The Sleeper
Early spring and I find myself at the end of a last minute business trip to the States with a few days spare. I could fly back early, but with the business done and an open return ticket I decided to take a break and spend the weekend visiting Terry, an old friend who lives a few miles out of Washington. When I called to find out if it would be convenient, Terry was out but I had a long chat with his lovely wife Yuki who assured me that they would both love to see me again and that I would be more than welcome to stay for the weekend. Before saying goodbye, I gave Yuki my flight times so that she could arrange for Terry to collect me from the airport.

I have to admit that I was pleased that Yuki would be around, she was a great hostess and always made me feel very welcome. She is one of those Japanese women that has all the beautiful features of her nation and is sexy as hell without realizing it. Although I would never try anything on with Yuki she was a natural flirt, and I remember being intrigued a few years back when Terry admitted that she had strayed once with an old friend of his. It took him a while to get over that. I think he went off quietly and evened the score, but I knew that it still got to him occasionally.


Terry collected me from the airport and we arrived at their house around five on the Friday evening. Yuki had prepared a meal, so we had a few drinks and a chat before I was shown to my room, giving me a chance to freshen up and change before dinner. It was great to catch up over dinner, and I was told that they had been invited to a neighbours party a few streets away the following evening, and as I was staying with them, the invite had been extended to include me. As the last few days of travelling was starting to take its toll with me, I readily agreed when Terry suggested that it might be wise if we didn’t stay up all night drinking and chatting as we had many times in the past. Just after eleven, I made my excuses and went to bed where I remained in a deep sleep until about eight the next morning.


Saturday was a lazy day, Yuki had gone shopping to buy something to wear that night, so Terry and I met up with Wayne, another friend of his who lived nearby, for lunchtime drinks and a few games of Pool. Later, as we parted, Terry suggested that Wayne call in on his way to the party that night so that we could all stroll down together, Wayne’s wife was away for the weekend so it seemed a good idea to go as a crowd.


Evening came and I answered the door to Wayne as Terry and Yuki were still upstairs getting ready. We sat down and chatted over a beer as we waited, and were soon joined by Terry.

“Won’t be long now!” he laughed as he fixed himself a quick drink. “Typical woman, spends the whole day shopping then still doesn’t know what to wear!”

A few minutes later Yuki came down and presented herself.

“Well boy’s, how do I look?” she asked giving us a twirl.

“Wow, just lovely!” I assured her as I took in her outfit, “That makes a pleasant change from the jeans I normally see you in.”

“Got to agree.” smiled Wayne, “You sure do brush up nicely! I wish you were my date this evening.”

Yuki looked pleased with herself, “Thank you Wayne, if you like, I’ll walk with you, so Jim and Terry can follow behind and continue catching up with things.

I thought to myself how lucky Terry was. Yuki, who was now in her mid thirties, had lost non of her sex appeal in the last few years!

I have to say that I could feel my cock start to twitch as I watched her move around. She wore a black silk top that was straining over her lovely round tits, and as far as I could tell, no bra. A long full cream suede skirt with a daring side slit fell to mid calf over a pair of black leather high heel boots. The boots made her wobble a little vulnerably as she walked which I found attractive. She was wearing a little more make up than I had seen her wear before, and a deep red lipstick that accentuated her pale face which was framed by her shoulder length dark hair.

We left a few minutes later on the short walk to the party, Yuki took Wayne’s arm as Terry and I tagged on behind.

“She’s looking good isn’t she?” stated Terry as we watched her tight little bum wiggle beneath the skirt as she walked. Wayne towered over her, he was not a particularly tall guy, but Yuki was only about five foot five, and four inches of that were her heels!

“Looks great to me!” I laughed, watching the sexy sway of her hips. “I hope there’s going to be dancing at this party, I’d love the chance to give that little bum a squeeze!”

Terry gave me a hard nudge with his elbow, “Behave yourself Jim, bloody English! You can’t just turn up here and start groping our women, anyway, your out of luck, it’s not that sort of party, just flowing drink and chat.”


By eleven that night, the party was in full swing and as I mingled I had lost touch with my three friends for sometime before Terry came looking for me.

“Sorry Jim, but I’m going to have to take Yuki home, she’s had a little too much vino and she’ll be asleep before long! But you’re welcome to stay, you can stroll back with Wayne later.”

I thought for a few seconds;

“No it’s OK Terry, I’ll come back now, we can have a few drinks when we get home.”

Terry then found Wayne, who also decided to leave with us, so with Yuki linking arms between them we said our goodbye’s and left. Yuki seemed fine walking so I asked Terry why he thought she’d had too much.

“Oh she’s not drunk, he laughed, it’s just that she passes out cold when she has more than a few glasses, isn’t that right Yuki?”

She gave a little giggle, “So you say,” then smiling, “I think I just sleep well!”

After a few minutes we arrived home, Terry guided Yuki to the large sofa and Wayne and I joined him in the kitchen where he poured us all a stiff bourbon and ice. We chatted for a while before Terry suggested joining Yuki in the lounge, he went through and put some music on, but by the time we had all sat down, Yuki was out for the count.

“There you are, I told you that would happen! You won’t get a squeak out of her till the morning now! That’s why I had to get her home while she could still walk, otherwise we would have ended up carrying her.”

He put a cushion behind her head to make her comfortable and left her to sleep. As we continued to chat, I looked across at Yuki who had now started to slide slowly down on the leather sofa. Not a problem in itself, but her skirt was slowly parting as she did so, and although I was trying to be discreet, I couldn’t take my eyes of the amount of leg that she was starting to show. Also, I noticed that her boots came up just over her knees and I’m a sucker for a pair of sexy boots. When Terry left to re-fill our glasses, Wayne looked across at me and said with a wink,

“If that were my wife laying there like that, I’d want us two out of the way, wouldn’t you?”

“For sure,” I replied quietly, “I could enjoy slowly unwrapping that little present!”

Terry appeared with the drinks,

“Hey, I can hear you two! I take it she flicks a few switches for you then?”

“Fucking hell Terry, what do you think?” I answered, making a play of adjusting my crotch. “She’s sound asleep and still giving us both a hard on!”

Terry laughed, “If I’m honest, I’d have to admit to having slipped her a length when she’s like this on the odd occasion!”

Wayne looked at him with a shocked expression,

“Really! Are you saying that she sleeps so soundly she doesn’t notice? You’re k**ding me, surely?”

“No honestly, that’s it now, nothing will wake her ’till morning, … look, watch this.”

He walked over to Yuki, picked up her arm and let it fall gently onto her lap. Nothing.

“There you are, I told you.”

I watched with amusement,

“That’s one thing, but you’re saying you can get your cock into her when she’s like this and she doesn’t stir, I find that hard to believe. I bet as soon as you touched her like that she’d be awake in no time!”

Terry looked thoughtful for a few seconds.

“Alright, one of you give it a try, go and sit next to her for a minute.”

Wayne got up and slowly settled close beside Yuki.

“Well, what now?”

“Just do as I say, now, …put your hand on one of her tits and give it a gentle squeeze.”

Wayne looked a little nervous, “Are you sure?” he asked.

“Go on buddy, you’re the one with the doubts, try it, I promise you, she won’t wake up.”

I felt my cock harden as I watched with envy. Wayne carefully placed his hand on her soft breast and gave it a gentle squeeze. Not a murmur from Yuki.

“A bit more,” Terry urged, “Get your hands on them, go on …give them a good grope, it’s safe enough!”

Wayne looked awkward, “Hey man, I can’t sit here and maul your wife’s tits while she’s asleep!”

“You telling me you don’t want to!” laughed Terry.

“No one’s forcing you, I’m just saying I don’t mind and she won’t know, …it’s up to you.”

Wayne’s hands hovered over her breasts as they gently moved up and down with her soft breathing.

“Well if you’re sure man, it just seems so wrong, but geeze, but they sure do look inviting.”

He lowered his hands and gently began to squeeze her mounds, still not a murmur from Yuki. Wayne became more certain, sinking his fingers into the soft flesh as Terry moved around to the other side, watching his friend have his fun.

“You see,” he beamed, “Nothing to it! Hey, listen, why don’t you loosen her top and get them right out.”

“Yeah, good idea,” panted Wayne, his nerves seemed to have disappeared now as his fingers became busy loosening the button on her blouse.

With all the upper buttons popped, Wayne’s hands were soon in her blouse easing out her lovely firm tits, her nipple pointing upwards like bullets. I was right, no bra!

“Hey, fucking lovely tits, now they’re out, maybe I should give them a little lick and suck, just to see if you’re right. But if she starts to wake up, I’m telling you man, I’m outta here!”

“Relax, she won’t wake up, believe me,” laughed Terry as he turned to me.

“Hey Jim, you not gonna join in?”

I didn’t need asking twice, I was off the chair and kneeling at her feet in a matter of seconds. My cock was straining now as gently held her ankles and eased her legs apart. I looked across to Terry to see if he was happy with this, he gave me a nod, so I slowly began to run my hands up over her soft leather boots and onto her legs while watching Wayne lapping at her pert little nipples. Moving slowly up her legs, I suddenly felt the bare skin of her soft warm thighs above the tops of her black stockings. Wow, stockings! My straining cock gave another twitch.

“Fucking hell boy’s, can you believe she’s wearing stockings! Holy moly, this is getting too much to cope with.”

I soon had her skirt up to her waist as I carefully eased my hands up towards her pussy.

As Wayne continued to pull on her nipples with his lips, I hooked her legs over my arms and started to run my tongue along her warm silky inner thighs.

“Hey Terry, is this OK, I mean, is she going to stir if I give her pussy a lick?”

Without waiting for an answer, I hooked my finger inside her panties and pulled them down and to one side, as I did so I noticed that they were laced up either side of her hips. I gently tugged at the laces and pulled the front triangle of the skimpy black material down to expose the full beauty of her little shaven pussy which was now inches from my face and smelling as sweet as nectar. I gazed at it for a few seconds before lowering my mouth over her and letting my tongue slowly probe her soft little lips. Once moistened, I soon found her slit and to my surprise, once inside she felt really wet. I slowly buried my tongue, and as I started to lap hungrily, I started to wonder how far Terry was going to let this go! I moved my hands beneath her bum, gripping her firm round cheeks, and slowly pulled her onto my face, nuzzling her little clit softly with the tip of my nose. I heard a click and looked up to see Terry slowly rubbing his crotch and taking shots with a small digital camera.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I whispered.

“Don’t worry Jim, I just gotta take some shots of all this, I’ve been dreaming about this for years! Here, I’ll leave the camera here, so help yourself boys, I’ve got to have a record of this!”

As I turned my attention back to her sopping little pussy, I noticed Terry undoing his belt and releasing his cock.

“Come on then you guys, who’s gonna risk trying to slip their cock in first.” asked Terry

Wayne looked up with a shocked expression.

“You mean you’re gonna let us fuck her, your wife, now, like this? Wow, Buddy, this is so wrong!”

Terry smiled, “That’s exactly what I’m gonna do, I want to see you boys getting off on her lovely little body, I want to be able to slide into her when she’s full of your cum, I need to get something off my chest and have some fun as well, so get your cocks out and get stuck in, but it’s gotta be on my terms though, just go along with me and we’ll all enjoy ourselves!

I had no idea what he meant by that but I was rock hard now, I just had to release my straining rod. I was kneeling between her thighs and just getting lined up with her pussy when Terry spoke up.

“Hang on Jim!” He moved beside me.

“I’ve got to ease it in for you, house rules, OK?”

“Yeah, whatever.” I panted. “I just got to get it in there before I fire a wad all over her!”

The next move took me by surprise, Terry grabbed my cock and gave it a few pulls before nudging it up to Yuki’s wet pussy.

“Hey!” he whispered with a pleased look on his face. “That’s a good hard one you got there Jim, that’ll fill her up nicely!. Now lets get it in.”

I slowly lent forward, looking down at her slim waist and the lovely flare of his hips as he teased the swollen bell of my cock around her pussy lips before letting me start to ease into her.

“That’s it Jim, nice and slow, come on, a bit more, … a bit more! That’s it fill her right up!”

I was so worried that she was going to wake up, I almost wished I had a smaller cock to lessen the chance of disturbing her!

I could feel the heat of her soft wet pussy sucking me in as Terry controlled me, finally, he moved his hand away, letting me sink my desperately hard cock up to the balls.

“That’s it Jim boy, fill her up, nice and gentle now, we don’t want to wake her.”

I eagerly started to work my cock in and out of that hot tight cunt, slowly giving her full length strokes while my balls swung between my legs.

“That’s it, there you go buddy, give her a nice slow ride!”

Fuck, it felt so good it was all I could do not shoot my load straight away. As I looked up I could see that Wayne now had his meat gripped firmly in his hand out and was rubbing it around her slightly parted lips, giving her lipstick a nice gloss coating with his pre cum. Terry continued to click away as he knelt the other side of her offering his cock to her mouth at the same time.

He then offered the camera to Wayne, and as he took it, Terry reached across for his cock. I watched in amazement as Terry then held Yuki’s head in one hand and eased Wayne’s fat purple helmet between her lips with the other.

“That’s it baby!” He whispered, “Taste that nice big cock, you like that don’t you? Treat it real nice and I’ll let it fuck you soon!”

Wayne gasped as her lips closed over his cock,

“Yes! Oh FUCK yes!! Lovely little mouth, that’s it Yuki, suck on Wayne’s big sticky cock! Come on baby, that’s the way!

Terry looked on excitedly as we continued to use his wife.

“There you are Honey,” He panted, looking down at Yuki. ” This what you like, isn’t it? Lots of hard cock to satisfy you, shame you’re sleeping through it, but no matter, we’ll make it sure it’s good for you, you just lay back and enjoy!”

Wayne was now working himself hard between her lips, flicking his cock in and out with a soft plopping noise. Terry then took his turn and before long she had two excited cocks battling for the pleasures of her hot mouth

I knew this was so wrong and yet felt so good, I had to have a go at that mouth.

“Hey Wayne,” I said in a hushed voice, as though it would wake her, you wanna take a turn in here!”

“Hell yes” he replied, as he climbed off the sofa, still holding his rigid cock.

I eased out of her slowly as Terry came down to guide Wayne’s cock into her hot little nest.

“Same rules.” he panted, “Your cock, but I’ve got put it in!”

I watched from above as he took hold of Wayne’s twitching cock.

“Hey, nice one Wayne!” Grinned Terry as he gave him a few wanks. “This’ll stretch her a bit! …Now, are you ready,…that’s it nice an easy does it.”

His face was inches from Wayne’s cock now as he slowly eased it in.

“That a boy! Fill her up, go on, all the way. Oh yes, that’s what she needs!”

He continued to urge him on as Wayne began to groan in ecstasy.

Meanwhile I was more interested in Yuki’s mouth. Wayne had pulled her further down on the sofa, so I knelt astride her and using my thumb to push at the base, I gently lowered my spring like cock between her soft red lips. I was hard as steel now and would loved to have just fucked away at her face but I had to hold back in case I gagged her. It wasn’t made any easier as Wayne was building up a nice pace urged on by Terry, her body was moving enough to make it feel as though she was really sucking on me, if only!

Behind me I could here Wayne’s balls slapping against her bum as he continued to groan.

“Hey Yuki, how’s that baby, …you love having my cock in you don’t you, Oh yes, I can tell you’re loving it,.. Anytime baby, you just get Terry there to give ol’ Wayne a call when he’s pissed with you, I’ll be right over to teach you a lesson

He kept pumping away with his cock for a good ten minutes, keeping up a nice even pace.

“I’m gonna cum in a minute Terry!” he eventually panted, “You want me to pull out?”

“No way bud, ..just tell me when and fill her right up!”

“Right” gasped Wayne as he began to speed up, “You asked for it, Oh yes, here we go, here we go baby, it’s all for you!”

I looked around just in time to see Terry gently grasp Wayne’s swinging balls.

“That’s it bud, empty these into her, fill her with your cum, let me squeeze every last drop into her!

Wayne was pumping hard now and gasping. “Yes, yes! Oh God Yesss! That’s it Yuki, take it all, that’s the girl, Oh yes … squeeze me dry!”

With a final long groan he emptied his straining bollocks into Terry’s wife.

“Fuck!” he gasped as he finished, “Fuck …that was so good! I’ve been ready to give her that little lot for a long time …Phew wee! What a great piece of pussy, shame she wasn’t awake to enjoy it!”

He slowly withdrew his cock with a quiet sucking sound and waving his cock triumphantly, collapsed on his back, wearing a big grin on his face

“There you go boy’s, all ready for you now, hot primed and ready to go!”

With that he started to slowly get dressed.

“You had enough?” asked Terry.

“You bet my friend, I’ve done my bit, I’m not hanging around for her to wake up. This is too fucking dangerous, I’m gonna quit while I’m ahead!”

He picked up his jacket,and walked towards the door, turning back to say,

“I’ve gotta say Terry, you put on a great party, next time Yuki fancies a drink be sure to call me, I’ll bring the salami! Catch you tomorrow … if you two are still alive!”

With that he left.


I looked at Terry who didn’t seem to worried by Wayne’s sudden departure.

“What do you want do, call it a night?” I asked.

“No way,” he smiled, “Why don’t we just take all this upstairs, it’ll be more comfortable on the bed. I’ll carry Yuki up, you fix us a couple of drinks and follow on!”

“Sounds good to me, I’ll be right there!”

I poured another couple of shots, flicked the lights out and made my way upstairs to the softly lit bedroom.

Terry had stripped off and was just removing Yuki’s skirt. Her blouse was already gone and she lay spread-eagled on the king size bed. I noticed a little trickle of Wayne’s cum oozing out of her pussy. Terry had spread a large white towel beneath her to save the quilt. I was amazed that he had thought this all through.

“Hey, Jim, just in time. You want to take care of the boots and stockings?” he said with a wink.

I looked down at his sexy little wife and my cock began to stiffen again, I just wanted to get back to it.

“Err …if its all the same to you mate, I think we’ll leave those on.

“Eh? …Oh yeah, I forgot, you’re into all that! Ha, … no problem, better strip off and come and join us then!”

We both settled down next to Yuki, one either side. Looking down at her as we ran our hands over her soft warm body, I was amazed that she was still sleeping soundly.

I turned to Terry.

“What do want to do now?” I asked “You gonna fuck her, or am I?”

“You go next, but in your own time, no rush is there! I’ve gotta tell you, I really want to try her pussy when it’s full of cum. You know, like sloppy seconds, only this will be even better, sloppy thirds!”

As she lay between us, we each took one her hands and placed them around our cocks. Slowly closing our hands over hers so that she was slowly wanking us.

Terry looked down fondly at his wife.

“Look at this sexy little slut, lying there on our marital bed full of one mans cum and wanking two more cocks to get them ready to fuck her. I wonder what she’s dreaming about?”

“I hope it’s more cock!” I laughed. “Because I’ve got a bucketful of cum building up ready for her now, so if it’s OK with you?”

“Be my guest!” Terry whispered, looking down at Yuki. “But as I said no rush, there’s plenty of time for fun yet!”

I felt there was a kind of rush, If I didn’t fuck her soon I was going to burst!

I moved down and lifted her legs onto my shoulders, looking over to Terry, I asked him if he wanted to do the honours again.

“Yeah, great!” he gasped, The feel of her soft stockings against my skin and the warm leather of her boots on my shoulders was giving me a stonking hard on, so I hardly noticed his hand slowly wanking my desperate cock as I eased it into Yuki. I was about to give his sexy little wife a real good fucking and if he wanted to be the one that slipped my cock into her I was not about to complain!

“Christ!” I panted, “This is easy, Wayne has loosened her up a bit, it feels like a bath of warm oil in here now, Wayne was right, he must have been saving this lot up for weeks!”

I lifted her bum slightly to get a good direct thrust, my cock felt so taught I could have carried her around the room on it!

“Quick Terry, chuck some pillows under her!”

He grabbed three and I lifted her while he pushed them beneath her bum.

“Oh yes, that’s it, fucking lovely that is,” I whispered, as I sank my cock up to the hilt!

“I’m going to give her a right royal fucking now, you still got that camera Terry boy, ’cause once I start there ain’t gonna be no stopping me!”

I slowly built up the pace as Terry clicked away, he could do as he pleased now, I was just intent on ramming my cock into his delicious little wife. I kept building up the pace and then managing to slow down again before it was too late, if he wanted sloppy thirds, I was going to do my best to accommodate him!

I watched Terry filling her mouth with his cock as I built up steam, I had been going for a good ten minutes and there was no stopping now, all caution had gone. The bed was bouncing and Yuki was letting out little murmurs as I bucked my meat into her. Faster and faster, if she woke up now it was too late, she was going to get it regardless.

“Here it comes Terry, are you ready for this, I’ve nearly done pounding your sexy little slut, I’m gonna fill her with cum now!”

Slap, slap, slap, slap, as I hammered away, This was fantastic, just banging away as Terry urged me on, I could feel my spunk rising in my cock as thrustin to her, this was too much now, I had to let it go!

“Oh God yes, there you go, take it baby, take all that!” My balls exploded into her like a volcano, surge after surge filling her up as I kept up the onslaught, until finally I was empty and knackered. Pausing for a minute as my cock calmed, I forced the last few trickles of cum into her, before carefully pulling out my glistening semi erect cock, not wanting to waste a drop.

“There you are mate, she’s all yours now! This is what you’ve been waiting for, one well fucked cum sodden little slut wife!”

“Oh yeah, this is it! I’ve been waiting a long time for this little treat!” gasped Terry as he took my place between her legs.

I slid up the bed beside her and wiped my limp cock over her tits before kneeling behind her so that she was leaning back against me. I cupped her lovely tits and rolled her taut nipples between my thumbs and fore fingers as Terry positioned himself.

With a loud squelch, I watched him ease his big fat quivering cock into Yuki’s ravaged little cunt that had only just finished satisfying his two mates.

“Jesus, that is a-mazing! Oh yes! … Fuck! That feels so good, I’ve dreamed of slipping into her well fucked pussy but I never thought it would feel this good! Oh God yes! You dirty little slut Yuki! Dirty little cum filled slut wife with a red hot juicy cunt! I’m going to punish you now, Yuki baby, your never going to want for more cock after this!”

Terry began slowly, and I watched in fascination as he built up the pace until he was banging away at her full tilt, all the time talking real dirty . As I watched and listened, it wasn’t long before I stiffened again. I lowered her head and positioned myself beside her once more. I was soon riding her soft little mouth in time with his thrusts.

It wasn’t long before I could feel myself coming to the boil again and was hoping get back in her pussy to shoot another load but Terry was nowhere near finished. Man could he fuck, made me wonder why she ever needed cock elsewhere! Finally, Terry let out an explosive gasp as he let rip with his cum. Seeing this and knowing that he was pumping a third load of spunk into her was too much for me to take, I pulled out of her hot little mouth and let my wad loose in streaks across her face and tits.

We both collapsed next to her breathlessly as we recovered. Yuki slept peacefully on.

“Well, how was it for you Terry, do you feel as though you’ve even the score now?”

“Oh yes, I think so don’t you? And I should have some great photos as a souvenir as well, all in all a great night!” he replied with a wide grin.

“A great night indeed!” I agreed. ” You have to give her credit, she sure can take some cock!”

We pulled Yuki back into the centre of the bed, making her comfortable before slipping back downstairs for a coffee. As we chatted, Terry looked at me.

“What?” I asked

“Nothing, just wondering, do you think you could manage another go?”

“Fucking hell Terry, don’t you think she’s had enough for one night?”

“Maybe, but she still up there on that nice big bed, …still got those boots and stockings on that you like so much, what d’you think?”

I pondered for a minute, he had a point, she was up there, and still looking sexy as hell! My cock began to react and the more I thought about it the stiffer it became.

“OK you’re on, as long as you don’t think we’re pushing our luck!”

Terry slapped my shoulder,” That’s the spirit, the only thing we’re pushing is cock, lets get back up there!”


I glanced at the bedside clock as I slid my cock into Yuki once more, four AM, she had been fucking for four hours now, Good job she was so wet or she would never be able to walk in the morning!

We had her on her side now, one in her mouth and one her sodden pussy. We continued to slowly work our cocks into her like she was a rag doll. Fucking her at a lazy pace as we took our pleasure, chatting occasionally, then swapping round each time one us of fancied a change. We had pumped so much spunk into her that night, the urgency had now gone, we were just a couple of bad guys enjoying a lazy fuck! After what must have been an hour and half, we had both cum a few more times, when Terry made one last request.

“Hey Jim, lets prop her up on the bean bag over there, There’s one more thing I want to capture!”

“OK Whatever you want, what’s your idea?”

After he explained, we carried her over to the bean bag and made her comfortable, lying back with her head slightly raised.

Kneeling either side of her we began to work our cocks, taking it in turns to slip into her loose pretty little mouth, and then rubbing our cocks over her face, despite everything that we had done so far, this was a real turn on. Looking down at Yuki’s sweet little face as she slept soundly, completely unaware that she was about to get blasted with the cum from two cocks was really getting to me. Terry was in charge, if he wanted us to toss ourselves off over her face, who was I to argue? We continued until we were both agreed that we were ready, Terry continued to snap away with his camera, then within a couple of seconds of each other we sprayed our spunk over her, smothering her eyelids, into her mouth and down onto her tits. I looked down at her as the last drops fell onto her tits. She would never know how damn hot she looked at the end of a gangbang she didn’t know she given!

Finally, totally spent and knackered I made my way back to my room, leaving Terry, at his insistence, to tidy up and straighten Yuki out.


Next morning I finally awoke at about ten o’clock. As I slowly came out of my deep slumber my thoughts went back to the bad, bad things that we had done to Yuki last night. But even as a little guilt came over me, my cock began to grow at the memory.

After a shower, I pulled on my clothes and packed my bag ready for the afternoon flight back home. The smell of bacon was wafting up from the kitchen as I made my way downstairs. I was expecting to see Terry in the kitchen, but was met by Yuki, looking as fresh as a daisy!

“Hi Jim, sleep well?” she asked with a smile.

“Morning Yuki, just fine thanks, how about you?”

She looked at me and laughed.

“I’m so sorry about last night, it was really rude of me ignoring our guests, but if I drink I sleep like an angel, I think Terry gets pissed about it sometimes but I just can’t help it!”

“Hey, don’t apologise, We had a lot of catching up to do, so no problem.” I answered feeling a bit of shit.

“Well, as long as didn’t spoil your evening, that’s the main thing. Can you give Terry a call, he’s out front and breakfast is ready!”

Now feeling a complete shit, I was glad of the excuse to leave the kitchen. I found Terry in the garage sorting out a few boxes.

“Hey buddy, how’s it going, sleep well?” He asked with a big grin on his face.

“Yeah, just fine, but I woke up with a boner as soon as I thought back to last night! How’s Yuki, she doesn’t suspect anything?”

“Not a thing!” He grinned, “She just apologized and said she hoped she hadn’t spoilt the evening, I told we would probably let her off!”

Over breakfast I became convinced that everything was normal, Yuki gave me a smile as she caught me looking at her while she was eating. If only she knew that each time she opened her mouth to eat, I was thinking how good it had felt slipping my cock in there!

Finally it was time to leave, with my bags packed in the car, Yuki gave me a big hug and told me not to leave it so long next time. I waved as we pulled out of the drive as Terry headed the car for the airport.


After we left Yuki tidied up a little and made herself a coffee. She was about to sit down when the phone rang.

“Hi Yuki, it’s Claire, can I ask you a favour? We have my parents coming over this evening and they wanted some pictures of themselves with the c***dren. Bill’s camera has packed up, do you have one we could borrow for a few hours?”

“No problem, Terry has a new one, I’m sure he won’t mind. Do you want to come over in half an hour or so and collect it?”

After the call had finished, Yuki fetched the camera from the bedroom, noticing that it had been used she thought that she should download the images to clear it before Claire came to collect it.

Humming to herself, she settled in front of the PC, made the connections with the camera and sat back to watch the download. She took a sip of her coffee, but nearly choked on it as the first images started to appear on the screen.

As she slowly clicked through the images of herself being fucked and spunked over by Wayne, Jim and her husband, she became frozen with shock. Her husband that she loved and trusted had actually let their friends fuck her while she slept! She had a sneaking suspicion that Terry had done this himself on the odd occasion, but this was entering an entirely different league!

Once more she scanned through the pictures, this time taking more note of the detail.

There was Wayne with his cock in her mouth, grinning at the camera and holding a thumb up, another with Terry holding a cock in each hand, feeding one into her mouth and one into her pussy, whatever was he thinking of? So it went on, finishing with her slumped on the bean bag with what looked like to lots of cum running down her face and on to her tits. My God! What a cheap slut I he’s made me look!

The question now was what to do about it. Kick Terry out, have then arrested for ****? Obviously Terry had given his consent, but she certainly hadn’t. She needed time to think before tackling Terry. Her mind worked overtime as she flicked back through the sordid images.


First things first! She called Claire back to tell her that Terry had the camera with him, so she would be unable to borrow it today.

She then quickly copied the images on to a CD and wiped them from the computer. The next thing was to put the camera back where she had found it so as not to let Terry suspect that she had seen anything.

With all this done she had time to think, and could try to act normally until she had made her decision.


Later that evening, they had just finished dinner when Wayne called round, she felt butterflies in her stomach as he entered the lounge, but had to try to act as though the situation was normal.

“Hi Wayne, I wasn’t expecting to see you again so soon, can I fix you a drink?” She asked, with a smile, but thinking, you big bastard, how many hours did you spend working your cock into me?

“Hey great, I’ll have a beer if that’s OK, you joining us?”

She thought there was a trace of a leer on his face as he asked, but she chose to ignore it.

“Not tonight,” She answered with a smile. “I think I had more than I could cope with last night!” She quietly thought, maybe I should be on the phone to your wife letting her know what you get up to while you’re out!

“Ah, pity,” Sighed Wayne, “You probably slept through the best part of the evening, we had some fun after we got back here didn’t we Terry? You know, a few shots, good music and stuff. Great night!”

She noticed Terry visibly cringe as he hastily ushered Wayne in to the kitchen. She smiled inwardly, maybe she could have some fun with this!

As the weeks went by, Yuki managed to keep herself under control, Terry had no idea that she knew about the photos. The problem now was that she couldn’t resist going back to the photos when she had the house to herself. The thought of being fucked by the three of them was starting to have an effect on her. As she flicked through the pictures she could feel a tingle of longing in her pussy, she would let her hand fall between her thighs, stimulating herself as she imagined how it would have felt had she been awake. How would she have managed to cope with three hard cocks all vying for her attention?

These thoughts continued to play on her mind, and now, when she made love to Terry she was driven into overdrive as she thought about sucking another cock while he fucked her. She also began to like the idea of having another cock or two ready to satisfy her after he had finished. Could she really cope with all that? But then she thought to herself, I have haven’t I. Must be easy really, I can do it in my sleep!

She also noticed that Terry had become more enthusiastic lately. He would often pull out of her pussy so that she could suck him a bit more, before plunging back in and riding her really hard. Perhaps they were both having the same secret thoughts.

Slowly Yuki began to want this to happen and began to form a loose plan.


It was September when Terry announced over breakfast one morning that he had received an e-mail from Jim saying that he would be back in Washington in mid December, and asking if they could put him up for a few days.

Yuki definitely liked the idea of seeing Jim again, and from the photos it would seem that Terry was very happy to put Jim up! Now her mind began to work overtime as she began to formulate a definite plot!


I was surprised to receive an e-mail from Yuki. I read through the general chat until I came to the last paragraph. She remembered that I had mentioned buying my wife a pair of made to measure leather thigh boots from France, if she gave me the details, she asked if I would order her a pair to take out with me. It was to be a surprise for Terry so I was under the threat of death if I mentioned it him. Of course, I told her that I would be delighted, so long as I got to see her in them. I liked the idea of seeing her those, I wondered if she would wear them to a party!

A few days later she sent the required measurements and they were duly ordered. The boots turned up in early December, in plenty time for my trip back to the States!


It was just over a week before Christmas when Terry collected me once more from the airport. With my business finished I was looking forward to a few days stay with him and Yuki, though I wasn’t expecting a repeat of the kind of fun that the last trip had offered.

On the way home I asked if he’d had any repercussions from my last visit, but he dismissed the question with a wave of his hand,

“I told you before, when she’s had a drink she’ll sleep through anything, but don’t get any ideas, that was a one off!”

We ate out that evening and Yuki retired as soon as we arrived home. It was about one in the morning when Terry and I gave in and went off to our respective rooms.

Next morning, Yuki collected the boots from me while Terry was showering, and scurried off to hide them. I was a bit disappointed as I had been looking forward to seeing her try them on. Later that day however, she surprised me by giving me a big kiss as a thank you and told me that they were a perfect fit! Damn, no viewing!

We decide to eat in that night as Yuki wanted to cook us a Japanese meal, Wayne had been invited over as his wife was away at her mothers with the k**s, getting the Christmas visit out of the way.

Over the meal, Yuki told us that she was doing a Christmas visit to an old peoples home the next day, something that she did every year for a local charity, only this year Santa had become ill so she was going to replace him. As Terry would be working, I agreed to drive her over there, and bring her back afterwards.

I cringed when Wayne asked how she was going to get away with being so clean shaven, I thought that was a bit close, but I guess it was just my guilty conscience! Yuki just laughed and said they had been told it would be a Mrs Santa this year.

The drinks continued to flow after the meal and I noticed Yuki getting a herself a few large Bacardi and cokes.

The conversation came back round to her Santa outfit, and Terry suggested that she put it on to see what we all thought. Laughing, she promised to show us before the end of the evening.

At around eleven, Yuki said that she was starting to feel tired, so if we wanted to see the outfit she would go and change so long as we cleared up a little and poured some more drinks. Deal done!

Twenty minutes later we were sitting in the lounge when she put her head round the door and asked if we were ready.


When Yuki appeared, our jaws just dropped, she looked absolutely stunning in a very expensive looking rich green Santa jacket complete with fake ermine trim and a big hood at the back. The jacket came to mid thigh, but what really got me were the boots. She was wearing her new thigh boots which disappeared beneath the bottom of the jacket and just kept going.

Terry was the first to speak.

“Hell Yuki, where did you get all that? And those boots, I never knew you had those! Christ, if you go visiting pensioners like that you’ll loose half of them to heart attacks the minute you walk in!

Yuki looked very pleased with herself and laughed when Wayne spoke up.

“You can come down my chimney anytime of year! I’d wait up all night to see those boots appear in my lounge! Woo Hoo! But isn’t the jacket supposed to be red?”

Yuki laughed, “Didn’t you know, it was always green before Coca Cola used a red outfit in their advertising, this is the traditional colour!”

I backed her up, “She’s right you know, and looking at her standing there like that, I’m all for a bit of tradition!”

“I take it you all approve then, it’s not spoilt by the lack of beard or anything?”

“No way, you look fantastic!” Wayne enthused, “I was wrong about the beard, you definitely have nothing missing as far as I can see!”

Yuki looked very pleased with herself, she thanked us, and said that she was going to get changed again so as not to spoil the outfit.

But Terry cut across her.

“Hey Hun, why don’t you keep it on for just one more drink? We would enjoy a bit festive spirit for a while, wouldn’t we boys?”

Wayne and I both offered our encouragement, so Yuki agreed. She took our glasses to the kitchen to refill them and settled down on the sofa next to Terry.

A while later, as she finished another large Bacardi, I noticed her eyes start to close. I kept quiet as I was really enjoying the flash of thigh above her stocking tops as she sat cross legged. I think I was the only one to have the advantage of this view due to my position opposite her. It was doing my cock no good at all.

Ten minutes later she was out for the count.

“Hey Terry,” I said quietly, “I think Santa has left the room, you going to take her upstairs?”

He looked across at Yuki, “Is she? Has she gone again? Pity, perhaps I should take her up. What do you think?”


Behind her closed eyes, Yuki waited breathlessly for someone to make a move. Was her husband going to pick her up and take her to bed, or was the temptation to great?

She felt movement beside her, she knew it was Terry.

Her arm was lifted and dropped, she let it fall loosely. Then she heard her husbands voice;

“Well boys, she gone again, what do you think we should do now?”

She recognised Jim’s voice next.

“I think we should loosen her jacket a little, I’d love to see how far up those boots go!”

Then Wayne;

“Never mind the boots, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands around those lovely tits again! What d’you think Terry, we gonna be having some more fun with her then?”

She waited in anticipation for her husband to answer, she could feel her juices starting to flow already as she prayed he would say yes.

Terry again;

“Well I suppose we could, it is Christmas after all, we could help ourselves to an little early present from ‘Sexy Santa’ here!”

Yes!! She thought, then, The filthy bastard, he’s going to let them take me again! She listened to the movement as they closed in on her, who was going to be first, what were they going to do? Her mind flashed back to the photos that she knew so well now, then she felt hands on her belt. It was Wayne. Jesus! Could she go through with this?

“Better loosen this off and see what Santa has wrapped up for us then.”

Yuki felt him tug at the wide belt before she felt it loosen, the cooler air hit her body as her cloak was gently laid open. A low whistle, and then Wayne again.

“Look at this little lot boys! Fuck me, she’s only got boots and stockings on under here, the little slut!”

“Gotta release the old monster, it feels about a foot to big for where it is! Man, I gotta get it wedged between those tits right now!”

She heard him unzip his trousers and nearly gasped as his big hands closed roughly over her breasts.

“Terry ol’ Bud, you are one lucky bastard! Look at them nipples, sticking out like corks on those big juicy tits! Fucking hell, lovely big jugs they are, I can’t wait to see them bouncing around when I get my cock up her!”

She felt her legs being spread and hands on her thighs, she tried to peep from under her eyelids but couldn’t see past Wayne who was now astride her stomach and squashing her tits around his cock. As he started to fuck them she felt a tongue slip into her pussy. Oh God, two of them at her now! Was she really going to let this happen?

She recognised the licking technique as being her husbands.

The next thing was a hand turning her head sideways, this must be Jim! She thought, three of them now and she was still letting it continue. What a slut I am!

She could smell his masculinity as his cock touched her lips. Mustn’t react! But she let him open her mouth easily with his finger to allow the slippery helmet between her lips.

She wanted to suck him, but had to restrain herself as he slowly jerked his fat, stiff, cock into her mouth, occasionally pulling out to slap her gently round the face with it. His groans of pleasure were turning her on even more as Terry pulled away with his mouth.

“I’m going first this time boys, she feels as wet as a swamp down here, got to sink my cock in here before you two start on her!”

First this time? What did that mean, who was first last time then? No time to think now, she felt Terry’s cock slip easily into her pussy filling her up very nicely.

Meanwhile, Wayne had stopped fucking her tits and was now insisting that Jim gave him a go at her mouth. What did they think she was, an inflatable doll for fucks sake?

Jim’s cock disappeared and after a bit of scrabbling for place, Wayne’s was nudging at her lips, Christ, he felt big!

As he guided it in he started talking;

“That a girl Yuki, you have a suck on Wayne’s big ol ‘cock now, you know you loved it last time! I should have stayed and helped these two fuck you all night, didn’t know you loved it so much! Never mind baby, ol’ Wayne ain’t rushing off tonight, gotta make the most of our present, ain’t that right boys? Give her credit though, she’s dressed for the part! Just look at them boots, if they ain’t crying out ‘Fuck me senseless! I don’t know what is.”

She smiled inwardly as he continued to rant while wanking his cock into her mouth. If only he knew!

Jim spoke next;

“Hey Terry, shove over! I’ve got to get my cock back in there, I’ve had a stiffy for months thinking about that last time, never thought I’d get the chance to fuck your little minx again!

She felt Terry pull out, he gripped her ankles, lifting her legs in the air as he pulled them apart, giving his friend easy access!

Jim’s hands went under her bum, lifting her as he lined up.

She waited excitedly for his cock, and a shiver of glee went through her as she felt the hot shaft slide in slowly up to the hilt. At last!

“Christ this is good!” Jim gasped as he started to hump away at her willing little pussy.

“This is better than I remembered, feels tighter than last time, but then we haven’t had Wayne mashing away at it with his great dong and pumping her full of come yet, have we!”

As she heard this a shiver of anticipation ran through her. Lying there being fucked by a new cock straight after her husbands and knowing there was more to come was getting to much for Yuki, she was ready to cum herself but didn’t want to give the game away just yet. She wanted to grip Jim’s thrusting cock with her pussy, but she knew she had to just let him bang away without reaction. She had planned exactly how she wanted them before she could respond but she would just have to wait!

A few minutes later, she felt Jim take her ankles from Terry as he slowed to a comfortable rhythm, Wayne took his cock from her mouth which was quickly replaced by Terry’s. She heard Wayne speak again.

“Right Jim, my turn, lets give the little pussy a real treat, she’ll be gagging for Wayne’s big ol’ pleasure pole by now!”

Her views of Wayne were changing as she listened to his lewd comments, she was starting to realise what an arrogant bastard he really was now. But never mind, it was another cock, and a nice big one at that by the sound of things. Just what she was ready for now! She listened as he continued.

“Any of you dudes shot up here yet? I wanna give that dirty little bitch a good tonguing first, but I ain’t licking none of your jizz out of her!”

Her husband next;

“Go on Wayne, get your tongue up there, she’d love that if she were awake, normally gets her squirming like a snake!”

Feeling shocked at the way he was encouraging Wayne, she was soon distracted as Jim started to slap her face again with his hot wet cock, she let her mouth fall open so that he could slip it in when he was ready.

“Look at this mate!” She heard him say, “I reckon your Yuki here loves a mouthful of cock, almost asking for it with her mouth falling open like that.”

As he spoke she felt his meat fill her mouth again, at the same time she felt her legs being thrown over Wayne’s shoulders as his tongue entered her. God! This was heavenly!

Wayne was working well on her pussy, he may be arrogant but he could sure use his tongue! It felt as though it was six inches long as it flicked about inside her, while his mouth remained firmly clamped over her like a big plunger! Just as she was to about to loose the fight to keep control, he pulled away.

“Cock now baby! Better hang on to her boys ’cause I’m ready to fuck her into next week!”

She was ready for it now, praying that it felt as big in her pussy as it did in her mouth.

“That all right with you Terry old buddy, you still OK with me shooting your little lady full of cum?”

She felt Terry take her hand and close it around his cock, using her to toss himself, as he urged Wayne on.

“Go on Wayne, you know what to do! Fuck her hard empty your balls into her, I want her awash when I get in there!”

She was shocked to hear her husband talk like this, but her thoughts soon moved on as she felt Wayne’s fat cock wedge against her pussy lips, he nudged it around for a few seconds to lube it up before shoving it in without any finesse. But it did feel good, and was easily the biggest she had ever felt.

Gripping the cheeks of her arse he started a steady onslaught, literally just banging in to her as Terry called out encouragement.

“That’s it Buddy, work it in to her, look at the little slut being fucked hard, boy, she sure does look good like this!”

With the pleasure was running through her in waves, she couldn’t hold back much longer, it was time to change things.

She held back for a few seconds, building up courage, once she started there was no going back. A few seconds more …right, oh God no! Yes! Get on with it! Go for it girl!

Terry felt her grip on his cock strengthen as she took control, he looked down in amazement as he took his hand away and she continued to wank him. He was about to mention it to the others when suddenly he saw her legs move.

Wayne was leaning over her, taking his weight on his arms and jerking his big cock in and out of her pussy. His heavy balls slapping at her bum as he felt the warm leather of her boots wrap around his waist. He nearly stopped in panic until he felt Yuki’s legs pulling him in harder with each stroke.

As I watched this all unfold, I felt her mouth starting to suck enthusiastically on my cock. I looked down to see her looking back up at me wide eyed. She gave me a wink and carried on sucking.

“Holy shit Terry! she’s fucking responding!” Wayne gasped.

“Oh man this is too much to take, I can’t hold back now! … That’s it baby work ol’ Wayne’s cock! Shit she’s loving this, … too much now, can’t hold back, gotta unload before my balls burst!”

Yuki pulled her mouth away from me.

“Come on then you big dicked bastard, Fuck me hard, take your present from poor little Santa,

Go on, that’s it, OH YES! Come on harder, .. HARDER! OH GOD YES!”

Wayne picked her up by the hips and fucked her furiously for another thirty seconds before he exploded into her. His groans drowned out by her squeals of delight as she felt his hot cum erupt deep inside her as she came shuddering to a climax on his thrusting meat.

Apart from their combined panting, a complete silence feel over the lounge, although Yuki was still slowly working the other two cocks in her hand.

She looked up at Terry.

“There darling, isn’t this going to be more fun without the need to let your friends **** me? I think you’ll find I am far more accommodating when I’m awake! What do you boy’s think?”

Terry began to stammer.

“B B But the drink …you were gone, it, I mean, you. You never wake up!”

“So it would seem, but this time I only drank coke, there was never any Bacardi in my glass, anyway, having seen the photos you took last time, I thought I’d better stay awake for the party tonight!”

Terry looked totally crestfallen now.

“You mean you’ve been awake all the time, Holy shit!”

Yuki slowly stood up and looked at her husband.

“Never mind honey, we can talk later,.. don’t worry, I won’t spoil your fun! But hey, lets get on with the party, I thought you were all going to ‘fuck me senseless’, so what are we waiting for guys?”

Yuki stood up and walked to wards the door, then glanced back over her shoulder with lowered eyelids and a coquettish pout.

“Come on then boys, there’s a nice big soft bed upstairs! …So, who’s next?”


Initially startled by her response, we suddenly jumped into action and made a rush for the door. Yuki let her jacket fall to the floor as she started to ascend the wide staircase. I picked it up and threw it over a chair as she was closely followed to the bedroom by three eager cocks.

Once inside Yuki closed the door behind us. She ushered Terry to sit at the end of bed, and then, standing side on to him, she pulled me forward putting her arms around my neck and kissed me full on the lips. My cock was pressing onto her stomach as her breasts pushed against me. She broke off for a looked down at Terry.

“You O.K. with this Hun?” She asked, “You do want me to have fun with your friends still, don’t you? I think it will so much more fun if I help, don’t you?”

Terry muttered something as she pressed her lips back to mine, this time flicking her tongue into my mouth, my cock twitched against her stomach, so she reached down, and lifting one foot onto the bed beside Terry, she guided it between her thighs.

Looking down at Terry again, she spoke quietly.

“Hey Hun, be a sweet and guide Jim’s big cock into my hot little pussy will you, I know you want to see it sliding into me, don’t you?”

Terry muttered something quietly and I felt him take hold of my cock. I looked down at him, as watching closely, he eased it into place, then with one quick movement, Yuki lowered herself with a sigh, so that it was firmly embedded.

“Oh my God, that’s lovely, look Terry, I’ve got a nice big English cock in me now, Oh yess, I’m going to enjoy riding this one!”

Her arms gripped my neck as her legs came up and wrapped around my waist, nearly pulling me off balance. Wayne joined Terry as they sat and watched her sliding up and down on my cock.

Gripping the cheeks of her tight little bum, I began to work her hard. Wayne and Terry stood up, Wayne taking her weight as she let go of my neck and lowered her body into his arms, she was now leant back so far that Terry couldn’t resist offering his cock to her panting mouth. As she sucked him in greedily, Wayne released one arm so that he could maul at her flaying tits, while we continued to fuck her mouth and pussy.

It wasn’t long before this scene became too much for me, with a guttural growl, I held her still as I erupted into her, filling her with jet after jet of hot fresh spunk.

Within a minute she was on her back on the bed with her husbands cock pounding away inside her while Wayne and I recovered.

A little later she was kneeling astride Wayne, her body swaying as she rode his cock while taking it in turns to suck on the two that she gripped in her hands. Then she was on her knees taking over Terry, taking a cock at each end while he fucked away at her pendulous swaying tits.

As the night went on I lost track of the order as we continued to try and satisfy Terry’s cock crazed little wife. She was fucking like a woman possessed! She just kept sucking and fucking us all night, letting us cum in her mouth, pussy and over her tits as we pleased. This continued until we had all fallen asleep in a messy heap on their bed.


When I awoke it was late morning. Yuki and Wayne had disappeared, so I staggered of to the bathroom and took a long shower before pulling on a dressing gown and going down for a coffee.

As I approached the kitchen, I could hear familiar groans. I walked in and found Yuki bent over the table with Wayne behind her giving her another good fucking.

I poured a coffee and continued to watch with my cock growing again as he built to a climax. They both came noisily and I thought the table was going to collapse.

Wayne pulled his wet, softening cock from her pussy, but still kept her pinned to the table with a big hand pushing on the small of her back, he gave her arse a hard slap as he smiled at me.

“Come on Jim, she’s all hot and primed, get your cock in there while you still have the chance! Little bitch is fucking insatiable!”

I couldn’t resist, I pulled my dressing gown open and slide easily into her one more time as she urged me on.

When Terry appeared for breakfast, that is the sight that greeted him. His wife stuck across the breakfast table, looking up at him with a dreamy look on her face and clutching the edge of the table as his friend Jim was giving her the second fucking that morning.

Without saying a word, he bent over taking her head in his hands and kissed her full on the lips, he then stood up, pulled out his cock, and with a big grin, started to fuck her mouth in time with my thrusts. It was a good ten minutes later that we both exploded into her within seconds of each other.


Later that afternoon, Yuki was still asleep upstairs, Wayne had now gone home and Terry was at work. I had tidied up and was relaxing in an armchair reading when I eventually heard movement from upstairs.

Half an hour later, Yuki appeared having bathed and prepared for her visit to the old peoples home.

She joined me for a coffee and carried on chatting as though nothing had happened which I found a little unnerving at first. She asked if I was still up to running her around, and having assured her of that she gave me the sweetest smile.

“Can I be cheeky and ask you one more favour?”

“Sure,” I said, “Fire away!”

“Well, would you mind cleaning my boots while I get ready, they seem to be splattered with cum after last night, don’t know how that happened, do you?”


Half an hour later, she was zipping up the boots that I had wiped clean and polished for her. I noticed that she was now wearing a soft white fluffy roll neck sweater over a little green leather skirt. On with the Santa jacket and we were ready to go. I had a job to keep my eyes off her as I drove, but there was no way I was going to try anything without Terry’s approval.

I dropped her at the pensioners home, and watched her walk the short distance to the door. Damn, this was dangerous, despite all the exercise she had given my cock, it was still becoming uncomfortable again as it started to strain against the confines of my trousers! Good job I had decided to wait in the car and chill why she was doing her Santa act, anyway we had already had the best presents in the sack!


It was nearly two hours later when she re- appeared, looking very pleased with herself. I tried and failed not to watch her lovely legs as she climbed back into the car.

“How’d it go?” I asked.

“It was just great thanks Jim, they didn’t seem to mind my substitution at all, and I got lots of compliments from the men on my costume.! Oh, that reminds me, I must pay you for the boots before you leave!”

What could I say? I gave her the boots.

“I think you’ve more than paid for these last night, you’re very welcome to them!”

She giggled, “Oh don’t talk about that, you’ll make me blush, it’s a good job it’s dark!

Oh, I nearly forgot, would you mind stopping at the rest home where Eric is staying? They said as I have taken his place as Santa this year it might be nice if I paid a quick visit. It’s not far and I won’t be long.”

As I parked up at the small private rest home, once again I had to watch this sexy little lady wandering around in that so sexy outfit! I have to say that I was amazed at how fresh she looked today. She had spent most of the night fucking and had a bit more for breakfast, but you would never have guessed!


As Yuki walked towards the entrance of the she decided that she had never felt so good. Her newly formed dream of having three men at once had been better than she had even imagined, and although she had decided that involving Wayne any further was dangerous, he lived to close and was a bit to rough for her liking, she was hoping that she might manage another night with just Terry and Jim before he returned to the UK. A nice cosy evening with the two of them was her next plan. She was starting to get wet just at the thought of it!

Also, the attention that she had just received from the old men at the home had fired her up a bit. Dirty sods, she had noticed a few of them trying to ‘accidentally’ touch her or rub themselves against her.

Once inside, she announced herself to reception and was given instructions of where to find Eric’s ward.

“Don’t be too long dear, they have all been bathed and settled for the night, really you’re a little late for visiting, but Eric has been told that you were on your way!” The tubby little nurse informed her.”

“They?” she asked.

“Yes, there’s four to a room, but don’t worry, they’re nice old guys.”

Yuki walked through the dimly lit, silent corridors for a few minutes until she found the right door. Knocking gently, she entered, finding Eric on his bed in the corner.

Her heels clicked loudly on the tiled floor as she approached his bed.

“Hi Eric, are you awake?”

The old man turned slowly towards her, a glimmer of a smile breaking through his long white beard. Yuki marvelled at how much like the real Santa he looked.

“So, you’re Mrs Santa!” he said in a breathlessly quiet voice.

“Come a bit closer so that I can see you properly.”

She clicked her way to the side of the bed, looking down at his rheumy old eyes as they took in the vision before him.

“Very nice! Very nice indeed. You do the outfit much more justice than I ever did. Thank you for coming over, it has cheered us up no end!”

Yuki thanked him for his kind words, and they chatted for a few minutes, before she pulled back the cuff of her leather glove to check her watch.

“Well Eric, I mustn’t be long, so unless there is anything else I can do for you, I’d better be getting along now.

“There is just one thing dear.” He said beckoning her closer with his hand. He whispered something that she couldn’t quite make out. She moved a little closer and bent her head nearer to his mouth.

His big hand come up without warning, gripping the back of her neck.

“Suck me!” He whispered, “I want you to suck my cock!”

Yuki tried to leap back as the shock hit her, but his grip was too firm.

“Hey, your hurting me!” She cried, as she tried to struggle free.

But Eric was having none of it, he flicked back the covers with his free hand to reveal his big knarled old cock standing to attention. Then quick as a flash he swapped the hand holding her neck and his right hand shot between her legs, gripping her thigh to pull her closer.

“No!” Cried Yuki, “Please don’t do this!”

“Shut up you little tease, coming here looking like that, what did you expect, they said you would make my Christmas, and we’re gonna make damn sure you do!”

“We! Oh God no!”

Yuki glanced around as her head was being forced towards the quivering old penis. She saw the other three old men coming towards her, all pulling on their little flaccid cocks that were poking out from their dressing gowns.

They shuffled up to assist Eric and soon she was trapped by them as they helped to hold her in place.

Another hand took hold of her head freeing Eric to rub his knobbly cock around her lips.

“Come on Mrs Santa, give your old man a Christmas suck!”

Someone pinched her nose, forcing her to open her mouth to breath, in a flash, Eric had his cock in, pushing her head right over it so all that she could see in front of her was a forest of grey pubes.

As she was forced to suck on his repulsive old cock, she felt his hand slide further up her thigh, and as he reached the silky skin above her stocking tops she felt his cock twitch and swell with renewed vigour.

Other hands were running over her body now as Eric continued to buck his cock into her captive mouth, she felt hands squeezing her tits through her soft fluffy top, then suddenly it was pulled up and they were being groped by untold warty old hands.

Meanwhile, Eric was muttering obscenities to her, his thumb began probing the lips of her pussy as he humped away at her mouth.

She tried to cry out but the sound couldn’t get past his swollen cock.

The next thing she felt was Eric’s big thumb slip right into her pussy as the rest of his hand gripped her arse. Her tight little skirt was pulled up, and a couple of mouths began gently biting her bum.

As the dirty old men continued to freely feel her up, she could tell that Eric was about to cum. She tried to lift off at the last moment but he held her head firmly on his cock, as, with a load groan he flooded her tonsils with his watery yellowing spunk.

She let it all drain back over his cock and balls as the old men slowly released her.

Eric looked at her and laughed as she quickly pulled her clothes back into place, and staggered to the door with tears in her eyes.

“That was fucking lovely love! Same time next year then!

The last thing she heard as she rushed through the door was,

“Hey, don’t I get a kiss goodbye then!” As they old men started to guffaw.


Once safely away from the ward, Yuki stopped to straighten herself out.

When she appeared in reception, the same tubby nurse was at the desk.

“Did you find him?”

“Yes, thank you very much!” Replied Yuki as she rushed to the door.

“Everything all right Miss!” The nurse called after her, as she noticed a streak of cum running down the back of her boots.

The nurse sat back down and patted the pocket that contained the $100 that Eric had slipped her to stay away.

Naughty old Eric! She thought with a little wry smile.


When Yuki returned to the car thought I detected a change in her mood.

“You O.K. Yuki?”

“Yeah fine!” She replied.

I wasn’t convinced to I switched on the interior light to look at her.

“What?” she asked.

“Was everything O.K. in there?”

“Yes, just fine, I told you!”

“O.K.!” I flicked the light out, I wasn’t convinced and it didn’t seem a good time to mention the couple of flecks of spunk in her hair!


By the time we all sat down to dinner that night everything seemed back to normal. I didn’t push the visit, and as soon as we arrived home she went up to take a bath. I didn’t see her again until just before Terry arrived home.

She was now dressed in jeans and an old sweater, much more like the Yuki that I knew, although I would never see her in the same light again.

The next morning I booked my flight home for the following day. I had to get back before Christmas Eve!

Terry and I went out in the afternoon for a few drinks and Yuki went to do some last minute shopping.

At about four, Terry suggested that we eat out now as Yuki wanted a easy evening, so when we arrived home a couple of hours later, she was already there and had a big log fire going in the grate.

We were poured a drink and sent up to shower, with instructions to only wear dressing gowns this evening! Well that sounded good to me, I had already packed most of my clothes anyway so I was back down in less than twenty minutes.

Terry and Yuki were already sat in front of the fire on a big sheepskin rug when I walked into the room. They were playing a CD of old Christmas favourites in the background.

Terry was wearing a dressing gown as instructed and Yuki had on a long, cream, red and gold kimono. With her perfect make up, I have to say she looked good enough to eat.

I was invited to sit the other side of Yuki, so that she was between us.

Terry passed me a drink and said that they wanted to give me a special evening before I left. I laughed, saying I thought we had already done that.

Yuki smiled and placed her hand on my knee.

“This is special in a more gentle way!” she whispered. “Just for the three of us.”

We chatted for a while, before Yuki took my glass and handed it to Terry. She looked me in the eyes and put her lips to mine. I couldn’t help but respond as her perfume filled my senses.

As we kissed, her hand slipped beneath my dressing gown, gently taking hold of my cock. Still holding me, she turn to Terry , giving him the same treatment. She was soon sat back between us with a cock in each hand. Bing Crosby crooned away behind us.

Yuki lent forward and gave our cocks a quick kiss each before standing before us.

She pulled the sash of her kimono and let it slide to the floor. She was now stood naked except for her black stockings and red stilettos.

Terry and I slowly lost our dressing gowns and started to run our hands up her stocking clad legs and over her thighs, she sighed contentedly as we opened her legs and worked on her inner thighs with our tongues, eventually taking it in turns to lap at her pussy. It only took a few minutes before she shuddered in orgasm, her legs nearly buckling under her.

We were then directed to sit back on the sofa as she knelt before us taking it turns to lick the clear pre cum from our cocks before lazily sucking us nice and slowly. When it started to become intense, Terry knelt behind her, slipping his cock into her as she continued to suck on mine. We exchanged places a few times before I couldn’t hold back any longer, gripping her soft white buttocks, I let go a torrent of cum into her hot little pussy. Terry quickly took my place, pinning her face down on the sofa, he gripped her arms firmly and pumped her full of his hot seed as she came all over his thrusting cock.

Her willing mouth soon had us hard again, and so it went on late into the night. With all urgency gone, we fucked her in all positions until she could take no more and we all fell asleep in front of the dying embers of the log fire.