We Jock Around
We ‘Jock’ Around – #6
High school was so much fun and even though I was the shy one, always trying to stay in the background, it seems that I also had the most deviant ideas as well. I had a small group of friends and we met at each other’s houses and did homework together, laughed and talked about all sorts of crazy things and had frequent sleepovers.

Everyone liked my house for our get-together because our basement was partially finished into a game room. Dad had found several boxes of various full-length d****ry panels in a wide variety of designs, and had hung them up to separate the finished room from the laundry and utilities. One very large multi-section couch was pushed up against the d****ry panels facing the huge wall system TV that covered the other end of the basement. Two small lounge chairs flanked a large coffee table were along one wall and Steven’s gaming systems, controllers, games and masses of wires running everywhere were on a bookcase of sorts against one sidewall. While my brother, Steven, occupied the room most of the time, when the girls were here, we chased him out and took it over.

One evening, we had a very weird family dinner discussion. Steven informed mom that the coach at school had demanded that all the boys MUST wear clean gym clothing, including their jocks, because the smell was becoming overpowering in the locker room. I made gagging motions with my hand and held my nose, laughing at the conversation.

Several days later, I was helping mom do the wash when I noticed lying in the pile of dirty clothing was an athletic supporter with black magic marker lettering with Steven’s name. Mom plucked it out of the pile, and to my surprise, she held it to her nose and took a deep whiff.

“Your brother must be whacking himself off with this on, it smells like cum,” mom spoke to herself quietly without thinking of me being there with her, and I saw a small smile crept across her lips as she pressed it tightly against her face and her tongue seemed to lick it as well. “Ummm.”

Then an idea struck me. Steven and his friends all had gym together and I know Steven would like to see what we girls did at our sleepovers. After dinner that night, I pulled Steven aside and proposed my plan to him. He and his friends could hide behind the d****ries and watch our antics during the sleepover. Each of them would have to bring their dirty jock straps, making sure each had their names on them.

When the girls arrived, everyone carrying their blankets and pillows said a few words to my parents before heading downstairs to the game room. They clamored down the stairs and everyone chose their spot on the couch and started stripping off their clothing and put on their sexy negligees while I grabbed the last tray of snacks.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs, without anyone noticing, I passed the last tray of goodies to Seven, and almost laughed aloud, as all the boys were already naked and touching themselves, watching the girls on the other side wiggling their asses, bouncing their boobies parading around the game room wildly. This was just perfect; the couch was directly in front of them and they could see everything and hear every word spoken.

“Shh girls, wait till you see what I got,” I said waving a VCR tape. “I raided my dad’s stash of dirty movies PLUS I got a surprise. This should be so much fun.”

I pushed the tape in and ‘Blown Away’ scrolled across the screen showing the stars of the movie on their knees sucking huge cocks. All their eyes were glued to the screen seeing the cocks disappear into the mouths of the actresses.

The girls erupted talking all at once; ‘Oh, I want to do that’ and ‘Look at the size of that thing’. I even heard ‘If your brother were here, I’d devour him like that’. I laughed and paused the movie.

“Really, you got to be k**ding me, right? You want to be cock suckers?” I looked at each of them closely, and all nodded.

“Well, remember I said I had a surprise for you?” Reaching under my cushion, I pulled a pillowcase out and held it up in the air in front of them. “OK, let’s play a little game. Everyone close your eyes and do not peek until I tell you to. Reach inside this bag and take one item, one for each of you.” I could tell they had no idea what was in their hands because their fingers were busy trying to tell what it was.

“OK, open your eyes!” The looks on their faces was priceless, they probably had not seen a jock before and better yet, each had a boy’s name on it. “Take a good look and smell them too. My mom says she thinks all boys jerk off and cum in their jocks. Everyone, tell whose jock you got, trade them if you want to get the guy you want to suck off.” The girls started giggling and comparing names and jocks until they had the one they wanted.

“Now, we can watch the movie. Everyone gets a banana,” handing them each a banana, I laughed loudly before I switched the VCR back on. “Just pretend the banana was in your jock strap, and you are sucking it.” As I looked around the room, the girls were rubbing the jocks on their noses and faces, deep throating the bananas and watching the movie.

As the movie progressed, the cock sucking scenes led to erotic lesbian sex, and keeping up with the movie, the girls re-created the scenes of the movie. Before long, the girls were on the floor fondling, licking and thrusting bananas in their pussies. I glanced up at the curtains and the boys were vigorously jerking their cocks. The curtain panels in front of each boy were open several displaying their excitement.

“Wow that was fantastic,” several girls exclaimed as the VCR stopped. “I wish these bananas were really cocks.” I smiled once more.

“My best surprise for you remains,” I laughed again as I pointed to the curtains behind them. “Match your Jock to the Cock and enjoy!” Their eyes went wide seeing the cocks being stroked in real life.

There was an immediate scramble to the couch sitting in front of the curtains as the naked girls climbed up and positioned themselves. The boys took the queue and within seconds, each girl had a cock in her mouth. While inexperienced, all managed to get cream even though they did not have coffee. The boys were happy about laundering their jocks every week and glad they had been a guest at my sleepover.