The sex party with my female cousin – Part 1
The party

I have manhy cousins but Amy is the only one my age. Although we are opposite sex, we have been pals all our lives. Whenever we would get together we would talk like soul mates. I am actually closer to Amy than to my sister.

As teens, we even talked about sex. About losing our virginity, about blow jobs, pussy licking, anal sex, and the things we did with our boy/girl friends. She is the ONLY person I every told about my fooling around with another man when I was in college.

Once when I went to visit her at her college she set me up with her best friend.

“You’ll like her, she loves to fuck.”

It was a weekend of debauchery, this girl was into anything I wanted—I came on her face, had anal sex, came down her throat and fucked outside. She was down for anything and I did not let the opportunity pass me by. Of course she told Amy everything.

We have also talked about our marriages. Amy and her husband are swingers and go to sex parties. My wife and I are not jealous but we don’t want to risk our relationship; we have an agreement which is “No one we know; and no one in our home town.” Since we both work in our home town and generally travel together, I have had just two dalliances in our 15 years of marriage, both when I was away at a conference.

My work took me to Amy’s city for a few days. I stayed with her and planned to stay with her over the weekend after my conference was over. Amy’s husband was away on business. As I was heading out the door Thursday morning, Amy said, “I belong to a group that has a sex party every six weeks. Tomorrow night it is at the house of a very wealthy couple who always think up a cleaver twist and their parties are amazing. You should come.”

“Hmmm, we’ll see.” I said with a smile as I went out for the day. I got hard every time I thought about what she said and when I returned to her house that night I said I was in.

Friday night we drove to a gated mansion on one of the great lakes. The house was huge and the cars outside made it clear that this is a wealthy crowd. It was fun just watching people getting out of the cars. The woman were generally in short skirts and no underwear, flashing pussy as they climbed out. The men were in linen shorts or pants, their dicks swinging free under the fabric.

Inside there were servers with drinks; there was a man and a woman, both had on a bow tie and nothing else. People greeted each other with kisses on the cheek, kisses on the mouth, and often a grab of butt, boob, or penis thrown in for intimacies sake.

Amy introduced me to the hosts, Chuck and Ellen. They were very fit and maybe 50 years old. Ellen wore a transparent white top. Her boobs were large riding high – enhanced I presumed. Ellen had smooth skin, sparkling blue eyes and premature white hair. Chuck was athletic with broad shoulders; they were probably the quarterback and head cheerleader in high school.

“This is my cousin Greg.” Said Amy.

Ellen’s reply was, “Oh, kissing cousins, I like it. You two look more like siblings than cousins.” (Something we had been hearing all our lives.)

After an hour of people arriving, chit-chat and drinks, Ellen rang a triangle (a triangle like in an orchestra) and announced it was time for the main event. “We will go upstairs to ‘the big room.’”

We entered a very large room bathed in light blue lights from the floor around the perimeter. There was a large round rug, maybe 20 feet across in the middle. The walls were d****d in black curtains. Everyone got in a circle around the outside. Becky led me into the room holding my hand and we stood next to each other just off the rug. When everyone was around the rug, Ellen rang her triangle to get every on to quiet down.

“Off with your clothes!” she said in a cheery voice.

Everyone disrobed quickly (most of the woman only had a sun dress on and most of the men just slacks and a shirt.) Then mistress Ellen spoke again,

“First, all woman move four places to your left.” This separated the couples. Then she said, “It is going to be VERY dark when I turn off the lights. Everyone move slowly and shuffle your feet so no one gets stepped on.” She then had us count off by three. The lights went out and it was black, pitch black. Ellen Continued.

“If you are a one, take four steps forward. If you are a two take three steps forward then lower to your knees. If you are a three, take two steps forward. When I say go, everyone turn in a random direction and move slowly. As you encounter people…well…enjoy each other. For the first 20 minutes I will ring the triangle every five minutes. When I ring it, you will move again.” Then again in her cheery voice, “Have fun everyone.” Then the triangle rang.

I turned to my left and started moving slowly, my hands in front of me so as not to bump into anyone.
I was bumping into people, stroking their ass, groping their tits and even stroking a dick or two. Then my erect dick bumped into the face of someone kneeling on the carpet. She took my dick in her hand and stroked it. Then she took it into her mouth and started sucking the tip.

“Oh MY God.” escaped my lips. The person sucking my dick stopped a moment then continued. After a minute she grabbed my hand and pulled me down. She pulled me in and kissed me sweetly. Then she leaned in and whispered in my ear. “Hi cousin.”

I was so fucking excited. This is why I turned left in the first place, because I knew Amy was in that direction. She must have turned towards me as well. We continued to kiss while our hands explored each other’s bodies. My I felt her firm ass (she is a runner and soccer player) and caressed her tits which war nice C-cups and relatively firm. She felt my ass and stroked my dick and balls. I had never even fantasized about getting it on with Amy, but now that it was happening, it was pretty fucking hot.

The bell rang, “Time to move!” said Ellen. However, Amy and I did not move.

As we continued kissing, a man walked into us and his dick poked us both in the face. Amy stopped kissing me and started sucking his prick. After a minute she stopped and I felt the head of his prick at my lips. I opened up and he pushed in. Amy was kissing my cheek and whispering in my ear, “This is so hot!” We passed the next five minutes kissing each other, feeling each other’s bodies, and licking & sucking the stranger.

Then the triangle rang again. “Time to move!” said Emily.
Amy and I split up and I moved around. I bumped into people, felt their asses, dicks, pussies and tits. I was finding this totally uninhibited orgy the most exciting situation I had ever been in. Twice I bumped into someone kneeling on the floor and they started sucking my dick. I did not even know if it was a man or a woman. They would suck for a few seconds then move on.

Ding, “Time to move one more time!”

I walked slowly in a random direction. I bumped into two people (or the three of us collided simultaneously). It was a man and a woman. We quickly formed a triangle with our arms around each other. We took turns kissing the woman. We were all about the same height so she turned left and right to smooch with each of us. Then she leaned back and started rubbing our dick heads together. We were both wet with pre-cum and saliva, it felt pretty good. After a minute of this she said “Which one of you us going to eat my pussy?”

I quickly went down her body, kissing her tits and nipples, then down to my knees. I was still too far up so I sat on my butt. She held on to the other guy and put one leg over my shoulder. Now I could smell here sex. I started exploring with my tongue and found a bald crotch and a pussy that was very wet and slick. I started licking, her clit, down her vulva to the base, and back up. She did not squirt but she had the wettest pussy I have every encountered. Her delicious pussy juice was flowing down my face and neck.

I focused in on her clit; lick, lick, suck…lick, lick, suck. She pulled my face into her so I guessed she wanted more pressure. I sucked her clit hard and nibbled it gently between my teeth. She went crazy, her juice was flowing and she basically humped her clit against my top teeth. Then she came and flooded my mouth and face with her secretions. It was very exciting to make a girl cum so hard.

I stood up and kissed her hard. She kissed me and licked her emanations from my chin and cheeks. “You were Great!” she said.

Ding, Ding, Ding, The blue lights around the room came up slowly. “Continue until your are satisfied!” Ellen rang out in her cheery tone.

My dick was throbbing and looking around the room only made it harder. There were woman licking woman, men sucking men, couples fucking and couples in 69 enjoying each other.

I scanned the room. The light was very dim but I quickly saw what I was looking for. Amy was half way across the room. She was on top of a man, she was sucking his dick and he was licking her pussy.

I went over and knelt behind Amy, next to the man’s head (I later learned his name was Aaron). I leaned in and put my hands on Amy’s back. My dick was right on Aaron’s face. It seemed that every man in this group was bi and he seemed to take this in stride. Aaron just leaned back and took my dick in his mouth. Amy looked over her shoulder and smiled her sweet smile (she has always had dimples and freckles – so beautiful).

“I was hoping you would find me again.”

Aaron lined my dick up with Amy’s cunt and I slid in. Oh my God; I was fucking my adorable cousin who I have known all my life. Aaron continued to lick her clit. I got into a rhythm, 1, 2, 3, and on the fourth thrust I would drop my hips and drag my balls across Aaron’s forehead, nose, and mouth. He would lick my balls, then repeat. One, two, three, drag, lick. I rubbed Amy’s back while I was fucking her. After looking back at me for a couple of minutes, she went back to sucking Aaron while I pounded her.

That is when I saw Ellen, our host. She was kneeling at our side, masturbating furiously as she watched me fuck my cousin. “This is SO HOT!” she said.

My balls started boiling. “Oh, here I cummmm!” I cried.

“Yes Greg, Cum inside me!” Amy implored.

I thrust my hips as fast as I could until I started spurting into my cousin’s vagina. Aaron was licking her furiously and she sat up as far as she could and started to cum with me. I grabbed her tits and kissed her neck as we came simultaneously. Ellen was squealing and stroking out her own orgasm to our left.

As my dick softened and slid out of Amy, it landed on Aaron’s face. He sucked my penis into his mouth briefly then I backed away and he started licking Amy’s gash which dripped my seaman into his mouth. He seemed to enjoy this tremendously and as he swabbed up my cum, Ellen leaned forward and started sucking him and stroking his prick. Apparently my cum excited him because he started thrusting and groaning and came in Ellen’s mouth.

Amy rolled off Aaron and we snuggled and kissed on the carpet. Next to us Ellen was kissing Aaron and feeding him his own cum from her mouth.

Eventually, Amy and I got up and gathered our clothes, holding hands, moved to the door. There were still some people in the throws of sex behind us, but I was too dazed to even watch. Downstairs I sat on a chair and Amy straddled me, kissed me, then said, “I had no idea that would be so exciting.”

“Same” was my only reply. Then we kissed again.

As we got up to get dressed. As we were walking to the door, Ellen showed up and squeezed in between us. She put her arms around both of us and said, “My kissing cousins; That was one of the more erotic scenes I have ever watched.”

The three of us kissed for several minutes; me and Ellen, me and Amy, Amy and Ellen. I was starting to get hard again. Ellen grabbed my dick and gave it a squeeze. “You two can come for a visit any time” She said. Then she turned and went back to the party.

Amy and I got in her car and headed back to her place. She opened the top buttons on her sun dress so I could fondle her tits. She groped my dick as I drove.

Amy said, “Tim [her husband] comes home tomorrow. He is going to love hearing this story.”

To be continued…