Weekend Hotel Break
Another Fantasy

I have still not convinced my wife to try swinging, and to fuck another guy in front of me so this means it is still all a fantasy and I think of a lot of scenarios

The latest fantasy scenario is that my wife and I arrange a weekend break at a hotel. A week before going I check out the local adverts on craigslist and make contact with several guys who all send me photographs of their cocks. That night we are lying in bed and I ask my wife if she has a favourite type of cock and I bring up the cocks photos sent to me by the 10 guys. My wife doesn’t realise where they are from and as she looks at them I finger her, and she is very moist and open. I quickly bring her to orgasm. When she was relaxed again I asked if any of the cocks did it for her and sheepishly she pointed at a very long, thick cock and she said it would feel great to have something like that inside her.

The following day I contact the guy whose cock she liked. John was in his early 20s and I tell him that I am trying to set up my wife for her first fuck with a stranger but it was likely she would not go through with it. In the end we arranged for him to be in the bar of the hotel on the day we arrived.

We arrive at the hotel and after unpacking in the hotel room I suggested we go to the bar for a drink. I recognise the guy sat by himself at the bar and suggest to my wife that she goes to a table while I go to the bar to get the drinks. I order the drinks and say hi to the guy and tell him that I was now going to suggest to my wife a threesome. I took the drinks to the table and sat next to her. I took out my phone and bought up the picture of the cock that she had liked. I showed my wife who got really embarrassed as we were in public and I asked her if she would be interested in meeting the guy whose cock it was. She looked at me, smiled and said yes of course but he would not be anywhere near. I looked at her and said, would you want to meet him and fuck him if he was in this bar.

The realisation that I had set something up suddenly dawned and she looked at me and said that she didn’t want to fuck a stranger. I suggested that she should at least meet the guy in the bar so I signalled for him to join us. He came over and said hello, and my wife was now bright red with embarrassment, which he made worse by saying that I had told him that she had enjoyed looking at his cock. The embarrassment waned and we chatted for an hour, but the G&Ts my wife was drinking were clearly relaxing.

John then said he had to go to the toilet and whilst he was away my wife leaned towards me and said …. Am I naughty as I am thinking about him holding that big cock as he takes a pee. I told her that if she wanted to see it all she would have to do is ask him. To my surprise as soon as he got back my wife told him that she wanted to see his cock. I suggested the bar was not the best place for this and my wife invited him to our room. John was backward and when we entered the room he suggested it be best if he strip off fully. My wife sat on the end of the bed and she couldn’t take her eyes of his cock as it grew to the proportions she had seen in the photograph. He was now stood a few feet in front of her, his cock at her eye level. John told her that she was welcome to touch it which she did, and to my surprise she then started to lick his knob, and then took as much as she could into her mouth. After a few minutes John suggested it would be fair if he got to see her naked as well, and without any hesitation she was totally naked and laid back on the bed. John started to lick her pussy and I stripped off and she started to suck my cock. After making her cum orally he looked at her and asked if he could fuck her. She said he could, but only if he had a condom, which luckily he did. He was soon inside her pounding away and I sat watching my wife getting fucked by this massive cock.

I was a bit annoyed as my fantasy is to watch her take a strangers cream pie so when he asked if he could fuck her in doggy position and she agreed as she got onto all 4s I went behind and signalled to john to take off the condom. He smiled and adeptly removed it. With one thrust his large cock was back inside her and it didn’t take long before he was emptying his balls into her, as she orgasmed. As he withdrew I got behind her and after seeing his creampie I rammed my cock into her and added my cum.

We all laid on the bed and my wife said it had been a great experience. I suggested John recover and fuck her again and my wife agreed, saying that from now one it was bareback only as she had enjoyed feeling his cum hit her cervix. She suggested I should go and find an off licence as we all needed more drink so I dressed and went out for 30 minutes. When I came back with the drinks I could hear my wife in the corridor, as could the other guests I passed, and when I entered the room the were on the bed with her riding his cock. She saw me and told John to fill her now with cum, which he did. She rolled off him and ordered me to come and lick her clean. He had clearly stretched her and after I had cleaned her we sat having drinks. I owned up to setting everything up and she asked me if I still had the cock photos. I did and showed her and after looking through them she pointed at one and told me that was the cock she would fuck on our second night and I had to arrange it there and then.