The Thrill of the UnexpectedOne evening, leaving the husband at home, I escaped for a girl’s night out. I ended up at a local club, drinking dancing and drinking more. I was having a good time, enjoying the music, the crowd and talking to the guy that owned the place. Nothing serious, just talking and maybe a little light flirting. I had talked to him on another occasion before as he was friends with other people I knew. Anyway, we talked, had a few drinks and I noticed another guy I “knew” had come into the club, another guy who I had been “having fun” with for a while but at this point was more or less done with him. Needless to say, he saw us talking and being an arrogant fuck, he mouthed something in Spanish and stormed off. I asked the guy I was talking to (also Hispanic) what he had said. He laughed and said, “he is just pissed off.” Well, time had passed and I had several more drinks and spoke with the owner a few times off and on through the evening. It had gotten late and he asked me to come back to his office to talk where it was quiet. I followed him to the back and was just kind of leaning on his desk, talking and flirting a little. I could see a bulge growing in his jeans, even though at this point, other than a few brushing touches, nothing had happened. He moved in closer, as if to test the waters. He leaned in to kiss me and I met him. We kissed heavily, his breathing sped up and I could feel his hips thrusting and muscles twitching.He was horny as fuck and about to lose control. His office chair was behind him. I guided him backwards, kissing him and rubbing his enraged cock through his pants as I led him to his seat. As he sat, I unlatched his belt, his jeans and pulled his cock from its cage within his pants. It was large to say the very least. Very thick, uncut, nicely shaven, rigid as steel and glistening with pre-cum. I stroked his thick, brown cock and maintained eye contact with him, just teasing him I guess. My hand was not even able to fit around its girth. He was so hard his foreskin had pulled back, exposing the head of his cock, which I quickly wrapped my soft, wet lips around. I could taste his delicious pre-cum on my tongue. He sat in the chair, leaned back and I stood, leaned over, sucking his big, thick, brown cock. His hands were on my head, not being rough, but just gently holding as my mouth and tongue worked his cock. I stroked and sucked him, tasting his sweet pre-cum leaking heavily by this time from his cock. I slowed my pace a bit to tease some more and licked the length of his shaft up and down before focusing on his heavy cum filled balls. I licked and sucked them as my hand slowly massaged his massive fat cock. I returned my attention to the head, sucking it and working my tongue around the tender head. After about 3 or 4 quick minutes, I could feel his breathing change. He began to moan. His legs began to tense. I knew it was close. I wrapped my lips tight, using my tongue to massage the head of his cock. His legs locked out, his grip tightened, his cock began to throb and twitch in my mouth. He grabbed his cock and pulled it out of my mouth. At first I thought he was planning on shooting his wad of cum all over my face, but he began to slap my face with his big heavy dick. Feeling that slab of meat slapping me was making me super horny. I tried, with çanakkale rus escort occasional success, to capture it in my mouth as he whipped my mouth and face. Out of nowhere he groaned and his hot cum began to explode from his cock. He was cumming everywhere, all over my face, hair, blouse, etc. I grabbed it from him and shoved it in my mouth to capture as much of that tasty cum as I could. His cock continued to pump and twitch inside my mouth, cumming quicker than even I could swallow. Excess cum escaped the corners of my mouth as I gulped down as much as I could. OMG this guy was cumming like he had not came in a year. And his cum tasted delicious! Some swallowed, some in my mouth, on my face, my hair, cleavage, his pants and shirt. It was erupting like a volcano and he let out a moan which almost sounded painful. Begin a good girl, I “cleaned up” what was on me and his cock. He cleaned himself as he tried to catch his breath and kept panting, “oh my God, oh my God” over and over. I smiled and asked him, “how was that?” He said it was amazing. We kissed and parted ways, although I knew it wouldn’t be long before he came back for more! And I knew that eventually I would have to feel that thick, brown cock buried in my pussy. Apparently he enjoyed my short “company” that night in his office because he called me nearly every day after that wondering when we could meet again. I was putting him off, not to be rude but because it was just kind of a spur of the moment thing in the first place. And on top of that I always make guys get to the point of basically begging for that second shot. I guess it worked with him because he was very persistent.Well, we had talked several times throughout the past weeks and I finally agreed to hook up with him one weekend night. I got out of the house, leaving the husband at home, and went out with a couple of friends at first so I could have some drinks and get relaxed. Later into the evening he called and asked if I was going to come by. I was just about ready to get wild so I said I would be there shortly.I left the bar and when I got to the house he eagerly met me at the door. I was wearing a snug fitting dress, hugging my curves and allowing for a full, deep view of my cleavage. He almost attacked me as soon as the door opened. He wasted no time inviting me in and began groping and kissing me the minute I walked in. He led me to the rear of the house, to his bedroom, where his strong arms wrapped around me and placed me back on the bed. His pants came off quickly and his huge, uncut, Mexican cock was throbbing hard beneath his underwear. I could feel it pressing against me as he continued to kiss me and rub his hands all over my body.I reached down and began to massage his cock. It was thick and hard, leaking of pre-cum. I rolled him over and grabbed his cock with both hands, stroked him in a long downward motion to slide his foreskin down to expose his glistening cock head. I began licking and sucking the head of his cock. He moaned gently and was thrusting his hips as if fucking my mouth. I stroked his gently as I licked and sucked his balls. I could feel his body tensing up and I knew it wouldn’t take much more to finish him off. I continued to lick him as I stroked his fat cock. I leaned forward and took çanakkale rus escort bayan his cock deep into my mouth, trying to swallow it all to the base of his balls. I began to suck and move my head up and down fucking his cock with my sucking mouth, moving my tongue around the head the entire time. He tensed up, legs locked, his tone, cut muscles became rigid and he let out a loud groan as he exploded into my mouth.I never lost suction and continued to suck as if I was sucking cum from deep within him through a massive brown cock shaped straw. He melted as his body went completely limp. I swallowed every last drop of his load and continued briefly after by licking and sucking his balls as he lay there catching his breath.I asked him if he liked that and his heavily panting voice said, “hell yes.” I laughed and lay with my head on his chest for a moment, waiting to see what his next move would be. We lay there for a few minutes and as he regained composure he rolled me over to my back and began kissing me. His cock grew hard as a rock again as he began to suck and lick my nipples and rub my pussy. I was soaking wet already from sucking his thick cock. He maneuvered between my legs, stroking his cock as he looked at me. I was so fucking horny and wanted his big brown cock in my pussy so bad, but I lay there looking at him, in a way to remind him I was in control. He reached for a condom, a magnum of course, and rolled it over the thick hard shaft. The tip of his head and foreskin gleaming with shiny pre-cum again. He wasted no time shoving that cock into my soaking wet pussy. Although I was wet and ready to accept his cock, It was still a tight fit. He was much larger than my husband or anyone else I had recently fucked, so the feel of being penetrated by this thick cock was amazing. I tried to keep my “tough girl” composure and not show how much pleasure I was actually getting from this.Once he was balls deep inside my soaked pussy he began to pick up the pace. His muscular body hovered above me, he kissed me deeply and told me how amazing his cock felt as he began to drive harder and deeper into me. I’m not sure how many times I actually came, but it only took him a few minutes before he was using his strong arms to drive deep into me, holding it tight and deep as he unloaded another enormous load into the condom. As he pulled out of my gaping wet pussy, he poured the massive load of hot cum onto my belly. He rubbed it in as I tried to catch my breath and inconspicuously regain myself. I had to make sure to not seem overwhelmed and to always be in full control.We lay around a few minutes. I was thinking I probably need to get dressed and go before my husband started to blow up my phone wondering where I was. I thought surely this guys was done now. But before I could get moving he was back above me, kissing and caressing me. He inched his way down my body, kissing and licking as he moved lower and lower. He began to lick my clit as he fingered my pussy which was still wet and gaped open from the hard fucking from his fat cock. I was so fucking horny I immediately “got into it” as he started viciously devouring my pussy like he was starving. His big brown cock was hard and ready to go again. He ripped out another condom and covered his shaft.I rus escort çanakkale climbed atop of his fat cock, sliding down onto him until his balls met my ass. My pussy was literally stuffed. I began to grind against him, feeling my wet pussy leaking onto his cock and balls. He began to suck my tits as I rode him. This drives me wild and he quickly realized it as he devoured my tits and was sucking my nipples fiercely. I continued to ride him for a few moments until I came on his cock. My body shook and quivered as I came hard feeling his cock in my pussy as he sucked my nipples like he was trying to suck them off.He rolled me over, then stood and put me on my knees at the edge of the bed. He stood behind me rubbing my ass and pussy. He slid right in this time, my pussy still loose and wet from moments ago. His strong hands grabbed my ass and drove my hips into him, assisting me in making our thrusts meet each other. He fucked me hard, slapping and smacking my ass over and over. He began to tease my asshole with his finger as he fucked me. He never pushed a finger in, just rubbed it softly as his huge meat fucked my pussy. It was all I could take. I enjoyed anal sex but had never had a cock of his size inside of my ass. My husband and my other Mexican boy toy fuck my ass on occasion, but never have I had anything like this. I admit I was nervous of the size and I was unsure if he would even oblige me, but I was curious and knew this would for sure blow his mind. As he continued to slam his cock into my pussy, I moaned out, “Stick it in my ass.” He almost stopped fucking me immediately and said, “What?” I said, “You heard me, put your cock in my fucking ass.” I could tell from his reaction I though he was going to explode right then and there. He slid his cock out of my pussy and began rubbing it and easing it into my ass. It was amazing. I could feel every bit of space inside me being filled, every sensitive spot being touched by cock. I’m typically not very “vocal” but in this case I moaned as he slid into me. A mix of pleasure and initial discomfort. Slowly he worked it all the way in. In gentlemanly fashion he was slow to start, cautious and gentle, until he felt as if I was comfortable. Once I relaxed and his cock was comfortably inside me, he began to fuck my ass hard. Deep hard thrusts, his hands gripping my round ass as his cock spread my ass as it had never been done before. Once again I feel his body quiver. I had came so many times I lost count. He pushed his cock deep into my ass and groaned loudly as he remained inside me and filled another condom with another monstrous load of spicy Mexican cum. He pulled out of my freshly fucked, well stretched ass and poured this load of cum all over my ass. He rubbed his slick, warm juices all over my round, tan ass.At this point he collapsed. I knew he was done now. He told me he had never done that before and that it was amazing. I just laughed and smiled as I got myself dressed, still sticky from the cum he rubbed all over my body throughout the night. With a quick little kiss, I bid him farewell and headed home.I got home, got undressed and crawled my exhausted, cum covered, freshly fucked body into bed right beside my husband. Good thing he was out cold. I’m sure my sore, swollen pussy and asshole looked like they had both just been vigorously assaulted with something huge…..which they had. I still wonder sometimes if my husband does not wonder why sometimes my pussy feels loose and freshly fucked when he fucked me with his average sized dick. Maybe he knows and just never says anything. Maybe he really does not have a clue about my love for thick cocks.Oh well…..on to the next.