Big Tits

Valentines day in the city!It was valentines day and we had nothing but $20 to our name,but I was determined to make this the best one yet! You see we’ve been together for about 8 years and the past ones weren’t exactly the best.I head over to the computer and print out addresses and directions I wanted to take him tonight. I don’t have a DL,so he would be doing all of the driving. First stop is the movie Tavern. I order chicken tenders,and he orders chilli cheese fries. We went to see Safe House with Denzel,but of course I have no idea what the movie was about because as soon as the lights dimmed,his hand was on my thigh. I reached over to rub his dick and it felt like a piece of steel. I immediately wanted to wrap my warm and juicy lips around it,after all this was going to be the best Valentines Day ever,right? I started to deep throat him,going slow,but deeper with each relaxbet güvenilirmi stroke of my mouth.But then it crossed my mind that I should be doing something that I’ve never done before,so I grabbed the cup of warm cheese and poured all over his dick,and immediately began to suck him clean,until the remainder of the cheese was mixed with the sweet and sticky evidence of his ecstasy.I stood to my feet and sat back in my seat as if nothing was happening. He leaned over to me and whispered, “I can’t wait to see what’s next”.. We decided to skip the rest of the movie because as much as we had missed,there really was no point in watching what was left. The next stop was the Daiquiri Factory Downtown. Nothing much happened here but alot of drinking and a little caressing. I was hotter than I had ever been for my man,and he was going to get it tonight! relaxbet yeni giriş We stumbled back to the car,ready to head to our next destination. This was the biggest one out of the 3,somwhere he and I both had never been before! The strip club.. We walk in and of course its dark,only lights from the stage and the bar. We walk towards the back for a table and are immediately approached by a beautiful woman named “Sugah”. I was intrigued right off and wanted to know just how sweet she was,and I knew he was too. We all walked over to a private area,her with both of our hands. We sat down and she began to grind on my man. I wanted to be jealous but something about this was turning me all of the way on. She turned around and began to give him a lap dance,her breasts exposed,bouncing with every knock of the bass from the song that was being relaxbet giriş played. Something came over me and I began to stroke my clit,he looked over at me and I could see a sense of shock in his eyes,but it quicky turned into a look of lust. He wanted me. He wanted me bad. That made me explode inside as I exploded all over the leather seats we were sitting on. Head back, I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.Sugah began to lick me,feast on my juices as if she needed them to live,I came again,and she sucked me once more. This went on for about an hour, as he watched, stroking himself. But never cumming,it was almost as if he was saving it for me.This was a beautiful experience for me. We left the club that night new people. And swore that we’d be back. We were quiet the entire way home. We got through the door and I immediately stripped naked,he undressed and began eating my pussy until I couldn’t take it anymore. Each time I came was better than the last. I hopped on top of him,reverse cowgirl until I felt what had been built up inside of him,run down my legs. I loved this man,and I knew that this Valentine’s Day was one that we would never forget.