Trip to LAI was out in Los Angeles on business and as I would dress up every nite and see if there was anyone who wanted to play a bit. On Friday around 5 pm I decided to go all out and I dressed in a corset with garters, panties, bra, stockings, red heels and a black lace cocktail dress. I finished it off with a blond curly wig and some rhinestone earrings. I had taken my time with my makeup so I looked pretty hot.I had some conversations with Tom during the week but they always ended up with just talk so I figured Friday’s conversation would be the same. I was chatting with a few guys as well and although several talked a good game none seemed interested in actually meeting. I had discussed several fantasies with Tom, bondage, being taken to a bar, going to an adult theater etc. but still it appeared to be all talk.Out of the blue Tom asked if he could come over. I told him I was dressed and ready to be his plaything for the evening. I gave him my hotel name and room number and he told me he’d be there in 30 minutes. I continued to chat with others figuring that there was only a 50/50 chance of Tom actually showing up. I was surprised when about 35 minutes later there was a knock a the door. I opened it and was surprised to find Tom, looking even better then his pictures!! He came in and we sat and chatted a bit over a glass of wine. Tom complemented me on my dress and heels and I could tell he was interested by the bulge in his pants. I figured it was time to make a move so I grabbed a bottle of poppers and took a huge sniff… head spun as they took effect and I felt so slutty, willing to do anything. I leaned towards Tom when he suddenly said “So, you ready to be my slut” “Oh yes sir, anything you want” I replied. “Good, then lets go”. He helped me up from the couch and handed me my purse as he guided me towards the door. “Where are we going?” I asked. “You’ll see” was all he replied. We headed out and down the hall towards the elevator. I was nervous that we were about to walk fethiye escort through the public part of the hotel but as I passed a mirror near the elevator I relaxed a bit as I realized we looked like a couple headed out. We walked through the lobby and out to the street. We reached his car and he opened the door for me. As we drove off I wondered if we were headed to a bar, or maybe dinner. We exchanged small talk but I resisted asking where we were going. We ended up in the Hollywood area and circled a block a couple of times as he looked for a parking spot. Finally we found one and he ran around to open my door for me. We walked a couple of blocks, there were restaurants and clubs along the way. I was so excited to be out in public walking with this hot guy. I still didn’t know where we were headed.Suddenly we stopped and turned into a theater. I caught the name on the sign “STUDS”. I had not heard of it before but it seemed busy. There were several guys standing around inside. Tom stopped and fed some bills into a machine on the wall, apparently this was how you paid admission $18 it said and after feeding it a twenty it spit out a ticket and two $1 coins. The guy that took the tickets to enter also swapped the coins for dollar bills… strange.When we got inside we walked into a room with tranny porn on the screen and a bunch of couches and big chairs. I could see that there was a “regular” type theater further down showing another porn flick and another room to our left showing what appeared to be gay or bi porn. There were a bunch of guys sitting on the couches and sofas and some standing. Most were stroking their cocks. I could see at least one tranny going down on a guy. Tom led me down to a big overstuffed chair near the front and he sat down and proceeded to take his cock out. It was clear what he wanted! I knelt down in front of him, took my poppers from my purse, took a big sniff then started sucking him. It was so hot doing that with others watching. Tom started pushing escort fethiye my head down and thrusting deep… he was fucking my face! Out of the corner of my eye I saw another tranny come and sit on the arm of the chair and Tom and her started making out. I continued to suck as Tom pushed my head down. All of a sudden I felt someone lift up my dress and start playing with my ass. Soon I felt a tongue probing it and teasing me. I sucked harder…. I thought Tom was getting ready to cum but he suddenly stopped and pushed me away as I was replaced by the other tranny he had been making out with who climbed on top and started riding his cock. I was not sure what to do… my ass teaser had gone elsewhere… I took several huge sniffs of poppers and watched Tom and his new partner really go at it. Suddenly I was pulled to the next chair over where a big black guy pushed my head down on his cock, it was huge… so thick I could barely get it in my mouth… I took as much as I could but was gagging… he didn’t care and kept pushing me down more. I glanced over to see Tom smiling at me… I felt so slutty. After fucking my face for about 10 minutes the black guy stopped, pushed me off and left. Tom and friend were still going at it so I went to the ladies room.When I returned Tom was still with the other tranny so I decided to look around. I went in the big theater room and saw that it had regular theater seats. In the two back corners were areas about 12 foot square with a lattice wall towards the movie screen. There were a couple of guys in the one on the right but I noticed about 40-50 guys packing the other one. I went closer to see what was going on but couldn’t really see. I thought that maybe they were watching something going on so I got to the edge of the group and stood on tiptoes to see over. I started to get pushed, first by one guy then two then a bunch of hands pushing me along. I got pushed right to the corner and then pushed down… there was a small bench against the wall. Cocks starting fethiye escort bayan to come at me from everywhere. I sucked one, then another, then more and more. I had to swallow the loads! After what seemed like forever the group seemed to thin out and I was able to get up and move along the wall. I ended up in the opposite corner with lattice which was made of the lattice. I stopped and took a big sniff of poppers again and was immediately pushed into the corner by a guy who felt me up as he lifted up my dress… soon he was sucking and teasing my nipples and I was moaning and begging to suck him but he wouldn’t stop! It felt so good…. He turned me around and continued to tease me from behind. I pushed my ass against him and he pushed my head down. I bent over in the corner and grabbed the lattice through the holes. Looking up I could see guys watching use through the lattice as my teaser pulled down my panties. Hands grabbed my arms through the lattice and I suddenly realized what was about to happen. I struggles but could not get free. I bent my head and was a bit relieved to see the guy putting on a condom but that was short lived as I realized there were others behind him watching and stroking their cocks. I twisted and pulled and begged him not to but to no avail… I felt his cock press against me and with one big thrust it was inside. The guys holding my arms were taking a great interest in the show calling me names… “Take it slut” and “Fuck her”, I tried to pull free but had no leverage. Someone came up beside me and I was expecting to have to suck their cock but he put a bottle of poppers under my nose and made me sniff. I relaxed and started to thrust back… “She love it!! Keep her poppered up” I heard from beside me. The cock deep inside swelled and thrust harder…. I felt him cum… it felt so good. He slid out and I relaxed hoping to be released but as you can guess that wasn’t going to happen. Five more cocks filled me before I was let go. I slowly staggered out and back to the first theater area. Tom was sitting alone watching the movie. He looked at me with a smile and jumped up. I was a bit dazed as we headed for the door. I see you enjoyed yourself he said. I could not stop smiling as he took me home.