Big Tits

They call it HOTlanta
My wife and I were visiting her friend Crystal in Atlanta and all three of us planned to run in a local race, but at different lengths. My wife, Larisa, was planning on running the half marathon, Crystal was running the 10K, and since I was recovering from an injury I was only planning on running the 5K. One of Crystal’s coworkers lived near the race sight so she told us we could park in her driveway and the car would serve as a rallying point where we could all meet after our respective races. It was a cold January morning and both the girls were pretty bundled up. My wife Larisa is about 5’6″ with shoulder length brown hair, and she was wearing lululemon pants, a running sweatshirt, gloves, and a headband. Crystal is about 5’3″ with long red hair and she wasn’t as bundled up as my wife was, but she was still wearing long pants and a long sleeve t-shirt. I’m the only idiot wearing shorts, because my 6’4″ frame is accustomed to running in shorts due to my time in the military.

We agree once again to meet at the car after the race and line up in our different corrals. Because I am running the shortest distance I will finish first, so I have the car keys with me and sure enough I finish the 5K in just under 30 minutes. Crystal said she hasn’t trained a lot recently so she is anticipating finishing the 10K in about an hour, so by the time I get back to the car I have roughly 30 minutes to wait until she gets back. The car is extremely cold inside and since I know it will be awhile before the girls both finish I decide not to turn the car on. However I am tired and cold, so I slide my hand down my shorts, for warmth, and doze off. I wake up to Crystal opening the car door and laughing.

“Why are you playing with yourself in front of my coworker’s house? Naughty, naughty,” she chuckles as she gets into the backseat of our SUV.

I try to explain to her that I was cold, but she doesn’t really care. At this point, we have about another 90 minutes before my wife finishes her half marathon, so we sit in silence for a little bit. Crystal then tells me she understands why I was playing with myself because it is pretty cold, and then she asks me if we can turn the car on for a little bit. I start the car and we blast the heat to full power, with the understanding that we’ll keep the car running long enough to reheat the inside and then turn the car back off. After about 10 minutes the car starts heating up and Crystal starts saying how hot the car is now. She slides off her pants to reveal her nice legs and the short shorts she had underneath.

“See I have shorts on too, but I was also smart enough to wear pants over them,” she teases me, “but seriously does putting your hands in your pants help to warm your hands because mine are still cold.” She places her hand on my upper arm to demonstrate how cold they still are.

“Well I’ve heard that your crotch is the hottest part of your body,” I reply.

As she scoots a little closer to me, she teases me again. “My crotch is pretty hot, but how about yours?” She then puts her hand on my crotch and grabs my cock through my shorts. “Larisa once told me you have a big cock. Is it true?” I have an average-length cock, 6″, but it’s got a fair amount of girth. Crystal coos at her discovery and asks me if I want any help “staying warm.”

The windows are still pretty fogged up even after blowing the heat at full bore, and Crystal peels her shirt off to reveal a purple sports bra underneath. At this point I am getting pretty hard and she knows it. She takes the bra off too, revealing her little A-cup tits. “It’s definitely getting hot in here now,” she says as she puts her hand up my shorts from the leg.

I arch my back a little, lift my butt off the seat, and pull my shorts and boxer briefs down. She adjusts herself so that her tits are rubbing up against my arm and she starts jerking me off. She jerks me slowly to start and it feels a little rough because her hands are still kind of cold and dry. But eventually her hands start to warm up and she starts jerking me a little faster. I look at my watch because I am curious how much time we have before Larisa will be back at the car and I see we have about 40 minutes.

Without warning she bends down and puts my cock in her mouth. I am startled a little bit because I had closed my eyes, enjoying the hand job. “It was a little too dry so I thought I’d get it wet,” Crystal nonchalantly explains to me as she goes back to jerking me off. Now with some mouth-aided lubrication, the hand job is feeling a lot better. After a few more strokes, she starts up a conversation about the merits of “handies” vs. “head” and I am finding it difficult to contribute anything meaningful to her sexual diatribe.

“How about I just blow you instead?” She asks in such a serious way that I think she is actually asking me which way I’d prefer to be satisfied. Since I nod to acknowledge her question she quickly sets about positioning herself and the car for maximum efficiency. Luckily the front passenger side seat has an electronic adjuster so she reaches to the side and moves the seat forward and giggles as she gets down on her knees between my legs. She starts bobbing her head up and down on my cock as I notice one of her hands moving down to the space between her legs. I realize she is rubbing her clit as she is sucking me off.

She starts sucking me faster and faster and I start feeling my orgasm starting to build. She’s also starting to softly moan as she’s blowing me, which is making it harder not to cum. Eventually I reach a point where I know I’m about to cum, so I tell her. She looks up at me, nearing orgasm herself, and fucking winks at me. That’s all it takes, and I start cumming in her mouth. She is swallowing, moaning, and still rubbing herself and I panic as I realize I have no idea what time it is. I look at my watch and we have 15-20 minutes, but Crystal isn’t done.

“Stop moving,” she grunts with my cock still in her mouth. She’s rubbing faster and harder now and then she screams. My cock is still in her mouth as she shudders and literally screams again. I have no idea what’s happening until the third scream when I realize, as she just keeps repeating the word “fuck,” that she must have just cum too. My cock has fallen out of her mouth as she leans against the back of the front seat. She’s glistening with sweat, topless, and her hair is all messed up. With a little bit of panic in my voice I tell her we need to get dressed. She looks me dead in the eyes and comes up to kiss me. She sticks her tongue in my mouth and I reciprocate, tasting a little remnant of saltiness.

We get dressed, reset the front seat, and for good measure she goes to sit in the front seat. Shortly thereafter Larisa comes walking up to the car, excited because she just PR’ed (personal record). Larisa looks at Crystal and I and asks what we’ve been doing while we waited for her to finish.

Without missing a beat, Crystal replies “he was showing me how to stay warm.”