“I guess Larry was pretty drunk last night?” Suzie laughed the following afternoon, ending a call on her cell phone.

“Why do you say that?” I answered, my heart rate jumping at the reminder of what had happened.

“That was Lara. She said that it was almost noon before Larry got up and he’s nursing a headache. She said he smelled like a brewery this morning.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him that drunk before. That’s what he gets for being a lousy poker player. When he goes out early, he just watches and drinks, and with the game going long, he had more than usual.”

“She wanted to know if we want to come over for a swim and steaks later.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Yeah, sounds good to me.”

“Ok, I’ll let her know.”


“We’ll be back in a bit,” Lara said, car keys in hand, Suzie right beside her. “Steaks and lighter fluid. We’ve got lots of charcoal… anything else you can think of?” None of us came up with anything that we didn’t have, and I watched as they headed out the gate.

“Oh my god, I may never drink again,” Larry said, nursing a coke without the Jack. Now sitting in chairs around the pool, we’d just gotten out after a cooling dip in the pool.

“At least until next time,” I laughed. “How’s your head?”

“Better. A lot of liquid and ibuprofen and it’s much better.”

“You were pretty wasted last night.”

“Tell me about it, I can’t remember when the last time I was that wasted.”

“Do you remember anything at all?”

“I don’t even remember coming home.”

“I took you home.”

“Ah, that explains it.”

“Explains what?”

“My shoes weren’t unlaced the same, or put where I normally put them, and my pants and shirt weren’t like I normally leave them.”

“Funny how we’re creatures of habit, isn’t it?”

“Yeah.” He said nothing for a moment. “I guess I was out of control?”

“Pretty drunk,” I agreed. “Can’t say as I’ve ever seen you that drunk before.”

“I don’t remember anything…. Oh, well, except that I remember you seemed to be pretty upset after you got that killer hand with the full house and then lost.”

“I’m surprised you remember that. But hey Shit Happens, bro — but you’ve gotta learn to keep your mouth shut. I don’t mind you looking over my shoulder, but any reaction good or bad, tells the other players something. I’ve told you before, poker is about people and reactions, not the cards. The other players need to think you’ve got a bad hand when it’s good, and a good hand when it’s bad.”

“Yeah, but you always seem to have a good hand.”

I laughed, “It’s good that you think so. I don’t, but I make you think that I do.” We sat quietly for a moment. “So, you’re pretty infatuated with my wife’s nipples?”

“What?” I glanced over and he looked shocked.

“Well, you offered to give up your left nut just to be able to suck on her nipples and fuck her once.”

“Oh, I did not.”

“You think I’d make that up?”

He sat there, obviously quite uncomfortable for a moment. “I really said that?” I nodded.

“Several times.” I didn’t say anything for a moment. “That and when I got you into bed you wanted to know if she might want to suck your cock.” He didn’t say anything, just sitting there embarrassed. I let him stew for a moment before letting eryaman eve gelen escort him off the hook.

It’s ok,” I finally said. “She does have some great nips, doesn’t she?”

“Listen, Adam… I, uhm…”

“No, It’s OK, Larry. I know she’s got the greatest nips, and greatest body for that matter, but I gotta admit, Lara’s got some great tits too.”

“Yeah, she does. I’ve seen you ogling her a time or too. Just no nips.”

“Yeah. I uhm… listen, Larry, I saw her last night.”

“Huh? What do you mean? You saw her?”

“When I took you home… she was asleep and with her ear plugs and mask on, she never even woke up. I got you into bed and well… she was lying there virtually naked.”

“What do you mean, virtually naked?”

“She had her face mask and ear plugs in. She was wearing a baby doll… and nothing else. She had the sheet up over her waist, so her tits were just there and almost bare.”

“She was already up and gone when I got up this morning.”

“You mean when you got up this afternoon?” He ignored my jab.

“That’s her ‘I want sex’ outfit.”

“I thought it might be.” We sat quietly for a while, my conscious assuaged. I hadn’t told him that the sheet had only been down over her legs because I’d drawn it down from her waist. I hadn’t told him that I’d fondled her, or that her so called non-existent nipples had responded a bit to my touch, but at least I’d confessed that I’d seen her nude, or at least almost so.

“I’ve gotta admit, buddy, I occasionally think about Lara the same way that apparently you do Suzie. I guess us sheep always think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence?”

The gate suddenly pushed open, Lara and Suzie returning from the store. “Which of you nefarious idiots is going to start the barbeque while we go swimming and cool off?”


Despite my confession to Larry easing my conscious, the thought of Lara lying naked before me preyed on my mind every day. I woke up in the mornings with a hard on, and thoughts of seeing her fingering her clit, with my lips replacing her fingers, anonymously sucking on her clit, licking her to orgasm. Likewise, occasionally the thoughts of Larry sucking on Suzie’s nipples, and carrying it even further, fucking my beautiful wife, permeated my brain. After a while, both seemed to be reality, not fantasy. As time went on, the fantasy expanded and grew.

It was several weeks later before we got together again, and Larry brought it up. Apparently, he’d also had fantasies rolling through his mind. We were at our house this time, just a Friday evening burgers and brats, backyard barbeque.

“Done any more thinking about my wife?” He didn’t specifically spell it out.

I just glanced up at him. “You too?”

“Oh my God, Adam. Ever since that last poker party — I can’t get her out of my mind.”


“I hate to admit it, Adam, the thought of you with Lara is almost as exciting as me with Suzie. I swear to god buddy, I’d give my left nut to spend the night feasting on her nipples. It’s just that Lara’s are so unresponsive. I kid you not, my last girlfriend before I met Lara — my god, she could almost cum by sucking and playing with her nipples alone.”

“She’s sure got a great body otherwise. I think bala escort she’s got the greatest tits on the block. Ass too, and when she puts on that skimpy bikini…”

“She is a dish, isn’t she?”

“That she is.”

“I don’t know what I like more, my wife’s ass in a bikini or your wife’s camel toe.”

“She likes to show off, doesn’t she?” I asked, just confirming what I’d already observed.

“She really gets risqué when we’re places where she won’t be recognized, then she lets loose even more.”

“Oh? Like…?” I left it open for interpretation.

“Two years ago… we took that cruise to the Med? We met and hit it off with another couple, Jerry and Martha, from England. When we went to the beach in Spain, Martha immediately took her top off. Once she did, Lara did too. She loved it! Walking up and down the beach with Martha, showing off her tits. Gotta admit, I liked it too.”

“That’s not that bad.”

“She’s talked about getting a thong bikini. She’s pretty proud of her ass too.”

“She’s definitely got an ass to be proud of.”

“Your wife’s no slouch in the ass department either.” I just nodded, letting the conversation lapse for a few moments.



“How would you really like to fuck my wife?”

“What?” Larry looked at Adam to see if he was serious or not. “As if that could ever happen.”

I shrugged a shoulder, raised an eyebrow, and went for broke. “It would take some effort, but what do you say? I’ll let you fuck mine if I can fuck yours?” My mouth was dry as I said this.

“Oh yeah, sure. As if Lara would ever go for that. Or Suzie.”

I nodded and gave a little tilt to his head before saying, “But what if they didn’t know?”

“Swap wives? You fuck mine and I fuck yours and they wouldn’t know?” I shrugged my shoulders again, just letting him think about it. “You are fucking loony toons if you think that could happen.” It was a minute or two before he spoke again, obviously the thought having gone in, rattled around, and not been totally rejected. “I don’t understand, how do you think that could happen?”

I nodded knowingly, and gradually filled out the thoughts that had been permeating my mind.

“Let me ask you something. Would it be fair to say that you have sex almost every Saturday?”

Larry looked at me, evaluating my question. Although we’d commented on each other’s wife, how we thought they were sexy, what their attributes were, what we’d like to imagine — now it was getting real. I just asked him if he slipped the salami into Lara every Saturday.

“I’d say that’s fair,” he finally answered, “most Saturday’s. Why?”

“Us too,” I admitted. “Friday’s, end of the week, we typically do something with someone, but most of the time we’re tired. More often than not, one of us will fall asleep before the other even gets to bed. We almost always fuck at least twice on Saturdays. Once when we wake up after sleeping in, and then Saturday nights Suzie is almost always raring to go.” I paused for a moment to let him digest what I’d said, and then continued. “After that last poker game… When I put you to bed?”

“Yeah,” he answered, a bit wary.

“I saw Lara almost completely naked in bed with you.”

“Yeah, you said that.”

“It wasn’t just her etimesgut escort tits.” He didn’t say anything for a moment.

“What do you mean?”

“I hadn’t even paid attention when I was getting you to bed, but then I looked over and there they were. She had that mask and earplugs in, she hadn’t even realized I was there, or you – she didn’t know that you were even in bed for that matter. You started snoring almost as soon as your head hit the pillow… so I, uhm, walked quietly around to her side of the bed.”

He could tell I hadn’t told everything yet. “And…”

“I touched her tits.” He didn’t say anything, and I continued. “I couldn’t help myself. I haven’t felt a real tit since Suzie and I got together, and there they were. Just a quick fondle, a gentle squeeze, didn’t try to arouse her anything, just to feel how magnificent they are.”

“You felt up my wife?” At least he didn’t sound angry.

“Yes. And then I pulled the sheet down… to her knees, so I saw her almost totally naked.”

“You did not.”

I nodded, confirming it was true. “She had on a tiny see-through panty and I think she had masturbated herself to sleep waiting for you. Her hand was inside the panty, her fingers resting on her clit. I don’t know if moving the sheet disturbed her, but as I was watching, she pulled her hand out and rested it on her belly, and stirred in bed just a bit.” I stopped, letting him think about it a moment. “When she pulled her hand out, I could see that she trims her pubes in a triangle above her pussy so her lips are totally bare, and I could see the little nub of her clit. Suzie’s clit is buried behind her labia, the easiest way to find hers is to stroke up between her lips. There’s no doubt where Lara’s is.” I shut up and waited, my description had to confirm I really had seen her totally naked.

“She let you fondle her and let you see her naked?” He finally asked a few moments later.

“She never knew.”

“That’s all?”

“And then I went home and fucked the shit out of Suzie, imagining that it was Lara.”


“Yeah, it was pretty obvious that fuck is what Lara wanted to do,” I said, changing his expletive into an explanation. “I had no doubt that Lara had gone to bed dressed for sex. A woman in lust who had gone to bed waiting for you, and then had to take care of herself. When I was about to walk away, her hand slipped back inside her panties, so her fingers were touching her clit again. I didn’t dare pull the sheet back up, I just left your light on and snuck back down the stairs.”

It was quiet for a few moments, Larry obviously stewing over his own thoughts about what I’d confessed. “So, you told Suzie you’d fondled Lara and wanted to fuck her?”

“Oh, fuck no. She was just as asleep as Lara had been, except that I crawled into bed naked behind her with a hard-on. She always sleeps on her side, usually with her back toward me. If our poker game had finished about midnight, she would have still been awake and we’d have made love, but she’d also given up and fallen asleep. When I snuggled in behind her with a hard on, she recognized what it was. I fondled her a bit and then she raised her leg and pulled me into place from behind. I fucked her that way, and then afterward she told me to just stay in her. I fell asleep with my cock in my wife.”

“I can’t believe you felt up my wife. Why don’t I cut your nuts off?”

I nodded. “Agreed.” I shook my head back and forth a little, “but you won’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re going to fuck my wife and I’m going to fuck yours.”