Virgin middle-school girlI was 23 years old, and working as a math teacher at a grade school in an inner-city school. most of these k**s didnt have much, their parents were basically dirt-poor. Everyday I would see these cute petite little girls walking around with their perfectly petite flawless bodies and innocent faces. I was teaching 8th grade math at the time, at the end of class one day, one of my students rebecca came up to me sobbing. I had always noticed her, she looked much older then 14. this girl was so perfect, 5’1 maybe 90lbs, blonde hair and so petite. she had the cutest innocent voice. she came up to after class, everyone had gone already.”mr. johnson, can i talk to you?””sure rebecca, have a seat, what is wrong?””well, i never had a daddy, and my mom doesnt care about me she is barely around becus she spends all her time with all these guys all the time. I am always alone and i just wish I could have someone be around and help me, I barely have enough to eat and my clothes are falling apart.” “well rebecca, i am very sorry to hear that, I really am not sure how i can help you””my mommy always told me that if i wanted to get anywhere in life i would have to find a man and make him happy and do what he asked and he would take care of me.”she then began to move closer to me, sitting on my lap and looking up at me with these beautiful blue eyes. i couldnt help it i could feel my cock starting to get hard under my pants.”mr johnson you have always been so nice to me, I wish i had a daddy like you.”…I was in shock i had no idea what to say to this girl. but i already knew i could manipulate türbanlı antalya escort this situation, my mind began to race..”rebecca, your a very sweet young girl and i am glad you think i am nice, but i am a grown man and me not being your actual father, there isnt much I can do””but i would be such a good girl for you, my mommy said a woman is always supposed to have a clean house, and how to cook and do anything for her man and then he would make sure she is taken care of. cant i just stay with you? i cant afford to eat and ive had the same clothes for years, im basicly all by myself. please ill do anything if you just let me stay with you?”my cock was fully hard by now, i was just thinking so many things i could get away with doing to this girl..”it is getting late, maybe this once you can come by home and i will make a warm meal for you, and we can go get you a few new clothes””OMG thank you thank you!!”she jumped in my arms and kissed me. i drove her back to my house i told her there was food in the fridge and we would go to the store after she ate. i went to my bedroom to change, i left m door open as usual. as i was taking off my shirt and unzipping my pants i saw out of the corner of my eye, rebecca peeking into the room as i was half naked, my cock still raging hard.”mr johnson you have such a big penis”i was in shock, how does this girl even know what a penis is and why is she staring at mine?!”rebecca get out of here i will be out in a minute”she continued to walk into my room. my cock was still half out of my boxers”but i always türbanlı antalya escort bayan see my mommy putting her mouth around her boyfriends penis, why do girls do that? does it taste good or something? can i taste yours??””umm well noo you see, its uh, it is something that adults do and it is something you will learn later” she began walking closer and put her hand around my cock”but i just want to see what its like, it feels weird why is it so hard and throbbing?”i coudnt hold myself back anymore, i was so turned on i didnt care how wrong it was or the consequences.”well you see, when a girl puts her mouth around it, it makes the man feel good, would you like to try just once? just go ahead and put your mouth around it, and stroke it with our hand””okay, just like this? it doesnt really taste that good. mr johnson why is my vagina feel weird, it feels like it is leaking””rebecca why dont you take your pants off and let me see what you are talking about”she took off her jeans and slid down her panties, showing her perfectly hairless amazing pussy”okay my pants are off, do you see? it feels weird but it is a good weird feeling. how long will your penis stay so hard for? do you want me to put my mouth on it again?””well your vagina get wet becus that means she is ready to have sex, it gets wet to make it easier for the penis to slide inide””inside me?? but yours is so big and my vagina is so small it will hurt” “well that means you are still a virgin, once you have sex for the first time it will hurt but after that she will not be türbanlı escort antalya so tiny and it will feel good..would you like to try that. that is what would make me happy.””okay well if you say so, but you have to be careful will it hurt for long?””it will hurt for a few minutes but after that you will feel very good. lay on the bed and take the rest of your clothes off.”she laid down on the bed and took all her clothes off her small breasts and flawless skin and beautiful virgin pussy, my cock was so ready to bust a huge load. 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