Turning Straight Guys Gay
I think my latest conquest might be my favorite yet. I just can’t seem to let go of the straight guys, y’know? It was a revelation when I realized guys kept sneaking glances at me that weren’t so innocent. I can’t really blame ’em either. Without sounding too narcissistic, I’m pretty as fuck. High cheek bones, thin and well defined lips, bigger eyes and a metabolism that made people hate me. Hell, I barely ever had to shave either, I was virtually hairless, even my eyebrows are just naturally thin. My hair is almost mid shoulder length, but I normally wear it in a ponytail.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I’m just barely five foot six, soft skin that I work hard to keep that way, and my nips are dark and swell so nicely. I’m a pretty femme looking guy without even trying and that just makes the contrast between cute ‘ol me and the nine incher between my legs. Yup. Of course I measured. Just a tad over nine with a thickness that’d make anyone blush. The only place I regularly had to shave, but I love being hairless down there, tight scrotum and big dicked. One trade I have is I can cum multiple times, not your usually one and done. I’am talking 5 or 6 times even after I shot all my cum. It’s like the energizer bunny going and going.

Straight guys just don’t know how to deal with me. I do things to them. Or so I was told, before I knew what I could do to them. I’ve always been as queer as they come, but puberty taught me plenty about all sorts of things. Things like going nuts over guys, gosh they got me so turned on. But they mostly liked the girls. But not all of them. Horny fucks, me included! They were all so nice, and attentive and always down to fuck.

But not the straight boys. Or at least, that’s what I thought. I know better now, and it just takes the right nudges. Again, not all of them, but a nice chunk are more than interested. I’m pretty and cute and not threatening at all outside of a monster sized dong. But they seem to like that too. At least for a bit. You can’t not touch something like my dick when it’s right out there in the open.

Most want to suck it, and most think it’s over after my first load but that’s a mistake there going for seconds or thirds an more once they get a taste of my cum there done. I mean, once I shot my load down there throats there brain is switch into a cocksucker mode and interfere with their whole masculinity and being “straight” guys even though they look really happy when they’re sucking on me.

Anyyyyyyways, it’s really fun to turn ’em. To see how far I can push them, what they’ll take and even like! Done it plenty of times. But this guy, mmm. I’m having so much fun with him, and he’s not too badly off either. I think? He was my TA a few semesters ago.

Greg just gets me going. He’s got that magical six foot tall thing going on, the kind of roguish good looks and a nice jaw line, perfect dark messy hair and was probably close to two hundred pounds of solid man flesh. Like a lumberjack shrunken down to normal size. He always had a five o’clock shadow, and the guy just smelled like a man. Just a couple years shy of thirty. But once I caught him looking at me, well, I guess he didn’t know what he was in for.

I have no problem wearing women’s tops when I’m out. They look nice on me. Nothing too overt, something that shows shoulder in the summer, almost unisex but not quite. My butt isn’t too bouncy at all, but that didn’t keep his eyes off it either.

Whenever it came time for assignments though, I always made sure to deal with him for them. A smile and friendliness goes a long way and soon enough he was offering to help me study. Kinda funny, no? All these guys always find a way to help me. Alone, just the two of us.

“Studying” never lasts long. In Greg’s case, not even half an hour. That might’ve had something to do with answering the door with my hair down. It falls just right, after all I always get more feminine haircuts, but there’s a difference between a utilitarian ponytail and letting the bangs fall over my eyes and flow down my shoulders. It also might have been the girls t-shirt that almost showed my tummy when I moved. Or that I was wearing tights.

He took it in stride, he most definitely did. He’s always fun to tease! Despite being hot as fuck, he was single. Though there was a girl he was interested it. What a shame that would’ve been, huh? Had to nip that in the bud on the spot.

He wasn’t shy but it’s probably pretty distracting when I kept finding ways to make contact with him. Y’know, borrowing a pen and touching his hand just a bit longer. We were sitting on a couch, but I was just next to him and somehow my hip kept bumping into his. Or that I had just washed my hair before he got there and it smelled sooo nice and flowery.

He was trying to be friendly and professional I guess, but he’d steal glances when he thought I was looking away, or I could see it in his eyes when I brushed some hair out of my eyes.

Let’s just say it wasn’t just him and it really was hot in there. No initiative but he was totally flustered and it was showing. I’m not at all shy about making the first move. Just had to wait until the timing was right. And that fidgeting, readjusting how he was sitting, keeping his legs together and even his cheeks looked warmer, that was right time.

I didn’t see how beating around the bush would help, and it was so much fun to just drop it on him. I just turn towards him and looked him straight in the eye and said “Greg, you know I’m gay, right?” This was not a question he was expecting, even though I obviously knew the answer.

His composure didn’t fade, and while his mouth said “So what?” his eyes said “Oh shit.”

“Well, you seem pretty horny and you’re pretty hot. I could help you out there.” I said back to him as I put a hand on his thigh. That he did not try to remove. I think he was shaking a bit! So cute! I moved it closer, inwards, towards his thigh.

“I don’t-” he said before my hand got over his crotch. Damn jeans! His body was so tense! Silly straight boys, so nervous and scared when I’ve got my hand on their privates. But his eyes closed for a few seconds. They never move away.

“I don’t mind. You’re kinda turning me. Besides, when’s the last time you got to have any sex?” I asked innocently. I didn’t wait for an answer though, just gently pressed against his penis. Even through his jeans, I could feel it stiffening. “Feels like it’s been a while. We can have some fun.”

I love this part. Watching them struggle. Horny, with a cute little ‘ol me there rubbing at their crotch. His dick can’t tell the difference, but his mind can tell him all sorts of things. How he shouldn’t, or how he’s straight, or how cute I look.

He actually shook his head. This big masculine guy trying futilely to clear his head before saying “Oh, fuck it. Go ahead.” I didn’t bother waiting, unbuckling his belt and unzipping him. He had boxers underneath, and he didn’t even move as I just kept rubbing him through the fabric as it started to tent outwards.

I waited just a bit, he was still stiff but loosening up. “Baby, pull ’em down for me. I wanna see it.” I breathed out. I don’t have the most manly voice around, but its second nature to make my voice as stereotypically feminine as possible. Plus, guys respond to it oh so predictably.

His underwear was off quickly and there was a plenty of pubic hair down there. Thick and angry, and obscuring almost a quarter of his dick. It was nice. Maybe as thick as mine, maybe. But he was literally half my size. A bit more. A perfectly serviceable, nice dick. I don’t know if he feels that way about it now, but I let him know, in just those words. Not big, or awesome, amazing, just nice. Not that he minded with my hand wrapped around it.

I just squeezed him. Almost gently, but firm enough. I just love the feel of warm cock in my hand! He’d keep closing his eyes and I kept up this soft tugging until I was certain there was no way he was going back. Then, I let go. His dick was sticking out at a forty five degree angle and he had one of those adorable mushroom heads that had pre-cum leaking out the tip.

I got up in front of him and lifted my shirt up, then over my head and dropped it by my feet. I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty proud at my control. I was desperately horny, but I had my cock tucked back and was barely winning the battle to stay mostly soft. I grinned at him, “Do you think I’m pretty, Greg?” I teased.

His cock was screaming “Yes!!” but I wanted him to acknowledge it. The guy could blush! He nodded and took a breath before saying, “Yeah, you’re really pretty.” What can I say, I’m simple, and I scooted right up onto his lap, between his legs and before he could say anything I was licking up the side of his neck. He went all rigid again right away, and I could hear his breathing, lengthy inhales as he tried to relax.

Maybe he’d thought he’d get a handjob or a blowjob or who knows what. Straighties always get all freaked out at first when I like to kiss and lick and tease them. Maybe a bit more personal than they’d expected. But with Greg’s dick as hard as it was and my butt rubbing against it, he went right along with it.

I pushed my lips into his neck, right above where a collar would go, just sucking and teasing with my tongue. He didn’t know it just yet, but that kind of suction was going to leave a mark. I’d press my body into his, he was so much more masculine than me. Solid and hard where I was soft and light. Totally yummy!

Eventually I winked at him, “Your turn.” I pushed back a little bit, almost so my ass was sitting on his dick, and brushed aside my hair. I could see that hesitation, that look of “This wasn’t in the plan.” That didn’t matter though, because I had him so god damn horny and moments later I felt his tongue alongside my neck.

He almost jumped when my hand slipped along his cheek, then behind his head and into his hair, tightening a bit when it felt good. A little praise can go a long way and I kept telling him how good he was making me feel and he even took the barest of initiative, placing his hands on my waist. When a manly man’s got his hands on me, it’s pretty hard to stay soft and I knew that wasn’t going to last much longer.

“God, you’re fucking turning me on. Suck on my nipples too, babe.” I didn’t bother waiting for an answer, I just helped position his head a little better. Y’know, make it easier on him. It was my turn to close my eyes because the way his lips locked around my nips made my spine tingle.

His erection was pressing into the fabric between the crack of my ass cheeks and I was extra super careful to make sure he didn’t get off by mistake. No, things were about to get fun.

I may look cute and innocent, pretty and kinda girlier, maybe enough to pretend for Greg, but things became different as I finally let myself grow. I could feel a few days of stubble on his face when he grazed against my chest, prickling me, this handsome and squared jawed man too turned on to care and I just started to get hard. It took him a few moments to notice as his eyes were pretty much glued to my chest.

But I had to readjust, and my hand went into my tights, and with a slight pull forward, he could instantly feel it against the bottom of his stomach. His head looked straight down, and I just pushed his head back to where it had been and switched to the other side, “Don’t stop, Greg. Please. You’re making me so fucking horny, I can’t help it.”

I enjoyed his mouth all over my chest for another few minutes, keeping his head glued straight forward. I do this thing where I tense up my thighs and clench my ass, and the more I did it the more I could feel a wet stain against the bottom of my tights. I whispered into his ear, “Babe, that was so great. Look what you did to me.”

I let go of his head and I got to see that uncomprehending look I just love. I had worn those tights on a purpose: they tent so nicely! The full nine inches with my pre-cum staining it. I wasn’t wearing underwear of any kind and the fabric felt good against my head but not nearly as good as watching Greg.

It was like he couldn’t comprehend what he was seeing. He was trying to put the pieces together. This effeminate, longhaired cutey had a huge cock? How was that even possible? What did that mean? His erection strained against my ass. Yeah, he was turned on good. I rubbed myself through my tights. He just kept looking. His dick was poking wonderfully against my ass and I kept it there while slipping my pulling the top of my tights over the top of my cock, then pulling it down further.

If it had been pressed against my stomach, it would’ve been just slightly under my belly button, but it was pointing up at an angle. I gripped the base taking long strokes, slowly. “You can keep looking.” I giggled as his dick twitched again, “Oooh! I felt that! Is cute ‘lil ‘ol me getting you all hard?” I used my friend hand to brush my bangs aside, “Or maybe it’s my cock that’s getting you excited? Go ahead.”

I can never tell what’s going through a straight guy’s head as I unstraighten them. Maybe getting a blowjob from a guy is OK? Maybe even a fuck. But seeing my cock, touching it, well, that’s kinda gay, isn’t it? And they’re the smaller one in the dick department? But Greg, like many others, couldn’t help himself. I watched with pleasure as he carefully wrapped his fingers around my cock.

I love the feeling of a man’s big hands wrapped around my member. Like theirs, just bigger and thicker and throbbing and hairless. He didn’t do too bad for a first handjob, and I guided him. “You’re squeezing my cock so good, Greg. Not too fast. That’s not where I want to cum.” Poor Greg, I could feel his stiffy twitching when he heard that.

Eventually I peeled off his lap and stood up in front of him. Gosh, he was so manly! He was just splayed out on the couch with his pants half off and his dick at full attention and his nuts were fairly hairy and yummy looking, especially with that pre-cum on the tip. I even considered letting him bend me over, because my asshole was twitching.

But no, instead I slipped out of my tights leaving me completely naked with my cock just sticking out there almost obscenely. It just looked like it belonged on someone who didn’t look like me.

Greg was far too lost though, by then. Maybe he was already in far enough that he didn’t care? Who knows, but he couldn’t take his eyes off me. I do look pretty girly and I don’t mind showing off which is just what I did. My nipples were pretty hard from his sucking and how turned on I was. I played with them with my fingers, “Do you like my nips?” I teased.

He just nodded, but his hand went for his dick. They’re usually so shy about talking at first, but always so interested in getting off. I’d use that to my advantage later. I turned around and carefully bent over so my cock was trapped behind my thighs and under my butt and looked back at him, “Or my ass? I’ve caught you looking at it before.”

I knew an answer wasn’t going to be coming, so once he got a nice good look I turned back to him, a bit closer, gripping the base of my cock in my fist, “Maybe it’s this big thing I’ve got between my legs, huh? Is that what’s got you all hot and bothered right now?”

I let go and used just the slightest strength to get my cock to twitch up and down, watching his eyes follow it and laughed, “Yup. That’s definitely it.” The man could blush so prettily!

I asked him to get up, and I carefully pulled his pants down around him, tossing them aside. He still had his shirt on, but that didn’t matter right now. He was a good half a foot taller than me and I had to look up more than just a little bit as I put my hand on his thigh. The angle I kept my head was at had my hair falling down my sides, face up turned, eyes half closed and pushed up on the tip of my toes.

There couldn’t be a clearer sign and I find that if I skipped straight to the kissing without talking about it first, things went much better. For me, for them. Especially for Greg. Feeling his lips press down against mine, the scruff from his unshaven face almost made me woozy! I’m telling you, it’s amazing I hadn’t orgasmed yet.

He was firm but not pushing, very passive. I enjoyed kissing him, breaking the kiss then starting it again, sometimes nipping at his lower lip. But boy, did his eyes go wide the first time my tongue pushed past his lips, and sliding along the top of his tongue. He was almost rigid again for a moment, and his dick spasmed and bumped into mine, which made him shiver again.

It was my turn to lose it a bit as I continued to revel in the French kiss we were sharing. I cleaned his tonsils. And every other part of his mouth and tongue, and the one time it got into my mouth, I sucked as if I wouldn’t let it go. I just love kissing hunky guys!

When I broke the kiss, he looked almost dazed. It was easy to tell he was breathing hard, his chest kept trying to pump in more air. We were close enough that there was no difficulty when I reached for his dick and got a little bit closer, my own cock bumping off his before I got them both together. I couldn’t get my fingers all the way around or anything, but enough to keep them in place.

I love doing that! It brings the elephant in the room front and center. Right next to each other there was no hiding or ignoring it. If you didn’t feel it, you saw it. He was seeing and feeling though, that was for sure! I’m a giggler, and that’s just what I did as I started rubbing a bit, “I’m so much bigger than you!” His dick pulsed again. “I sure felt that! Is that what you like, babe? The feel of a nice big one?”

It wasn’t difficult to convince him that it’d feel nicer in his mouth. And how good that’d make me feel, and besides, I had a significantly larger piece of dick, that had to count for something, right? He was on his knees in no time, but he had difficult doing the deed so I just aimed my mushroom head at his lips.

But I didn’t push, I just let the wetness of my pre-cum moisten his lips. “Try and open up wide. I’m pretty big, but you can take it. You can close your lips once I’m pushing in, it’ll help with the suction.” I find if you tell them what to do, they just go along with it. He had to put his hands on my thighs and I could see his eyes had a tightness around them, as if he was preparing to eat something sour. Then I started to push.

His lips spread as I pushed in a bit. I’m not the thickest, but I was still thicker than him and I wondered what was going through his mind as nearly an inch of my cock was inside his mouth. It’s a good thing I was so excited that I literally shook, he needed to know how good he was making me feel. I knew I couldn’t get it all in, there was no way he was capable of that just yet, but three inches or so wasn’t much to start with.

He still had a ways to go, but his eyes were level with my hairless pubic area, and I cooed “Baby, your mouth is so nice and warm!” and his hands gripped down on my thighs. I pushed just a bit more, a little less than half of my member past his lips. He had this wide tongue that felt wonderful to slide in on.

I just left myself, half inserted in his mouth. It certainly wasn’t sour, but that face was still half there. If you wait long enough, they start to suck. They can’t just leave it there, in their mouth. But it still took Greg almost a minute before he went down on me a little further, then back up, a deep inhalation through his nose, and back down.

Soon he had a semi steady rhythm as he was bobbing on my cock. God, the look of a masculine guy’s cheeks sinking in as he blows me is one of the hottest things.

“That’s it, keep going. Keep sucking on my cock in your mouth. It’s ok if you can’t take it all, you’re making me crazy here.” It was a pretty pleasant blowjob, better than most others first times, though certainly not as great as when I had given my first blowjob! When his hands finally went for his own dick, I knew it was time to finish up… for now. “Good boy. Play with yourself, we’re gonna cum together, OK?”

His hands didn’t stop but he sure as hell looked up at me, mouthful of my cock and a panicked look in his eyes. “What? I’m mostly a top, babe. And you really, really seem to like having my cock in your mouth. And I really like it too! Just jerk yourself off when you feel it.” I said. There was no ambiguity as to what “it” was.

He was still looking up at me with his eyes, barely moving. So I put my palm on the top of his head and it took no strength at all to hint that he should continue. I couldn’t help moaning when his tongue slid and hit a sensitive spot on my cock which was pulsing like mad. Greg was taking it slower now. Maybe he found it hard to suck dick and masturbate at the same time or maybe it was because he knew what was coming any moment.

I finally gave out when he was barely bobbing on my cock anymore, my ass cheeks clenched and pushed my hips forward almost convulsively deeper into his oral cavity then locked that way as my orgasm hit. Hit me or him harder, I wouldn’t take bets on that one! His neck tightened up when the first stream of semen splurted against the top of his mouth. The second, third and fourth blasts had him leaning away, so it didn’t just go right down his throat with the angle he’d been at. It’d be really great once he was able to take it all, so my balls could rest against his chin!

When I came down from my orgasm first only then did I notice that he’d had a fairly large one of his own. My floors were wooden, and he had dropped several loads right on ’em. Like, enough to know he’d probably never had an orgasm like that before. “Whew! Thanks, Greg. Doesn’t that feel better now?” I asked as I pulled out of his mouth.

I fetched him a paper towel, so he could clean up the mess he’d made on my floor, or like, the semen that was on his hands and lips. I really liked that look as he quickly cleaned up, cum still on his hands and part of his thighs, his straightness had taken a serious hit. The kind it never doesn’t quite ever recover from.

Suffice it to say, I wasn’t letting this one get away. Not a chance. After you spunk in a guy like Greg’s mouth, that’s just when things get fun! Ready for round two Greg?