Trucker 3I have decided to visit my friend in Canada.As I cross the border into Canada I give a holler to my trucker friend letting him know Iam a four hour drive from him .As I am nearing his home town my phone buzzes I have a message markedurgent ,I pull off the road to read my message it seems my trucker isin a bit of trouble and needs my help this time .I call asking what I can do he preceded to tell me he is stuck out at duck pond ,giggling I remember this is where we first met he tells me to stop giggling long enough so I can hear what he is telling me he needs from the shop,and what he wants from the cafe he then tells me notto forget the coffee.Pulling into town stopping to get the supplies then off to the cafe for some good eats and the coffee then off to duck pond which is a hour away.Pulling into duck pond I park along truckers big rig giving my horn a blowbecause I don’t see trucker about .Putting my truck in park grabbing the grub and the coffee hopping out of thetruck and strolling towards the pond just over the slight hill laying shirtless and a cap over his eyes is my trucker taking a nap..Quietly I walk up to him set down the grub and coffee .Standing over him straddling his body I am in a summer dress and ankara escort riding boots with a clear view of what is under my dress .Nudging him with my boot I get no response I nudge him again still nothingkneeling down to whisper in his ear he grabs me by the waist making me squeal as he rolls me onto my back as he follows grabbing my hands raisingthem above my head and holding them there with one hand as his other hand explores my breast through my dress.His lips exploring my neck ,my lips. parting my lips with his tongue as he probes my mouth sending shivers through out my body.He pulls away asking if I remembered everything looking at him I replywhat happens if I have forgotten anything he smiles wickedly you willbe punished.Smiling up up at him wickedly ,biting my lip as I am about to tell him I have forgotten the extra shirt he asked for he rips my dress from me in one swift easy movement gasping as my body responds with excitementwith what is about to unfold ,I have forgotten what in was going to tellhim .He cups my breast squeezing them pinching my nipples leans in sucking one then the other moving down my stomach kissing as he goes down one leg then up the other tearing my panties from me parting my legs ankara escort bayan with his knee kisses my inner thighs never touching my Pussy kissing all aroundthen back up my stomach my breast his warm breath on my nipples driving me crazy with need his body is now pressed into mine I feel the head of his cock pressing into me he moves his hips as he continues teasing my body with kisses reaching my lips he whispers would you like me to Fuck you now panting breathlessly looking up at him I whisper yes Fuck me now thrust your big beautiful cock into me deep and hard make me scream your name trucker .Smiling not yet as you continue teasing me I am now swelling and very wetwanting to feel his cock slide into my dripping Pussy I push my hips uphe pulls away not yet he whispers sliding down my body as he blows on each nipple biting and pulling moans escape my lips .Trucker Fuck me now please I am going to cum he continues to tease my body kissing and blowing as he moves down my stomach down between my thighs he spreads my Pussy lips blowing into my Pussy then spanking it then massaging it ,again he blows into my Pussy this time sliding his fingers in as he fucks me bringing me to a orgasm exploding around his fingers escort ankara he pulls them out slides them between his lips sucking his fingers looking at me he says I have forgotten How good you tasteleans in sliding his fingers into my mouth as he kisses me as we kisshe whispers now I will Fuck you until you scream .Sitting up grabbing my legs pulling me to him my bum lifting up off the ground his hands slide under me as he thrusts his cock into me deepand hard as he says you like my cock yes I love your cock he thrustsin again hard and deep what was that I didn’t hear you Yes….I loveyour cock Fuck me hard and fast trucker he thrusts again and againmy body shivers and shakes with every thrust one last deep hard thrustAbe pulls out rolls me over get on your hands and knees as he grabs my hips pulling me back as he thrusts in hard and deep you like that OhhhFuck Yesss trucker Yesss fuck me harder deeper spank my ass grab my hair and Fuck me ,I want my Pussy dripping with our cum Yesss…Screaming his name with every thrust pushing back meeting him thrust for thrust I scream trucker I am cumming I am going to explode my Pussy tightens around his cock pulling him in deeper holding him as I explode around his cock my Pussy pulsating he thrusts a couple more times grabbing my hips and pulling back as he slamsdeep into me exploding deep with in me he collapses on me as I collapse as we lay like this composing our selves he whispers Thank you for coming to my rescue.