Tricia’s fantasy cums true…Tricia and I initially “met” on an adult sex photo and video sharing website. After exchanging some fun erotic emails, photo’s and chat for a few weeks, we decided to meet in person and find out if we felt chemistry between us to explore some more intimate meetings together. We had a great time together, and it didn’t take long for us to feel the sexual tension and smoldering lust for each other, like reuniting with a past lover that you couldn’t forget. We both just wanted to enjoy sharing uninhibited no-strings-attached sex, or a “friends with benefits” type of relationship together, and since we lived about a 2 hour drive apart, we would meet at a hotel or motel only about 2 or 3 times a month for a night or weekend of orgasmic fun.It was exciting for both of us to indulge ourselves with uninhibited erotic fun together, and we enjoyed talking about sex, shopping at adult toy and video stores together, wathing porn, playing with toys and sharing and playing out each others sexual fantasies. Tricia liked to expose her more slutty desires with me, and she really got off on talking dirty, living out her porn star fantasies and inspiring me to use her like a slut. She was also bi-sexual, and she had told me that she has a girlfriend (Angie), but she also mentioned that sometimes she just needs a man’s touch (and hard cock) to fulfill all her needs. So, I was just happy to be the man with the cock to help fulfill her needs at the time. We had been having fun togther for about 2 or 3 months, and the past few times that we met Tricia had mentioned that she fantasized about including her girlfriend Angie with us sometime to enjoy a threesome. Of course, I couldn’t resist the thought of playing with Tricia and another woman, and let her know that I’d be ready anytime that Angie was to help with her fantasy. The next few times that we got together, Tricia teased me by telling me the explicit details of how she and Angie played together while she rubbed her pussy against me and massaged my hard cock until we couldn’t resist our horny urge to fuck. The intensity of our lust that she aroused led to incredible wild sex and explosive, body shuddering orgasms.When we met again a few weeks later, Tricia was already waiting for me in the hotel room. As soon as I walked into the room she excitedly met me at the door while wearing only a bathrobe, letting it unravel and fall to the floor during our passionate kiss. As we broke our kiss, I could tell by the look in her eyes that it was going to be an especially fun night, and the thought occurred to me that maybe Angie would finally be joining us. Tricia gave me mischievious grin as she pulled me towards the bed, as she purred,”I have something I want you to see!”, and I teased, “Should I be naked for this?” She laughed, “It’s always more fun that way!”Tricia and I teased and kissed as she enhusiastically helped me strip off my clothes. My mind was reeling and my cock was swelling with my horny feelings for Tricia intermixed with thoughts of the possiblity that Angie might join us tonight. As my pants dropped to the floor, Tricia slowly slid herself down my legs and looked up at me as she grabbed the waistband of my boxers, kissing the bulge of my cock before slowly pulling my boxers down until my hardening shaft sprung free and brushed against her face. With a seductive smile, she wrapped her hand around my cock, then slowly massaged my satin smooth hardness against her cheeks, and rubbed my swollen tip over her lips. Looking into her eyes and feeling my cock against her lips and face, I moaned, “Mmmmm, babe if this what you wanted me to see, I love it!” Tricia giggled, then held my cock up as she slowly licked up the full length of my shaft, then swirled her tongue around my cock-head before she exclaimed, “This is just to get you in the mood!” She suddenly released my cock, and jumped up to flop onto the bed as she laughed then motioned to me, “Come on, I need you right here for this” I slid onto the bed next to her and she arranged the pillows behind us to recline back, then used the remote to turn on the DVD player and flat screen. We had enjoyed watching porn together in the past, and I just figured that Tricia had found a video that she must really anadolu yakası escort like a lot, and the thought of Angie being with us evaporated. Tricia pressed the heat of her silky smooth body against me as we kissed and nestled together to watch the video. She casually eased her leg over my thigh as she pointed the remote at the DVD player to start the video, and I couldn’t help noticing the steamy wetness of her pussy against my thigh. The video started with a hot threesome scene where one woman was playing with herself while watching her friend being fucked by a guy and she was also occasionally directing the the sexual action between the two. Of course, with the threesome scene I thought about Tricia’s fantasy with Angie, and murmured to her, “I can see why you like this one.” She smiled up at me, and purred, “It gets really hot…you’re gonna’ like it too!” As we were watching the scene, Tricia was slowly rubbing her steamy pussy against my thigh while she softly massaged and teased her fingers along my cock and fondled my balls. As the porn action intensified with various positions, Tricia was grinding her slippery pussy and aching clit more urgently against me as she softly moaned and murmured about how hot the scene was. I had my arm wrapped around her and was teasing her nipple between my fingertips as she caressed and stroked the length of my shaft, making it pulse in her hand. Tricia pressed her body tighter against mine, squeezing her hand around my stiff cock as she slowly mashed her hot pussy over my thigh, then pressed her lips against my ear as she purred, “You like this baby? …You wanna’ fuck me like that while my girl Angie watches us?!” My cock throbbed and twitched in her hand with excitement at the thought, and I couldn’t resist groaning out, “Oh fuck yeah, you know that would be amazing!” Tricia giggled at my response, then whispered, “After this, I want you to fuck me good like that!”, as she kissed along my neck, then turned her attention back to the porn video and her slow, swirling hand motion as she stroked my hard cock. As the porn scene seemed to be nearing the climax, Tricia was using just her thumb and forefinger to tease and massage around my shaft, making my cum filled balls swell and my pre-cum flow from my tip as she edged me closer to ecstacy while she was grinding her pussy and clit against me. Suddenly, the porn scene faded out and a new scene faded in. Just as I was starting to wonder about the DVD recording quality I realized that the new scene was of Tricia naked on a bed, smiling and waving at the camera and then a naked woman jumped onto the bed next to her as they both laughed and waved into the camera, and the other woman exclaimed, “Hi Mike, I’m Angie and I hope you like what you see and have fun watching this!” Tricia giggled as she squeezed her hand around my stiff shaft and kissed over my chest, then whispered, “I really think you’re gonna’ like this part!” My pulse quickened and I could only mutter, “I already love it!” As I watched Tricia and Angie play together, Tricia was mesmerized by watching herself, and her legs were now tightly scissored around my thigh as she was rhythmically gyrating her swollen wet pussy and aching clit against me while gripping onto my rigid cock. I was also entranced with the action and enjoying the sensations of Tricia grinding against me while feeling her soft hand stroking my dick as I watched her and Angie play with vibrators, dildos and passionately kiss, lick, spank and finger-fuck each other. I could see that Tricia was more sexually aggressive with Angie, and Tricia was most often guiding and directing their action, and using Angie the way she enjoyed me to use her. Tricia was as fixated on the video of her and Angie as I was, and occasionally commented on Angie, calling her a “good girl” or “good slut” and “my little bitch”, and giving her erotic play-by-play of the action. In the video Tricia pushed Angie onto her back and spread open her legs, then Tricia mounted Angie scissor style with their wet pussies mashed together, and she grabbed onto Angie’s leg for leverage as she started riding and grinding her pussy and clit against Angies’. As we watched, Tricia clamped ataşehir escort her legs tighter against me and moaned, “Ohhh god, I fuckin’ love tribbing that pussy!” then she let go of my pulsing cock and wrapped her arms around me, squeezing into me as she started wildly gyrating and humping her pussy against my thigh like she was doing to Angie in the video. Suddenly, Tricia clamped her legs around my thigh and shuddered against me, throwing her head back as she groaned out loud and rode the waves of her orgasm pulsing through her body and gushing her hot pussy juices over my thigh. The erotic intensity of watching Tricia and Angie in the video and the sensations of Tricia grinding against me until she came made my hard cock throb and ache so good that I couldn’t resist my horny urge to jack-off while Tricia recovered. My cock was straining against Tricia’s leg as I started to stroke my shaft, and Tricia reached her hand out from her orgasmic fog and stopped me as she looked up into my eyes and whispered, “Let me take care of that for you”.Tricia unwrapped herself from me, and slid down between my legs to my twitching hard shaft, and looked into my eyes with a wicked grin. She wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and cupped my cum-filled balls as she teased the tip of her tongue around my cock-head, making more of my pre-cum flow from the tip. As I was anticipating Tricia’s oral magic to help relieve my horny ache to cum, Tricia grinned then giggled and blurted out, “You can come out now Angie…I have something for you!”I was stunned as I watched the double french doors of the closet on my side of the bed suddenly opened and Angie stepped out naked, her face flushed and nipples hard as she was still rubbing her glistening wet, swollen red pussy from she watched us. She flashed a smile at me with a quick “Hi!”, then moaned out, “Oh my god Trish, that was so fuckin’ hot, I almost couldn’t wait!” As Angie stepped close to the edge of the bed, our eyes met and she giggled at my amazement, then her eyes drifted to my swollen and reddened hard shaft, still pulsing in Tricia’s grip, then asked, “Mmmm, is that for me?!” Tricia let go of my cock as she popped up to her knees and grabbed a handfull of Angies hair, pulling her to meet her lips in a passionate kiss, then she hissed, “Only if your a good girl…now get down on your knees!” Angie sunk to her knees next to the bed, and Tricia pressed her lips against my ear and purred, “Please baby, show her how you fuck me…show her how good I can make you cum!” My shaft was straining with anticipation as I looked down into Angie’s eyes, and she tilted her head with a naughty girl grin and slid one hand down to massage over her steamy pussy and squeezed her nipple with the other as she softly pleaded, “Please show me.” Tricia flipped herself around on her knees, and with her feet over the edge of the bed next to Angie she bent down and raised her ass up as she offered her wet pussy to me, then she looked back at Angie and teased, “You wanna’ see his cock in me baby?!” I grabbed onto Tricia’s hips and started to push my stiff shaft into her slippery pussy then looked down at Angie as she leaned back, spreading her knees apart and strumming her fingers over her clit and pussy, she squealed, “Oh, fuck yeah!”With each thrust of my cock into Tricia’s hot pussy she coaxed me to fuck her harder and faster. My hips were rhythically pounding against her ass and my weight pushed Tricia’s face into the bed as my swollen balls slapped against her pussy lips. I felt on the edge of losing control as I couldn’t resist my horny urge to pump my cock into Tricia and feeling her fingers massaging over clit and teasing my shaft and balls enflamed my passion, making my cock throb and ache inside her. Suddenly, I felt Angie wrap her hands around my thighs, slowing my thrusts into Tricia as she eagerly pulled my asshole against her tongue, then rapidly licking and flicking her tongue against my rim. The sensation of Angie’s tongue teasing my asshole while I stroked my cock into Tricia made the intense ache of my impending orgasm surge through me, and I grunted, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna’ cum!” Tricia immediately lunged forward, letting my pulsing cock ümraniye escort slip out of her pussy and then spun around with a wild look in her eyes as she grabbed my aching shaft and squeezed around the base to hold back my cum as she hissed, “Cum on Angie!” My mind was reeling with lust as Angie stopped rimming me and turned around to lean back against the bed next to me with her face up and mouth open just like she was porn star ready for her cum shot scene. I barely managed to turn towards her when Tricia started rapidly stroking my cock over Angie, and the erotic sight of her looking up at me like that while feeling Tricia’s expert hand jacking me off pushed me over the edge of orgasm. My legs shivered and my vision faded as the white heat of orgasm shot through my body, making me groan out load as I my pulsing cock pumped fountains of hot cum over Angie. Tricia milked my shaft and coached me with each spurt as she purred, “Ohhh, fuck yeah! …That’s it lover, give my little slut your cum! …Let me drain those balls on her!” As my focus returned to Angie, she had a wide grin on her cum covered face as she was rapidly finger fucking herself and massaging my hot cream over her tits. With my cock still in her hand, Tricia teased and slapped my swollen tip against Angie’s face and murmered, “Yeah baby, you’re such a good girl! …Make yourself cum now, show us how you do it! …You’re such a hot little slut with all that cum on you!”We watched as Angie’s masturbation became more frenzied, and she slid down to lay on the floor in front of us while she rubbed her clit and finger fucked herself. I was still standing over her, my legs leaning against the bed to steady myself with Tricia kneeling on the bed next to me and one arm wrapped around my back. Watching Angie writhing in ecstacy as she played with herself inspired my cock to harden again and I noticed that Tricia was rubbing the palm of her other hand over her clit and sliding her finger into her pussy. I couldn’t resist joining in the horny fun as I started massaging my cock to the erotic masturbation show Angie was giving to us.Tricia and I occasionally looked into each others eyes while we watched Angie and masturbated together, and the lust in her eyes aroused my need to fuck her again. I leaned down to kiss her and then whispered, “I want my cock inside you…cowgirl style!” Tricia giggled and then moaned out, “Ohh, fuck yeah baby, let’s do it!” I sat down and Tricia quickly mounted my hard cock as we faced Angie to watch her play and cum while we fucked. As Tricia rode my stiff shaft, Angie became aware of us fucking and she turned her head towards us, watching us while we watched her. Angie suddenly tensed up, her hips rising up off the floor and her body shuddering as she squealed and writhed in orgasm.Seeing Angie cum inspired Tricia to ride my cock faster and harder as she strummed her clit. The sensation of Tricia’s pussy squeezing and massaging my shaft made my balls swell with cum as the familiar pulsing ache started to rise within my cock again.I could sense that Tricia was edging close to orgasm, as was I, when I felt Angie move between our legs and Tricia moaned out, “Oh, fuck yeah, you dirty little slut! …Come on, lick us! …Make us cum!” Angie cupped my balls and pressed her tongue against the underside of my shaft to meet Tricia’s pussy and clit on her down-strokes, then rapidly licked and flicked her tongue along my shaft and her pussy. Suddenly, Tricia slammed herself down on my cock, clasping her legs against mine as she grabbed Angie by the hair and pulled her face against her wet pussy and aching clit, moaning in ecstacy as she was grinding against Angie’s lips and tongue while squeezing my shaft inside her. I felt Tricia’s hot juices gush over my cock and balls, and couldn’t resist my horny urge to cum also. I bucked my hips up, grabbing onto Tricia’s hips and thrusting my shaft deeper into Tricia as the first surge of my orgasm seared through me, then shuddering as hot streams of my cream erupted into her. As I settled my hips down again, Tricia raised her sopping wet pussy off my cock and I immediately felt Angie nuzzling and licking my slippery shaft and Tricia’s pussy. Tricia combed her fingers through Angie’s hair, purring, “That’s it baby…clean us up good…you’re such a good girl.” Angie sucked our juices from my softening cock before Tricia guided her up to kiss and lick my cum and her juices from Angies face and tits, then Tricia thanked us both for helping to make her fantasy cum true before we all collapsed together on the bed.