Wendy’s POV (Wendy and Sara part 2)I woke up very happy the next morning with Doug’s cum oozing out of my thoroughly screwed pussy! I slide out from under his arm trying not to wake him. Doug will need all the rest he can get! I do my business in the bathroom then peek in and Doug is awake. Our sex last night was some of the best ever, man or girl! Doug really knew how to take his time and explore my needs! and did he ever fulfill those needs! We take each other in our arms and hold each other. It was a lovely moment of non-sexual enjoyment of just being with each other. We kissed deeply and passionately as I push Doug down on the bed and straddle his new erection. I slide my hot pussy down on him, I really want to enjoy the feeling of my pussy being deeply penetrated by his cock!It doesn’t take long until I’m rapidly approaching an orgasm as his body thrusts into me. I thrust back until I lost all control as I cum!”Doug, deeeeppper pleasssse!” He grabs my hips to holds me in place as his hips work my pussy! Not just thrusting in and out now but also moving from side to side to entice me to yet more orgasmic heights! I cum, he fucks me hard! I cum hard again and he fucks harder until Doug can hold back no longer and I feel his hot spurts shooting deep into my body.One thing I love about Doug as a lover he holds me afterwards as I tremble, he kisses me and continues to caress me, as he might a valuable tool. And he knows the value I give his tool!Suddenly I’m hungry, …. for food this time! Last nights joke about pancakes actually sounds pretty good even though it’s closer to dinner than breakfast. We make breakfast together and chat as lovers do about little nothings, but I’ve got to figure this new man into my schedule. I want him to play a klasbahis yeni giriş part in my life and not just for the sex!After we eat I pull out my calendar to see how the next week will shape up. I’m really only committed to lesbian sex on Tuesday night and I’ve very much looking forward to seeing Jen! Then my sister Ann is coming to visit for the weekend. Ann will want to know everything about Doug, in fact, I’ll bet she;ll want him too! But I want Doug to be happy too. He’s actually only had very limited exposure to women. I’m only the second woman he’s ever fucked! So he needs to spread his oats as they say. He’ll be happier and that will make me happy too. Nan mentioned he’d been out with a local girl, Sara, maybe ……Oh ya, Doug had gotten his prick snipped a few years back. It’s been truely wonderful to not have to worry about condoms, or the pill etc….We talk about love, lovers and others as we hold each other, Doug lays me back on the dinning room table and eats my pussy for desert. I’m getting close when he again slides two fingers into my ass! I had a very hard orgasm followed by Doug fucking my ass for the first time! Anal sex was soooo very taboo but that is what made it soooo hot!It continued like this for the rest of Saturday and through Sunday. By Monday we were very spent and I for one was glad that we’d be going to work as a breather!In the office Monday morning, Nan knew from the huge smile on my face that I’d had a good weakend! Well I had to set her straight right now, so we went over to a quiet corner of the office and I told her that it was one of the greatest weekends of my life tanks to her setting me up with Doug! That night I paid a visit to Doug’s beachfront apartment. I fell naked into his klasbahis giriş bed and pulled my legs up to expose my pussy to the full force of Doug’s attentions. He fucked me oh so deeply! The tip of his prick just tickling my cervix! God that was good. But the evening was just getting started.I wanted to check out this girl Sara, I’d called to see if she’d be at work that night and she was. So Doug and I got dressed again and walked over to the d**g store. I went it first.There was a girl down one isle wearing a kind of uniform. Is THAT Sara, wow Doug has good taste in women! very nice breasts and ass with very sexy eyes to boot. Sara on her name tag. I called her by name.”Excuse me, Ah Sara, could you help me for a minute?” I wanted to get her hot, (she was getting me hot!) for Doug you see. So I asked her about sexual lubes, which did she prefer? I was able to quickly brush her sexy waist and ass, (I’m SUCH a clutz!) which just made my juices flow!So I get the lube, which I use anyway and go find Doug.”Darling I have her all primed and ready for you! Go in there, buy something sexy and ask her out for Tuesday night. (While I’ll be fucking Jen!)” So he does and of course it worked like a charm, Doug will date Sara tomorrow night. And if Sara’s is a very lucky, naughty girl, have her brains fucked out by Doug!Tuesday night and Jen drops by my condo. Jen and I have been seeing each other since we took some classes together my Junior year. She’s married, with two k**s and a bun that’s been in the oven about 10 weeks! We sit together on the couch and talk as usual. Jen asks about my love life and I tell her about Doug, but she isn’t interested in guys. She has a new lover, Allie, that she wants me to meet, young, hot and is wonderful klasbahis güvenilirmi at “69” a girl after my own pussy!Soon we begin kissing, slowly at first, more cheeks that lips, but then JUST lips, then tongue. Jen’s tongue always gets me hot! As out passions build our hands being to roam over each other. Jen’s breasts are full and she is already lactating, mmmmm, fresh milk! She caresses my ass as I release her buttons. Jen knows what I want as she is wearing a nursing bra. I unsnap the cup and lick my way to her nipple. Jen cuddles my face to her breast as I suckle. Soon I taste the warm, sour but sweet taste of her milk on my lips. Jen moans softly,”Oh Wendy, I lovely being able to nurse you, It is getting me soooo hooot!” I remove her bra and lay her back as I continue to suckle, first one breast, then the other. After a few cycles my finger begin to stroke Jen’s sexy, damp, mound. I lay her down on the couch and remove the rest of her clothes. Jen’s outer lips are swollen and wet, I must have them! I dive into Jen’s pussy as she removes my panties and we begin to 69!Soon my face is soaked from Jen’s orgasm and her face is very wet from my juices. God Jen’s tongue makes my pussy quiver! We hold each other as we recover.”Jen that was very nice! you are so good to me!””Wendy, could you use the short, fat strapon tonight? My cervix is getting very sensitive, what with the baby and all.””But of course, as long as you use your big one on me!”We move to the bedroom where Jen ties me to my own bed. I feel the large dildo slap against my ass cheek. Jen places the head of the cock up to my cunt.”Ok lady, now back onto me!” She slaps my ass so I move back impaling myself on the 10 inch shaft. About half way in Jen just thrust the strapon suddenly all the way in!”Unnnnnggggghhhh, JJJJnnnnn, ummmminggggg” My body spasims as my orgasm rips through me! God that’s a good fuck!We fuck each other until we are spent, then hold and caress each other till we fall asleep. Jen is still holding me when my alarm goes off.