The Surveyor and usThis happened in 1993We had to wait in for an important parcel, so to while away the time Donna and I were getting fruity upstairs on our bed. As she had had her orgasm I had just entered her and was banging away when there was a knock on the door, “Leave it” I said, “We can’t” she said, and with that I pulled out, Donna threw on her revealing nightie and went to the door i was sat there waiting for my cock to go down.I got half dressed and when I got downstairs Donna was talking to a bloke who happened to be a Council Surveyor who was looking at our adopted private road, as Donna sorted it out she asked him if he’d like a coffee, he said he would and after he’d done some investigation work fifteen minutes later he came into the kitchen. I slipped my hand under Donna’s nightie to find her still moist.As Donna was making his drink he said his name was Tom, 28, and had been doing this job for eight years. He was 5’10” slim and engaged. As he got the plans out to show us the problem Donna suggested we go into the conservatory, as we did she looked at me and winked, I followed türbanlı bayburt escort them in and Tom got his coffee.Tom got the plans out and Donna sat right next to him on the sofa, I was watching him as his eyes looked down the front of my wife’s cleavage. As they looked at these plans Donna wasn’t taking any real notice but pretended to, after a few minutes he placed the documents on the coffee table and picked up his drink, Donna leaned forward and put her hand on his knee to steady herself.As she did this he looked at her and she said “I’ve been watching you looking at my tits” and he stammered a reply that he wasn’t and she said “Do you want to touch them”, he looked embarrassed and she repeated herself, he stuttered and said “I don’t know”, as he said this Donna said “I’ll help you make up your mind”.Donna put her hand on Tom’s inside thigh and giving him a squeeze she moved it slowly upwards, I was sat opposite in another chair and I was getting hard. Eventually she arrived at the top of his leg and said again “Well do türbanlı bayburt escort bayan you want to feel my tits now”. He leaned forward and fondled her swinging 44DD beautiful tits.As she slightly moaned as he was rolling her nipples, her hand was now rubbing his cock. After a few minutes she stood up and took off her nightie, he couldn’t believe his eyes as she was naked underneath. She knelt down between his thighs and unbuckled his belt, pulling down his trousers and releasing his very hard cock.Donna slipped his cock into her mouth and he sighed, as she was licking up and down his shaft and over his helmet he was soon moaning. I stood up and removed all my clothes, my chunky 6″ was hard in front of me as I opened her legs I teased her already wet hole from behind, as I pushed into her she gasped as I filled her up.Tom had his 6″ thin cock in Donna’s mouth and was enjoying the blowjob, she’s always done good oral has my wife. I started to slowly fuck her as she moaned. Only a few minutes lated and tom announced her was türbanlı escort bayburt coming, “So soon” said Donna, and he said “Yes I’m sorry but you’re good”, she let go of him to try and make it last.As she nibbled his balls she slipped a finger into his anus and he moaned all the more, I was banging her faster but suddenly i pulled out and said “On your back” as donna moved to lie down Tom looked at me, as I slid into her I said “Tom kneel down here at the side of her” as he did she grabbed his cock and started to lick it.That motion of her licking another guy really turns me on and I knew I myself wouldn’t last much longer now I could see her, as I fucked her she gasped “I’m coming too”. “Tom rub her clit” I said as Tom reached down and rubbed her she wanked him off quicker and soon he groaned as he filled my wife’s mouth with hot sticky spunk.Virtually the same time as Tom ejeculated Donna screamed out her orgasm,as her juices flooded over my cock, as soon as I saw Tom cum in my wife’s mouth my seed flowed into Donna’s love channel,as I poured pints and pints into her warm wet cunt. After I’d finished I sat up and all three of us were sweating and breathing heavy.Donna stood up and put on her nightie and went upstairs, I got dressed and Tom mumbled something like “Thanks”. As he got dressed I said “Job done?” and he replied “No I’ll have to have a word with my supervisor, they’ll contact you by letter”, “Ok” I said as I let him out of the door.