When My Cuckold Fantasy Was First RevealedIt was such a beautiful day, and I will never forget how my life changed on that fateful day. After a long, gray winter, the sun shone and it was actually warm enough to open the windows for the first time in months. By two o’clock I was itching to start my weekend and I decided to shut the office down and give everyone a couple extra hours on the weekend. It had been a long successful winter and nothing was getting done anyway. After I made the announcement, it took all of about 5 minutes for all 10 of my employees to stream past my office and say some version of ‘thanks’ and ‘have a good weekend’. I really didn’t have anything to do there, either, or at least nothing I wanted to do right then. The office is always way to quiet with no one in it, so I was locking the door within minutes of my last employee passage through it. I figured I’d stop by the grocery on the way home and grab a bunch of flowers for my wife, Maria, on the way home. Walking through the store, I decided to grab some Filet Mignon and a bottle of decent red wine. We could fire up the grill for the first time this year and get a little tipsy.Maria is a gorgeous, with beautiful long black hair and the deepest black eyes I’ve ever seen. At 40 years old she has a nicer body than my first wife, even before the k**s. A flat stomach and big round ass below and nice firm 36C’s up top. Her skin, which she always keeps tan, is like soft and supple and her wide smile lights up the room. I never had women this attractive my whole life, but the success of the business and decreased competition had increased my options in middle age. Figuring I would wash the Beamer in the driveway after getting changed, I never opened the garage door. The dog was, as always, happy to see me come through the side gate to the backyard to give her a greeting as well. After petting the dog, while walking to the back door, it was obvious Maria was enjoying the weather as well, as the windows were wide open. When I made it to the sliders, I couldn’t help but notice the sounds of a woman moaning and a man grunting. Immediately, my blood boiled. What the fuck? Could she really be fucking someone in our bed? I pulled out my phone, turned on the camera app and started to sneak up on the window, nice and stealthy to catch that slut. Hell, if I catch her red handed, she won’t get a cent! Everyone knows me a man’s man. I play poker with my buddies and drink beer and play sports. Guys like me türbanlı trabzon escort don’t put up with a woman that fucks other guys!When I noticed my arousal, my head began to swim from the confusion. I had never experienced such a surreal scenario for a closet cuckold wanna be! The raging boner belied the real me. The secret me that only I knew about. I had been having cuckold fantasies for years. Whenever I was involved with a woman, I would go cuckold fantasy crazy. If my Maria, or any of my girlfriends over the last decade or so, would leave the house, I would get a chubby as I watched her get in the car. By the time I was at my laptop, pulling up my secret stash, precum would already be stirring in my balls. I could whack on my dick for hours watching those videos, edging my sweet precum as my own lube, tasting it, wishing it was some hot, strong bull’s cum I was licking from his dick. These days, I don’t even cum that hard in my wife’s sexy pussy. I never cum without wishing it was someone else she was fucking. Someone younger, more well hung. It is only when I think about this that I can even blow inside of her. Most of the time, I can’t even cum with the fantasy, I kinda fake it and wait til later to finish myself off. It had gotten to the point that now I would rather jerk off than fuck. Even with the hottest woman I had ever bedded in my life! When I got to the window I was shocked! Maria was on my laptop and she had somehow found my stash! She had one leg on the desk next to my computer and the biggest dildo I had ever seen in her pussy. I wish I had the girth of that monster and the stamina! The black tool was covered in cream as it slid in and out of my wife’s pussy at least twice as fast as I have ever pumped her! Her eyes were transfixed on the big hard cock pounding the pussy on the screen. I knew that video well. It was an amateur cuckold scene in a motel room, with the wife taking two well endowed men, one white and one black. This video lasts about 50 minutes with these guys taking turns on this slutwife while they each pump their loads deep into her pussy. This lucky cuck hubby is told to clean up the cum from the first load, because “The next guy’s not a fag and he shouldn’t have to touch another guy’s cum. So clean my pussy cucky!” If I don’t cum right there, I usually cum while he’s sucking her cum off his cock. The humiliation rose up inside me as I just realized that someone knew türbanlı trabzon escort bayan about my fantasies! It was almost as strong as the boner in my pants! It was the hottest sight I had ever laid my eyes upon and my stiff cock, had precum boiling up my hole. I couldn’t help myself and grabbed my cock and let out a little moan of myself.My wife was obviously on edge and my slight noise set her off. She snapped her head in my direction and glared at me. I froze in fear. I never felt so exposed. I loved it and it made another drop of precum leak from my cock. “Hey Cuckyboy1971!” She said. “So that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it, sweety?””What do you mean, honey? How’d you find that?” I replied, even though I knew exactly what she was talking about. I mean we rarely have sex and when we do, I barely keep a hard on and half the time I can’t cum. “Now don’t lie to me you little impotent sissy!” she was instantly pissed! “This will not work unless you are completely honest to me about what a sweet little cocksucker you are and how I found it is insignificant, like all your questions. I ask the questions and I call the shots. I will tell you that I found it this morning and it has changed everything. Come in here now!”I dutifully walked back to the sliders and towards the bedroom. My embarrasment, combined with the motion of walking and the fact that I can’t really keep a boner unless I’m jerking off to my fetish porn caused my dick to shrink. It had me believing that I might have some plausible deniability here. When I walked into the bedroom I stammered out, “I’m not really that into that you know”She only laughed. “You’ve been saving this kinky shit for twice as long as you’ve known me and you are gonna give me that kind of bullshit?!” She stood up and slapped me. “Look at the cum leaking out of your dick! Put your outfit on. It’s on the bed.”I looked at the bed and saw a full, bright red set of lingerie, a teddy, panties and pantyhose. All my size. My boner was back. She barked, “Get going, cucky!” Then came in close and gave me a nice kiss and said “I love you even more now”. Although I can’t cum in her pussy, I came in my pants right then right there! “Aaaaagh!” I moaned as it shot down my leg. “This is gonna be fun, Cucky!” she said.”I just came baby, I’m done! Fuck that was hot!” I said as I went to kiss her. She slapped me again, harder. I didn’t say we were done! I said put your fucking sissy türbanlı escort trabzon lingerie on and shut the fuck up!”I took off my shirt first, then my gooey pants and underwear. I put them on the floor. I put the panties on first, which, suprisingly held my cock and balls in a nice little package. Some more cum leaked out of my dick onto my new panties. I put on the teddy and the stockings and turned around to see my wife. She had been putting something new on as well. A very large, brown strap on dildo was protuding from my sexy wife. I had never had anything larger than my two fingers in my ass. I was afraid, but my dick started to get a little uncomfortable in my panties now.”Pick up that man’s underwear on the floor, Cucky.” I dutifully obeyed and she said “Only men wear Jockey’s, you will wear panties all the time now. This man came in his Jockey’s here this afternoon and left them here for you. Clean them up.”Afraid of being slapped again, I did my duty. It was a big load. 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