Wedded into CuckoldryA girl and her master, plan for her husband’s cuckolding.”Please Nick, don’t put your cock there. I’m not ready for that.”Nick: “Come on Anna, open your legs, let me do you the right way. We’ve waited too long and I know you’re ready for it.””No! I told you I’m not doing that. I can’t. In four weeks I’m going to be married and on my wedding night I want my husband to be the one who takes my cherry. I’ve waited this long. I want to be a virgin for him. He deserves that.”Nick: “Let me bust your cherry now and on your wedding night, intercourse will be so much easier for the both of you.””No. Just let me roll over on my tummy and take my ass the way you always do. You’re the one who taught me how to enjoy sex without having to give up my virginity. After my husband deflowers me then you can have my pussy anytime you want it.”Nick: “Yeah, I taught you everything there is to know but the one thing I didn’t do was to take your cherry.””You did teach me a lot. God you were so gentle and so patient with me, especially when you taught me how to accept anal intercourse. You’re my father’s most trusted employee. He would murder us if he ever knew what we were doing.”Nick: “And he’s never going to find out. Is he?””No. I remember that first day that you came by my house to pick up blue prints my father had left for you. I was getting ready to go out to the pool and I had on my bikini. Your eyes were popping out of your head.”Nick: “Yeah, you had just gotten home ankara escort from college and I asked if I could see your tits.””No. I remember your words exactly. You said, “Anna, in the interest of art, why don’t you take off your top and let me see your breasts? Just for the sake of art.”Nick: “I remember it took you a long time to respond.””It took me a long time to comprehend what you had asked of me but you seemed so honest and sincere. Here you were, this rough and tough, older man, asking to see art for the sake of art. I felt like I was preventing you from seeing a beautiful sunrise or something. Maybe I should not have done it but I stepped back and took off my top. You have a wife and yet you looked at my breasts with such admiration and then you were gone.”Nick: “Yeah. I got real nervous. I just knew I had to get out of there before I did something stupid.””After you left I went into my bedroom to look in the mirror to see what you saw. I’m not big in the bust department but your admiring of me made me appreciate what I have.”Nick: “That whole day I thought about you and I knew then that I had to have you.””Having exposed my body to you made me feel like there was an intimacy between us and I guess there was. After that day, I could not believe how aroused I would get whenever I was around you. I mean you’re fifteen years older then me.”Nick: “These past few years I’ve given you every sexual experience there is except one. Now I want you to feel the sensations ankara escort bayan of my cock sliding in your pussy. Taking your virginity is the one thing I’ve held back on. Now I want to be the first to bring you that pleasure.””Why do you have to be the first? Is this some kind of superior male thing?”Nick: “I just know that an older man like me, can give you what your future husband can never give you. I know that you’re addicted to my dick. You can’t do with out it can you?””No, I can’t but please don’t do this.”Nick: “When you make out with him does he make you cum?””Yes he does. Sometimes with his fingers and other times with his tongue.”Nick: “Does he make you cum like I do?””No. He’s never fucked me in my ass and I’ll never let him. I don’t want him to think that I’m a slut.”Nick: “If you don’t want him to think of you as a slut then how do you make him cum?””With my hand. I give him hand jobs.”Nick: “Don’t you ever give him one of your expert blow jobs? You know, the way that I taught you.””Never. He tries to get me to do that but I tell him no, I’m not that kind of a girl. He does have a cute little peter and if I wanted to, I could fit all of him in my mouth. I wouldn’t choke on him like I do with you. I just want him to think of me as pure and chaste. When he sees me walking down the isle in my white dress, I want him to always think of me as a religious, dutiful, faithful wife.”Nick: “I’ll be at your wedding and when I see you in your escort ankara bridal gown, I want to know that I was the first man to fuck you before he did. You can tell him, that when you were younger, you broke your cherry when you were riding a horse.””No! No. Please, I’ve got to keep my virginity. I’ve been sucking you off and you’ve been fucking me in my ass for over two years now. You love how tight my ass is. Why, after all this time, do you have to take my cherry now?”Nick: “It’s a male thing. I’ve gotta mark what’s mine, besides, your fiance thinks that I’m a buffoon. Thinks that he’s smarter then me because he went to college. I want to be one up on him and he would never suspect that I’m fucking you.””Please Nick, after I’m married, I promise, I’ll do anything for you. I’ll fuck for your friends like you always wanted me to but please, let me keep my virginity for my husband.”Nick: “You’re saying that after you’re married, you’ll suck and fuck for my friends?””Oh yes but my husband must never know.”Nick: “Trust me, he’ll never know. Now, why don’t you roll over on your tummy and let me tap this sweet, tight little ass of yours.””There’s a new bottle of lotion in my pocketbook. Bill thinks that I carry it so I can give him hand jobs. He has no idea what we really use it for.”Epilogue:Two or three times a year, several of Nick’s friends would gather like some secret club. Nick would bring Anna to them and they would take turns with her. She loved the attention and excitement that these men gave her. This went on for years until Nick passed away in his late fifties.Anna and Bill are now in their eighties. They have been happily married for over sixty years. To this day, Bill doesn’t know that he is a cuckold.