What Our Son’s are doingI had been widowed young at just 29 and never remarried nor reallyfelt the need to. I raised our only Son Sean who was now 19 years old andstill living at home while in college. I had years ago joined a singlefathers support group and became quick Friends with another man there whohad a Son the same age as my Son Sean. Danny was my age and in fact alsoa city Firemen like me. his Son Kirk and Sean had become Friends as welland were nearly always together. They would often split their timesbetween one or the other home sleeping over. Danny and I of coursethought this was perfect and while they were growing up we would takecamping trips and vacations just the four of Us.Danny and myself had worked it out years ago so we were on the sameshift days off and so on while in different fire stations. Danny was ahandsome looking man who I was sure must have had the women always afterhim. Like his son Kirk he was a blonde and kept himself in perfect shape.he looked great in the dress uniform. I knew my story see I was bisexualand after the wife died I just would once in while get out to a gay barand have a one night stand. That seemed to keep me in balance and ofcourse I did feel and attraction to Danny. Hell the guy had movie stargood looks. On camping trips we would often swim naked and I would steallooks at Danny’s cock knowing even soft it was one big hunk of man meat.I would never dream of making a move. hell if that ever got around theFire Department my ass would have been cooked.There was a few times I sue did come close. I remember the k**s wereyoung yet and we were on a camping trip in tents. One for Danny andmyself and one for the k**s. Danny had had a little to much to drink andhad even spilled a beer on His sleeping bag. It was a chilly night thereand I suggested Danny sleep in with me? He looked at me strangely thensmiled and said ” Well as long as this doesn’t get back to the departmentthat we were sleeping together I guess it’s OK?Our tent was big enough to just about stand up in. Danny was taking offhis clothes and had left on just his white socks saying he had cold feetand didn’t want to be bothering me with them all night. I noticed hiswhite briefs were a little tented out as he pulled down his pants. Icould see the out line of his cock head so clearly in the thin whitematerial. I was getting so turned on by this I had to jump in thesleeping bag to hide my own growing cock. The heat from his body in thesmall bag was so wonderful and knowing that our two cocks were no morethen a few inches apart but it may as well have been a mile I know Icouldn’t dare make a move and didn’t. We were talking about work and allin the dim light from the oil lamp. I felt Danny socked foot then ever sogentile against my bare foot. I said nothing about it just stayed stilland then Danny was now rubbing his foot against mine and the feel of hisstrong socked foot against mine was great and of course had me so hard Ihad to move back some so my hard cock didn’t touch up against his. Dannynever let on and just kept rubbing against my foot and talking likenothing unusual was going on. I decided to take a chance and now was moreor less playing footsies with him rubbing my foot back against his. Theonly reaction was a kind of knowing smile from him tuzla escort and a raised eye brow.He kept up the game. Then He stepped it up by now rubbing first his anklethen his hairy bare leg against mine. The coarseness’ of his hairymasculine leg against mine had my briefs all tented out. I know he wasenjoying his game and yet still afraid to make a move.Then the talkingstopped and I had the strangest feeling that he was going to move his legup over my hip and I hoped move closer so our hard Dicks would touch? Tomy regret that is not what happened instead Danny rolled over said goodnight and that was as close as We ever came to getting it on. since I hadalways wondered if I had made a move would He have gone along?The years flew by. we remained the best of friends and so did Ourboys. Of course I Never lost my attraction to Danny. he seemed to groweven more good looking as the years passed. We had a double graduationfor Our boys as we would call them. his family and mine mixing togetherfor the event. As for myself would do my thing at the gay bars meet a guyplay around some and then move on. This seemed to be enough. I had neverforgotten our night alone in the sleeping bag. One night I was at theAgora bar in center city Montreal. It’s a small gay bar with a nice agemix of Men Going in and out I would have to check to insure there were noFire trucks around to see me enter a gay bar. The bar tenders and most ofthe customers there knew me well and hell over the years I think I havebeen in bed with at least half of them. This one night I was there and inthe thick of a conversation with a guy I had been wanting to bed a longtime. I was aware the bar was filling up but at that point I only hadeyes for the trick alone. I noticed him looking across the bar. then hewaved and told the bartender to send two drinks to the guys who had justcame in. He said to me. ” they are from the college up the street and agay couple They have been coming in here for a few weeks now” I turned tolook and see and there across the bar sat my Sean and Kirk locked inconversation. They never saw me looking and I nearly fell off the stoolmy heart was beating so much. My buddy saw this and asked what was theproblem? I told him the story and he was able to help me sneak out theside door without being seen.The next day we were having a cook out at Danny’s just the four ofUs. Just couldn’t help but think of last night at the Agora and the closecall. I kept recalling my friend saying that Sean and Kirk were a couple?Why had I not seen this? Why was I so blind? I never let on about it andthey were their normal selves the whole afternoon. Sean had told me thathe and Kirk would be sleeping over at my place that night as they weregoing to put together the new fire place for me. Then Danny said ‘ KevinWhy don’t you just stay over here tonight and let the boys do theirthing? I have that big spare room and I could use the company? I agreedand Danny said he would leaned me a change of clothes in the morning.The boys left and we two sat in the yard talking small talk. All thewhile in the back of my mind was what the Boys were up to and how wouldDanny react if he ever knew? I must have had too many beers and I thinkDanny did too? At one point he said ” You know I sometimes wonder Kevinabout pendik escort our two boys?What do you mean I saidWell maybe I could be wrong but I guess you have to forget they are ourSon’s a minute and think about it?I was blushing now and again just said ” What do you mean?Danny sat up in his chair and was leaning closer to me and in a low voicesaid. “They are 19 years old both good looking Men and both with hardmasculine bodies. Yet We never hear about them with a girl and they aresleeping together every chance they get. I just wonder you know what Imean?I was at a loss at what to say and so just shrugged my shoulders saying “Well Hell Danny even if they were gay they would still be our boys and Isuppose We would still be there for them?Danny nodded his head Yes and then sat back in his chair I could tell hewas thinking and then he said ” You mind if I make a strange request ofYou Kevin?I said ‘ No strange or what ever I hope You know You can ask me anything.So what is this strange request of Yours?He now leaned forward and closer in his chair again saying. “I’d like youto sleep in with me tonight instead of the spare room. That way we cantalk things out and when We are all talked out just fall off to sleep.I’ll bring a few cold beers up?I was looking right into his wonderful blue eyes and I knew I would jumpat the chance if for no other reason then to just see his strip once moreand maybe do the foot thing with him again. I agreed.His room was really large. One of those 54 inch TV’s in it a bigking size bed and is own bath room. To my surprise the ceiling above hisbed was all mirror and I was k**ding him about being a pervert. he shotback with a strange thing saying I was about to find out just how much ofa pervert he was tonight. I got my treat as I discreetly was watching hisstrip off his clothes. again seeing the out line of his cock head in hiswhite briefs and again like in the tent he kept his socks on.In bed we laid there admiring ourselves in the mirror above. he even puthis arm around my bare shoulder as if posing for a picture. Then like inthe tent we were each on our sides in the middle of the large bed withour beers in hand talking. Again to my delight His socked foot wasrubbing against my bare food. he looked so handsome so strong and I wasso turned on knowing again our hard cocks were just inches away. His barehairy leg was again rubbing against mine only this time with the beers Ilet him know I liked it saying. ” Danny I like this little massage youare giving me. I liked it when we did this that time in the tent too” hesmiled and rubbed more saying ” I was hoping You would like it and Inever forgot that night myself. In fact Kevin I have often thought aboutthat one night and what could have happened between us then?I said ” Oh Danny you would be so surprised if only you knew how much Ihave thought about that night and how much I am enjoying the feel of yourleg on mine right now”He moved closer to me and when he did ever so our tow cock head came intouch. They were pushing against each other hard yet soft his pressing inmy cock head just the wonderful cock heads in our briefs touching. hisleg was now over my hip kind of locking me in place with his cock nowpushing more into mine. his powerful arm came over my shoulder kartal escort and hischest now was against mine. I could feel our nipples touching against oneanother and our balls now touching. My arm came up under his and I felthis sweaty hairy arm pit against my arm and we were pulling into eachother now and humping our hard cocks and rubbing legs. Feeling eachothers bodies shamelessly in his bed. My dream had come true I was in hisstrong handsome arms feeling his hard cock against mine. His hand camefree and he put it under my chin holding my face in place smiling into myeyes he then kissed me full on the lips. I pushed my tongue into his wetwarm hot mouth. To my delight he was sucking on my tongue now and pushinghis strong cock into me. his socked foot all over the place exploring mylegs and our moans of pleasure. Then Danny was pulling at the band of mybriefs pulling them down over my hips I lifted to allow them to come freemy cock sprang out and I was pulling down Danny’s briefs now and Itouched his bare cock for the first time. It was thicker then mine butseemed to be the same 7 inches as mine and cut. his cock head was so biga real mushroom head on it. the cum hole so wide and wet with hispre-cum. I reached down now and was actually holding his big hairy sackof balls in my hand.Danny was now pushing me down on my back and coming on top of me ourbriefs down enough to allow our cock and balls to be against each otherall the way. I looked up into the ceiling mirror and saw his musclerippled back. The skin so tight over the manly muscles he had saw his hotbubble ass and his strong hairy legs. I was now licking his face hishandsome face knowing He and I would never return to what we were norever want to. I wanted him so much all of him in all the ways two mencould have each other and all at once. My was to prove a perfect malelover. he came up on the bed and was pulling down my white briefs pullingthem over my feet. Then He lifted my one bare foot and was licking my bigtoe and then actually sucking me bare big toe as if it were a man’s cock.up my body he came licking every inch of my legs and my thighs. Then histongue was licking on my hairy bare balls taking them into his hot mouthand sucking on them then all around the base of my cock root and theneating licking at my patch of pubic hairs driving me crazy. then he wastaking the root of my hard cock into his mouth and then up the thick cockshaft. Then He moved around to be on target to suck in my big cock headand lick some of my pre-cum into his mouth. He came off me and from aboveme said ” MM Your cum taste so good Kevin mind if I get some more?I said absolutely not only let me get a nice taste of Yours too? helaughed and then moved onto my chest. His hairy powerful legs straddlingme and he guided his thick cock head into my mouth and I was holding andsucking on his bare thick cock tasting his own pre-cum in my mouth lovingmy strong Firemen’s cock in my mouth not believing my luck.We got into a hot 69 then and seeing it up there in the ceiling mirrorwas so hot being able to see all of his strong powerful body as we suckedeach others cocks like this. I couldn’t hold off we had been at it formore the 45 minutes I shot my load into his handsome mouth filling hismouth with my cum load and then I was jerking his off and holding hisballs and when he came I put it back into my mouth and drank in his thickcream load after load of his man cream was flooding into my mouth. Afterwas laid in each others arms all night naked wet with cum.