VIN’S MOMVin had been away.His mother offered for him to spend the night, sleeping on the sofa bed in her living room.It had been, an excellent evening, dinner and conversation.His mother had been torturing his father, telling him if he could sexually abuse his c***dren, so could she.It was time for bed.Time for Vin to undress.She took off her shoes, sitting in a chair watching.Vin had faced away, hiding his penis, as he slid between the covers.Last time.This time he turned, facing her, displaying his erection.Her Christian upbringing was too much for her, she sat there unable to move.Vin reached down, grasping her fingers, closing them around his manhood.Her upbringing prevented her from saying anything, but she stood, moving her feet apart,turning her knees slightly outward, leaning back slightly thrusting her breasts forwardstaring deeply into her eldest son’s eyes, smiling like Mona Lisa.She was wearing an ivory colored blouse with large collar and buttons.With trembling fingers Vin reached for the top button.He was rewarded with a huge smile as it popped free.He set about undoing the remaining oversized buttons, which would barely fit throughthe buttonholes, as he undid the last one, his mother slowly raised her arms over her head.Vin pulled the blouse up, turning it inside out, as the sleeves came free of her wrists.Her bra was white cotton, she held her arms out, allowing Vin to reach around back, unfastening the triple hooks, holdings the bra in place.She raised her arms again, allowing Vin to pull the bra over her head.Her forty year old breasts sagged slightly, but her nipples were rock hard.Her pleated skirt had a zipper in the back, with a button at the top.She reached down, turning the skirt around so the zipper was in the front, making eye contactwith Vin, smiling at her eldest son as he slid the zipper down.With the button undone, she raised her arms a third time allowing Vin and pull the skirt up over her head.She took a slightly wider stance, leading to back slightly, maintaining eye contact with Vin as he admiredher nearly naked body.She looked down, smiling, as her son slid four fingers inside inside the elastic band of her Panty Hose.Vin pulled her Panty Hose and white cotton panties off, as one, exposing her dark mound of pubic hair.Having had two c***dren, her outer vaginal lips did not quite touch, exposing a line of inner pinkness.Vin stood there, trembling, staring at his mother’s vagina.After letting her eldest son admirer his mother’s vagina, she closed her fingers around hisrock hard erection, leading him into the bedroom, laying on her back, spreading her legs,maintaining eye contact as Vin crawled into position over her.In two hundred fifty years Vin had had a great deal of exciting sex, but nothing came closeto that evening, looking into his mother’s eyes, feeling her hand, guiding him into herwarm and willing vagina, as she threw her arms around him, fucking him with incredible enthusiasm.”You are bigger than your almanbahis yeni giriş father.” She told him, humping away, holding him tightly, squeezing her legstogether as Vin squirted hot semen into his mother’s vagina.Vin was utterly convinced the universe would never allow him a thrill greater than squirting hot semen into his mother’s vagina.He was wrong of course.His mother was determined to take revenge, in a single act, for a lifetime of philandering by Vin’s father.They had made love all night long.At one point she had insisted on bringing them a snack from the kitchen, telling Vin to stay in bed.She had a note prepared, scotch taping it to the front door, leaving it unlocked.Mother and son were hard at it, as Vin looked up seeing his father standing there.As Vin continued thrusting away, his mother’s arms around him, his father began undressing.Vin squirted hot semen into his mother’s vagina as his father watched.Vin rolled over, his father climbing on.At one point his mother sat on him, facing his father, reaching down, grasping his erection,scooting forward sliding her warm vagina around his penis, she leaned back trembling uncontrollably.Vin threw his arms around her holding her tightly so they would not become decoupled,smelling the smell of her, her hair in his face.Vin realized what was happening as he felt the bed to move taken his father’s weight,Vin began trembling uncontrollably, unable to accept what was about to happen,what not even Freud had eluded to.Vin felt a hand fondling his mother’s genitals, feeling her stiffen with fear, feeling the head ofa second penis poke gently into her, hearing her gasp as the length of it slid into her,feeling a pair of testicles bang against his own, feeling his mother sliding back and forthfucking father and son simultaneously .Frankie continued sliding back and forth until she felt them both quivering in orgasm.The two men took turns with Frankie all weekend long.Vin told her what he intended to do, telling her what she had done to his father, was nothing comparedto what she was about to do to him, as he packed a couple of bikini bathing suits in a bag for her.She began trembling, breathing in short gasps, her eyes glassy, but she did not say a word.Vin drove her to the bordello east of town, leaving the trembling woman, in the hands of the Madame.This was pre-Lazarus, pre-AIDS, whores would line up wearing bikini bathing suits, taking strangers to their tiny rooms for unsafe sex.A week later Vin picked his mother up at the whorehouse.They invited Vin’s father over, taping a note on the unlocked door.He arrived finding mother and son hard at it, taking his clothes off, without a word.Frankie did not allow him any sex until he listened through her hour-long recitalof her week long sexual adventure, including sex with a black truck driver with an eighteen inch tool,a group grope with five soldiers who had sex with her anus, vagina mouth, and both hands simultaneously.How almanbahis giriş thirty seven men had paid her to lay on her back spreading her legs for them.How men had paid her to let them douche her and fill her vagina with beer cans.And how, most importantly, she would return in two days time, as numerous men had reserved they use of hervagina.Vin had met with the bordello owner, discussing the possibility of a sex show.The owner agreed, smiling hugely, a young man pimping his mother for a live audience participationsex show appealed to his warped sense of humor.(He did not mention anything about filming the event.)The owner began advertising by word of mouth at a nearby naval air station.Making it understood the price of admission would include both the show and sex with the performer afterwords.Vin’s father had been broadly hinting he would like to visit the whorehouse, transparently intendingto purchase Frankie’s flavors.Vin allowed Saturday afternoon at two o’clock would be a perfect time.There were fifty or sixty young sailors, glassy eyed, with obvious bulges and their uniform trousers.They were staring at a well-built vinyl covered low table in the exact center of an area cordoned offby red velvet theater ropes.There was stage lighting, and multiple cameras obviously a whore, was not only going to fuck fiftymen and a Great Dane, she was going to allow cameras to record her doing it.The sexual tension as thick as a London pea soup fog.At precisely two o’clock, the back door opened, admitting a dog handler with a giant Great Daneon a lead, the a****l had obviously done this before, about half his nine inch bright red peniswas protruding from its sheath.”No! Dear God No!” Vin’s father exclaimed as Frankie walked into the room.”Be quiet!” The guards will break both your arms, before throwing you out.Frankie was dressed like a Mormon school teacher on a mission.She was wearing her hair in a bun, eyeglasses, a starched blouse with fifty buttons, and a long skirt.She began work in her audience as though she had been doing this for a lifetime, she gave the subtle wigglewomen make when they’re ready to be fucked.She reached up pulling a pin out of her hair letting it fall free.”Help me with these buttons”, she said smiling, walking to the center, surrounded by young sailors.”No only one button each” A quivering young sailor undid one button. The dog handler stepped up,holding an ice cream store number dispenser. The young sailor held up the number one, smiling hugely.”You are number one, actually number two”, she said smiling wickedly stroking the lump in his trousers.The young sailors had Vin’s mother naked in a matter of seconds, she was not wearing a bra or panties.As Frankie ducked under the velvet rope, the stage lighting came up, and the gentle whirring of the cameras began.Frankie laid on her back, head hanging off the end of the table.The dog handler led the a****l forward, who hopped up, placing both paws on the low table, almanbahis güvenilirmi scooting forwardas Frankie opened her mouth.Vin stood there watching fifty young sailors, mouths hanging open, staring at Vin’s mother as she gavea dog with a nine inch penis a blow job.Vin watched his mother turn around, feet towards the a****l, spreading her legs, as two of the camera men ducked under the velvet ropes, cameras mounted on their shoulders, moving in for a close up of the dog running twelve inches of tongue in and out of his mother’s vagina.Frankie scooted forward her vagina at the table edge.She reached down, putting her fingers behind each knee, pulling, holding her knees high and wide apart, vagina exposed, pink flushed and quivering, waiting, the a****l handler holding the enormous dog backleading tension build, releasing the a****l suddenly.Frankie gave a loud gasp, then it stopped just short of a scream, as the a****l penetrated her, thrusting vigorously.She wrapped her arms and legs around the huge a****l, hanging on tight, doing her best to matchthe dog thrust for thrust, looking out from underneath, making eye contact with the young sailors who had moved close to the velvet ropes, smiling at them, enjoying watching them looking at her with uncontrolled lust,as woman and dog performed a vigorous act of truly obscene public sex.When the graphically obscene coupling concluded, Frankie sat up, spreading her legs wide, displayingthe dog semen on her ample mound of dark pubic hair.”My son is in the audience today, with your permission, I will show you how a mother should reward a son, afterwords I will let each of you climb on top, I will call each of you son, if you call me mother.When you get home, seduced your mother, she wants you to fuck her, but is afraid to ask,if my son had not seduced me, fucking me silly , I would not be here today.”Vin stepped forward fucking his mother while a roomful of men shouted encouragement.”You are bigger than your father.” She hollered in a stage voice, humping away, holding him tightly, asfifty young sailors applauded, Vin squirted hot semen into his mother’s vagina.Vin’s father sat in a chair in a chair, hands over his face, moaning softly, rocking back and forth, as Vin tookthe velvet ropes down, telling everyone to get naked.It took over seven hours for Vin’s mother to satisfy all the sailors, some of them multiple times.All most all of them called her mother, she called all of them son, including the cameramen, the dog handler, the sound man, and the director.The dog got seconds and thirds, as compensation for not being called the son.Frankie give each young sailor a business card, telling them to contact her, but onlyafter they had successfully seduced their mother._____They were back in Vin’s super king-sized bed in the marble palace.”Oh Vin, thank you for giving me back my memories, I can remember being a little girl,I remember my brothers and sisters. Like everyone else, I have a lifetime of memories now.But most of all I remember marvelous sex yesterday.” She said taking hold of his erection.”I have suspended that slice, any time you’re in the mood for sex with fifty sailors, after publiclyfucking a Great Dane, let me know. “( Two or three times a month she did just that. )