UK wife Hayley – shared for the first timeI’d been married to Hayley for about 6 months. My cute little wife is 5’2” very pretty and a slim size 10 with dark blonde hair and slightly pinkish milky white flesh. She has a good pair of firm tits with raspberry red nipples, which when played with really turns her on. She has a nice toffee coloured snatch which she shaves into a neat landing strip with plump pussy lips the same colour as her nipples and quite a big clit, with the peachiest little bum, something I’m sure none of my mates are aware of, she’s not the sexiest of women until you see her naked. We had a pretty good sex life she is a fantastic cock sucker as well as being quite energetic in bed, but things were about to get a lot better We had a quite close group of friends, all couples, but we were the only married couple; there was Heather and Tim, Maxine and Gary and Karen and Mick. We’d known each other for a long time as we’d all grown up in small villages close to each other, we got on really well and we always went out together socially.On one particular Saturday, we had arranged to go out in Kenilworth, a town quite local to us, to a Vicars and Tarts evening at one of the pubs we frequented. Gary had just bought a house in Kenilworth so we were all staying over so we didn’t have to worry about how much we had to drink. The house was in a bit of a state and needed a lot of work done, which Gary was doing in his spare time, I helped out when I could. The only rooms that were in a reasonable state were the bathroom and one bedroom which we had just put a timber laminate floor down in.When we arrived there was some consternation, Maxine, Gary’s girlfriend, had dressed for the occasion, with a very short skirt and a minute G-string, which when she showed it to Gary he had immediately told her she wasn’t going out dressed like that and had insisted she put another pair of panties on. Maxine wasn’t best pleased and asked Hayley for her opinion, off they went to the bathroom; about 5 minutes later they came out and Maxine agreed she would put on another pair of panties. Hayley told me they were so small even with them on you could pretty much see what she had to offer.Fortunately this didn’t spoil the mood as we set off into town to visit a few pubs and bars before we got to our destination. The girls were walking into town, with us guys just behind them chatting and I must admit as I looked at my wife she did look very sexy in pigtails, a white shirt which was undone but with the shirt tails tied just under her tits, which were looking very perky in a push up bra, a short pleated skirt that just about covered her bum, black hold up stockings and stiletto’s. It was a bit of a revelation; she looked like a naughty schoolgirl, which was unusual for my wife as she didn’t dress particularly sexily. Hayley’s outfit wasn’t lost on Gary; he suddenly went up behind her a lifted her skirt up baring her bum, giving a cheer as he did so. I don’t think any of the guys had realised what a great body my wife has until that point when they saw her slim legs and her peachy little bum with an emerald green thong disappearing between her cheeks.We went to 3 or 4 bars for a drink and everywhere we went the girls drew admiring glances from all the blokes, I could imagine what they were thinking. This seemed to spur Gary on as he played a game of lift the skirt with all of the girls cheering every time he did it. What I noticed though was that it was my wife Hayley’s skirt he pulled up most often, I think he was quite taken by my wife’s sexy little arse. We finally reached the pub where the party was and enjoying the music, dancing and having a few (quite a few) drinks. I paid a visit to the loo and was relieving myself when Gary came in, “I never realised what a nice little arse Hayley has” he commented. I smiled and said “You should see the rest of her” “Really?” he said. I must have had a bit too much to drink, as I confided rus escort ara a few secrets in him about my wife’s fabulous tits and how she likes titty play and how having her nipples pinched and squeezed turns her on, as well as having her bum massaged and slipping a finger up her arse drives her wild, describing how her neatly shaved runway leads to her large clit, and telling him how she pants, whimpers and moans when she cums. I returned to the party and didn’t think any more of it as I enjoyed the evening. Finally the party was over and we started to make our way back to Gary’s house. Again there was more drunken skirt lifting, which was all taken in good faith with much hilarity. At one point I took my wife in my arms and started to kiss her, turning her so her back was to a wall. I had one hand up her skirt squeezing and stroking her bum, whilst my other hand slipped between her thighs rubbing her clit through her panties. I was quite surprised to feel how wet they were, “She must have got quite tuned on having her bum exposed and flashed to all those guys” I thought as Hayley parted her legs slightly so I could get my hand between her legs easier, I gently stroked her pussy through the thin material of her panties as I slipped a finger up her bum. This was greeted with a whimper as Hayley pushed her herself eagerly against me, I was in for a good fuck tonight I thought until I remembered that all 8 of us were sleeping in the same room. We were disturbed by the others shouting back to us “Come on we’re not waiting all night for you.” As we went to go Hayley said “Hold on” as she bent down quickly and got up again, handing me her panties. I looked at her my eyebrows raised “It feels quite liberating and sexy not to mention a bit daring, just think one gust of wind and my pussy will be on show to anyone around” she said winking saucily at me.When we got back to Gary’s we started to get ready to sleep, sleeping bags, duvets etc were spread out on the bedroom floor. As we all settled down, Hayley retrieved her panties from me and headed off to the bathroom, as I got into our sleeping bag. I realised that only having a single sleeping bag was going to be a bit of a squeeze with both of us in there. The bedroom door opened and to my surprise my normally quite reserved wife walked in just wearing her bra, panties, hold ups and stilettos. She did look hot and I noticed that I wasn’t the only one staring at her as she walked across the room and started to squirm her way into our sleeping bag. If I’d ever thought she was inhibited, she certainly wasn’t tonight, but I guess that was because of the amount of booze she’d drunk.There wasn’t much room in our sleeping bag, so Hayley had to lie on top of me, still it wasn’t too much of a problem as I unclipped her bra and helped her slip out of it. I managed to get me hands in between us and started to play with my wife’s tits. She started to snog me murmuring quietly, clearly enjoying me play with her tits. I slipped my hands down to her bum and started to massage her cheeks and stroking the inside of her thighs and I managed to pull her thong down. She managed to get a hand down and started to tug on my cock, she obviously wanted a good fucking. I slowly unzipped the sleeping bag to give us a bit more room as my wife slipped her panties off. She straddled me again and reaching down between her legs guided my cock into her pussy. Hayley started to hump on my cock as I took hold of her tits and started to squeeze them, gently pinching her nipples. I knew the effect this would have as my wife humped her pussy onto my cock harder and faster, at which point our sleeping bag fell off her, leaving her naked and exposed if anyone had been looking, they would have seen my wife riding my cock dressed only in stockings and stilettos, her sexy little arse bouncing up and down on my cock with her tits swinging in rhythm. I heard her start to whimper rus escort bayan ara and moan and knew she was about to cum. I pulled her bum cheeks apart and slipped a finger up her, I knew this would drive her wild; she gyrated her hips grinding down on my cock, her panting and whimpering increased as she came. If the others hadn’t realised what we had been doing, they sure as hell did now I thought. Hayley lay on top of me for a few minutes before rolling off onto the sleeping bag, lying there stark naked, looking so sexy – I was a lucky guy. I’d had a fair bit to drink during the evening, nowhere near as much as Hayley, but I needed to answer natures call and quietly left the bedroom to go to the loo. As I came out of the loo, Maxine, Gary’s girlfriend was standing outside, stark naked, she stopped me and quietly whispered “Don’t say anything” as she took me by the hand and led me back to the bedroom she then whispered “Watch your wife”As we went back into the bedroom I looked to see Hayley still lying stark naked on our sleeping bag and lying next to her was Gary. He was gently cupping her breasts, softly stroking her shoulders and down between her tits, massaging her milky white globes of flesh, but never touching her nipples, something that I knew would drive her wild. Maxine must have realised I was about to say something as she placed a finger on my lips and said “Just watch her” I must admit I was starting to get turned on by the thought of seeing my wife in action as she was being fucked by another man, and just stood there watching. I then realised that all the others Karen, Heather, Mick and Tim were gathering around watching my wife about to get fucked by another man.Gary played with Hayley’s tits and I could tell by her panting breath that she was getting turned on; Gary squeezed her nipples which brought a gasp from her as he was quite rough, but she didn’t seem to mind so he grabbed both her tits firmly squeezing them and rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. My wife was whimpering and moaning as she felt for his cock and started to wank him. I watched fascinated as Gary’s hand travelled down her body stroking his finger down her landing strip to her clit. My accommodating wife parted her legs for him as Gary stroked the inside of her thighs before rubbing her large engorged clit, which brought a sigh from my wife. Gary massaged my wife pussy before taking her clit between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing it firmly which brought a little yelp from my wife, but again she didn’t seem to mind. Gary played with her pussy, pushing 2 then 3 fingers into her wet snatch, I knew she was ready.Hayley murmured something to Gary which made him stop what he was doing and stand up, I then couldn’t believe my eyes as my cute little wife, dressed only in stocking and stilettos, knelt down in front of him and taking his cock in her hands guided it to her mouth, she looked a complete tart. Her tongue flashed out licking his circumcised knob before she took him in her mouth clamping her lips around his cock. She reached around his hips and grabbed his bum, pulling him into her as she took his whole length. All the time she was whimpering in ecstasy as she squeezed Gary’s bum urging him to fuck her face.After a couple of minutes my sexy little wife let go of his cock and looked up gazing in his eyes and quietly said “Fuck me” as she lay on the wooden floor she again implored him “Fuck me, please, please fuck me” I’d never seen her so desperate like this before, I knew she could be a bit of a wanton woman, but I’d never seen her quite like this. As she lay down she stretched her arms above her head and lifted her legs into the air, knees bent, she let her legs drop onto the floor either side of her, opening her legs as wide as she could presenting her pussy to Gary. Gary didn’t need any encouragement; he mounted my wife and pushed his cock hard and deep into her escort rus ara wet gash making her whimper again. As Gary fucked my wife Hayley, I glanced around and saw the effect this was having, Maxine who was now kneeling next to me was squeezing and pulling on one of her nipples, her other hard buried between her legs, Tim and Heather were on the opposite side of the room and I could see Tim kneeling down, with Heather behind him watching what was going on over his shoulder whilst wanking him off. Karen and Mick, who were the other side of me, were whispering to each other and Karen seemed to be quite agitated, until she leant over and whispered to me that “If it was okay, Mick wanted to Fuck Hayley too?” I didn’t answer and Karen didn’t wait for one, she whispered to Mick again only this time I heard what she was saying “Do her, come on let’s do her from both ends” I was quite taken aback by the quiet ferocity and excitement in her voice. Karen then leant forward and whispered something to Gary, who tried to move his shoulders to one side of Hayley, and then she bent her head down a kissed my wife before whispering something into her ear, my wife squirmed around and got from under Gary until her shoulders and head were free, but with the rest of her underneath him as he fucked her cunt. Mick was laying on the floor next to Hayley, his cock rearing up towards her face. Karen then cradled my wife’s head in one hand and with the other she took Mick’s cock and guided him into my wife’s open and accommodating mouth. Hayley started sucking his cock and then Karen took her head in both hands and pushed her face into Mick’s groin forcing his cock down her throat. “Fuck her” I heard Karen say as Mick thrust his hips into my wife’s face. My sexy little wife was whimpering and moaning with the fucking she was getting but soon started to gag on Mick’s cock, Karen didn’t move and held my wife’s head firmly as Mick forced his cock into her for a minute or so, then Mick started to pull his cock out of her, there was saliva dribbling out of my wife’s mouth as she gasped for air. Karen quickly pushed my wife’s face onto Mick’s cock again as he fucked her, I could tell he was about to cum as he jerked his cock out of her and held his cock towards my wife’s face, Karen held her there as Mick came, his cum spurting into my wife’s open mouth and spattering all over her face.My cute little wife was almost cumming, she was moaning and whimpering as she stated to thrust her hips up in time with Gary, I knew she was about to cum and couldn’t take much more. She was now thrusting her hips frantically, her arse slapping on the wooden floor as she came whimpering “Cummming, oh God, cumming, oh God yes, yes” her arms and legs flapping about, her body seemed to spasm and shudder as she came like a dynamo.Gary didn’t last after bring my wife to a shuddering orgasm and with a thrust he started to cum in my wife’s cunt. He pulled out and wanked his cock, the last of his cum raining down on Hayley’s tits and belly. As he started to wipe his cock on my wife’s little landing strip Maxine said “No let her clean you up”, both Gary and Mick knelt over my wife as she took their cocks in her mouth and sucked their cum off them.I stood there staring at my gorgeous wife, her pretty little face covered in cum, her tits heaving as she panted with the exertion of what had just happened, cum all over her tits and belly, her legs still spread wide with cum all over her pussy and oozing out of her gaping cunt. I realised that I hadn’t really minded what had happened and that I’d enjoyed seeing my sexy little wife being used by 2 other guys, I knew then that I’d be sharing her again. The next day on the way home in the car, Hayley confided that she’d realised that it wasn’t me when Gary started to pinch her nipples, and that after a quick glance she knew it was Gary, but so was excited by the thought of being a married woman fucked by another man she didn’t protest, and that as I didn’t stop things I must have been okay with her getting fucked too.So we agreed that this would be part of our sex lives as long as I was present when she was getting fucked – I’ve been sharing her ever since.If you’d like to fuck me cute little wife, get in touch with us.