The tree fell on his houseSome years back I was a contractor.. a big storm blew up the coast and trees were falling on houses and cars. I got this call from an insurance agent who needed me to not only bid the job… but if possible start the removal that day… looked simple enough so I started the work and in a few hours I was done… It was a rental house and the renter invited me in for some thing to eat and drink.. And to say how thankful he was for me not only showing up but for doing the work fast and not doing more damage to the house, car…I was pretty tired from the long hours from the last couple of days and getting to sit down and relax was a relief. He was a great host, fed me .. we had a great conversation.. Then he mentioned having something to show me… After how nice he was so far I was not about to get up and just leave. So I stayed and waited for him to pop a video in the VCR ( yea this was quite a few years back).. 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