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We’re not tripletsWe are not triplets, Shauna and I are twins, Cally was adopted, but by coincidence she has the same birthday as me and my sister. For that reason we were raised as triplets and most people presumed we were all siblings.Our parents did their best for us all, we grew up in a 2 bedroom apartment, which meant I always shared with the 2 girls. To us this was never a problem and as we matured we just got used to each other’s ways. Living in such close quarters, a certain amount of nudity was never an issue between us, we all knew what each other did on dates, and if one or other was masturbating in our beds the others never mentioned anything.Technically, I was the oldest and always felt it my duty being the male of the threesome to look after Shauna and Cally, making sure the guys they dated were suitable, keeping them safe at parties or if they were drinking. The benefit of this was I was often set up on dates with some of their friends, which normally worked out very successful.Cally and Shauna had always dressed the same, and both had their hair cut short. Shauna was a natural blonde, but often darkened her hair, Cally was a brunette, who often lightened her hair colour. At the moment both girls had the same colour hair, making them look identical.We had just hit our sixteenth birthday, and as a present our parents arranged for us all to stay with our aunt, who lived on an island off Spain, three weeks of sun, sea and relaxation. We were collected at the airport by our aunt, Kiera, and loaded our luggage into her small car. 3 teenagers do carry a lot of luggage, which meant the front seat was full of cases, so the three of us had to squeeze in to the back. We ended up with Cally sitting on my lap, and Shauna squeezed in beside me. The drive would take about 40 minutes, so Cally settled herself onto my lap. She, like Shauna, is small and petite, so I wasn’t worried about being uncomfortable. We all bounced around the back seat as Kiera gave us the tour of the island. Cally was wearing a short dress, and the heat of the sun baking through the car window, was making both of us very hot, she pulled her skirt up her thighs, to allow the cool air coming through the window to cool her down. I could glimpse her tight pink panties, pressing against my shorts. For the first time in my life I could feel a slight stirring in my crotch, and thoughts of my sister as anything else but a sister crossed my mind. Thankfully we got to the resort where our aunt lived quickly enough, and I don’t think Cally noticed the stirring between my legs.Kiera’s apartment was small, but stood in a nice complex with a pool and a good view of the coast and beach. She only had 2 bedrooms, so she presumed we’d have no problem sharing, as she knew we shared at home. She had put a fold out bed in to the room, along with the bunk beds that stood against the wall. The girls took the bunks and I got the fold out. We unpacked our cases and Kiera suggested we all go for a walk along the beach and get some lunch. The room was small, which was something we were all used to, Cally and Shauna pulled out their bikinis and stripped down to their underwear, as was the rule at home, we all turned our backs on each other as we changed. I pulled on some swimming shorts. And grabbed a tee shirt. Cally and Shauna both wore wrap around skirts over their bikinis, and when we found Kiera in the living area, she was dressed similarly. The sun was hot and the beach was crowded, we found a small café and ate lunch, Kiera allowing us have a glass of sangria. After lunch we walked along the beach, the further up the coast we got the less the sunbathers were wearing. Near the hotels, we saw the occasional topless woman but down the coast, nearly every woman was topless. When we got to a small outcrop of rocks, Kiera stopped and suggested we should go back as the beach ahead was a nudist beach, however the 2 girls persuaded her to continue on for a while. The sight of all the naked sun worshipers was a turn on, they were of all ages, young and old, and we saw every type of body shape and part you could imagine. Shauna even spotted one couple, she thought having sex, the guy was spooning the woman, who looked about sixty, and Shauna reckoned she could see his hips move as if he was prodding her from behind.By the time we got back to the apartment, we were tired from our travels, so we ate on Kiera’s balcony, Shauna and I made some burgers and a salad, as Kiera had a shower, and Cally had a bit of a nose through the apartment, we had a beer each and one by one headed to bed. As I lay in my bed trying to get to sleep, I could hear one of the girls masturbating. The sound of her hand in her wet pussy, the audible dampness between her legs and the occasional little moan. I began to stroke my own cock, quietly listening to my sister in the darkness, the thoughts of the day rushing through my head, Cally sitting on my lap, the topless women, the nude beach and the old couple having sex, I was getting close to cumming, as was one of my sisters across the room. I spotted a dark pile of clothes on the bedroom floor, and with my spare hand reached out and grabbed something off the top of the pile. In my hand I had a small pair of pink panties, the moon light shining on the soft pink material. Within seconds my cock was pumping my cum into the satin panties, and by the little groan across the room, my sister had just orgasmed too.The following morning we got up and had breakfast on the balcony, we spent the morning by the pool. Kiera had to work that night so when we decided to go to the beach she stayed at home to organise things before she went to work in a bar. She wouldn’t be home till the early hours of the morning so we would be on our own for the night.We found a spot on the beach and the 2 girls decided to go topless, both of them joking that I would probably get embarrassed. We lay on the beach rus vip escort kızlar for an hour or two when Shauna suggested we go to the nudist beach for the laugh. After a lot of daring and giggling we made our way out past the out crop of rocks.We lay our towels down, and the girls settled down, first Cally then Shauna, releasing the string that held their bikini bottoms together. I sat on my towel, as the girls giggled, “We’ve all seen each other naked b*o, don’t be embarrassed” Cally said. I had been watching 2 women in their twenties I guessed coming out of the sea, both completely naked, and holding hands. Their towels were not far from ours, and as they dried themselves off, they embraced and began to kiss each other. A deep French kiss. It was the effect they had caused that slowed me from pulling off my shorts. When they settled back to their sun bathing, I thought I was safe to strip naked. I pulled my shorts down, but unfortunately, I had not taken in to account my hormones, the cool breeze in the hot sun and the vision of the 2 women in front of us, my cock sprang up. There was nowhere to hide my semi erection. Shauna laughed at me, “don’t be embarrassed b*o, it’s not as big as that guy’s over there.” She nodded in the direction of a man, probably in his fifties, walking down the sea front, his cock must have been at least eight inches long and a couple of inches thick, and it was hanging soft. Then Cally giggled, “at least you’re bigger than him”, a young guy in his twenties, was standing at the water’s edge, wearing nothing but a pair of shades, and posing while flexing his muscles for everyone to see, looked like he was fully erect, but his cock was no more than four inches long and was only as thick as a water pipe.I lay on my towel, hoping my erection would subside, but the two women near us were just in my vision. One was rolling her girlfriend’s nipple between her fingers as they chatted, while her partners hand seemed to rest on her lower stomach, her hand seemed to be stroking her girlfriend gently. Either no one on the beach noticed or they just didn’t seem to look as if anything was different to the norm.I tried to keep my eyes closed, but after a short while, I felt a gentle kick on my arm, Shauna stood above me, stark naked. Her skin glistened in the sun, her nipples seemed to be hard, from the cool breeze I guessed. Her trimmed pubic hair leading to her slightly exposed pussy, and her legs long and slim from my point of view. “Are you coming for a swim?” she looked down at me. Cally was standing behind her, I nodded and stood up. My cock was still semi erect as it swung in to place when I stood. The girls took a hand each and lead me to the water. The cold water on my naked body felt good as we swam and played with a beach ball for about half an hour. The day was beginning to cool as we got out of the sea, and some people were already leaving the beach. As we walked back to our towels we passed a couple probably in their forties, the wife had her husband’s fully erect cock in her hand and was stroking him, as another couple sat and watched. Just as we were passing, he groaned and a missile of his cum shot into the air and landed on his wife’s hand. His wife looked up at us three and smiled, as she stroked another stream of cum from him. The couple watching them were holding hands and kissing one another.The lesbian couple were still lying on their towels, from the direction we came from, I could see one girl had her finger deep in her partner’s pussy, while she stroked her own clit, as her girlfriend was kissing her deeply. By the time we got back to our towels, my cock was fully erect and fully noticeable to both Cally and Shauna.We decided to get dressed and go back to Kiera’s apartment. As the girls got dressed I noticed Cally’s pubic mound was completely shaved, she pulled on her bikini bottoms and helped Shauna with the clip on her top as she pulled on her own top. I helped clip Cally’s top, it seemed to take me ages, as hooking and unhooking bra tops is not my expertise. I pulled my shorts on, my stiff cock barely fitting inside the tight material. My shorts tented as my erection strained against the material. As we walked back up the beach, Cally and Shauna agreed they understood why I was nervous about going to the nudist beach. Thankfully by the time we got around the outcrop, my erection had subsided, so the walk home was fairly easy.We arrived home just as Kiera was ready to leave for work, she had left some food ready for us, and said she would see us in the morning. The three of us ate our food and chatted for a couple of hours. Shauna being the organised one, suggested we might organise a roster fro who would shower first, but Cally piped up an said maybe we should arrange who gets the bedroom first to relieve their tension. The three of us were in fits of laughter. Cally turned to Shauna, “did you see that guy’s cock, it was huge, and still soft, imagine what it would be like if he got hard”. Shauna’s answer was a giggle. Then Shauna spoke “did you see those two lesbians….. Uggghhhh” she made a fake shudder, that’s disgusting, two girls kissing and fondling in public.“Yeah but it did have an effect on Mike, he seemed to enjoy it” Cally was laughing, “What about the couple when we came out of the sea, Shauna”. “Do you think it was our bodies that made him cum”. Both Shauna and Cally jumped off the settee and paraded around the room pretending to be models or something, until they collapsed in a heap back on the chair.“I was a little embarrassed” I said “thanks for not drawing attention to my ….. problem” I stuttered.“Maybe you should get the bedroom first then” said Cally,” you looked a lot more affected than we did”. Shauna was in fits of giggles, “don’t tell lies Cally, you were as turned on as much as he was”“Yeah so were you, so how are we going to rus escort öğrenci kızlar decide who gets to whack off first”. Cally asked the question.“You two can take the room first” said Shauna, “listening to the two of you last night, you both were well able to relieve your selves without any problems last night”. “It’s bad enough when one of you is getting off in the bedroom, but two at the same time?” She laughed.“You’re always at it too Shauna, remember I share a bed with you at home, do you think I don’t know when you are playing with yourself”. “Anyhow it was dark last night, and I thought you were both asleep” Cally finished.“I dare you both to get off in front of each other” Shauna stared in to her sister’s eyes, daring her. Cally protested, but Shauna said “I double dare you”.Eventually Cally replied” Ok then, but you have to do it too”. Cally was always good at throwing dares back at people, knowing they generally chicken out.Shauna surprised us both, and nodded in agreement “Ok then, but we’ll do it in the bedroom and no one is to ever tell”. We all agreed, and made our way to the bedroom.The two girls removed their tops, for the first time I looked at them, not in a brotherly way, but as something sexual. Cally had slightly bigger boobs, but Shauna had nipples that stood up right and hard. Cally pulled her shorts down, and Shauna unclipped her skirt, the two girls turned to me as I pulled my shorts down. Would one of us chicken out, this was like a game of dare that we all presumed would end suddenly, but none of us wanted to be the first to quit.Shauna pulled her panties down, fully naked she climbed on to the pull out bed, She lay back on the pillow, so I climbed up on the far end, and positioned myself against the wall. Cally took a couple of pillows from the bunk bed, and threw one to me. She positioned the other pillow against the wall for herself and began to pull her panties down, as she climbed on to the bed, she offered her panties to me. “Do you want these b*o, I know you’ve used them before, I found them in the laundry” I went bright red and Shauna giggled. “You probably used my panties last night, my perverted brother” Cally laughed and winked, she leaned over and kissed my cheek, as if to say I was forgiven.The bed became silent, a sense of erotica spread through the room, my cock seemed to twitch, as Shauna began to play with her breast. Cally spread her legs a little, her outer thigh just brushing against mine, as she slid a finger along the crack of her pussy. Her lips parted as moisture leaked from within her. I gripped my cock and began stroking myself, Shauna’s other hand was between her legs, she lifted her feet so they balanced on my legs, her middle finger stroked her clit which began to appear from its covering, her moisture leaked from her pussy, her finger spreading her warm lubricant on to her clit.Cally slid her finger between her labia, they parted revealing her bright pink pussy and the warmness inside. Her opening seemed to be gaping slightly already as her finger slipped in. Shauna’s finger was also pushing into her depths, as I stroked my now fully erect cock. Shauna nipple stood hard as she pinched herself, she was moaning, her wetness was audible in the quiet room as her finger pushed in and out. I could feel myself getting close to orgasm, and by the noises she was making, I guessed Shauna was close too. My hand was stroking my cock at the same rate as Shauna’s finger was prodding her own pussy. I felt a groan come from deep within me, as if it was trying to release the build-up of orgasm inside me. My balls were tightening as the feeling of my cum juice was rushing for the day light. Shauna’s moans were getting louder, she looked as if she was trying to pull her own nipple from her breast, as she tugged on it. She now had the tips of two fingers in her pussy. Shauna grunted, and a pool of her juices escaped from between her legs, just as my own cum shot into the air. Shauna’s fingers worked fast, pressing in and out of her pussy as her climax made her whole body shudder. Three or four jets of my cum flew through the air, landing on my hand and in a pool on the sheets. I collapsed back onto the pillow, and watched as Shauna began to come down from her own orgasm.As me and Shauna lay on the bed, our energy having been sapped from our bodies, Cally looked like she was nowhere near cumming. She jumped off the bed, saying “I’ve an idea” she ran out of the room returning a few seconds later. “Look what I found in Kiera’s room yesterday” she held up a black cloth bag which she opened to reveal a sliver vibrator. She climbed back on the bed leaning at the end of the bed with her back to the wall. She pulled her knees up to her chest, then allowed them to fall as far to each side as they could. She beckoned for me to lie down beside Shauna so we would both be facing her.Cally twisted the end of the toy, a gentle hum filled the room. She dipped her finger inside her pussy, extracting her own lubricant, she spread the moisture along her lips and clit. Cally touched the silver toy against her clit, the vibrating toy made her shudder. Cally closed her eyes, and her head drifted back against the wall. The toy buzzed against her clit for several minutes, before she slid it down against her labia. Her pussy lips parted revealing her soaking pussy, she used one hand to keep her pussy lips parted, and allowed the toy slide into her hot pussy. Her muscles relaxed and the tip of the silver toy pushed into the waiting wetness. Cally began to orgasm, her whole body was shaking, her toes gripping as if she was holding on to the bed with them. Her juices leaked from her soaking her thighs and creating a dark wet patch that spread beneath her. She was groaning loudly as her orgasms seemed to flow through her body, like spasms from an electric shock.It took several minutes vip rus escort kızlar for her orgasm to subside, the toy still buried between her legs, eventually she let it fall onto the bed. My cock was already beginning to respond to the erotic picture I had been watching, when Shauna reached out and took hold of the toy. She placed it between her legs, her pussy opened to accept the vibrator, which slid in easily. She clamped her thighs so her hand and the toy were locked inside her. As the toy vibrated, her body was thrashing around the bed. Shauna ended up on her stomach, she lifted her knees so she was on all fours, her hand still trapped between her thighs. The few of her pussy with the toy inside and her tight ass, only a few feet in front of me had me rock hard again. As Shauna kept the toy buzzing inside her, I felt a small warm hand grip my cock. Cally had shifted on the bed and was resting her head on my chest. Her fingers were gently circling my cock, as the head seemed to grow to her light touch. Cally gently kissed my chest as we watched Shauna’s toy inside her. Cally sat up, and straddled my leg, I felt her damp pussy press against my thigh. Cally began moving her hips back and forward as she grinded her pussy against the hard muscles of my thigh. Her wetness was soon soaking my skin. Her moans became more intense, as she pushed herself harder against my leg. Her eyes focused on Shauna, who still had her back to us and her ass in the air. Shauna’s knees buckled slightly, she gripped the head board to keep her balance. A steady flow of her cum leaked on to the bed, as Cally’s hips ground hard against me. Both girls groaned within seconds of each other, orgasms taking control of both bodies. I could feel Cally’s pussy twitching against my leg as a flow of juices spread along my thigh. Cally eventually collapsed on to the bed, her legs still entwined with mine, and Shauna’s legs at an angle over her chest and stomach.When both girls came to their senses, Shauna looked up at me, my erection had subsided, and she smiled, “I think we left you out a bit b*o” she leaned over and took my cock in her hand, she guided the tip to her warm mouth, and I felt her lips close over the head. Her tongue flicked against the eye of my cock as it grew harder. I could feel my erection fill her mouth, as Shauna began to suck me. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock, her saliva coating me, as she beagn to slowly mouth fuck me. My cock soon felt fully erect, and as she worked her mouth up and down I could feel my cock throb. Next thing I knew, Shauna swung her legs over me and pushed me back on to the bed. My cock stood upright as she lowered herself down on to my shaft. I could feel her warm juices begin to coat the tip of my cock as her labia parted to accept me inside her. she allowed her body drop gently until I filled her pussy. Her muscles took a few seconds to relax and accept me inside her, then she began riding me, her muscles raising her so the tip of my cock was at the edge of her pussy opening, then she allowed her body fall so I was deep inside her. She moaned as she pounded me, our bodies connected by my hard cock. Shauna was moaning and pulling on her nipples, as she sped up her pace, my cock sloshing in her hot wet pussy. As her orgasm took control, her face met mine and her lips locked on to mine. Her tongue pressed between my lips and we were French kissing. Her pussy spasmed as our tongues played with each other. Her body shook, as she kept riding my cock.My cock was close to bursting, when I felt Shauna climb off me, as my cock popped out from her pussy, I felt my stomach getting soaked with her juices. Then as Shauna swung her legs off me, I felt something else touch my hard cock, Cally had straddled me and was slipping down my hard length. Her mouth locked on to mine and her tongue replaced Shauna’s. Cally began pounding my cock, with every downward thrust she ground her clit against the base of my cock. Cally was moaning loudly and I could feel my own orgasm build. Cally was thrashing on my cock as I grunted to warn her of my orgasm. Just as she lifted off my cock my spray of cum shot skywards, soaking her labia and belly. Cally fell on to me, our mouths still locked as her orgasm shuck her body, spray after spray of my cum, shot between us covering her belly, as her own cum juices soaked me and the bed.As I calmed I lay on the bed, a sister lying on either side of my chest. We lay like that for a while, each girl taking turns to kiss me. After a while Shauna reached over and kissed Cally, her mouth was met by Cally’s tongue, soon the two girls were French kissing as their tongues played in each-others mouths. Shauna climbed over my body, and lay herself on top of Cally. As they kissed their hands began exploring each other. Shauna took one of Cally’s nipples between her teeth and as she gently bit on the dark pink skin, Cally’s nipple was straining from her breast. Shauna slid down the small bed, and began kissing Cally’s stomach. Cally’s hand was caressing Shauna’s ass, as she slid her finger between her inviting ass cheeks, Shauna shuddered, Cally had obviously found Shauna’s pussy, and was able to slide her finger inside. Shauna’s mouth kissed just above Cally’s clit, her tongue then gingerly flicked against Cally’s pussy. Her labia parted slightly and a small stream of her juices leaked from within. Shauna licked at the juices, slowly at first then with more vigour as she got used to the taste. Cally pulled Shauna’s legs over her head, so they were in a 69 position. The two girls were tonguing each other as their hips bucked to meet the mouth and tongue eating them. Within about five minutes they were both cumming. Shauna’s juices soaking Cally’s face as her own juices soaked the bed again.When their orgasms eventually subsided, we agreed we should all go to bed, as Kiera could be home soon. Cally replaced the vibrator in our Aunts room as Shauna and I tidied the room. We all kissed each other good night, Cally still tasted of Shauna’s juices, and we climbed in to bed, each of us naked. We talked quietly for a few minutes, all agreeing that a return trip to the nudist beach would be in order, and a plan was put into place to maybe get Kiera to join us too.