said as I enjoyed the cum taste in my mouth.Carol ran her tongue across my lips, “I knew you would like that, now let’s get showered we have to go pick up David and Laura and meet them for lunch.”I felt my jaw drop open, I was confused, “I thought they broke up, that’s what this trip was for?”Carol was heading for the shower “That’s what I thought, but when Laura said they were “splitting” up I thought “breakup”, but is seems David’s father lost his job and they can’t afford for David to stay in school here, so he has to move back home. I told Laura we would give David a ride back home. Here’s the catch, David is very upset and doesn’t want to move back home right now, so I said he could stay with us for a bit until he figures out what to do.”Now I was pissed, “Without asking me you agreed to all of this? What about our privacy? What if we left anything out at home and David sees it? How long is this supposed to be for?” The million questions started pouring out of me as I spat them out at Carol, who was about to step into the shower.All my ranting and raving lost a lot of credibility when I was standing there naked, covered in cum, and my hardening cock dripping a big blob of cum onto my leg.Carol stared at me and then took a step towards me “I’m sorry, you’re right I should have discussed it with you first. It will just be for a short time, and he will never know that you are wearing lacy panties under your clothes. Besides he will be in the spare room so we can still play, and it looks like you wouldn’t mind getting caught by a real man.”Carol took her finger and scooped up my dripping cum, brought it up to my mouth, and pushed her finger past my lips. I u*********sly parted my lips and allowed her to feed me my cum. She stared into my eyes and smirked at me, knowing I would agree to anything. She then slapped my now hard as a rock cock, giggled as she turned, and stepped into the shower.The thought of being seen by another guy all dressed up or getting fucked by him had me hard as a rock. While Carol was in the shower I ran to the adjoining door to see if Brian was there, but when I tried the inner door to his room it was locked. I peeked out the curtain and there was the maid’s cart in front of his room. I guess that was my fling. I was sad and my ass just ached to be fucked again.We were dressed and ready to head out to pick-up Laura and David for lunch. It was still hot and humid so minimal attire, shirt, shorts, silk g string, and sandals. Carol had on a tank top, no bra, shorts , g string, and sandals. I loved watching her boobs bounce free and her nipples were a constant turn on as they poked through the fabric of her shirt.We pulled up to the college dorms and I spotted Laura waiting by the curb, and assumed that was David standing next to her. I knew Laura but I never met David. With my busy schedule I was either working or at school when they came over, before they moved to Reno to go to school.David looked to be over 6 feet tall, blond/red hair, blue eyes, unshaven sexy face, wearing a tank top, gym shorts with the school emblem, and sandals. I can see a big tuft of hair coming out the neckline on his tank top; his arms and legs were also covered in a thick coat of that soft blond/red hair as well. He was very good looking and damn if my cock didn’t begin to rise. Thank goodness I wasn’t getting out of the car.Laura was short, like Carol, about 5’4”, big boobs that had to be 36d’s, long blond hair, tank top, no bra, shorts and sandals. They hopped in the back seat and introductions were made. We had a nice lunch and then we drove to Virginia City, an old gold mining town, and walked around. We headed back to drop them off and made plans to pick David up in the morning, load up what would fit in the car, and head back home.Carol and I got back to our room and Carol told me to change into nylons, garter, g string, and bra. I guess we better play while we can, I thought. I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself out and jumped into the shower to freshen up. When I came out of the bathroom I was all dressed up and ready to go. I looked over to the bed, where Carol lay wearing her strap on, stroking her cock, and looking at me with lust in her eyes, “You’re so sexy my slut, come over here and show me what a good cocksucker you are.”I walked across the room, swishing my hips, and playing with my nipples through the bra to get them nice and hard. Like a cat, I climbed onto the bed, walking on all fours, as I seductively kissed my way up her legs. Looking up at her I started to lick the balls on the dildo; then up the shaft; then taking my tongue, I swirled it around the head before I leaned forward and deep throated about six of the eight inches of the life like rubber dildo.”That is so hot, looks like someone has been practicing cock sucking. You look so natural with a cock in your mouth baby and all dressed like the cock sucking cum slut you are. I bet you would love a real one someday? Wouldn’t that be so hot to see what a real man’s cock would taste like, what his cum would taste like? Feel that first shot of hot cum filling your mouth. Oh ya, baby suck my cock for me. Make me all wet to fuck your tight little pussy. You want me to fuck you like the tramp you are? You need my cock don’t you baby?” She urged me on.She reached under me and felt my silk covered cock, the g string was soaked with my precum and I was ready to shoot hearing her talk like that. I was also picturing Brian’s cock and how his cum tasted as I sucked it all out of his cock. “Look how wet you are thinking of sucking a man’s cock, you want that baby, you want a nice juicy cock to cum in your mouth so you can drink his cum?”I started to moan with her talking to me like this and rubbing my cock, I was soaking wet. She knew me so well, yet it was still just play wasn’t it? She couldn’t possibly mean it?She pushed me over onto my back and climbed up on me, straddling my hips and smashing her dildo against my cock. Looking down at me, I felt guilt about Brian and guilt about being so turned on when she talked about men. She would not let it go. She was relentless. She was onto something and she knew it.She reached over to the side of the bed and grabbed our tube of lube. She yanked my g string out of my ass and roughly shoved her fingers in my ass, being sure to twist them a couple of times. balıkesir rus escort “WOW! It seems you don’t even need lube anymore, your pussy is open and ready for to service a nice big cock.”With that she got between my legs, lifted my knees up to my chest, pointed her cock head to my pussy, and shoved it until she buried about half the length. I pushed out just as she pushed in and there was just a little twinge of pain from the initial break through. I let out a grunt and pushed back against the cock trying to suck it all in.Carol was not going to stop until she got her answer, “You really like having a COCK in you, don’t YOU? You like when I SHOVE my COCK in and out of your PUSSY?” She would pull her cock almost all the way out of my ass, and then with each emphasized word, she would ram her cock back hard to reinforce her statement.My eyes rolled up in my head. The pressure on my prostate was driving me wild. “God yes fuck me. Fuck my pussy, harder baby harder. I need your cock in me. I love having a cock deep inside my pussy.”She shoved her cock all the way in smashing my balls with the balls of the dildo. Carol leaned forward driving the dildo all the way in my pussy, she put her face right up to mine, “I bet you would love a real cock in your pussy wouldn’t you? Don’t you think it would be hot to feel a man shoving his cock in and out of your pussy? Feel his hairy body rubbing against yours? Your tight little pussy exciting your man and making him want to fill your pussy full of cum? You know it would feel so good to have a real man fuck you, don’t you?”I couldn’t hold back anymore. I shoved back against her cock, the top of my cock popping out of my silky g string just in time to shoot my load all over my stomach. I felt so guilty and wanted to cry, but Carol wouldn’t have it, she scooped up some cum and pushed her cum covered fingers in my mouth, “I hope we can make your dream come true someday. I would love to see you suck and fuck a man. Now I know you would like it too. You make me so happy, I love my little sex slut.”We lay like that for a while. Carol continued to slowly grind her hips, slowly pushing her cock in and out of my ass. At the same time she was slow fucking her pussy with the other end of the dildo embedded in her pussy, until she finally had an orgasm. I lowered my legs and we went to sleep with my cum drying between our two chests, and her cock shoved deep in my ass.The next morning we packed up the car with our suitcases and everything of David’s that would fit. I felt really melancholy about not being able to dress up and have hot sex while we had our company. We made the hot four hour drive home.By the time we arrived home, the temperature dropped about 10 to 15 degrees, but it was still around 85. Our closed up apartment felt like an oven when we walked in. We rushed around opening up windows and turning on a couple of fans. I quickly scanned the apartment for any toys or other incriminating evidence.We showed David around the apartment, his bedroom, the one bathroom we would all share, living room, kitchen, and being on the second floor we had a large covered walkout patio off the kitchen. We grabbed some beers to cool down, before we set out to unload the car.David and I went down to get a load from the car. On the way back up the stairs, David was in front of me, I caught myself staring at his hairy legs and tight ass. As I followed him I could smell his nice strong man sent that was causing a stirring in my cock.When we got to the top of the stairs I assumed he would turn and walk towards the door, instead he just stopped at the landing. I didn’t stop and ran my face right into his ass. His ass was very firm and tight. I quickly apologized “Sorry about that David. I was thinking about where I was going to put the luggage and didn’t expect you to stop. You caught me off guard.”David started to crackup, “No problem. I just got turned around at the top of the stairs and forgot which way to the front door.” I pointed to the left and we headed off to the door. Really there was no other way to go since the unit we lived in had our own doorway and our own staircase to get there. I shrugged it off and laughed.We got inside and Carol instructed me to take our suitcase to our room and dump the dirty clothes on the bed so that she can start laundry. David chimed in “That sounds like a plan, mind if we share a load to go faster?” Carol told him it would be no problem to merge our clothes, saves money on the laundry room cost. I did not think about what the mixing of the clothes would mean until later.It was sweltering hot upstairs. As it got later in the evening, the air became still and it was not getting any cooler. David and I were down to our shorts only and Carol just had on a tank top, no bra of course, and shorts. Carol’s tank top offered a lot of side boob views, making me horny. Carol took a load of laundry down to the laundry room, David was plopped on the couch, and I sat in a chair across from him flipping the channels on the TV.This gave us a chance to get to know one another a little better. So far, David and I got along great. If we weren’t forced into being friends and living together, I could see David and I being friends anyway. I also wanted to check him out further. “So David, are you going to enroll in the local community college until you sort things out or what?”David shrugged his shoulders, “I’m not sure, with Dad out of work I may have to just find a job and help contribute there. I just need a couple of days to figure out what I need to do. I hate that I have to give up all my dreams and education. I’m pissed and I know it’s not my Dad’s fault, I just don’t want to go home pissed off at him and cause bigger problems.”I was listening to him and looking at his furry chest glistening with sweat. His nipples were so pink and protruded past the tuft of fur that surrounded each one. He definitely had little eraser nubs rather than just flat nipples. My mouth was watering thinking of me sucking on Brian’s nipples. I wasn’t wearing underwear making it impossible to hide my rising hard on.Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, David put his feet up on the edge of the coffee table and his shorts opened up at the leg opening. From where I was sitting I got a direct shot at his cock lying down against his furry leg. What a huge cock head. From the angle, it looked pretty impressive in size.I not only got hard, but a damn wet spot started to appear on my shorts. How was I going to get away with this? I knew I should have put on underwear, but it was too damn hot.Carol came in with the first load out of the dryer. She walked in all sweaty from the heat of the laundry room. She carried the full laundry basket in, placed in on the floor by the couch, and sat down next to David. She started folding the clothes, and it was the delicate load. Oh crap.David watched her folding all of the panties, and I could see that his cock started to creep down his leg. I could see his cock head flare a couple of times and his cock slightly jump in his shorts. He was getting horny from seeing all the lace and silk. David made a flipped comment “That’s a lot of nice pretty panties you got there Carol.”I was screaming to Carol in my head ‘Oh shit don’t tell him that some of those belong to me, please’. Carol laughed at him and threw a pair of MY panties at his face, “A girl has to look pretty and slutty for her man.”She turned and winked at me “Isn’t that right Tony? You love the feel of silk and lace don’t you baby?” What a tease she is.I wasn’t going to let her get away with it, so I spat back at her “The sluttier the better. You know I like it dirty.” I turned to David and gave him a wink.David grabbed my panties off his face, but I noticed he slowly rubbed it across his face first. I wonder what he would do if he knew they were mine? I laughed to myself. David stood up and quickly turned his back to us as he headed to the bathroom, “I have to get rid of some of this beer.”Carol noticed the tenting in his shorts and smiled at me. She got up and came over to me, grabbing my cock through my shorts, “Look at you all wet and bothered. Did talking about your silky panties get you all excited or did David’s manly body do it for you?” She smirked at me as I turned red.I wasn’t ready to admit anything yet, “The silky panty talk got me going; now I have to run and change my shorts and put underwear on, thanks to you.”Carol giggled and grabbed my beer just as David came back in the room. Carol took a big gulp of my beer allowing some beer to drool out her mouth and onto my crotch. You could tell that I had beer and cum stains all over my shorts, “Oops. Sorry, I took more than I could swallow. That usually doesn’t happen.” She laughed at her own joke.She saved my ass from being embarrassed, by the cum stains building up on my shorts, so I laughed with her. David laughed as well. Taking a piss must have calmed his cock down because he wasn’t tenting like before. The beers were loosening us all up, maybe too much.We watched TV for a while. I announced I had to go to the store to get some more beer and food. I was gone for about an hour and came up with a couple of bags of groceries. David went past me and went to get the other bags. Carol was sweatier now than earlier, this place is not cooling off, I thought.We ate and drank some more, then it was time for bed. Carol and I went to our room and I was horny and hoping to play a little bit. I was so hot we just lay naked on the bed with the window open. I wiggled down Carol’s body ready to dive into her pussy. She stopped me again, pulled me up on top of her, and told me to shove my cock in her and fuck her hard. No complaints here.I shoved my cock balls deep inside her. She was wet, hot and ready. My cock just slid right in. She was sloppy wet. I was trying to hold myself up from her body to avoid more body head and sweat, but she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me down on top of her, our body’s slick with sweat.She pulled my head close to her mouth and started to whisper in my ear “Your little cock feels so good in my pussy, fill me up with your cum and eat it out baby.”I was grinding my cock in her balıkesir rus escort bayan but I wasn’t ready to cum just yet. Hey wait a minute, what do you mean little cock? I have 5.5 to 6 inches, not bad, pretty normal in fact. I felt my cock get a little soft after that comment, fuck don’t lose it now.Carol must have sensed my demise, “I wish there was a nice big guy standing next to you, naked, so you can suck his cock while you fuck me. Wouldn’t that feel good sucking on some hot big juicy cock right now while you fuck me?” She always knows what to say to get me hornier.”Or maybe he could slide his nice big fat cock up into your tight little pussy while you fuck me? I know you want to feel a big thick cock being shoved in your pussy?” She just looked right into my eyes with a big, lustful, grin.Damn, I not only got hard as a rock again, I was panting and clinching my teeth to keep from shooting my load. She wanted me to cum because she wouldn’t let up, “All dressed up like a cum sucking bitch that needs a big strong man to take his big cock and fuck you long and deep until you beg him to fuck you over and over. You want to feel his big muscular hairy body slamming into your tight ass cheeks. His HOT..SWEATY…HAIRY…CHEST lying across your back as you he drives his cock DEEP in your pussy.”She didn’t hold back one bit. I lost it. I bit down on the pillow and shot my load deep into Carol’s sloppy wet pussy. “Ya. That’s it baby let it go, fill me full of your girly juice. Make it nice and sloppy so you can clean it up for me.” I came long and hard. It was such an intense orgasm followed by an onset of guilt.Carol didn’t give me the opportunity to dwell on what made me cum, rather her dominating tone snapped me out of my funk. “Now get down there and clean that big mess. That was one huge load. I guess you have been thinking about being fucked by a man.”I hid my embarrassment by quickly moving down between her legs and started to lap up my mess. She was right; there were gobs of cum all over. Loving the taste of cum, I sucked and licked at her swollen pussy for at least 30 minutes before she finally came.The entire time I was sucking out my cum she was rubbing my head and edging me on “That’s it baby suck that cum all up. Just think if we had another guy to fill me up you would have more cum to suck from my pussy. That would be so hot.”Was she trying to make herself cum or make me confess? “I want to see you lick his cock and my pussy at the same time while a real man’s cock fucks me. Oh god yes that’s it, yes suck on my lips, eat that cum slut, uuggghh!” She finally had a body shaking orgasm.My jaw and tongue ached, but that was so hot, and loud. I was afraid it was a bit too loud and that David would hear. Let alone the windows were wide open and the neighbors could hear as well. We calmed down and finally went to sleep, hot a sweaty.The next morning we all got up and were mulling around the kitchen, I had to go back to work in the afternoon for my 1 to 10pm shift. We ate lunch and I took off for work. When I got home, around 10:30 that night, Carol had on a white tank top and white sheer shorts. David had a pair of red shorts that were slit up the sides exposing his leg and almost his entire ass cheek. The two of them were sitting on opposite ends of the couch watching TV.As I crossed the living room, I said hello to the two of them as I went to our bedroom to change out of work clothes and into my shorts. I came out of our bedroom and went to the refrigerator to grab a cold beer. I was about to plop my ass in the chair when Carol patted the cushion between them, “Come sit here with me.”I spun myself around, to change directions, and flopped onto the couch between the two of them. I ended up close enough to David that our legs were rubbing up against each other. Carol put her arm around my neck, taking her hand, to grab my chin, and turned my face towards her so we could kiss.A quick ‘hello’ kiss? Not. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and moved her hand down to my chest resting her fingertips on my nipple. I slight panic raced through my body. Right in front of David, was she crazy? Lucky for me she just tweaked my nipple a little and pulled back from the kiss, but it was enough to tent my shorts for sure.It did not go unnoticed. Carol pulled back from the kiss and patted my hard cock through my shorts. She kept her hand on my cock and slowly and softly stroked her fingers up and down the length. “So how was your day baby? Tired? Sure doesn’t feel like it,” as she gave my cock a squeeze.David shifted in his seat causing his hairy leg to rub against my leg. The feeling of his hairy leg against mine felt so good, but this was getting me too horny to sit here much longer. I could feel my breathing become shallower, as I started to get sexually charged up.We had very little clothes on between the three of us, and the couch was feeling really tight. The summer heat and still air wasn’t helping either. We turned our attention back to the TV and sat back drinking our beers. David stretched his arm along the back of the couch, behind my head. I could see his hand stretching out almost touching Carol’s head. This guy had long arms.I tried not to glance down at his body too much, but with his arm up like that his hairy armpit was exposed and I could smell his man scent. I was stiff as a board, but that can be blamed on Carol’s kiss, playing with my nipple, and now stroking my leg.It was now 11:30 and Leno was starting. Carol was still rubbing my legs, “Tony your legs are so soft and smooth, I love your smooth body, and I’m so glad you shaved all your hair off otherwise you would have a forest like David.” At the same time she said this she reached across me, took her hand and rubbed it through David’s chest hair.David kind of chuckled and looked at me, “You shave your legs dude? Why?”Carol was more drunk than I thought, “So he can wear his pretty little panties, isn’t that right baby?”I was dumbfounded “what? I shave because you think it’s sexy.” I was pissed that she exposed me.Carol gave me her pouty lips and started to rub my cock again, “Come on baby don’t worry about David he figured it out when I folded all the girls clothes and no man’s tidy whities. He doesn’t think it’s a big deal at all, right David?”David turned a bit towards me and said “No not at all. I think you have a great relationship and wearing clothes that make you comfortable is part of it then who am I to argue. Besides, you’ve opened up your home to me you should feel free to walk around in anything you want. I’m totally cool with it.”Carol turned my head so that we could look into each other’s eyes, “See baby, you don’t have to hide it, go slip on your panties rather than these gym shorts, be comfortable, pretty please.” She was slurring her words a bit and was acting like an innocent little girl rather than the bad ass Dominatrix.I was sitting there frozen, not knowing what to think, I was busted and nobody cared. I got up excited to wear panties again. I ran to our room and there was a sheer g string with black lace around the waist. Carol called from the living room, “Put on the pair I left on the bed, I didn’t put them away yet.”I pulled off my shorts and pulled up the panties, grabbed my beer, and went back into the room. Carol patted the couch again, “See, much nicer don’t you think David?”I wasn’t expecting any criticism from David but he looked me up and down, “Looks like you shave your cock hair too, that’s hot. I could never get Laura to let me shave or to shave her pussy. Smooth is so much better looking, and tasting.” He gave a wink to Carol on that one.I sat back between them and we watched the Leno show. I noticed David kept his leg against mine the rest of the night. We got up after the show, turned off the lights, and headed for bed. We went into our room and I expected Carol to shut our bedroom door. Instead, she just kept walking in the room as she pulled off her top and shorts then crawled on the bed.I was already lying on the bed and was about to slip off my panties when I asked her “Aren’t you going to get the door? David may walk by our room and see us naked?”Carol kissed me, grabbed my cock, and rubbed it through the g string. “After seeing you all prettied up do you think David cares what or whom he sees? You were right about our privacy, but fuck it, it is too damn hot and if he sees who cares.” She was just drunk enough to wave this all off. I hope she we don’t regret this in the morning.She was now licking my ear, pulling on my cock, “Besides, maybe you’ll get lucky and see his cock, I bet it’s nice and big, and squirts lots of cum. Wouldn’t that be hot to be fucking and have him sneak into our room and shove his cock in your mouth?”She was so drunk, but still she always knows what to say to distract me into another fun game. Carol started to suck my nipples, getting them really hard. I lifted up my ass and was about to pull my panties off when she stopped me, “No, leave them on, I want you dressed up. Here put this on for me,” as she pulled my sheer see through bra out from under her pillow and started to put it on me.I forgot about the door being wide open, but we were still whispering. Once I had the bra on she really started to work my tits. She pulled herself on top of me and ground her pussy against my cock “That’s my little girly bitch. You like being my girl don’t you?” She pinched my nipples and rubbed her wet pussy all over my cock, soaking my panties.I was losing control and getting caught up in the sex, moaning louder and louder, “Yes, yes, I’m your little sissy girl, fuck me like the cum slut I am.” That might have been too loud but I didn’t care.Carol got up, reached over to the side of the bed and pulled out a dildo. No strap on? “I’m going to fuck you baby, I’m going to take this cock and shove it in your pussy.”She had me turn and get on all fours. She pulled the g string out of my ass before I felt the cold lube being worked into me. Then I felt the head of the dildo being pushed into me. I so love the first penetration now. “Ya, that’s it take my cock bitch.”She started working more and more of the dildo in me. She slowly moved it in and out of my hole. rus escort balıkesir She pulled the dildo all the way, added some more lube to my hole, and then slowly worked the lube back into my ass. Usually I am on my back with her on top of me and her dildo strapped to her waist, but this was a different angle and felt really good.Carol started a nice rhythm of fucking me. “Feels good doesn’t it baby, bet you wish it was a real cock? I bet you wish it was David’s cock?” At the mention of David’s name my cock flexed and bounced against my stomach.Carol noticed this and continued, “Does my cum slut want a real cock in her tight little pussy? Does she want David’s cock to fuck your tight little pussy? Tell me you want a real cock baby; tell me you need to be fucked by a man? Tell me you want David to come fuck you, that you need David’s big cock to fill you up with his hot cum?”Oh god the pressure on my prostate and her taunting me was too much, “Yes, god I want a real cock to fuck me, I want David’s cock in me, feel him grab my hips and shove his big hard cock in my sissy pussy.” My head slumped forward in defeat. I was ready to shoot as my confessions spilled out of me.Carol pulled the dildo out of my ass. I thought that I had blown it with my confession. Did I take it too far? Did she force the confession out of me so that she could leave me? Was I no longer man enough for her, knowing that I wanted to be fucked by a man, by David? I felt a sense of loss and disappointment.Just then I felt the bed shift and then big strong hands grabbed my hips from behind. The dildo was being replaced, as I was filled back up with a warm hard cock. My head went up in shock, and pure lust, as David grabbed onto my hips firmly and rammed his cock all the way in my ass. His balls slapped against my balls as his hips made contact with my ass. My head slammed down into the pillows as I lost my balance and my arms buckled under me. The feeling was incredible. His hairy legs pressed against my legs and ass.”Oh god, yes, fuck me.” I screamed and moaned into the pillows, filling our bedroom with sounds of pure pleasure.Carol climbed on the pillows in front of me. She lifted my head so that she could get her pussy under my face, and then she shoved my face into her pussy. “I knew you wanted a cock, feels great doesn’t it baby. You like that cock fucking you don’t you? Now eat my pussy, clean me all up.”I whimpered like a bitch and started to lick and suck Carol’s pussy. This was a freshly fucked pussy and this was not my cum. It tasted great, even familiar. Carol ground her pussy into my face, “That’s it baby eat David’s cum out, he fucked me good before you got home. When he saw your panties we had a great talk, he’s always wanted to fuck a sissy slut. How does his sissy pussy feel David?”David was long dicking me, and since he fucked my wife not long ago, I figured it was going to take some time before he comes again. I felt a slap on my ass from his big hands, as I muffled, “Mmmmmm” into Carol’s pussy.I heard David from behind me, “This is so hot, you are so fucking sexy in your bra and panties. I can’t believe you are taking my dick like such a slut, damn nice. You are so tight and hot. I’ve always wanted to stick my cock in a guy’s tight hole and breed him like a slut. You like that don’t you sissy, you like my dick fucking you? You’re going to suck my cock and lick my balls too?”Another slap on my ass followed by a, “Mmmm. Yes. Fuck me David; I need a man to fuck me, fill me with your man juice. I’ll suck your cock. I love your cum, it tastes so good.” I screamed out before I let my face fall back onto Carol’s sloppy pussy.Carol’s body started to shake as she held my head tight to her pussy and started to cum, “Oh god you guys are so hot. YES. Yes, Fuck him David, fuck his sissy pussy hard. OOOHHH!!” She came hard forcing a flood of David’s cum, and hers, to rush into my mouth. I sucked and lapped up every creamy drop.David rammed his cock hard and deep into me, and held me tight. I could feel his cock flare bigger, stretching my ass even more, as he shot his load deep in my ass. At some point I must have cum in my panties, but I didn’t care. David pulled out of my ass and moved to lie between us. Carol and I both snuggled into his chest as he put an arm around each of us.Carol and I kissed across David’s hairy chest and whispered, “I Love You” to each other.I ran my face in David’s chest hair enjoying the soft hair against my cheeks. I rubbed my face down his chest and stomach until I reached his dripping cock. I didn’t think twice about where his cock had been, and thankful for the way I keep myself clean. A large drop of cum was seeping from its tip. I sucked his cock into my mouth.I gently reached out my tongue and touched it to the tip of his cock head. I pushed my tongue into the clit at the tip of his cock. I swirled my tongue in his clit searching out his dripping cum. I sucked out the last few drops of creamy cum from his cock.I looked up and there was Carol’s face next to mine. She looked at me lovingly as she watched me suck David’s cock. Then she leaned forward so we could share his cock. We started to lick and suck his cock and balls together. Our tongues locked together around his cock, as we kissed each other, and David’s cock.I felt a hand on my back gently rubbing as I heard David’s voice, “Ya that’s it suck my cock, lick those balls. You two are so hot sucking on my cock.” Carol and I kissed with the top of David’s cock in our mouths, running our tongues all over it, and in each other.My hand was rubbing up and down David’s hairy legs. He was so manly. I put my nose to his crotch and inhaled deep, smelling cum and pussy. Yes, Carol was here for sure, mmmmm, and it smelled so good.Carol looked at me and said, “Tastes good doesn’t it, fresh cum from a nice cock? You look so good with that cock in your mouth. Get him nice and hard baby I want him to fuck me again and you can lick us both.”I was determined to get this cock hard, and it was coming up just fine. We all shifted around on the bed, Carol on all fours with David ready to fuck her from behind. I was on my back, under Carol, looking up into her dripping pussy watching as David’s cock was slowly being pushed into her dripping pussy.I reached up and massaged his hairy balls. His balls were hanging so low I barely had to lift my head to start licking them. David was all the way in Carol’s pussy now and he held still while I sucked his balls. Then he pulled out, pointed his cock down, and shoved his pussy coated cock in my mouth. I sucked it as far as it would go, running my tongue all over the shaft. He pulled out of my mouth and shoved it back into her pussy.He alternated back and forth a few times before Carol told me to get up from under her and stand behind David. I felt disappointed, like I was being punished again. When will I learn? Carol, the dominatrix that she has grown to be, gave me my orders, “Now get down and lick his hairy ass you sissy slut.”I didn’t have to be told twice. I got down between David’s cheeks and pulled them apart. David stayed still as I drove my tongue into his hairy hole. I licked up and down his crack, in and around his hole. I darted my tongue in and out, tongue fucking him. I loved the feeling of his hairy ass cheeks pressing against the sides of my face. I was so horny for this hairy man.David must be really enjoying since Carol screamed out, “Yes Tony keep doing what you’re doing. David likes it his cock keeps swelling up. Lick his little hole baby.”She looked at David, “You like that don’t you? You like your ass played with? I can tell you want more? You need more don’t you David?”David dropped his head in defeat. I know that feeling, that sense of losing all inhibitions so that you can reach that mind blowing orgasm. David whimpered, “Yes, I want more. It feels so damn good. I want to feel more.”I could tell David was getting close to shooting his load as he started thrusting into Carol’s pussy. David’s ass muscles tightened up on my tongue. Carol shouted back to me, “Fuck him baby, he wants a cock in his ass. Fuck him while he fucks me. Shove your cock in his hairy ass. Pay him back for fucking you.”I dropped my panties to the floor. I quickly reached for the bottle of lube. I was on the bed behind David, grabbing onto his hips like he did to me. I pointed my cock head to his wet hole, squirted lube down the crack of his ass, and pushed in slightly. I left a lot of spit on his hairy hole and the added lube made it just slippery enough to make a comfortable first penetration.David let out a moan when the tip of my cock pushed just inside his wet hole, “Oh ya fuck me you sissy slut, show me you can still fuck like a man, shove your cock in me, and **** my ass.”Without needing any more encouragement, I shoved forward past his sphincter muscle, slamming about half of my 6 inch cock into his tight hairy hole. It was so hot and tight I had to stop before I came. I let David adjust to my cock. I looked down and watched as my cock pulled slowly out of his hairy hole.David’s ass lips were stretched around my cock. I could see his skin stretch as I slowly pulled my cock out of his ass. His ass hair was wet and covering my cock. I pushed my cock back into his tight hole, not stopping until I was pushing deep into his ass cheeks.I was mesmerized watching David’s ass succumb to my penetration. I pulled out and pushed back in again and again. We got a rhythm going. I pulled out of David tight ass as he would pull out of Carol pussy, and then we both slammed down hard as Carol pushed back, meeting our thrust, forcing a really good hard fucking motion.The sounds of our sweaty skin slapping at each other, along with the smell of our sex was intoxicating. We only lasted a few minutes before we all came with mind altering orgasms. I was filling David’s ass with my cum, as he was filling Carol’s pussy with his man juice. Carol was shaking and grinding her pussy against David’s cock as she rocked herself to another orgasm.David and I rolled to the side at the same time, collapsing onto the bed.Carol gave David a big wet kiss, and then she turned and gave me one. I was too far gone to be jealous. Then I was really caught off guard when David pulled me to him and shoved his tongue in my mouth. I melted in his arms.Carol hugged us both from behind and said, “So hot. You two guys kissing, fucking, and sucking is so fucking hot.”We were all hot and sweaty from the heat, and the heated sex. But we still managed to fall asleep in each other’s arms from complete physical and sexual exhaustion.