The shoe storeLet me begin by saying, I have worked in a shoe store now for several years, and never not once have I ever encountered a woman whose pussy I ever saw, let alone flashing me her panties, or crotch just for the sake of doing so. I would dare say, for all the stories I’d heard told about this happening, that ninety-nine percent of them where pure fantasy and over active imaginations. Even Larry one of the guys I worked with who was ruggedly handsome and good-looking had only had one instance where he swore the young woman actually flashed her panty-less crotch at him, and that was subject for debate.And not that I didn’t wish for it to happen. I certainly did, especially with the number of very attractive and good looking women who came into the store and tried on countless pairs of shoes. But every single one of them was conscious of the way they sat if they actually came in wearing skirts, mostly…women wore shorts or slacks, and the opportunity for something like that to actually happen never really presented itself.And then I met Mrs. Anderson.Over the course of time I had gotten to know a few regular customers on a first name basis, and I was always very much aware of brand new customers coming into the store that I had never seen before, especially when they tended to be attractive ones, like Mrs. Anderson.When I saw her enter the store I knew immediately there was something particularly interesting and attractive about her. Maybe it was the look in her eyes that told me that. I’d always been a fairly good judge of character on the one hand, but there was always something about the way a person looked at you that said a lot before they’d even spoken a single word. As I learned later when running her credit card after selling her a couple of pairs of shoes, Jackie Anderson as she was called, was a very attractive looking woman. I guessed her to be in her mid to late forty’s though she could easily have passed for ten years younger than that, something I managed to discover when checking her personal ID against her credit card while finalizing her purchases. But I digress here.It was midweek in the middle of the day. Larry had just left a few minutes ago for his lunch break leaving me to handle the store all by myself, which usually wasn’t all that difficult as most of our business took place in the early afternoon when the two of us were together, or when the store Manager came in for the afternoon to late evening shift when most of the sales were made. Up until now, all we’d had was a handful of window shoppers with no one actually buying anything. When Mrs. Anderson came in, I knew without any doubt I was about to make my first sale of the day as she scrutinized two particular styles of shoes, and then approached me with them.”Do you have these in my size?” she asked politely.I’ve always been fairly accurate in my estimation of a woman’s shoe size having done it for so long now. But it was a hard and fast rule that we always…always…measure the woman’s foot anyway for a number of reasons. First, not every shoe will fit a woman’s feet perfectly, even if it is supposed to be her size. Secondly, it’s a waste of time to drag out several pairs of shoes in differing sizes, a luxury we can’t afford especially when it gets particularly busy. But thirdly, for myself anyway, I like taking the time to fit a woman’s foot, adds more of a personal touch for one thing, and for another, seeing a woman’s foot, how she takes care of it, tells me a lot about her.You’d think I had a foot fetish because of where I worked, or why I enjoyed actually holding or touching a woman’s foot. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy that, it can indeed be very intimate. But no…I am in fact a boob man, always have been, always will be. And Mrs. Anderson had a nice looking pair of breasts too! So surprisingly, it wasn’t the urban legend of getting a peek up her skirt, or in her spreading her legs to expose herself to me that I was expecting, well actually hoping for anyway. I’d actually seen more cleavage in this business than I had the other, and as Jackie leaned over examining her foot off to one side, I got one of the best two second glimpses at tit flesh than I’d had in a long, long time. Her blouse bellowed out just enough in front to give me the two second peek at the very lacy bra she was wearing that barely concealed two very delectable looking orbs that were barely contained within it.It was at that moment of course that she chose to stand up in order to see how they felt as she walked in them, making her way over towards the mirror to see how she looked in them as well. From my perspective, they looked great on her, especially with her well toned and muscled calves that hinted at her in either once being a dancer, or very possibly still athletically running.”I like these, so for sure this pair, but I’d also like to try on a couple of pairs of sandals,” she informed me. I’d already measured her foot for a size six and a half, and knew upon doing so that the pair of sandals she’d brought over to me and had expressed some interest in that we no longer had in her size. I then recommended a couple of other styles and mentioned I’d go get them and bring them out to her. She smiled at that, and then asked.”May I ask where the ladies room is?”All we had was a unisex single bathroom, but at least it was clean. I directed her towards that, disappearing myself into the back stock room to pick out a few different pairs of sandals in her size. I watched her walk off, once again admiring the view as she did. Like I said, she was a very attractive looking woman with dark brown shoulder length hair, around five and a half feet or so, a more than ample bosom and almost emerald green eyes that I found most alluring…next to her smile. By the time I’d returned with four or five pairs of shoes, she was again waiting for me having settled herself back in her seat. As I slipped on the first pair for her to look at, I caught a faint sound that caused me to look up and about confusing me. I couldn’t tell what it was, or where it was actually coming from. Initially, I even wondered if my ears were ringing.”Anything wrong?” she asked causing me to refocus my attention back to her.”Oh, no…nothing. Just thought I heard something,” I told her politely as I slipped on the first sandal, lifting her leg slightly in order to do so, though like I said, even with the skirt she had on, I was still sitting up way too far to have seen anything, nor was I really trying to either. But again…I could hear this odd little sound, and quickly looked about wondering where on earth it was coming from.”I’m not sure about this style,” she said once again standing up in order to have a look at herself in the mirror. When she did, the noise stopped though I once again looked about wondering at the source. Dissatisfied with their appearance, she returned in order to try on the next pair. As I again lifted her leg briefly in order to remove the ones she had on…the sound returned. And this time I knew exactly where it was coming from!We repeated this process once more, but she finally settled on the pair of black stiletto heels she’d first tried on, and the second pair of sandals we’d tried. I checked her out…literally at the counter, just as Larry returned from his lunch break. He checked her out too as she passed by him on her way out of the store, but not before turning to smile and thank me for helping her.”Man…you’re never going to believe this,” I began telling my friend. And I was right…he didn’t.**Two weeks passed, and then she once again came into the store, almost exactly at the same time and day she had the last time. Larry had just left for lunch, and I couldn’t help but wonder if she hadn’t been waiting for him to do that before coming into the store.”Hi again Mrs. Anderson,” I said in greeting her. I of course had remembered her name from the last time. She smiled broadly at that, and told me it was ok to call her Jackie. She then informed me she was there to pick up and try on a new pair of running shoes, so I was correct in my assumption that she did that, and quickly pointed out several pairs of good running shoes she might be interested in. I noticed she was wearing a reasonably short denim skirt with a matching jacket that she wore over what appeared to be a rather tight, form fitting white tank top beneath it. As it was a warm summer’s day, we quite naturally had tipobet365 güvenilirmi the air conditioning on. Even so, as she sat she removed her jacket placing it on the chair beside her. Almost immediately I saw the twin points of her nipples suddenly harden, pressing against the thin tightly molded material of her top. It was evident she wasn’t wearing a bra, a surprise as she had fairly large breasts to begin with, though not overly so. But usually, I didn’t see a lot of women running around without a bra on when she had breasts of that size, even though they’d been mostly hidden beneath the matching jacket she had worn in.Once again she asked to use the restroom, heading off towards it as I again headed off back into the stockroom for shoes in her size. But this time, I remained there, peeking out around the corner, waiting for her return, and damn glad that I did so.Jackie came out, settled herself down in her seat, and then quickly looked around. Satisfied no one was looking perhaps, even though I was, and could clearly see her from my vantage point, I then watched as she hurriedly ran her hand up between her legs. It was clearly evident she was doing something to herself, and I could only imagine what it might be, wondering if I would again hear that same interesting little sound I had heard the last time.Moments later I returned carrying several pairs of shoes for her to try on and look at. I was pleased to see that she was wearing the sandals I had sold her the last time. As I lifted her foot, slipping the sandal off, I once again heard what I now knew to be the soft gentle hum of a vibrating toy between her legs. Rather than look confused or even pretend I couldn’t hear it, I simply looked her right in the eyes and smiled. As I did, I placed my thumb squarely against the heel of her foot, and then slowly ran it up through her arch, massaging it as I did that.”As with anything, it’s important that you always have adequate support,” I began saying now looking directly at her chest, her nipples very erect, twin little pin-points of arousal pressing against the almost painted on material of her tank top, the swells of each breast clearly showing above the somewhat low neckline. “Even when you don’t necessarily need it,” I finished still continuing to run my thumb deeply against the arch of her foot. “That does sound important,” she said continuing to smile, though I heard a brief audible sigh as I continued massaging the sole of her foot. “What you need is something nice and hard…yet firm,” I continued adlibbing this as I went, watching for her response, still hearing the faint hum of the toy which I now knew was buried deeply inside her. “But at the same time, something that is flexible and more than adequate for your needs.”I was blatantly fondling her foot, and she knew it, but allowed me to continue to do so. She even shifted her position somewhat, allowing me an even better advantage while continuing the massage and caress, though I now had and was given that “urban” moment, much to my surprise. I could see clearly between her legs, her short skirt bunching and riding up her thighs. I realized upon doing so, she wore no panties whatsoever, though if she had been when first coming into the store, she had obviously taken them off in the bathroom, which is when I also realized she must have inserted the toy. What I saw…was a small silver end, a thin lead wire attached to it, leading away up through her waistband. I knew then she had the remote portion of it secreted away elsewhere, no doubt in one of her back pockets on the skirt, which I’d, noticed earlier.”It’s good to work out any soreness or stiffness before trying something new on for the first time,” I then instructed. “Always good to get nice and loosened up a little.””Yes…it is,” she agreed, hearing the pleasured tone in her voice. I wondered if she knew I had actually seen her toy partially buried inside her, and then lifted her foot just a little more working on her toes now, giving me an even greater angle at her crotch in doing so.”Feel good?” I now asked, her eyes searching mine for a response.”Very,” she sighed pleasurably. “I always enjoy a good rub,” she then added allowing the innuendo to hang there for a moment. “Don’t you?””Oh yes…as often as possible,” I told her, feeling my cock already stiffening inside my pants, almost uncomfortably so now. “You take excellent care of your feet,” I now mentioned replacing the foot I’d been working on, picking up the other, though I accomplished in doing what I’d set out to do too, the sudden shift in position revealing even more of her thigh, and now an even more obvious glimmer at the silver end of the toy barely hidden now beneath the hem of her skirt which had hiked upwards considerably.”Thank you, I keep them nice and soft by putting a lot of lotion on them,” she told me almost seductively. “Yes, a nice creamy, natural lotion is always best for the feet,” I agreed. Sliding my fingers between her toes as though fucking them, softly, sensually.”The more natural, the better,” she responded back. “Couldn’t agree more, and this one feels like it could use some too, it’s a bit dryer than your other foot.”She pursed her lips in a small pout. “I didn’t bring any with me,” she stated. “I don’t suppose…””Not something we keep in stock here I’m afraid,” I said apologetically once again looking at her breasts, her nipples if anything even harder and more pronounced than they were before. I heard her giggle, almost demurely. “What?””I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but since I feel so comfortable with you,” she began telling me, and continued before I could respond in kind. “But my husband lubricates my feet with his own particular brand of lotion…if you know what I mean, so perhaps that’s why they are as soft and smooth as they are. Though admittedly…that foot seems to be a little neglected at the moment.””I would imagine that IS good for the feet, amongst other things,” I said smiling back at her.”Yes, I uh…enjoy using it there too,” she told me. I felt her pull her foot away at that point, somewhat surprised as she did as she severed the contact between us, and in doing so, leaving me in a somewhat awkward state as I knelt there in front of her. There was no way I could stand without revealing the massive erection I was now sporting, so I did the only thing I could think of to do, and that was to reach over and grab one of the shoes from the box sitting next to me.”Before you try that on me…”I looked up at her, her face was one of pure lust. “Yes?””Maybe…you wouldn’t mind applying a little of that same kind of lotion my husband uses,” she boldly stated letting me know in an instant we were past giving innuendos here, or dancing around the subject as we had been. “How long do we have?” she then added.I glanced at my watch, Larry wasn’t due back for another twenty minutes, though that didn’t mean he still couldn’t return at any moment, he’d done that before. But even more importantly, were the other customers. Two had come in, looked about, and then left since she’d got here. No doubt there’d be more too, and I couldn’t very well just take my cock out, jerk off onto her foot in hopes of getting away with it…or could I?”You…keep an eye on the door, let me know if anyone comes in,” I told her, as I reached down, still squatting in front of her, unzipping my fly. She squealed with delight at the sight of my rigidly hard cock as I fished it out and began pumping it. As I began working my prick, I saw her reach behind, a moment later retrieving what I’d confirmed earlier. With the remote now in her hand, she turned up the control to the highest setting, the whir, hum and vibration of the toy inside her cunt now readily apparent.”Hurry!” she half demanded. “I won’t last long at this setting, and I want to feel your spunk spurting against me when I come!”I was nervous as hell, yet excited beyond belief. Never before had I ever done anything as outlandish as this inside the store. Kneeling there before her, a bird’s eye view of her gorgeous bare pussy, her slit now glistening with moisture as it seeped out of her, fisting my prick with the danger of Larry, or worse…customers who could step inside the store at any moment now.Ironically, depending on how you wanted to look at it, I was almost there already.”Here it comes!” I announced, leaning forward a little, holding onto tipobet365 yeni giriş her foot, my prick tip pressed against it as I began squirting out what felt like a gallon of rich creamy juice against the sole of her foot.”Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried out in delight, her eyes wide watching, and feeling my spunk bathing her foot entirely. She came as I did…thrashing about in her chair for a moment. Had anyone come in, there’d have been no doubt in their minds…and certainly not in Larry’s as to what had just happened. Thankfully, she turned off the toy, composing herself as I hurriedly slipped my cock back inside my pants. But her foot was still drenched, covered in thick gobs of gooey cum-cream. “Hmmm, now…rub it in,” she asked softly, pleasurably. “Too bad we didn’t save some for the other foot…but, perhaps next time. Next week?” she asked obviously still aroused.”Yeah, we’ll do the other foot next time if you’d like,” I responded quite contentedly.”What about the other guy?” she then asked.”Larry?””Yeah…would he be inclined to help out?””Oh…I don’t think there’s any doubt about that,” I told her. “I’m sure he’d be more than delighted to see to your other foot while I do the other one, if you’d enjoy that.””I would,” she said smiling. “Next week then, same time?””We’ll be here,” I said grinning back, already wondering what Larry would think when I told him, or even if he’d believe me when I did.Jackie took the shoes without even trying them on, sliding her still cum covered foot back into her sandal. She followed me up to the register as I worked up the purchase, which again is when Larry walked in. Jackie smiled at him, giving him pause for a moment as he smiled back, and then looking at me curiously. I knew he remembered her from before.”Next week then,” she said winking at me, and then winking at Larry, which really confused him, causing me to laugh.”Ok…so maybe you were telling the truth last time she was here,” he said after she’d left. Which is when I then told him what had just happened.This time…he believed me.**Larry and I were both with customers when she came in, though I had already gotten the feeling that the woman I was helping was mostly window-shopping, so I hurriedly excused myself and approached Jackie. She greeted me with that award-winning smile of hers and actually leaned forward giving me a brief kiss on the cheek. As she did that, I felt the press of her full breasts against my arm. I could have stood there forever, feeling the electrical charge between us, but there were still customers inside the store.”Have a seat, we’ll be with you as soon as we can,” I told her. She immediately headed back towards the restrooms as Larry finished ringing up his sale at the register. I stood by watching my non-sale browse for a moment longer, finally walking out as Larry rejoined me, the two of us standing there looking over towards the restroom.”Damn…this is for real?” Larry asked as we headed back towards the seating area.”I wasn’t k**ding my friend, but we’re going to still have to be careful and keep an eye on the door here…but yeah, she loves cum on her feet just like I told you!”I was already getting hard, and by the looks of it, as Larry thrust his hand down the front of his slacks in order to adjust himself, so was he. Jackie came out of the bathroom a moment later, once again wearing an even shorter skirt than she had either of the other two times before. This time she sat down without any preliminaries, hiking her skirt up just enough to show the two of us that she had a hand-held light blue vibrating dildo buried up inside her this time. I almost laughed seeing Larry’s eyes bulge out upon seeing that.”Try to keep one eye on the door at least,” I told him forcing him to recover his senses.We watched as she turned the cap, hearing the purr of the toy inside her as it began working its magic inside her pussy. She slipped off both shoes she was wearing and then asked.”So…who’s first?”We’d already flipped a coin, I’d stand guard watching, though enjoying the view here as well, as Larry knelt down in front of her, quickly producing his rock hard cock. Jackie tickled the tip of it with her toes, quite nimble with them in doing so as I stood there watching her pinch, and even manage to slide his prick between her big toe and the one next to it, stroking him briefly with them.”Fuck, that feels good!” He exclaimed in surprise, and admittedly as odd as it looked, it looked good too.Unabashedly, Jackie reached down between her legs, grasping the toy within her hands and began working it in and out of herself.”Hurry man!” I told him anxiously. I needn’t have bothered, Larry was furiously rubbing his prick against the sole of her foot, seconds later spurting a massive amount of his cum all over it, much to Jackie’s delight. With her foot still dripping with his spent cream, we quickly exchanged positions, Larry now watching and keeping an eye on things as I proceeded to rub my prick on her other foot. Just hearing Jackie as she reached orgasm brought about my own. I felt the first glorious spurt leap from the tip of my cock, bathing her foot just as a customer walked in. Larry immediately headed over to intercept them, allowing me to hurriedly finish dumping my load on her foot, before zipping up. Jackie was giggling breathlessly as I finished massaging my cream into her foot, replacing her sandal. But as fun and exciting as this had all been, the customers walking in when they had, had awakened me to the danger of continuing to do it like this. And to be honest, I was now anxious for more. As fun as it was to jerk myself off while she watched and then got herself off with her toy, I was most anxious to enjoy a bit more with her as well.”Listen, we have a shoe sale on Saturday,” I began telling her. “And because of it, Larry and I will be in two hours early before the store opens in order to get ready for it, though we already plan on staying late the night before and have most of the things done. If you’re interested…though it would be early, around 7:00 a.m., if you wanted, you could come here first thing in the morning before the store even opens.””I’d like that,” she told me. “This Saturday then?””Yeah, we’ll be here, and be anxiously waiting for you if you decide to come.””Oh…I’ve already decided to come,” she said with a smile. “And hopefully…several times.”Larry was still talking to the new customers as Jackie strolled out, I noticed that he glanced down at her feet as she did so, smiling back at her as she winked at him and then stepped outside onto the walk, disappearing down the street a moment later. After the customers left, I told him about Saturday, and that she’d agreed to come in before work, before we opened the doors for the anticipated sale.”Are you nuts? What if Cindy decides to come in early as well?” he asked. Cindy was the storeowner and manager, but she’d already informed me that she didn’t plan on coming in until around eleven as she was going to be at the other store getting it ready for the sale as well.”Don’t worry Larry, if we stay late the night before and get everything done, then we won’t have to worry about doing anything but opening the doors on Saturday morning. But prior to that…we will have enjoyed one hell of a very special morning with Jackie, now…what could possibly go wrong with any of that?”**Jackie was there and waiting for us before we’d arrived. Larry and I quickly ushered her inside the store, locking the doors behind us. Though we had worked late the night before getting everything ready for the sale, it had been well worth the effort. Everything would be ready on time, so that meant the three of us had at least a good hour or more to play around before we had to worry about opening the doors. And we certainly weren’t about to waste any time before doing that either. Almost from the moment she came inside, the three of us undressed, shedding our clothes. Her breasts had been teasing me for weeks now, and finally there they were as I stood there looking at them.”Think you’ll have enough to put a little of that hot sticky goo on these too?” she asked holding them together in her hands like an invitation.Larry and I just looked at one another grinning. There was no doubt in either one of our minds that we would at least, and then proceeded to delight Jackie as well as ourselves as we’d cleared off one of the sales tables which tipobet365 güvenilirmi we could easily fix up again. We had her lay down on it as we stood off to either side of her, each of us taking one of her magnificent tits in hand, and began sucking on them simultaneously. Jackie was moaning away delirious with pleasure as we tickled her nipples, hands and fingers everywhere else exploring her as she lay there, her hands quickly finding each one of our hard erect cocks, stroking them at the exact same time.We were still in the process of enjoying that when the sound of Cindy’s voice alerted us we were in big trouble. She had obviously come in through the back door, entering through the stock room which neither Larry or I had a key for, though neither one of us had been expecting her until much, much later either.”Just what the fuck is going on here!” She exclaimed as she entered the main show room, Jackie naked, spread out on the table, Larry and I standing off to either side of her, fingers still buried deep inside her cunt, hands gripping our cocks, which they continued to do, even as Jackie sat up, fear and worry clearly etched within her face. “Would the two of you like to explain to me just what the hell it is that you’re doing?”Larry and I just looked at one another. “I fucking knew it!” He exclaimed finally. “I knew this was a stupid idea, and now we’re fucking, fucked because of it!” He spat embarrassedly, finally pulling away, forcing Jackie to release him. I on the other hand just stood there, frozen in place, unable to speak or say anything, too much in a state of shock perhaps to even react. Which is when Cindy burst out laughing, confusing Larry and I both even more than we already were.”I knew you couldn’t keep a straight face Cindy,” Jackie spoke smiling once again. And once again, Larry and I looked back and forth at one another as Cindy, our boss and store manager approached us. Curiously enough, she was undoing the buttons on the front of her blouse as she did so.”Larry? Dave? You’ve obviously met Jackie Anderson, but what you don’t know…is she’s my silent partner, and half owner in the business.””She’s your…your…how?” I stammered. “I mean…fuck, I don’t know what I mean…how? Why?”Cindy laughed. “Well…it was just something the two of us cooked up. I didn’t dare approach you as your boss…not under the circumstances, and not until I was one hundred percent sure you were both willing to go along with it. So…it was Jackie’s suggestion that she come in and seduce the two of you, which she obviously did, and then when you used the idea of coming into the store early today before the sale, well…that just made it all the easier for us to spring this on the two of you.””Well I’ll be damned,” I said shaking my head, though poor Larry still looked confused and bewildered as hell, until when moments later, our very attractive looking blonde haired blue-eyed boss was as naked as we were. When she climbed up on the table joining Jackie I was still shaking my head, and smiling, my rapidly deflated prick, suddenly rising to the occasion once again, though it still took Larry a bit longer for all of this to sink in.”So…we’re not in trouble?” He asked.”Only if you can’t get it up,” Cindy informed him teasingly.It was then that Jackie reached over with her feet, her very nimble toes almost working like fingers surrounded the hard stiff nubs on Cindy’s breasts, playfully pinching each of them actually pulling on them as she lay there.”OK you two, let’s see a bit of that warm silk feeling cream you’ve been promising,” Jackie spoke lustfully. “And I think you know exactly where we’d like to see the first delicious hot spurts of it going don’t you Cindy?” she asked as she continued to fondle our bosses tits with her toes.By now Larry and I had both gathered our senses, once again hard and as stiff as we’d ever been, jacking ourselves off, watching the delightfully wicked toe and breast play as we minutes later began bathing the two women with torrents of fresh hot spunk. It was even more decadent and obscene to see Jackie massaging in the fresh cream into Cindy’s breasts with her feet, and then seeing Cindy gather up a good deal of it, doing the same thing in return to Jackie’s tits a moment later. “I think the boys are enjoying our show,” Cindy stated a moment later, seeing both Larry and I rapidly rising to the occasion again only a short time later. This time however, as I stood at one end, sliding my prick wonderfully and deliciously in Jackie’s hot slick cunt from behind, as Larry did the same to Cindy, the two women on their knees facing one another, watching one another getting fucked by the two of us, we both managed to bring them off to fairly nice orgasms before switching partners.The fact that I was actually fucking my attractive boss, along with her partner, seemed to be the aphrodisiac I needed in order to keep it up. I couldn’t believe this was happening for one thing, and inside the shoe store of all places. Added to the stimulation of that, actually watching my friend Larry as he now pummeled away inside Jackie as she stood leaning against the table now as he stood behind her, Cindy and I doing the same side by side them.”Fuck! I’m gonna blow another nut!” Larry cried out moments later. I saw his face screw up in pleasure, hearing Jackie cry out in delight as well, feeling his semen spurting, and filling her wet juicy fuck hole. “Yeah baby yeah, give it to me! Squirt it baby! Squirt it! Fill my fucking cunt with your cum!”Just hearing and seeing that triggered my own climatic release. Only seconds behind him, I too felt the delicious sensation of my cock throbbing, spewing what I knew to be a torrent of my cream deep inside Cindy’s almost insatiable pussy. And like Larry, I stumbled back on wobbly legs, drained, somewhat exhausted, yet still thoroughly keyed up.”Larry honey, if you can…” Cindy grinned smiling at him, standing and then walking over to sit down in one of the fitting chairs, “Would you mind getting me a pair of those new red stiletto heels that just came in? Size seven?”I had to hold back a snicker as he walked over to the display area where several boxes of that particular shoe would be available for the sale this morning. He quickly located the size she’d requested, and then walked over to her handing her the box. A long thin streamer of cum drool clung to the tip of his cock as he did so, not even aware of it until Cindy reached out, gathering the drip with her finger and then licking it off as he stood there watching her do that.”Hmm, tasty,” she smiled. “And now…” Cindy put one of the bright red, very pointed toe shoes on her foot. Without a single word towards her, Jackie immediately walked over to where Cindy was sitting, her single shoed foot resting easily and comfortably on one of the stools we sometime used to sit on when helping women with their fittings.Fascinated, I saw Jackie turn, her backside facing towards Cindy and then she literally mounted her leg, or more precisely planting herself over the now erotically appearing red stiletto heel. Jackie began rubbing herself against the smooth surface, the pointed toe seemingly tickling her exposed clit as she did so. She even managed to impale herself on the tip, and then began to ride that, slow fucking herself against it.Cindy had taken the other shoe and was in fact using it to masturbate herself with, sliding the tip of it up and down against her wide-open pussy as she held it apart with her hands. As she did, I saw the remnants of my recent spending ooze from inside her cunt, smearing the glossy shoe with my cream, just as was Jackie’s pussy as it poured out a great deal of Larry’s spunk, likewise covering the other shoe as she rode it.Larry and I stood looking at one another, smiles slowly beginning to cross our respective faces, watching Cindy along with Jackie as they humped themselves against the shoes, each getting off once again several minutes later. I stood by her side, surprised to find my prick once again rising, especially this soon as she pressed the pointed toe of the stiletto inside herself, sighing pleasurably, still feeling the last ebb of her pleasured release as it coursed through her body.”You know what they say don’t you?” She said looking at me still rubbing the shoe up and down her very messy, very hot looking split. “What?” I asked almost whispering the question.”If the shoe fits…””Fuck it!” Jackie responded, and then laughed, as we all did.”Give these a nice polish,” Cindy said still laughing, “and then put them on the main display…next to the black ones,” she winked looking over at Jackie, as Jackie grinned, winking back at her. “Yeah…right next to the black ones,” she agreed.