What a family to Live inGrowing up in my family was different than other families for the most part, as far as the way we may be dressed around the house, which in our case may be, undressed or next to nothing on, to cover any part of us. Going to the bathroom or from the bathroom for a bath or shower or just coming from having a bath or shower, usually was the time none of us in the family would have any clothes on at all. Every morning mom would get up and go to the bathroom and do her bathroom duties, then come out and go to the kitchen to start fixing breakfast for everyone, and while she was cooking breakfast she would have on a chef apron that barely covered her tits, which were a D cup size, that was sexy to watch her moving around in the kitchen with just that apron on to me, and I would have to stay seated in my chair at the table or she would see my hard dick sticking up and out. When mom would happen to see my hard on, she would say, “Son, you should have taken care of that hard thing, before coming out to breakfast.”I could not get myself to say she was the reason it is hard, watching her with just that apron on, which usually I had to just sit there and eat before going to get dressed for school or to meet up with my friends, depending on if it was during the winter or the summer.My sister would usually go to the bathroom after I came out, which I would go in after dad finished with it, but we all would be nude every morning and so if mom did happen to see my hard on, dad was the one that would usually hear mom say something about it, and without fail, my sister would see it when she stepped into the kitchen, and she all ways stopped and kiss me on the cheek and rub my hard dick with her hand, if, mom and dad were not looking at us, as she kissed me on the cheek.In the summer time if my sister and I had gone out to meet up with our friends, we would be dressed when we ate dinner and mom, if she didn’t have to go out or go meet up with some of her friends, she would be in just her bra and panties or in just a slip, and the same way at supper time if she stayed home in the afternoon ,and if my sister and I stayed home in the afternoons after dinner, we would usually be in our under clothes, and dad would be the one dressed, since he had been at work all day.Once a month mom and dad would dress up and go out on a Friday night after supper, and not come back home till either Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning some time, which left my sister and I home alone during that time, now that we are old enough to stay by ourselves, but before we were old enough, we would have to go to one of our aunt and uncles house to stay, till our parents got home.For the longest time it seemed, my sister and I wondered where mom and dad went that one weekend a month, then one Thursday evening, dad was in taking a shower and mom went in to use the bathroom while he was in there, and I happen to come out of my bedroom to hear mom ask, “Are we going to the nudist camp tomorrow evening, with the rest of the group, and stay until Sunday morning?”“We can, if you do not want to wait till next week.” I heard dad answer from his shower just before he turned the water off.“I would like to, since Tod and Jen, is going to be there this weekend.”“What about Ray and Jean?”“They are going to be there tomorrow too.”“Okay then, tomorrow we will go, since the four of them are going to be there.”“Good, because I know Jean is your favorite, and Tod is my favorite, it would be the best time for us to go.”“Yes it is. That way both of us can have fun and not just one of us.”“You got it baby.” then I heard the toilet flush, and I turned and headed back to my bedroom, so that they wouldn’t know that I heard them talking about their once a month get away.While my sister and I cleaned up the dining room and the kitchen right after supper on Friday evening, mom and dad were in their bedroom getting ready to go out for, their once a month weekend, Sandy commented, “I do wish I knew where mom and dad are going for the weekend again.” and what made us ask this question every month was the fact, that they would come back home wearing the same clothes that they left in, and if one of us asked them where they are going, they would tell us we didn’t need to know, till we were old enough to think about going with them, which would be after we turned eighteen years old, which for me would be next year, and for (sister) Sandy, another two and one half years from now.When my sister made the usual comment that one of us would usually make, and instead of making the usual comment back ‘me too’ I kept my mouth shut.When I didn’t make the usual comment back, Sandy stopped, turned, and looked at me, “You found out where they go didn’t you?”I put a finger up to my lips for her to be quiet and mouthed ‘later’.As my sister and I finished cleaning up and putting things away, mom and dad came out from their bedroom, “John, Sandy, we’re leaving now, so remember, no visitors while we are gone, and make sure you clean up after your selves, and do not be fighting, while we are gone, either.”“John, will you mow the yard tomorrow please.”“I will dad.”“Now if you two go out to meet with your friends, make sure the house is locked up, and that you have your keys with you when you leave, so that the neighbors do not call the police out on you.” mom added.“Yes ma’am.” Sandy answered.“We will be back Sunday morning some time, like around ten o’clock.” dad added as he opened the front door.As mom and dad closed the door, I stepped over to the door and locked it, then I heard the storm door close on the outside, and as I turned back toward Sandy, “Now, will you tell me what you found out?”“As soon as I do not hear dad’s car going down the street. Let’s go to my bedroom and wait till we hear and see, that they are gone and not coming back in, for anything.”“Okay. The suspense is getting to me.” as Sandy followed me to my bedroom.“I know it is, and I’ve been dying to tell you, ever since I overheard them talking, yesterday evening.Stepping into my bedroom I heard dad’s car stop at the end of the drive way next to the street out front of the house, and as I took a peak out the bedroom window dad backed on out into the street, then he stopped, then drove off, and as soon as I could not hear the car and he turned the corner, going toward the main drag, I turned back to Sandy where she was sitting on the edge of my bed, in just her bra and panties, “Mom went into the bathroom while dad was taking his shower yesterday evening, and I heard her ask him if they were going to the nudist camp this evening, and stay till Sunday morning.”“They go to a nudist camp every month?”“It sounded like it by the way they talked.”“What else did they say?”“Dad said they could if she didn’t want to wait till next weekend. Mom told him that a Tod and Jen are going now, and then dad asked if a Ray and Jean were going to be there, and she said that they would be, and then what hakkari rus escort both mom and dad said afterwards that got me.”“Come on and tell me. What did they say after that?”“First mom said that she knows that this Jean is dad’s favorite person, and this Tod is her favorite person, for them to be with, and then dad said that with them being there, him and her both can have some fun and not just one of them.” “Both mom and dad can have fun, and not just one of them, right?”“Right.”“What kind of fun are they talking about?”“I heard something about dad saying that the only women he really likes to sleep with is this Jean and mom, even thou he does not mind sleeping with the other women, and then mom said something like, that is how she feels about Tod and dad.”“Sounds like they go nude the whole time they are there and even have sex maybe, with other people like at what I’ve heard to be swingers clubs, or outings.”“Sounds like that to me too. A friend of mine told me that his folks are swingers, but he didn’t say they are nudist, but they go to a club house sometimes to party, and camping other times, but they sleep with their spouse, and sometimes have sex with others that is not their spouse, but not sleep with the others.”“Which friend is that?”“Joey, your friend Saran’s brother.” “You’re k**ding me. Saran has never told me anything like that.”“How close are you two?”“Not really very close as friendship goes, like you and Joey are.” “That is why she hasn’t told you about it. Please do not say anything to her about me telling you that, or Joey and I will be in a fight for the rest of our lives.”“Don’t worry big brother, I will not say a word about you telling me. As far as she is concerned, she does not know that I know anything about her family, besides, we do not speak to each other very often anyways.”“Cool.”“I wonder what it feels like to sleep with someone all night long and have sex with them when ever one has a mind to, or wants to have sex with someone, other than a boyfriend or girlfriend.”“I have wondered that for some time now myself. ““When did you start wondering that?”“As far as the sex part, ever since Joey told me about his folks being swingers, which was a couple of years back, and the sleeping part, was since yesterday evening after hearing mom and dad talking in the bathroom about the nudist camp, they’ve gone to.”“I know what sex is like, but I’ve never slept all night with any of my boyfriends, and right now I have no boyfriend to invite to sleep with me all night, and I do not know of a guy that I can trust to sleep with, to see what it is like and maybe wake up and have sex with them throughout the night. The only person I know that I can trust is you, to even try such a thing with, unless, you know of a boy that I can maybe trust.”“While I’m trying to think of a boy you may be able to trust, you can may be try to think of a girl, that I can trust, to try something like that with, since I’m in the same boat as you are, as far as boyfriends and girlfriends go.”“While we are thinking about that, why don’t we go to the kitchen, and get something to drink, and see what is on the blue tube?” “I was thinking about getting a shower, and then get something to drink, and see what is on to watch, if anything.”“You wouldn’t mind me taking a shower with you would you? We used to take baths together, or like we do sometimes yet, is one showers while the other baths.”“Since mom and dad are not here now, I have no problem with us showering together, like they seem to have.”“Does mom know you have a hard on every morning, when you are in the kitchen, that I like to feel in my hand every morning?”“She has said something about it a couple of times, when she sees me come in to sit down at the table, and I’m too afraid to tell her why I have it, with dad sitting there at the table too.”“Will you tell me why, now that they are not here to hear your answer?”“Because mom is only wearing that apron, which barely covers her tits, while she is cooking, and moving around in the kitchen. Please do not tell her I told you that.”“I think she knows or thinks, you will get a hard on while you and I are in the shower rubbing our bodies against each other, trying to get clean, since there is not a lot of room to move without touching each other, and she is afraid that we will either be tempted to have sex, or go ahead and have sex, because we do get turned on so easily.”“The only way I would have sex with you is if you are willing to do so with me, even thou we are brother and sister, and yes there are times I think about having sex with you, because you are so freak in hot and sexy.”“Really? I didn’t know you thought of me being hot and sexy. What about love and beauty?”“Yes really I do. I even love you, and can see that you are beautiful too, which to me fits in with hot and sexy.”“I have a confession to make.”“And what is that confession s*s?”“I feel the same way toward you too. I think you are pretty hot, and sexy, and handsome, as well as I love you too, and, the other thing is, you have such a big beautiful dick hanging there, when you have nothing to cradle it in like those whitie tighties, you have on there.”“What I didn’t tell you is, that I love the way your C size tits have that little bounce when you walk, and then your ass has that little jiggle as well as the swing to it, when you walk, which I love to watch every chance that I get, which does get me hard a lot too.”“Your ass looks pretty hot too, when you walk or stand. Between your hard dick, and your butt, they get my juices to flowing every time.”“Shall we strip and head off for a shower then?”“Let’s do it.” as Sandy reached back behind her back.“Here let me help you with your bra strap back there.”“Oh, why thank you b*o.” turning around to put her back toward me.I unfastened Sandy’s bra strap that goes across her back and pushed the straps off of her shoulders down onto her arms, which she then took over and pulled the bra off of herself, as she took a step away with a turn to face me again, which I then reached down and pushed my undershorts down and off, and she did the same with her panties, as I got my feet out of my undershorts.Sandy then turned around again with her back toward me, then she pushed her panties down off of her butt with her thumbs, and wiggled her butt as she pushed the panties downward, and then when they fell down around her ankles, she bent over and pulled them off from her foot then the other foot, giving her butt a wiggle while getting them off from her feet, then she put the panties up to my face, “How bad do these smell to you handsome?”“Mm, they smell like a hot woman that is in need of some dick, in her pussy to me.”“How right you are. Now are you the only guy that you can think of, that I can trust to sleep with me all weekend, and have sex with, when we feel that we may need some?”“Yes I am. Are you the only gal that I can trust to sleep hakkari rus escort bayan with all weekend, and have sex with as we may feel the urge to do so?”“Yes I am. And I will never tell a soul about us doing so either.”“I will not tell one single person about what we do here either.”“Good, now let’s shower and see what or where, we go from there.”“You got it sexy babe.” turning toward the bedroom door.Sandy led the way to the bathroom and over to the shower to set the water temperature, while I got a washrag and a couple of towels, out from the linen closet. “The water is ready handsome.” as Sandy stepped into the shower.“I’m right behind you sexy.” taking a step into the shower stall behind Sandy.Sandy moved aside as I stepped into the shower stall, and when I got the stall door closed I turned and kissed Sandy on the lips, just a bit longer than a brother and sister should kiss, then took the shampoo and put some in my hand, then handed the bottle to her, and then used the shampoo in my hand to start washing her hair with it, since the water was running down on top of my head. After washing Sandy’s hair, I guided her around till she had the water running down off of her head, and helped to rinse the shampoo out of her hair, and when that was done, she then put shampoo in her hand and started washing my hair, after setting the bottle back on the shelf I had took it from.When the hair washing was done and out of the way, I then got the soap and washed her off, and after we got turned back around again to where she was back under the spray of water, I helped get the soap rinsed off of her, then she washed me all over like I had done to her.When I washed Sandy off, I stayed a bit longer on her tits, ass, and around her pussy longer, than I needed to, but it was hard for me not to since, I’m and ass and tit man, and the pussy is where I do like to eat out at, and put my hard dick at, when it is ready to fill a pussy up, plus it did seem to help get Sandy a bit horny more, than she was already.When Sandy washed me off, she did stay a bit longer on my hard dick and my ass than what she really needed to too, but, while she was washing my hard cock, she kissed me on the mouth, then I felt her tongue try to get between my lips, which I let her do and in turn, put my tongue between her lips, as we kissed then, and she kissed around on my back, while she washed my ass and ass crack.When we finished washing each other off and getting the soap rinsed off of each other, I shut the water off, then I got a towel and handed it to Sandy, then got the other towel and started drying her off while she dried her hair off, and when I had her dried off, she took the towel from me and dried me off with it, as I took the towel she dried her hair with, and dried my own hair off, while she dried the rest of me off.When we finished drying each other off, we hung the towels up on the towel rod, then French kissed each other again, and when we broke the kissing off, Sandy took my hand and started toward the bathroom door, “Let’s go to my room for our first time handsome.”When mom and dad are home, we are not allowed to go to each other’s bedrooms unless we have some kind of clothing on. If I want or need to go to Sandy’s bedroom, I have to have something on even if it is just my undershorts, but she can be nude, since it is her bedroom, and visa-versa, if she comes to my bedroom. As I followed Sandy into her bedroom, “I have dreamed of you coming into my bedroom in the nude for a long time now, and now, you finally get to, without mom and dad knowing anything about it. Now get over here and kiss me, handsome.”I took that one step toward her and we wrapped our arms around each other as we started French kissing all over again, and then we sat down on the edge of her bed, and then laid down next to each other, with Sandy putting a leg between my legs, and started rubbing my hard dick along her thigh, and flexing her hips to rub her clit, against my other thigh and hip.I started flexing my hips to help with the rubbing she was doing on my dick, and I didn’t realize I was flexing my hip till Sandy raised up and over on top of me, to hang her tits down in my face for me to suck on them.I started licking and sucking on her eraser size nipples, and then lightly nibbled on them, then tried to suck her whole tit in to my mouth for a bit, then with one last suck, nibble, and lick, on the nipple, I then did the same thing to her other tit and nipple, with Sandy moaning real low as I worked her tits and nipples over, and I even used my hands to squeeze the two firm tits at the same time.“Oh yes baby, I’ve been needing a handsome man to play with my tits and nipples, for some time now. You are making my pussy so fucking wet and hot, for you right now.”“I’ve been wanting to suck and lick and play with your beautiful tits for quite some time now myself sexy.”I rolled over putting Sandy on her side next to me, then I got up over her putting her onto her back, and gave her tits a little more sucking and licking as well as doing the same to her nipples, and even kept squeezing her tits with my hands, then I started kissing and licking my way down to her belly button, and then gave it a real light flicking lick with the tip of my tongue, and real lightly run the tip of my tongue around her belly button a few times, that made her wiggle quite a bit and giggling the whole time, “Oh, fuck me, you do not know what you are doing to me handsome. I do hope you can finish what you are starting. Oh fuck me, my pussy is so damn hot, and wet right now, shit, I am going to **** you if you do not stop.” I then lick and kissed my way on down to her landing strip, and then on down on one side of the landing strip she has, to her outer pussy lip, then down one thigh to the knee, then back up her thigh to her outer pussy lip, then up the same side of the landing strip, and over to the other side of the strip of hair, then down to the pussy lip, and then down that thigh to the knee, then back up again to the pussy lip, with Sandy moaning the whole time, “Fuck me, I need you to quit teasing me, and eat my pussy out. I need your tongue, or your big cock, in my pussy now, shit, I’m so fucking wet down there.”I made a few licks up and down Sandy’s outer pussy lips, then between the lips in the split, then after a couple of licks up and down in her split, I stuck my tongue into her pussy hole as far as I could, and after tongue fucking her a few times, and sucking down as much of her pussy juices that I could get, loving the sweet, salty taste, then I backed off with my tongue fucking, and stuck a finger into her pussy, and gave it a few in and out strokes, then stuck another finger into her pussy, and as I then finger fucked her, I stuck my tongue on her little love button, as some call it, and gave it a few licks, then as I licked her clit I started sucking on it while licking it, and still rus escort hakkari finger fucking her, and in less than two seconds, she went to squirting cum into my mouth and screaming out, “OH FUCK ME BABY, I’M CUMMING.”I’m glad all the windows were closed or the neighbors may have called the police on us Sandy was screaming so loud.As Sandy rode out her orgasm, I kept sucking and licking her clit, while sucking up and swallowing as much of her cum that I could, with her screaming out the whole time, till finally she started pushing me away from her pussy, “Oh fuck me, I need you to fuck me now. Your tongue is too much to handle right now, damn you, fuck me, with your big fucking cock, now.”“If you want my dick so damn bad, you climb up on top of me and ride my cock, like a cowgirl ride’s a horse.” rolling over on to my back.“I do not know about a cowgirl riding a horse, but I will show you how I ride a big fucking cock, like you have here.” taking a hand hold of my dick as she climbed up over me, then lined it up with her pussy. Sandy took and rubbed my dick back and forth between her pussy lips, getting her pussy juices all over the head of my cock, then put the head at the entrance to her pussy hole, then she slowly sat down on it, and as she sat slowly down on my cock, I noticed that her pussy was so tight, that she was having a hard time sliding down onto my dick.I reached up as I sat up and put my hands on Sandy’s shoulders, then helped her by pushing down on her shoulders, and when I felt her stop trying to put my dick into her pussy, I would stop pushing down on her shoulders.When she was finally sitting down with my dick all the way in her pussy, I then laid back on my back again, “Oh man b*o, your cock is so damn big, I was beginning to wonder if it was going to go into my pussy or not. It has my pussy stuffed so full right now, but damn it, it sure feels fucking good.”“It is a good thing that your pussy is as wet as it is, or my dick wouldn’t have made it into your tight fucking pussy. Just sit here a moment till you get used to it, then you can start moving up and down to fuck me for the first time of our lives.”Sandy started raising and lowering herself at a slow speed and short strokes, making my dick move inward and outward in short movements, and as her pussy got wetter and adjusted more to the size of my dick, the longer strokes she started taking, till she was just leaving the head of my dick in her pussy, before going back down to take all of my dick back into her pussy, then she started slowly speeding up to a fast pace, till she was bouncing up and down on top of me as fast as she could, and I started flexing my hips to match her up stroke with my downward movement, then on her downward stroke I met her with a up stroke, to get more of my dick in her pussy.Shortly after Sandy was fucking me as fast as she could, “Oh fuck me John, I’m about to cum all over, your big beautiful cock that has my pussy so full, and stuffed to the max.”I could feel Sandy’s pussy muscles squeezing my cock as she kept fucking me, and then her pussy did squeeze down, so much that neither one of us could move, and I could feel her cum just soak my dick as she was sitting down on my dick, trying to keep as much of my cock in her pussy, as she had her orgasm, “OH FUCK ME, I’M CUMMING, AGAIN JOHN.”When Sandy calmed down some, she laid down on top of me, pressing her tits and hard nipples into my chest, and when I felt her pussy muscles ease up with the squeezing on my dick, I started slowly flexing my hips to slowly move my cock in and out of her pussy, as I squeeze and lifted her butt some, up and down, at the same time.Every time I lifted Sandy’s butt up, I squeezed it some, and then I would relax my hands as I lowered her down on my dick, while flexing my hips to fuck my dick into her pussy as far in as I could get it, and then shortly after I had started, she started rocking back and forth on top of me, to help get my cock deeper into her pussy. “Oh fuck me John, you are so damn big. I would really love to have you as my boyfriend, but yet, I want you as my brother too. I do wish that was possible to do.”“Who knows, we may be able to, if we sit down and think, about how we can maybe pull it off.”“I just do not want either one of us to get into trouble.”“I know baby, I don’t either.”“I know right now I need you to fuck me hard and fast darling.”I then rolled over for me to be on top of her, and then I started speeding up as I fucked my dick in and out of Sandy’s hot, and ever so tight, pussy.I kept speeding up till I was fucking my dick in and out of Sandy’s pussy as fast as I could, and when I got to fucking her as fast as I could, “Oh yes baby, fuck my fucking pussy. It is so fucking hot and wet, it needs a good ass fucking. Don’t stop fucking me. Oh oh oh, I’m about to cum, shit, I’m about to cum baby, fuck me, I’m CUMMING, DON’T STOP FUCKING ME.”I felt Sandy’s cum start to flow out of her pussy as I fucked her as fast as I could, and her pussy muscles once again squeezed down on my dick, that started my balls to turning, or whatever they do, or it was the cum churning, or something, but it was shortly after that, I felt my cum make its way up the hard shaft of my dick, and it shot out the head of my dick and just before I did cum, “I’m about to cum too, and your pussy is squeezing my dick so hard, I cannot get it out of your pussy.”“LEAVE IT IN, I WANT YOUR CUM IN MY PUSSY, FILL MY PUSSY UP WITH YOUR CUM. CUM WITH ME, NOW.” when she said that, I could not hold my cum back, any longer.“Yes baby, I feel your cum filling me up, it is so fucking hot, and you are in so fucking deep, in my pussy, it is shooting into my uterus, right where I like to feel it at, it feels so damn good baby, fuck me, it feels damn good.” and then I felt another flow of Sandy’s cum flood around my cock, soaking it even more than it was.When the two of us quit cumming, I kept my arms around Sandy and held her tight in a hug, and when she calmed down some, she just let her legs slide down to each side of me and her arms lay out on the bed, then I sat up on my knees and played with her tits some more, while keeping my cock stuck up in her pussy.After catching her breath, Sandy rose up, using her elbows to prop herself up, and looked into my eyes, “Not one of my ex boyfriends had ever, and I mean ever, done, what you just made me do. You made me cum more, just now, than any, of my ex’s, have ever done, with all of them put together. First, you made me squirt all over us and the bed here, and then you made me cum, three times, before you even cum, and then, you made me cum again, when you shot your cum into my pussy, and none of my ex’s, even came close, to making me cum, so many times, as you just did.” “Good, if you’re not satisfied, then I’m not satisfied, and that my sexy darling, is because I love you, and, I want us to keep having sex, or making love, which ever you want to call it, for some time to come. I do not want just a one night stand, so to speak, with you.”“I will keep wanting more from you, if, you deliver like that every time.”“I will sure do my very best to do so.”Then Sandy pulled me down over her, as she laid back down and gave me a French kiss, with so much passion, and I did my best to return it right back at her.