TRICKY AUNT VICKITricky Aunt Vickibyastralmote©Hi. My name is Kevin and I just turned 18 in June. School’s out and I’m free for the summer. I live in a small town in Iowa and my mom and dad run a restaurant. I usually help out in the summer, but since I’m planning on going to college in the fall, mom and dad felt I should have a break. That’s good, but there’s nothing to do in a small town. Just when I thought I’d be spending my summer playing video games, my mom suggested I visit her sister, my Aunt Vicki.Aunt Vicki is a widow and lives in California, near the beach. I thought wow, what a great idea. So my mom called Aunt Vicki and they talked about me going out to visit her for a couple of weeks. She said great, come on out and I was looking forward to a great summer vacation, at the beach, meeting new people.Now I don’t really know my Aunt Vicki well. She’s ten years older than my mom and got married young and moved to California a long time ago. Because my parents were constantly working at the restaurant, we didn’t travel to visit relatives much and had not seen Aunt Vicki since her husband died 8 years ago. What I did know was that she was 50 and lived near the beach.Next thing I know, my plane has landed and I’m looking for Aunt Vicki at the airport. I’m looking and looking when someone grabs me from behind and gives me a big hug. It’s Aunt Vicki but I hadn’t recognized her. She used to be a little heavy and wore grandma type clothes but the Aunt Vicki who was hugging me looked to be in great shape and was wearing a nice skirt and sleeveless blouse and a sun hat. She was actually pretty. For a second I thought “wow”. Then I realized she was my aunt. She said she almost didn’t recognize me because I had grown and wasn’t the skinny runt she remembered. That’s because I am now five feet ten inches tall and weigh 165 pounds. We laughed and she said “let’s get your stuff to the car” as we walked out.So, as we drive, she tells me that after her husband Frank died, she was devastated. He had left her enough money so she was comfortable and didn’t have to work, but she felt so alone. It took a few years for her to start living again. She started helping out at a local school and developed nice friendships with a group of ladies. Oh, I almost forgot to say that Aunt Vicki was five feet 5 and while she had a few extra pounds on her, she looked great. Her breasts weren’t too large, I’d guess about a “B” cup, same as my mom. Legs were tanned and soft looking.We got to her house, a nice 3 bedroom, and pulled into the garage. I grabbed my bag and followed her into the house. She gave me a quick tour. Nice comfortable living room and a television room with a large sofa and chairs, big back yard with a pool, then showed me the bedrooms, her nice large master bedroom, the other bedroom that she used as an office, and the third bedroom, which was to be my room. It was getting late and I was a little jet lagged. She asked if I was hungry, I said no, and she suggested I rest. I laid myself on the bed and almost immediately fell asleep.I woke up the next morning when Aunt Vicki knocked on my bedroom door. She said I must have been tired since I slept in my clothes. Breakfast was ready and she told me to get washed up klasbahis güvenilirmi and come down. After breakfast she asked what I wanted to do and I said “go to the beach”. So we packed up a cooler and beach towels and drove to the beach. It was a perfect day. Hot. Sunny. Lots of sand and lots of girls. I met a few other k**s and we played volleyball. Before I knew it was late afternoon and the sun was setting. I helped Aunt Vicki pack up our stuff and we drove home. I was tired and happy after playing at the beach all day.We got back to Aunt Vicki’s and when we opened the door, it was really hot in the house. She fussed with the air conditioning but it wouldn’t work. Well, she said she would call a repairman in the morning but it was too late today. We would just have to put up with the heat. She suggested I get cleaned up and she would do the same and make us dinner. The cool shower felt great on my tired body.When I walked into the kitchen, I found that Aunt Vicki had already taken her shower and was making spaghetti. She was wearing shorts and a nice tee shirt that hid her nice shape. We talked while she made dinner and I told her how my mom and dad worked so hard and had a good business and how I wanted to move away from Iowa but didn’t want to hurt their feelings. She said that I had grown into a nice man and should do what I felt was right.The house was hot, hot, hot. And there was no breeze. The kitchen seemed extra hot. Aunt Vicki turned to me and shocked me by saying it was too hot to wear clothes. She said since we had been in our bathing suits all day that she hoped I wouldn’t mind if she walked around in her underwear. I said I wouldn’t mind and she pulled her tee shirt off and her shorts down and dropped her clothes onto a chair. Wow. She had on the cutest white bra and silky white panties. I saw that her panties were sheer enough that you could see her brown pubic hair. It was hard not to stare at her breasts and her pubic mound. I was a little shy but she said she would be more comfortable if I were in my underwear too, so I pulled off my tee shirt and shorts. I was a little embarrassed because I was wearing loose blue briefs and you could see the outline of my cock but I pretended to relax.I had to force myself not to stare at Aunt Vicki’s cute cute breasts and pubic mound but whenever I thought she wasn’t looking I stole a quick look. Thinking about Aunt Vicki in her underwear sent a little tingle up my cock.We sat down for dinner and Aunt Vicki poured me a glass of wine. She said only this one glass and to please not tell my mom. I was tired and the wine made me relaxed. After I finished my glass of wine, I got up to go to the bathroom. I had just left the room when I decided to ask Aunt Vicki a question. Aunt Vicki had her back to me and did not see me quickly turn around. I saw her reach across the table and pour some white powder into my wine glass. Then she poured some wine into it and stirred it with her finger. What was she doing? I quietly backed away and went to the bathroom. After a minute, I came out and made sure I made enough noise that she knew I was coming back into the room. I sat down and she had a strange smile on her face. She said that klasbahis yeni giriş we had had such a great day that she thought I deserved a second glass of wine. But, I was not to tell my mom. I had heard of roofies that guys would put into girls drinks to knock them out and have sex with them but I had no idea what my Aunt was up to. I decided to play along and pretended to sip the wine. Aunt Vicki poured herself more wine.Then she excused herself and said she had to go to the bathroom. I waited while she got up and walked out of the room, and when I was sure she was gone, I took my glass and walked to the sink and poured it out. I quickly walked back to the table and poured some new wine into my glass so Aunt Vicki wouldn’t know what I had done. After a minute she came back to the table and we talked somemore and I made sure she saw me drink my wine.After a few minutes, I yawned and said I was feeling sleepy. Aunt Vicki suggested we go into the TV room and relax. She refilled her wine glass and I followed her into the TV room. She told me to go ahead and make myself comfortable on the sofa while she turned on the TV. I sat down on the sofa and couldn’t help but notice her cute panty covered ass when she bent over the TV. I was getting a little excited and had to remind myself that I had to pretend to be very tired and sleepy.Aunt Vicki found a movie channel and came to sit down next to me on the sofa. She said I would probably be more comfortable if I stretched out and rested my legs on her lap. I pretended to be really sleepy and said okay. There was a little light in the room but it was mostly pretty dark. I lay there with my legs on top of Aunt Vicki’s lap with my head turned towards the TV and closed my eyes so they were barely open. I could see but it looked like I was asleep. I lay there thinking about Aunt Vicki’s cute breasts covered by that little bra and her silky panties under my legs. I had to try to keep my cock relaxed so it wouldn’t look like I was awake.After a few minutes, I heard Aunt Vicki ask me if I was comfortable. I pretended to be asleep. Then I felt her hand on my stomach, stroking me gently. Then she was softly rubbing my chest. I was getting excited at her touch and it was getting harder to relax and pretend I was asleep. She said “Kevin, do you want anything to drink”? I kept still. She started to get up and moved my legs out of the way. I stayed completely relaxed so she thought I was asleep. She got up and commented “it’s too damn hot” and as I peeped from mostly closed eyelids, I saw Aunt Vicki take off her bra and pull down her panties. Wow. How was I going to keep my cock from getting stiff.Then Aunt Vicki reached down and I felt her hands touch my waist as she slid her fingers under the waistband of my underwear. I heard her saying “he’ll be more comfortable if I take off his underpants” as she pulled my underwear down. Because I was pretending to be asleep, she had a little struggle getting it down underneath my butt but she kept pulling gently and in seconds, my underpants were sliding down past my knees and finally completely off. Damn. I was excited but had to keep my cock soft so she wouldn’t know I was awake.Through slitted eyelids, klasbahis giriş I could see Aunt Vicki leaning over me as her hands stroked my chest, my stomach and down my thighs. She moved slowly and gently. I felt her hands moving up the insides of my thighs and almost made a sigh when I felt her hands stop on my balls. She softly fondled my balls, then slid her hands onto my cock. I felt my cock getting hard and heard Aunt Vicki say “he’s getting a hardon in his sleep”. Good, she thought I was having a sexy dream. She started to stroke my cock, slowly, slowly. All of a sudden, I felt something wet and soft over the tip of my cock. I carefully peeked and saw Aunt Vicki sucking my cock. Ohhhhhhh. It felt so good. Her mouth slid up and down the top of my cock and I could feel her sucking the tip. I tried hard to relax so I wouldn’t come but I could feel the orgasm building. If she kept sucking I was going to shoot my come into her mouth in a few seconds.Then she stopped. My breathing was a little fast because I was excited but I could relax for a second since her soft wet mouth wasn’t sucking my cock tip. I couldn’t think. I was so excited. My Aunt thought I was asleep and she was naked and sucking my cock. Wow. After a few seconds, I peeked carefully and saw her start to climb over me. She put her left knee next to my hip and lifted her right knee over me to straddle me. I tried to relax my breathing. I felt her hand gently grasp my cock and suddenly, I felt her soft wet cunt touch the tip of my cock. My breathing almost stopped. Aunt Vicki started to lower herself over me, sliding my cock farther and farther into her wet cunt. I could feel my cock going deep inside her. Suddenly she stopped and raised herself up off my cock. I could feel her cunt lips sliding against my cock shaft. Then with just the tip of my cock inside her, she stopped and slowly lowered herself down again. Ohhhhhhhh….. The soft wet cunt lips were sliding down my cock shaft. She was pushing me deeper and deeper into her cunt. This time she lowered herself until she couldn’t go any further, all of her weight pressing her pussy against the base of my cock shaft. She pressed her cunt down on me for a few seconds, then she stopped and with my cock buried deep inside her, she didn’t move. I could feel her weight on my pubic bone, feel the cunt lips squeezing against my cock shaft. Then she slowly began to lift upward, sliding her cunt lips over my cock. Without hesitating, she slid her cunt down my cock, then up, then down. I couldn’t believe the pleasure my Aunt was giving me. And she thought she was fucking me in my sleep.Aunt Vicki’s breathing was very loud and fast. I could hear her moaning. Then, she started moaning in time to short gasps and I felt her cunt spasm. Her wet cunt was squeezing my cock as she had her orgasm. She moaned and moaned and pressed her cunt hard against the base of my cock shaft while her cunt squeezed my cock and squeezed my cock and squeezed my cock. It was all I could take. As her cunt lips squeezed my cock, my orgasm exploded and I shot loads of my come into her cunt. My orgasm seemed to last forever. I don’t remember if I cried out or moaned. Never mind…She thought I was asleep. When I finally stopped, I was so exhausted that I passed out. I don’t remember Aunt Vicki cleaning me up and putting my underwear back on. I don’t remember her covering me with a blanket. All I remember is waking up in the morning with a big smile on my face and thinking about what Aunt Vicki had planned for me tonight.