Training the neighbor’s husbandI’ve been retired from pro football two years now. I have a sports job at the local station and the national networks are interested in me; life is pretty good.I settled in a gated community with medium to large sized homes, a pool in every backyard, and large yards.I have most of the day off; I go in to work in the afternoon and review the evening’s stories.The family on one side of me is surprisingly fairly young; I make her out to be about 25 and him about 28. I found out he’s a software professional and has his own successful business. Paige (wife), is about 5’6”, 120 lbs., dirty blond hair and has stayed in great shape. I notice her heading to her pool every once in a while, about 10:30 each morning. Lately I’ve been making a point of being by our adjoining property line each morning so I could watch her settle in by her pool.The last few mornings she’s been waving at me and we even started talking across the hedge.I was a little excited when she invited me over one Thursday for some lemonade.As I followed her inside, she hadn’t bothered to cover up. She still had on her swim suit, although it was a real stylish suit. Her body underneath though .”is killer.“I’m Paige” she said“Derek”“Do you want something a little stronger?” as she handed me the lemonade.“No, this will do. I need to keep my senses straight for this evening’s broadcast.“It must be almost overwhelming, being as famous as you”I blushed a little. “I’m certainly not famous”“I’m going to add a little tequila in mine if you don’t mind”“Go right ahead”We chatted for some time and Paige had about three drinks. She was obviously under the influence.“So Derek, as she looked into my eyes. You must have plenty of female friends”: I do okay”“My husband doesn’t even look at me, he’s too into his business” and she lowered her strap. I could see almost her entire tit.“well running a business takes a lot of effort”I looked at Paige and she continued to look straight at me sh she undid her top. Her beautiful tits spilled out. They are medium sized and perfect shaped. She has pink aureoles and perfect nipples.My eyes must have bugged outPaige came over and sat in my lap. I was growing immediately“Do you like these?” as she cupped her magnificent breasts.“Wow, türbanlı ığdır escort yes, those are spectacular”She leaned forward and planted her left breast in my mouthI sucked as much of her tit into my mouth as possible. I then gripped her nipple in my teeth. I cupped her other breast as Paige groaned.Paige stood up and we headed to her bedroom. I watched her from behind. As she approached her bed she stopped and slid off her bottoms. What a beautiful behind, slim and muscular.She climbed onto the bed and rolled over. I was a little surprised to see she didn’t shave. Her body is incredible.Come here” she saidI worked my way up her legs with my tongue, pausing at times to admire her body. She loved that. I could see her getting moistThen I slid up next to her and guided her mouth to my member. She tried to take the full length in. She almost choked. I held the back of her head and forced her to take most of it in. I pumped her mouth and came quickly. Gobs of come drooled out, I kept her mouth on my member until she swallowed.I pulled out and let go of her.“Wow, she said, that is big.”I watched as she headed to her bathroom. I could hear her rinsing her mouth.As sh came back I admired her beauty again. She is really stunning. Flat, muscular stomach, tigh muscular ass, long hair, great smile. Her husband was missing out“Let me see” I said as she returned“I’m a little shy for that”“No, stop right there and turn around for me.”Paige slowly turned around and let me see her beauty from all angles. I started playing with my meat.She came back to bed and slid next to me. I slid one leg up and gazed at her pussy“wow, she said, no one has ever just looked me over like that”“Well, you’re beautiful, they should. You should pose.”“You mean naked?”\“Yes, you are stunning.”I rubbed her mound and lips. She liked that. Then I gave them a little slap.“Hey easy” she grinnedI rolled her over and gave her tight little bottom a couple of spanks. She faked resistanceThen I slid in her sweet pussy. She let me slide the full length in at once. She was tight and moistPaige started pushing back, slowly. I looked at her prettly little body and she moved for me, taking in the full lengthI pulled her hair türbanlı ığdır escort bayan back, almost hurting her. She started groaning and heaving. I could feel her pussy clamping down on my engorged dick. As she screamed and bucked I emptied another load in her, this time filling her sweet pussy.“Oh my ####” she panted.We both recouped until I realized I needed to get ready for work“I have to leave”“Yeah, I have to recover” she smiled.I made my way back to my place through the back yards so the neighbors wouldn’t notice.I was almost horrified the following Saturday when the door bell rang. I opened the dor and the was Paige, her arms folded and her husband on my front patio.“Derek, I’m Rob, I live next door. I guess you’ve met Paige.”I got ready for a confrontation“No, relax man, I’m not here to kill you.”“The truth is Derek…………………”Paige finally butted in; “You need to teach him what you do.”“Huh”“yes, Paige told me about Thursday. Can you teach me what you do”“Uh, what do you mean?”“I mean can you do that to Paige again while I watch and give me pointers?”I was flabbergasted and not sure what to do.“Oh come on Derek, where’s your bedroom?”We all headed upstairs to my master bedroom“Derek, I love my wife and I’m not mad about what happened. I want to take care of her also.”“Well, the first thing; you need to take an afternoon off once in a while and have some fun with her”“That sounds okay” Rob said“Let’s get started” Paige said“Okay, but both of you are going to need to step up your game.”“First thing, mood music”I turned on the stereo.. “And make it exciting.”I opened the shades, making our bodies visible to the outside.“ A little porn adds to the excitement” I slid in a three way dvd.AS Rob stared at the tv I looked over at Paige“Paige, here’s your part; give me a dance.” Do yo have a pole in your house?”“Uh no”“Get one”. Now start that dancePaige started her best impression of a stripper“Keep going”She slid off her blouse, then her shorts. She was in her bra and panties“Paige, you need some sexy underwear” “Work it”“Rob; during the week Paige is your sweet little housewife. Friday and Saturday nights she is you filthy bitch. You talk to her and treat her like a Vegas whore.”As türbanlı escort ığdır Paige began to slide off her panties.“Paige, you need to wax that pussy and get a tiny swim suit. Tan topless. Make Rob want to come home and take you. Paige slid off her bra and shook her tits“Nice” I said“Now………..come here”I slid off my clothes and sat on the edge of my bed\I held my member out for herPaige went to her knees and moved in between my legs“Suck it” I said\Rob was almost horrifiedPaige went down on me like a k** at a sweet shop“That’s right; take it all in.”Paige was taking full strokes with her mouth as Rob watched. I exploded in her mouth.“Make sure she finishes.” I held her mouth around my shaft until she had swallowed. This was an incredible thrill having Rob watch me with his awesome wifePaige went to the bathroom and came back“Lay down so you can see the tv”She lay down and I moved in between her legs.“Rob, right now she’s watching those two girls take care of that guy. She’s curious about having another person in your bedroom. Maybe the young girls sucking on her nipples, or one dick in her mouth and one in her ass.”Rob was horrified again with my languageI slid one finger in her pussy and one in her ass, slowly“Paige, do yo want to bring home another guy or girl?”She just grinned as I slid my fingers inI pulled her up on all fours and then spanked her pussy. She squirmed, a little pain“Here we go” and I started licking her lips. I paused on her clit,“Rob, alternate between being gentle with her inner parts and some pain on her moundI spanked her mound again until she pulled awayI then slid my dick in. Paige moaned“Rob, if you can’t last long then masturbate before you do it.”I looked over at Rob who was watching me do his incredible wife. I didn’t last long either but Paige must have been as thrilled as me because we came together. I collapsed on top of her and she pushed me off. I lay there with my dick slowly returning to normal, Rob watched“You guys need to spice things up.” I said. Paige, get those tiny swim suits, tan topless. You guys need to hire an escort or go to Vegas once in a while, get a third person in your bedroom.Paige was all smiles“And wax your pussy.”” Rob saidRob might have thought that was all of me and Paige,. We now have to be more sneaky but we still do it about once a week. One of the nicest outcomes of this training is Paige now tans topless at her pool so I can see her perfect tits every day.I asked Paige if they ever hired an escort like I advised. She said they were stuck because Paige wanted the first one to me a man.I love my neighbors!!!!