Tim and myself 1st trip to Hedonism 2 in JamaicaTim and myself 1st trip to Hedonism 2 in JamaicaBy: blondeslutforblacksIt was 1998 and we have settled into our lives as a BBC cum loving slut and my supportive hubby Tim. Our lives had changed a bit since I became a BBC lover. Tim’s had started a new business and it was really doing well. It did afford us the ability to allow me not to have to work which meant I could spend my days looking for BBC. Tim came to me one day and asked if I wanted to go to Jamaica and of course I said yes. I knew the Island was mostly black so I knew I would get plenty of BBC. Tim told me to make the arrangements. I spoke to Tyson who said that Hedonism 2 would be the best place for me to go. He said it was a liberal place and that a lot of swingers go there to have a great time. Plus there was always BBC running around for me to play with. I was sold and booked the resort and the plane tickets. We left Charlotte NC on a Saturday morning and arrived in Montego Bay around 1 in the afternoon. We were put on a shuttle bus to the resort. On the bus we met several people that were going to hedo 2 as well. We introduced ourselves and made sexual small talk. One guy pulled his pants down on the bus and me and another girl sucked him off. I knew I was going to like this trip.We arrived at the resort and found our room Tim said now what I said well I am going to the pool and put on my new g string bikini that was too small for my tits. I bought it that way. Having DDD tits has its advantages. We got to the pool and I walked up the pool bar and ordered a drink. I looked into the pool and saw several guys getting blowjobs from girls and a couple of couples were fucking on lounge chairs. I pulled my top and bottoms off and handed them to Tim and waded into the pool. When Tim got back to the pool I was surrounded by a few guys and they were feeling me up. I had a finger in my ass and pussy and I was holding onto stiff cocks to keep from falling over. I felt something at my pussy and knew it wasn’t a finger and I just spread my legs and let him into me. He was white but had an impressive cock. His wife Sarah walked up to me and asked how I was enjoying her hubby. I smiled and said I loved it. I whispered into her ear that it was Tim’s Birthday and if there was something she could do to help him out. I lied but Tim looked like he needed to relax. Sarah gathered a few other girls and they took Tim over to the pool bar and sat him on it and each gave him a bj. As the last one was finishing he yelled he was cumming and shot a big load on the girls face. Everyone applauded. He looked at me as I was cumming and whispered thank you. The guy fucking me tensed up and shot a load into me. Kissed him and went over to Tim. The rest of the afternoon was spent chatting playing a touching others. We were told türbanlı balıkesir escort that the hottest action took place around midnight in the hot tub. I told Tim I wanted to go. He said you may do as you like sweetie. Dinner was fun had good food. I dressed like a slut with a see thru dress no underwear. We chatted with couples at our table and soon it was getting late so we went to the room. I told Tim I was going to the hot tub did he want to go he said he was tired and that I should go and have fun. I stripped naked grabbed a towel and headed to the pool. When I arrived the hot tub was already crowded with naked bodies and I wanted to mix mine in there too. Some yelled its Catherine the party can start now. I asked where and how do we start. I was placed on a table and had several hands all over me. My big DDD tits were mauled and sucked on as my nipples were bitten. I loved them bitten. I had a finger up my pussy. I grabbed a cock in each had and had one in my mouth. I felt a cock at my pussy entrance and it was really big. I looked down and saw a big black guy sliding into me and was in heaven and just laid back and let me fuck me. He lasted a good long while before shooting a massive load into my waiting pussy. He was replaced by another guy then another. I told the guys that I loved my ass fucked and soon had one in my ass and one in my pussy and mouth. I fucked who ever wanted some pussy for the rest of the night. At around 5am I was sitting on a lounge chair and the big black guy that had fucked m came over. He introduced himself as Anthony the resort scuba instructor. He said it was against the rules for the help to play with the guest and that he hoped I would not tell on him. I said no way. He said there was an island just off shore called Booby Island and that he wanted to take me there. I said it sounds great. He said he really loved my white body and big milky tits and started playing with them. I just dropped to m knees in the sand and gave him a great blowjob with him cumming in my mouth. It tasted so good. I went back to the room and went to bed. A few hours later I heard the shower and Tim came out and asked if I had a good time last night. I said of course. Tim said he walked down to the hot tub to check up on me and watched the gangbang for about an hour and just went back to get some sleep. Smiled and told him I am glad he liked the show. At breakfast I saw Anthony and he said he had the boat ready if we wanted to go on that trip. I ran got my swimsuit and meet him at the boat. Tim and I enjoyed the scenic trip to Booby Island. When we got there we explored the island and came up on this small beach I wanted to swim but didn’t want to wear a wet suit. So I stripped naked and jumped in. Anthony and Tim did the same. We swam for türbanlı balıkesir escort bayan a bit them stretched out on the beach to dry. I reached over and started rubbing Anthony’s cock and it responded. He rolled over and started fingering my wet pussy. Tim saw this and I knew he wanted to join in but was no match for the huge cock Anthony had. So he said I will leave you two alone and go explore. I wanted Anthony badly and rolled him over and sat on him rubbing my huge tits all over his ripped muscle body. This made him even harder. I slid my wet pussy down his body leaving a trail and once at his cock I pressed back allowing his cock easy access into my wet pussy. I sat up to get all the length into me and then started bouncing up and down. He grabbed my big tits to support me and pinched my hard nipples and that sent me over for my first orgasm. With all the noise I was making I must have drew a crowd. As I looked up I was 6 black guys all jerking off. I knew I was going to fuck them all but they all looked rough and I told them I would fuck them all silly but they had to wear a condom. I reached into my bag and brought out a box of Magnum condoms. Soon I was being fucked by these guys. My ass was filled so was my pussy. I told the guys not to throw away their condoms once they came. Anthony was the last to fuck me again and when it was time for him to cum he shot off on my face. I took each filled condom and poured it on me. I was feeling so nasty then and loved it. Tim said he was watching from the cliff above and was very proud of me. I jumped into the water to wash off. On the way back to the resort I gave Tim and Anthony a nice Blowjob with them filling my mouth with their juice.Anthony asked if I would be interested in going to a local bar tonight and getting a drink I said sure that Tim and I would love too. I dressed in a see thru button down top that I only buttoned the last 3 buttons. A very short skirt and 5 inch hooker shoes. Anthony picked us up and we walked the short distance to the bar. On the way I got a lot of lewd cat calls that made me wet. When we got to the bar there was about 6 guys there pus us. Anthony brought me a drink made up of over proof Appleton Estate Rum. It was very strong. I had a couple of more and was really feeling very loose. Tim suggested that I dance for everyone. I got up and was helped onto the bar and as I was getting on I am sure every guy there saw my naked pussy. The music started and I started to sway with the music. As I did I started to touch myself. Someone yelled for me to strip and I couldn’t say no. I started to unbutton the last 3 buttons and then slowly moved the shirt from my shoulders. I threw it on the floor and reached around for the zipper on my skirt. I turned around so the whole türbanlı escort balıkesir room could see my ass and pussy as I slowly pushed my skirt to the floor and kicked it off. Now I was naked and horny. I squatted down and Anthony came over and put two fingers into my soaking wet pussy. I was grabbed and laid onto a bar table and soon had cocks all-around me. Just as one guy was about to press his cock into my Pussy Tim must have said you have to wear a condom. Someone hit Tim square in the jaw and knocked him out. I didn’t see this but I was too busy sucking these Big cocks. I was in that sex craved slut mode and all I wanted was big Black Cock. I was being fucked hard by some guy and he said Bitch he I cum and shot a large load in me. As he withdrew from me I felt like a river of cum was running out of me. He was replaced quickly and it felt just as good. Anthony had set this up and at least 30 guys were there. My ass was used as a cum dump and I had cum in my hair and all over my back and tits. I was so covered that the bar owner got a bucket of water and threw it on me just to some of it off so the others could get a chance. I was in a complete sex zone. I fucked and sucked for hours. Soon I was really tired. Anthony brought this young guy up and introduced him to me as Isaac his son. Isaac said he saw his dad fuck me and that he would tell his mother if I didn’t fuck him. I laughed and said you’re k**ding right. Isaac said he was a virgin and I just licked my lips and told him to strip. I grabbed his impressive cock and shoved it down my throat. I sucked him like I was never going to get another cock in my mouth. He tensed up and shot his massive load into me and I love virgin cock cum. He was still hard so I laid him down and sat on his hard cock and it went all the way in with no issue. His eyes were wide and I told him to grab and squeeze m tits and pinch my nipples really hard. I came very hard sitting on his cock I knew he was going to cum to so I picked up the pace he yelled and shot me full and then I think he passed out. I saw Tim in the corner with a black eye and asked what had happened and told Anthony that if his friends were going to act this way I would never fuck them again. I tried to find my clothes but they were gone. Tim gave me his shirt that didn’t caver my ass at all and we walked back to the resort.The next day Anthony apologized and said he had no clue they had hit Tim and that he really wanted to keep up with me. I said ok and we ended up fucking in the scuba shack. The rest of the week was the same hanging out in the pool playing with a few couples here and there. We were invited to a couple’s only orgy in a room and it was great. Tim finally got laid by someone other than me. The guys fucked us all and came. I had my first bi experience there when one lady came up to me and started eating the cum from my pussy I did the same to the other girl and soon we were in a circle eating each other’s pussy’s. All the guys stood above us and jacked off and we licked the cum from our bodies. It was a great 1st trip.. We have been back several times and each time have had a great time.I hope you enjoyed this and there will be more later.Catherine BBC Cumslut