The Training of Jennifer 3A continuation… Please read first two installments.Consciousness arose like a tiny bubble from the depths of her being. Jennifer’s first sensation was that she was naked, snuggled on his lap. Secondly, she perceived that he too was naked and she felt his cock trapped between her outer thigh and his belly. She smiled to feel it moist and pressed against her. Thirdly, she was aware of the foreign object still inserted in her ass. She clenched and released her anal muscles evaluating the object, judging its girth and length. She loved it as a symbol: a symbol of his dominance and possession of her. It also signified her complete surrender to him.She remembered him calling it her virgin passage and she wanted him to take her virginity. Now. She pictured herself bending for him. Offering herself to him. She wanted to spread and hold her cheeks wide open for him. She longed for him to examine her there and to fuck her like she was a bitch in heat. Still semi conscious, she played with the fucking dog imagery; him sniffing and licking her there. While she with her chest on the ground waved her wanton ass for him to sodomize.She hoped it would hurt and stretch her painfully. It might take her to her sacred place and while she was there he would be pumping his thick cum into her bowels. She wanted to be in her bliss state and feel him bathing her with his hot seed. She swallowed to test her throat. “Are you going to fuck my asshole now?” She shyly buried her face into his chest as she asked for it. Asking the question brought a rush of secretion to her pussy and she ground her hip sensually into his cock.She had always considered anal intercourse perverse and an invasion of what should remain the most intimate and private of functions. It was to be shared with no one. When David had suggested it she had grown angry and withdrew all sexual contact for weeks. Now she ached for the debauchery of her master’s cock pumping lewdly into her gaping asshole. She envisioned various positions and the humiliating adjectives he would use to describe her wantonness.“I want your cock in my ass. Fuck me there. Please… Please, daddy…” She kept her face pressed into his chest.Graham pulled her head away from his body. He used two hands and forced her to stare into his eyes. “Tell me what you want.”“I want you to stick your cock in my ass and fuck me till I scream. Take my virgin asshole….” She looked down. “I love you.”He smiled at her. “You need to sleep. I will insert a bigger plug later and I will gauge when your ass can take me.”“I want it to hurt. I want you to tear me. I want to submit to you. I want you to fuck my ass while I am on my hands and knees. I want to howl like a bitch…Please Daddy.”“You need to sleep. I will insert a bigger plug later and I will gauge when your ass can take me.” He lay her exhausted body on the cot and covered her with the duvet. He kissed her on the forehead.“Will you stay with me?”He kissed her on the eyelids. “I have things to arrange my little slut. Tomorrow we have surprise guests coming. You need to recover; and I need to set it all up.”“Can I masturbate myself to sleep? I want to think about you fucking my ass. I want it up my ass.”“Yes, but go to sleep. You have had a big day and will have a more trying one tomorrow. He kissed her once more on the forehead. Her hand slipped between her legs. Her favourite technique for masturbation was to use the length of the back of her thumb up and down her clit. She worked it like a cock massaging her swollen button as if it were a dick fucking her. The rest of her fingers squeezed her cunt lips together, and pressed her thumb tightly in place. She started frigging herself as he watched from above.She hoped that the sight would entice him to join her and that she could tempt him to fuck her as she desired. He adiosbet yeni giriş smiled at her and left. Jennifer then did something she had never attempted before. She reached her free hand behind herself and began thrusting the butt plug into and out of her asshole. She clamped her eyes shut.She imagined his cock ravaging her ass, while his fingers dug away at her clit. His balls would slap against her cunt. She would feel his pubic hair mash against her ass. She wanted to take him up to the hilt. She wanted him to be brutal, violent, bestial. Her over stimulated cunt began to pulse within minutes and she stiffened in preparation for her self induced orgasm. “Ah, ah, ah, ah,” quick little grunts of release. She fell asleep in seconds afterwards.Her dreams were filled with dark cloaked figures and misty dungeons. Then she was writhing on a rock, intentionally displaying herself to a legion of green eyes peering out of the darkness. There was the sound of heavy breathing and then she was being groped everywhere. Instead of recoiling she reacted by manoeuvring her body so that the fondling hands touched her where she longed to be touched. Next, she was standing naked on a stage and accepting applause and picking up tossed flowers. Displaying herself seductively as she did so.He woke her up at ten o’clock. Jennifer had not slept in till ten since she was a teenager. Graham whisked her through breakfast, told her to put together a “come and fuck” me outfit. Then had her dress and wait for his call in the den towards the back of the penthouse. Today he promised would be full of surprises and revelations. In approximately one hour Graham came to collect Jennifer. He led her by the hand into the sitting room and there sat David. Jennifer spun to look at Graham. She was petrified: petrified that he was about to send her home. She grasped his wrist with her free hand. Graham shot her a reproving glance and she immediately released him and waited.Graham took her over to the sessions chair and sat. She knelt in place before him and thanked God that he was not finished with her. A tear of relief trickled down her cheek. The three of them sat silently for five minutes. Jennifer’s mind whirred anxiously….Just don’t make me leave, not for a day, not for a second. Let me take off my clothes and kneel here. Just you and I again. I will do anything. Make me do everything. Send David home….The silence frightened her. She was about to scream for an explanation when the knock came to the door. Graham stood her up and led her into the foyer. David accompanied them. The door was opened to a gorgeous brunette, dressed in a silken, “Susie Wong” dress. A slit up the side revealed a spectacular set of legs and the silken material stretched tightly across her breasts and bottom. She was sultry and sexy. She smiled at Jennifer and cupped a hand under Jennifer’s chin. “Lovely, really lovely.” She spoke with confidence and authority and Jennifer, in spite of herself was moved by the woman: by the authority of the woman.“David, Jennifer, this is Marla.” Marla swiftly took David’s hand and led him into the apartment and onto the sofa. Graham led Jennifer back to her position between his legs. He spoke to her but was addressing all of them. “You are going to watch each other fuck. Sometimes a couple will apply for membership, then balk at the sight of their partner fucking and being turned on by another. This is a simple test my little cunt. You will watch David and Marla fuck and make love to each other. Then David will watch you and I fuck.To David’s obvious astonishment, Jennifer leaned forward and kissed the back of Graham’s hand and moaned with sexual desire…. Jennifer snuggled up on the floor between Graham’s legs. She hugged his left calf and rested her cheek on his thigh. She kissed his lap numerous adiosbet giriş times. She was so relieved that this was just another assignment that she nearly giggled with glee. She was wearing a navy blue mini and a scoop necked blouse. She wore neither a bra nor panties. She wanted him to have complete access to her. Graham was playing with her hair and she was literally purring at his touch. She was where she belonged.The only thought she gave to David was to wonder how long he would take with Marla so that Graham would fuck her. She wanted desperately for him to fuck her ass in front of David. David would see how much she loved her daddy. How she had given her Daddy everything. David could fuck Marla all he wanted. She wished David would fall in love with her and leave with her and never bother them again.Jennifer was rubbing her thighs together and squeezing then releasing pressure on her cunt as she anticipated her fuck with daddy. She looked across the room at Marla and David who were both ogling her pussy which peeked out from between her curled legs. She arranged her posture to afford them an even clearer view and continued rolling her ass with desire. She was a different creature than the one David had left a week ago. She was now her Daddy’s creation. Graham reached down and tapped her on the upper arm. “Settle down my little fuck meat. You really are a little slut aren’t you? Mm? You are to watch not put on a show.” Jennifer closed her legs and settled back. She brushed her aroused nipples against his trousers. “Whenever the pair of you are ready.” He addressed Marla and David.Marla seemed hypnotized by Jennifer’s pussy and Jennifer enjoyed that. Marla then broke off her stare and looked at Graham. She gave him a knowing wink. That unsettled Jennifer. What did she have to share with him? What is their relationship? Has he ever fucked her? Did he train her? She felt the first pangs of jealousy. She hated Marla and wanted her to leave. She needed to be alone with him. She needed to be naked and sitting in her position, and taken to their special room, and taken to that sweet, sweet place. The strangest thing then occurred. Jennifer heard a c***d’s voice, her voice echoing from within her… “ Make her go away… Send her away… I don’t like her… I want to be just you and me…” She was afraid and shy and timid and she wanted to curl up on his lap with them both naked and the blanket wrapped around them.Graham slapped her on the arm and brought her back. She focused on Marla and David. That is what he wanted her to do.“Graham chose me especially for you. Did you know that David?” Marla was speaking breathily into David’s ear. Her hand traced the outline of David’s cock as it bulged within his trousers. She lingered at the head of his prick squeezing it and kneading it. “I have special talents that Graham wanted you to sample.” She started to nibble then bite on David’s ear. Her hand wandered down to his balls and she gently rubbed them together and felt their weight and sensitivity. She undid his fly and his cock poked the cotton briefs lewdly out from its opening.Marla tapped the end of his cock with her finger spreading the wetness around the entire head. “Do you know what he thinks you need? He interviewed you many times. Graham is most perceptive, that is why he does the interviews.” She stood up as she spoke and hiked her dress up just enough to allow her to place a foot on either side of David’s legs. As she straddled him his legs were forced together and he sat back in the couch. He looked small almost c***dlike under her.“Do you know what Graham thinks, David?” Jennifer now gave Marla her undivided attention. She and David were both frozen by the voice and the question. “He thinks that both of you are submissives. He thinks and he should know that you are a pair adiosbet güvenilirmi of subs married to each other. I’m going to dominate you Davy.”David sat up and pushed her back and away from him. “This is ridiculous. I didn’t come here for this.”Marla stepped forward and slapped his face. David was in such shock that he sat back on the sofa and Marla stepped over him in a domineering pose once more. “That is exactly what you came here for. Have you ever wondered why the pair of you: attractive, sexy, could not satisfy each other…. Could never inflame each other as you hoped. You each wanted what the other could not give. The freedom and the release of submission. Look how your cock is raging and listen to your gut groaning in anticipation. I will make you do things with and to your cock that you would never allow yourself to do. I will make you do things to me that you would never imagine yourself doing. You will surrender and experience the sex you have longed for.”Jennifer sank back against Graham. She had one of those moments: a Eureka experience. Many things made sense. So much sense that her head was swimming. They had tried fantasizing and varying positions but never found lust. They never broke the boredom that had frozen their sex lives. They did both want to be “done”. They even would say…do me. Both sought to surrender and there was nobody to surrender to…Suddenly, Marla took two fistfuls of David’s hair and pulled his face to her cunt. She slipped her skirt over his head and locked his face against her pussy. “Kiss it and lick it pussy boy. Worship my cunt. She ground it into his face. She was violent and abusive. “Tell me that you love it. That you want to breathe it in. That you want to pray to my cunt.” She mounted his face. The back of his head rested on the back of the sofa and she knelt on the back of the couch as well. She pressed down grinding her cunt into his face. She pushed up allowing him to breathe and speak. “Well?”Still staring at and kissing her cunt, David sighed… “I love your cunt… It is my goddess… Ride my face again…” Jennifer blinked rapidly in disbelief.“Mistress. You address me as mistress.”“Yes, Mistress. I love your cunt. I want more. I want you to dominate me… Please Mistress…”“That wasn’t so hard my cunt boy, was it?”“No, Mistress.”Marla got off him and then pulled his underwear under his balls. She gathered the elastic in her hands and put a strangle type elastic hold on his dick and balls. They quickly turned purple. I’m going to enjoy teasing this little dicky. Have you heard of orgasm denial? Have you heard of milking? Have you heard of urethra play? Have you heard of a chastity belt? Have you heard of figging? Have you heard of stap-ons?“Yes Mistress.”“I know you have. Because, all alone, at night you visit those kind of sites. Don’t you my little subbie? You have femdom porn hidden on your computer. Don’t you?”“I am not going to fuck you in front of your wife because you are not ready. I have so much to do to you. You may kneel down and wank off for us however. And enjoy it. God knows when I will let you cum again. Face Graham and Jennifer. Keep all your clothes on. You look ridiculous that way and I enjoy that. Well come on get going.”David began to stroke his cock in front of the others. Marla knelt beside him and inserted a finger up his ass. As he wanked she matched the tempo with her finger. He sped up, excited by her actions.“I can see somebody is going to enjoy the strap –on experience. Wont you my bum boy?”David was so aroused by her that he shot a great arc of semen onto the carpet. As soon as he started to cum Marla grasped his prick and began stroking it with maniacal speed. He quivered then sank to the floor. She went down with him laughing as she continued to thrash his cock. He soon was begging her to stop but she squeezed and milked all the faster. He rocked back and forth and flipped about on the floor.Marla released him and strode over to the couch. She curled up in the corner of the sofa and indicated that David was to sit on the floor in front of her. “Your turn.” She smiled.