The SitterMOM!!, I’m 12 years old!! I don’t need a frickin baby sitter! Watch your mouth young man she said, I just don’t feel right going out of town for the night, and no one else is available. I saw her sign at the grocery store, called her, and she said she works at the Jehovas Witness temple, and is studying to be a pastor, so she sounded great, as sweet as could be. In about an our the doorbell rang, and I answered it, expecting an ugly b—h, and boy was I surprised. She was wearing a long, floor length granny dress, and carrying a large purse, so I couldn’t see much of her figure, but her face was angelic, blonde haired, blue eyed, creamy complexion, I just stared with my mouth open, and she said “well, are you going to ask me in?” I spluttered yyyess, and in she came. She talked with Mom for about 5 minutes, and gave her a letter of reference from her Pastor, and took down Mom’s contact information, and then mom was out the door, leaving me alone I my living hell.She locked all the doors, and shut the curtains, and told me to go into the living room and wait. I sat watching the TV for about 10 minutes, when I heard her heavy tread, and turned around and got the shock of my life. She was wearing knee high black high heeled boots, with black garters, and a black camisole with nothing else!! She had no pubic hair, and there were holes in her top that her nipples could stick through. I immediately got a little boner, I had just started cumming when I jacked off, so I thought I would do it in my pants. She put her hands on her hips, spun around, and asked if I liked what I saw. I just bobbed my head, speechless. She told me that she was my mistress, and I was her slave. I thought that weird, but said OK. She slapped the shit out of me and say address me as Mistress Dawn, or I would pay the price. She said stand up and take off all my clothes. No one had ever seen me naked in years, and I hesitated, and she slapped me on the other cheek. I jumped up and started stripping. I got to my underwear and stopped, because I was embarrassed by my boner. She said take them off, I’ve seen bigger worms than that. Shamefaced, I lost my erection, and lowered my pants and took them off. She laughed and pointed at me co-k and said, get it hard now!! I started pulling on it and nothing happened. She grabbed hold of it and started pulling me around in circles and said if I didn’t get it hard right tempobet yeni giriş fu—ing now she was going to pull it off. I started crying, she slapped me, and told me to lie down on my back on the couch. I did, she said shut my eyes. She then tied my hands together with the telephone cord and pulled them over my head and tied them to the legs of the couch. She then kneeled down and took my penis in her mouth!! What a wonderful feeling, she bit down gently at the base, and said if it didn’t get hard fast, she was going to bite it off and make me eat it. She started sucking real hard, and soon I had about 5 inches of steel going. She seemed pleasantly surprised, and said, she could work with that. She then went into the kitchen, and rummaged around, and came back with her arms loaded with different stuff. She asked me if I had ever had an enema, I said no, what is it We went into the kitchen, and she filled this rubber bag with warm water and led me to the bathroom. She made me bend over, and stuck this tube up my rear, and held the bag up in the air. It felt weird, but the water slowly filled me up, then she pulled it out and told me to squeeze my cheeks together, and jump up and down. It was all I could do not to let it out, I think some did come out, finally she made me sit on the toilet and let it go. I was past being embarrassed by this time, just couldn’t stop looking at her body. It took a while, but finally no more came out, and we went back to the living room. She said, she had always wanted to find a nice young volunteer like me to try some things, and I was a volunteer right? I said sure, just keep sucking. I loved it. She said she had to make a few adjustments first. I asked if she could untie me, she said no, it was more exciting for her that way, I said ok, she then pulled my legs up on the back of the couch, and tied on to each end on the back side, so there I was with my legs wide open, and everything exposed to her, but I was getting kind of turned on, nothing like this had ever occurred to me the it would even be possible to be in this position. She took the bottle of olive oil and poured it down the crack of my ass, and I jumped, because it was kind of cool, and surprised me. She then started massaging my butt cheeks, and pulling them open, and blowing on my puckered anus. I was liking this. I said oh yeah, do whatever you want, but Mom is tempobet giriş going to be mad if this gets on the couch. She said, not to worry, she would take care of it. She then started running her fingers in circles around my hole, and actually stuck her tongue in it. I was freaked out, I had never heard of this, she said she used olive oil because it was healthier. HaHa. She then put her index finger in, and slowly removed it, then further, and wiggled it around from side to side like she was looking for something, she pulled out that finger and put her middle finger in, and pressed down towards my front, and I felt cum start to squirt out of my hard cock. She asked me if it felt good, and I said hell yes! Don’t stop! So far it didn’t hurt at all, just felt kind of full, like I had to poop, but not uncomfortable. She then put two fingers, for a few strokes in and out, then poured some more oil on my hole, then she drank a mouthful of the oil, and opened my hole up with her thumbs, and put her mouth on it, and squirted her mouthful of oil up my butt. It was warm, and felt weird, but I was still ok. Then she said here comes three fingers, and slowly worked them around, and around, twisting her wrist, then she tucked her thumb and little finger into her palm, she showed me, and poured more oil on her hand, and started pushing them in and twisting them slowly, I hurt a little bit, but I would go days without going poop, so my turds were bigger than her little hand. She kept up a steady pressure, and I could feel my butt stretching out, and then with a pop, her whole hand slid in. She was smiling, like she had done something great. She then started opening all her fingers, and pushing slowly further up inside me, She pulled back to my sphincter, then made a fist, and pushed it way up there, until it felt like it was in my chest. I felt contact with my butt, and she said, look, I have my entire arm up there. She then turned me over with her arm still in me, and started to fuck me, pulling almost all the way out until the muscle stopped her fist, when she did that, cum would shoot out of my weiner, and she put her mouth on it, and started moving it in and out, drinking my cum every out stroke We did this for about half an hour, until she got tired, and untied me, and took off her outfit. She said I was a good boy, and hugged me and kissed me, and asked if there was anything tempobet güvenilirmi I wanted to do to her. Jeez, I didn’t know where to start. I touched her beautiful breasts, and sucked each nipple, as she moaned and put her hands between her legs. I told her to lie back on the couch and I was going to be her master. She let me tie her hands behind her, making her breasts jut forward, and I liked that. I told her that now she was going to get payback, she said I wasn’t going to hurt her with my dick, I said I know, but we will start there. I made her suck me for a while, then turned around and said lick my ass. She did and enjoyed it by the moans, as I held my cheeks spread open. My hole was so loose, she could put her tongue up there pretty easily, and she did for a few minutes. I still had cum in my nuts, because I started to cum, and turned around and put my cock in her mouth, and she swallowed it all. I then said come into the kitchen with me, and had her bend over the table, and got my first piece of ass. I fucked her pussy like a d-g in heat, then stuck it in her tight asshole, then made her lick me clean, which she did without complaining. I was liking being master. I opened the vegetable bin, and pulled out the largest zuchini we had, about 16 inches long, and 8 inches around, much bigger than her arm. I showed it to her, and said my weiner won’t hurt you, but this will, (I hope). I lubed it up with butter, and proceeded to work it in her pussy, until I was ramming it home as fast as I could, she must have cum 5 times, I pulled it out after her orgasm, and started trying to put it up her behind, and itI was tough going, she cried, and kept moving around until I slapped her face and told her to stop and take it like a woman. After about 5 minutes of steady pressure, it popped in past the muscle, and just slid on in. I was amazed watching how her butt lips pulled out with it in a perfect circle when I pulled it back, and finally I could put it all the way in, so I fucked her with it about a dozen times, and not thinking about the consequences, I pushed it in past the rings, and it disappeared. She said it was hurting her, to take it out, and I said it disappeared. I untied her, and she reached back there, and started crying, and asked what was she going to do. I had no answer, so she got her stuff together walking stiffly, and looked sadly at me and said she was sorry, and left. I guess she went to the hospital, while I cleaned up the house the best I could, and tried to think up a story of why she wouldn’t be there when Mom came home. I feel like a man now, and can’t look at a girl without thinking about what I could do to her. Life is good.