The Story Of My Ex And Sex Part 1

It was a very routine day of my life. I was in my work and in between was checking my phone as usual and chatting with a few friends. Suddenly a pop up appeared with a message of ‘HI’ and it was from an unknown number.

I searched for the number on the true caller. It was of Mehek my ex-girlfriend. I was in quite a shock. It was almost 5 years we parted ways and both of us were happily married.

Now I thought for a second before replying. I knew it would hit few hidden strings of my heart which I have shadowed way back in my life. But as you all know my heart won over my brain and I replied. I got to know that she was in my city for a function and asked me to take the time to meet her.

I said ‘No’ at first but she insisted. She said that all her family members have gone to a nearby temple. She didn’t go with them so that she will get time to meet me. I was surprised to hear her planning and then realized she was an expert in that thing.

She asked me to come to a mall near the hotel where she is staying. In an hour I reached there and called her. She told me to come to the coffee shop where she was waiting. I went there and looked for her. Our eyes met after 5 years and there was a sudden rush of blood to my heart.

It was beating harder and the moment I touched her hand a jolt passed through. We sat there and we were talking about our lives and the topic diverted to past. She said she regrets her marriage and always think of being with me.

I got angry at her coz she was the one who left me and things got worse. After some time she told me that she wanted a hug from me and even I wanted to hug her. But that was not the right place, so we moved out from there and started to search for a good corner.

We found one washroom which had the same entry for gents and ladies and gets separated from the inside. We entered it and to our luck, there was a baby feeding room inside. Without thinking, for a second we both rushed inside and just hugged.

Now that smell of her body was making me mad and horny and even she was getting hot. Slowly our lips met and I was carried in the deep memories of our past and was kissing her madly. This went on for a few minutes.

Then we separated and were looking at each other. Her eyes were asking for more and even I wanted that. But again that was not a right place. There she was ready with another plan. She asked me to come to her hotel as her family would not be coming till evening.

We had a couple of hours and we knew what to do in that. Soon we came out of the mall hired an auto and within a few minutes, we were at her hotel. It was a good star hotel. The entry was not difficult for us as it was all booked for a function she came to attend.

She went inside first. I followed her to the lift and soon we were at her room entrance. We looked out if anyone seeing and found no one so we immediately went inside and locked it. We started kissing again and by the time we reached bed she had already removed my shirt.

She was wearing a kurti leggings. I took off her kurti in a go. There she was standing in front of me in my favorite black color bra. Then I noticed that she had put on a good amount of weight after marriage. I jumped on those melons and released them from the jail.

Her nipples were hard and soon were in my mouth. Her hand was already in my hair and my hands were exploring here horny pussy over her leggings. I was touching that heaven after a long time. It was clean wet ready for my monster.

She took off my pants and underwear in a go. She took my dick in her hand. After a few minutes of the handjob, she was ready to blow me up. Now her blowjob skills were awesome. I was actually missing it for a long time.

It didn’t take her long to make me cum and after cleaning it she was expecting me to return her the favor. I pushed her to bed opened the doors of the heaven. I was with my open mouth, tongue ready to taste the pussy which was unsealed by me.

Her clits were large and with the touch of my tongue, she started moaning. I started eating her pussy and she was screaming with pleasure. Soon she had her orgasm. Now I went above to kiss her and my dick was ready to get inside the hole.

I set my dick between her legs and pushed my dick inside her pussy. That was a hell of a moan she made and gripped her hand tight around my butts. I was deep inside her hole and was ramming her hard. She was also enjoying it and after few minutes we changed to her favorite position doggy. I pushed my dick back inside her and was fucking her hard.

She was just moaning and saying fuck me, baby. I told her I was about to cum and she told me to cum inside. I increased my speed and cummed inside her. We just fell on the bed and slept for some time.

I got up fresh up and was about to leave when she told me that she is here tomorrow also and asked to be there when she messaged me to come. I was glad to hear that and told her not to message in the night. the She agreed and I left there.
So as you all know I just had an awesome session with my ex-girlfriend and was about to leave the hotel. Suddenly I heard my name from behind and to my surprise, it was my sister in law. Now I was in a shock as what to explain to her as she came near me.

(About my sister-in-law she was a bubbly girl aged 19 very open minded and flirty. Her name is Palak and she was every guy’s dream girl.)

P: Hi Jiju what’s the up! What were you doing in that room?
Me: Hi Palak what a pleasant surprise. What you doing here. I just came to meet a client.
P: Ohh I thought Mehek bhabhi was your ex.

Me: (I was shocked like hell) Bhabhi???? How come she is your bhabhi?
P: Ohhh her husband is my distant cousin. BTW seems like you both had great fun.
M: Nothing like that Palak. I just came to meet her as she called me.

P: Ohh come on Jiju, I’m not a k**. I can understand what could have met inside (whispered in my ear: ur dick and her wet pussy) right?
M: Please Palak don’t tell anybody or else we both will be screwed.

P: Kya Jiju if I had any thought to tell anyone I would have called your wife (her didi) when I saw you both sneak into the room. Don’t worry your secret is with me. But…
M: But ??? What Palak???
P: Jiju you know my boyfriend was about to come and meet me today but he didn’t come coz of some work. We had booked a room in this hotel for us.

M: So??
P: I was wondering if my Jiju wants to spend some quality time with his sali?
M:(with a smile on my face) Are you sure? I would not mind that. (my dick already started moving in my pants)
P: Then follow me Jiju.

We went to another floor where their room was booked. The lobby was empty as everyone was busy with the function. She took out the keycard from the purse and we entered the room. She moved towards the bed but I held her hand and pulled her towards me.

I held her face and tried to smooch her. She threw her purse there and started responding. She was wearing a nice lehenga choli with a good amount of jewelry. While kissing I threw her dupatta away and started cupping her small and cute breasts above her choli.

She started untucking my shirt and was opening the buttons. I took my hands to her hooks of choli and started to unhook them. We parted our lips and I took off my shirt and she took off her choli. She was wearing a nice blue color lacy push-up bra and her cute boobies were half out of it.

Without any delay, she took off her bra and I took off my vest. Now I was in pants and she was in lehenga. We hugged again and our nude upper bodies rubbed against each other for the first time. We were kissing deeply and aur tongues were playing.

My hand was rubbing her bare back and her hands were playing with my nipples. Now she took her hand near my dick and held it above my pants. My dick was throbbing and already released pre-cum. It took no time for me to pull the thread of lehenga and it was on the ground in seconds.

Her matching blue panties were lacy and were wet like anything. I tore them apart and started rubbing her wet clean shaved pussy. Meanwhile, she also opened my pant and my undies. My monster was giving a standing salute to this young nude beauty in front of me.

Palak went on her knees and started playing with my dick, she took the tip of my dick and sucked it in her mouth. Her tongue was rounding my dick tip and the pressure was building in my balls. Without wasting any time I just pulled her up and pushed her onto the bed.

As she fell I hopped onto her stomach and sat in between her legs. Her pink teen pussy was very inviting. I was in no mood to waste any time in ramming it. I placed my dick near her pussy and without giving her a second to realize what’s happening I just pushed it in.

Now it was a young teen pussy with not much a experience of tacking dicks barely fucked for 5 10 times by her boyfriend. So it was tight as hell. She screamed very loudly and with the pain unbearable she just slapped me hard. But that slap had a more horny effect on me.

I started giving her even hard fast and deep strokes. I held both her hands and started ramming her with all the force I can gather. My dick was hitting her cervical bone and she was almost sobbing. But soon the pain vanished and she started to speak aloud.

She was just taking my name and was saying, “Yes Jiju fuck me. Fuck me hard. Show me what you got. Tear this pussy today. Yeahhhhh fuck.” And she started to punch her nails on my back. As I had just fucked Mehek I was in no mood to cum so soon and it was an added advantage for me at that time.

Palak was almost u*********s. She was moving her hips with the pace of mine and releasing hot fluids from her hole making her pussy very very sloppy. We both were now gone out of this world. We were just enjoying the smell of our sweat, her cum, and our body fragrance.

Our lips were melting in each other and I was now about to cum. I didn’t ask her anything. With that full pace and pressure, I just cummed deep inside her love hole and dropped myself on her. Even she was not moving an inch and didn’t know when both of us slept off.

I was barely awake and a tone of some sound was going through my ears. Soon I realized that it was some ringtone and in half sleep, I got up to find Palak deep in her sleep. I searched for the phone. It was Palak’s father, my Father in laws cousin.

I tried to wake her up but she was not conscious and was just saying in sleep: “Baby let me sleep for some time na please. I am so tired.” What will I do to wake her up? Would I be in some other trouble or would I be lucky enough to get through this? Find out in the next part. Until then keep fucking.

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