Tied up – a Night of ClimaxxxStory has been tweaked or helped by a FriendTo Bring a more Female EdgeInstead of the Wham bam thank you Mam approach by MeI come over and you answer the door with just a black silk robe on. You smile as I come in and take off my coat. I put my shoes by the door. I follow you to your living room,watching that amazing ass move under your robe. I can tell your not wearing anything just like I asked when we spoke on the phone.You pause as we get into the living room. There are two chairs facing each other in the middle of the room. I take off your robe and place it on the the back of the wooden chair. You turn to kiss my lips and slowly our tongues begin to explore each other,passionately savoring the delicious dance. I then sit you down tying your legs and right hand to the chair with the velvety soft velcro straps that you have put there per my request. I reach in my pocket and pull out the little egg shaped vibrator that I know your clit loves and place it your free hand. You smile coyly up at me knowing you are going to be needing that little helper soon.You watch as i start to strip in front of you.I can feel your eyes running over my hard athletic body caressing every ripple on my stomach. I ankara escort can see your nipples get erect as your mouth blows me kisses. I can smell your honeyed musky scent floating up from your pussy. I am now naked and I sit down in the other chair. You look at me,appreciating the care I give my body-I fix the straps on my feet and my right hand. leaving my left hand free to start to play with my beautiful big 8 1/2 inch ridged cock. You smile, as I am already hard from watching you..knowing that you have caused this rock hard erection. As I start to stroke myself you feel a flood of juice as it starts to flow from your sweet pussy. God I love to turn you on!I can hear the soft hum of your little vibrator as it begins to open your cunt lips and go in search for your throbbing clit. Your breathing incrsease as you watch me stroke my cock. The tip,is now glistening wet with the pre cum that gathers on it. You watch as I stroke it faster and faster. My clean shaved balls glisten from the sweat building up from stroking my big cock. I watch as you are working that vibrator against that slick wet clit. Your hips are moving and your eyes are feasting on the sight of my hard cock. Your pussy aches to have me in it and ankara escort bayan the thought of that sends you over the edge. You are working hard against your restraints as the the sounds as your scream from your first orgasms fill the room.I can’t last long from watching you masterbate.The sight and sounds of your cumming is more then this young man can handle. We are about 3 ft apart and you are amazed when I grunt and a big hot stream of cum travels out my cock head into the air. You watch but can’t move as it hits your stomach and trails down your stomach towards your pussy. You bring your hand off the viberator and move to smear the fresh hot cum around on your stomach. You lick your fingers and moan knowing that you were the cause of that momentous eruption.Before you look back at me I am already in front of you on my knees. You can feel my tongue licking up the juices that your pussy has spilled.The chair under you is drenched in your cum and you orgasm hard in my mouth as I lick your clit just the way you like. I have another little surprise for you–and now I take the crystal glass dildo I brought and slide it up inside your juicey pussy lips and as I slowly make love to you with my mouth I slide the escort ankara hard cold glass cock inside you..letting your pussy take it in–I can feel your love muscles inside holding onto it pulling it in. You are so tight and I can’t help thinking how good it is going to feel when I am finally inside of you with your pussy sucking my hot rock hard cock and being milked of my cum.I unclasp the rope and you climb into my arms and I can hear your heart beating. “Fuck me now!” you whisper hoarsely as I take you to your bedroom. I slap that big soft beautiful ass and say “You have been naughty tonight – I need to fuck that sweet tight pussy. I can cum more than once.” You turn your head with a big smile as you take my hand and lead me to your bedroom. As you light the candles I can see your bed is the way I told you I like it, the a****l print high thread count sheets are reflected in the mirrored closet doors on the wall and the round gilded framed gothic mirror on the ceiling over the bed.I love being able to watch our bodies as we pleasure each other from all angles. The sight of your sexy mature rubenesque form pushing up against the sharp contours of my young hard body framed in that golden mirror on your ceiling reminds me of a painting I’ve seen in the Louvre. A study in contrasts,younger and older;softer and harder;bigger and smaller,yet perfect in every detail. I’m am deeply aroused and hungry to show you just how much I love the way you make me feel.Buckxoox