Mary flipped around the black device in her hands, knowing perfectly well what it was, just not the specific name for it. An Oculus Quest VR Headset? To be honest, it looked like one of those thingies they used in science fiction movies. Three head straps and one clunky big piece that you were supposed to put in front of your eyes.

“And you’re giving it to me, because..?”

“We’re upgrading to a Quest 2 and I thought you might like it? You should play Beat Saber and move your skinny ass around some more!”

Her daughter was referring to last Christmas when Mary tried out Virtual Reality for the very first time. They made her play a game where you pretend to slash through a bunch of cubes with two colorful lightsabers. She sucked at it big time, but it was pretty fun.

“I know you love your video games, mom. Just like me, huh?”

“Thanks, honey. I appreciate it.”


Mary played Beat Saber for a while but realized that it was more of a social thing. It wasn’t as fun when there were no people around, laughing at the silly old fart not acting her age. She took off the headset and rubbed her sore neck. VR was cool and all, but not quite as immersive as she thought it would be. Or could be.

She glanced at her Nintendo Switch but decided to give the Oculus another shot. While she took a warm bath later, she wondered what it would be like to truly immerse yourself in an artificial world. To live there, breathe the air and smell.. whatever a world that doesn’t exist smells like.

A world with no boundaries.

The young masseuse was very friendly and service-minded.

“Baby, you just lie there and don’t move. Don’t even say a word. I’ll take care of you.”

Mary looked around. She was on a floor mattress in a beach house of some kind. The bamboo walls were covered with art and other random objects. Dream catchers, a Kamasutra painting, fertility statues with enormous penises or huge breasts. Scented candles everywhere.

She paused the video and yanked off the headset. The living room was dark and she couldn’t get any sleep. Eventually she took her refugee to the couch and.. in her own defense she wasn’t looking for pornography intentionally. But that’s where she ended up.

The first video she watched wowed her. The screen went black and two butt-naked women suddenly appeared out of nowhere. She was standing by a bed, looking at these two beautiful creatures writhing around on the sheets in front of her. They were touching and kissing each other. She looked down and oh heavens, a large penis was dangling between her legs!

With a rising heartbeat she watched the women turn their attention to her.. him, and one of them took her.. no, his thing in her mouth. Then she took it right out, turned around and guided it deep inside her own body. Pardon my french, Mary thought, but holy shit!

She couldn’t stop watching. She went through video after video and it was a parade of naked bodies and shameless sexual acts. Eventually she got bored of all the bald dicks though. Jeez louise, she thought, when did all men collectively decide to look like pre-adolescent boys?

She discovered something more interesting in the lesbian section. There were videos — most of them with the abbreviation POV included in the title — where she could overlook a woman’s body from her own perspective. Women decades younger than herself. She immensely enjoyed the experience of being in her twenties again. No wrinkles, a flat smooth belly and a pair of fresh, perky boobs.

The beautiful beach house masseuse started pleasuring her private parts. She ate her pussy, like the kids these days phrased it. Back when Mary had an active sex life nobody said anything about eating another person’s genitals. And if you shaved off all your pubic hair you were considered a bit of a weirdo. So much has changed in the last twenty years!

Mary couldn’t take it anymore. There was too much tension built up inside of her. She squeezed the thighs hard around her fist and climaxed after a few minutes, yanked off the headset and fell asleep almost instantly.


The next morning, it was different. The actresses felt disengaged and absent-minded. All young and disturbingly pretty but none of them behaved like human beings. Mary longed for a more immersive experience or at least some kind of emotional connection with a real woman. Anything more than “oh, that feels so good” and “you like that, huh?”.

When she was about to get up from the couch and make some breakfast for her grumbling tummy she found a website called The Promised Land. They offered custom made erotic VR videos or an “an experience beyond what you thought was ever possible”.

The woman on the screen looked about a thousand times more sophisticated than all the promiscuous sex toys she’d spent time with lately. She shrugged her shoulders.

“Why not?”

They asked for her personal information and details on what kind of experience she was looking for, what type of partner she was interested in and a whole bunch of other things. She chose the “Premium tuzla escort Deluxe Package”. The final cost was a bit overwhelming, but Mary decided she hadn’t spoiled herself in a long time.

She had years of savings stuffed away in her bank account and she could afford it. She was way too curious to back out at this point.


After 3 weeks she received an email from The Promised Land. She planted her butt on the couch and started to set up the VR equipment with shaky hands, clicked the email link and waited a few minutes for a file to download. A long wall of text appeared.


Even with her reading glasses on she wouldn’t be able to read those tiny letters. Just a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo. She selected the “Approve” button. The screen went black. A few seconds passed and then a soothing female voice spoke to her.

“Please lie down and close your eyes.”

She lay down on the couch. Kicked out a cushion and made herself as comfortable as possible.

“Good. Mary, was it?”

She nodded. They used her name, that was a nice touch.

“Now open your eyes, Mary.”

She opened her eyes. The darkness dissolved on the screen and she could look around in her virtual world. She was lying in a large bed. White sheets. The morning light was seeping through the white curtains. She could hear the noise from a busy city street through an open window.

“Please raise your hands.”

There was nobody there except the voice, but she did what she was told. What happened next made her gasp for air. The woman in the bed lifted up her arms too! And moved her hands around just like she did.

“Oh my god, how… are you doing this?”

“We are using advanced hand- and body tracking software to enable you to interact with your close environment. Try touching yourself, Mary.”

Mary used her virtual hands to touch her virtual chest while she was caressing her real life body at the same time. She could see her “fake” hands affect the body in front of her. The woman was wearing quite expensive lingerie. When she brushed over one of the breasts the smooth skin and the fabric of the bra reacted exactly like it would in real life.

“Can I come back? I need.. to put on something more comfortable.”

“To pause, hold up your right hand in the shape of a fist. To unpause, open your fist and lower your hand slowly to the bed. Please come back soon.”

She ran to the bedroom, looked through her wardrobe and managed to find something similar to what the woman was wearing in the simulation. Lace panties and a cute b-cup sized brassiere. She quickly undressed and put the new underwear on.

“Welcome back, Mary. You look beautiful.”

“Thank you..”

She realized she was blushing like a dumb teenager.

“I think you are ready to meet your partner now. Oh, one more thing. If you — for whatever reason — would like to remove any of your underwear, please use the same motion as in real life. And the bra unhooks from the front.”

Just like mine, she thought to herself.

“I hope you enjoy your experience, Mary.”


A resigned knock on the door. She turned her head left. That was definitely a woman because no man knocks like that. She stared at the door but nothing happened. Another knock, just like the first one. Mary’s heart was racing.

“Come in!”

She felt silly, but what else would she do? The door opened immediately and in walked a gorgeous hispanic woman in high heels. The uniform looked professional yet revealing enough for anyone and everyone to comprehend the curvaceous body it was hiding.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, miss. I thought you were decent.”

The woman turned around with a mischievous smile playing on her lips.

“I will be back in 5. Si está bien contigo?”

She started walking towards the door.



What the hell was happening? Did they anticipate everything she was doing or was it some type of voice recognition thing? Maybe it was all improvised live, like in a stage play or something?

“Who.. are you?”

“I’m your masseuse for the next two hours, miss. The Promised Land, remember? Booked and paid. My name is Sofia Garcia, a su servicio. At your service.”

Mary stared at her.

“Ok.. hi?”

“And you are Mary? Mary Wilson?”


“Haven’t got dressed yet, miss?”

“Sorry, what?”

Mary suddenly felt a bit exposed. Sofia gave her a forgiving smile.

“That’s fine. It’s a Sunday, after all. And we are allowed to relax and enjoy ourselves. Now, if you would be so kind and turn around so your back is facing me?”

“You want me to roll over?”

She couldn’t get over the fact she was having a conversation with a person who wasn’t there.

“Yes, please. I will remove the bra for you, miss. No te preocupes.”

“It unhooks from the front.”

She did the motion without thinking.

“Oh! Santa Mierda, miss! What are you doing?”

Sofia’s eyes were wide open. Mary discovered the bra in her hand. She threw it on the floor and covered herself by instinct.

“Oops, pendik escort I didn’t.. mean to do that. Please call me Mary. If I may call you Sofia?”

“Yes, miss.”

This was getting interesting, Mary thought and raised her fist. Sofia froze like a statue. She pulled up the headset, fumbled with her own bra — not nearly as elegantly as in the game — and threw it away. She wiped her sweaty forehead and pulled down the headset again.



She realised it was getting much easier to immerse yourself in the experience now. Whatever advanced tech they were using to communicate with her, she probably wasn’t able so understand how it worked even if somebody explained it to her, so why even bother racking them poor brain cells with it?

“You are staring at me.”

“Oh! I’m so sorry, miss! I mean, Mary.. miss Mary!”

Miss Mary felt more relaxed and didn’t want to cover herself up anymore.

“Don’t worry. No big deal. We are both women, right?”

Never in a million years did she think she would utter a sentence like that. And yet, there it was.

“Yes, of course. But..”


“Tan.. perfecta. Tus pechos. Delicada.”

Sofia pointed at the bare chest and blushed, then quickly turned away to go through her work bag. Nobody has ever called my tits delicious before, Mary thought. Or was it “delicate”? I might need to brush up on my spanish. She bursted out in involuntary laughter.

“I’m so sorry, but why are you laughing, miss? I mean.. Mary. Lo siento.”

“It’s fine, please call me “Miss” if that makes you feel more comfortable. I mean, it’s … been a long time since somebody gave me a compliment like that.”

“Oh, really? I don’t believe that.”

Sofia took out a few bottles from the bag and placed them on a table nearby. Mary raised herself up on her elbows. In her couch and in her bed.

“You don’t?”

“Miss.. you should look at yourself.”

Mary looked at herself. Her virtual self. It was kind of perfect, wasn’t it? Skin smooth like a baby’s butt. No love handles. No cellulites. A fit and healthy young body. Maybe around 20-25 or so? She wished there was a mirror nearby because she was dying to see what her face looked like.

“Sofia, please look at me. Describe what you see.”

“I already told you, miss. Perfecta.”

“Stop what you’re doing for a second. Come here.”

“Yes, miss.”

Sofia walked obediently over to the bed and stared at the floor.

“Now, please look. At me.”


“Hey.. higher up. My face. What do you see?”

Mary’s heart skipped a beat when she locked eyes with Sofia. If she was real, she was an amazing actress. No wonder this was so damn expensive. She could see a spark of mischief in her eyes and how it was constantly fighting with her submissiveness for control.

“I see.. kindness and beauty. Pasión. Lujuria.”

“A longing? For what?”

“Un beso..”

Sofia reached down and kissed her. Mary was so surprised she didn’t know how to react. It lasted only a few seconds but Mary could swear she felt those soft, soft lips on her mouth. No, that was impossible! It was obviously her imagination running wild, right? She realized the experience was getting way too immersive when she started to mix up reality with fantasy.

“Do that again. Please.”

“With pleasure, miss.”

Sofia kissed her and she could feel everything. The partly open wet lips, the tongue poking out between them, the warm breath, Sofia’s long thick hair falling down from her shoulder…

“No. That’s enough. This… is way too much for me to handle.”

Mary started panicking. She just wanted out.

“Are you sure, miss? Te arrepentirás si no lo haces.”

Sofia reached for the top button on her uniform.


Mary raised her fist and Sofia turned into a statue again.

She hyperventilated, drenched in sweat and her heart hammered like it was going to burst out of her chest. She applied a breathing technique she learned while working as a nurse and eventually she managed to calm herself down. She was able to think — somehow – rationally again.

Was she drugged? Hypnotized? She touched her lips. There was no other person! Everything was so overwhelming for her. The sensible part of her brain insisted that she should, under no circumstances, ever make use of that thing again. She would put it in a box, tape it and ask her daughter to carry it up to the attic. No questions asked.

But there was another voice too, because there always is, right? An insidious and seductive presence, like a snake with cold dead eyes. One that can not be reasoned with. Just one more kiss and she was done. No more. She put on the headset.

“Sofia. What.. are you doing?”

The masseuse continued to release the buttons on her shiny white uniform. One by one.

“I don’t agree with you, miss.”

She peeled off the uniform and it fell on the floor. Mary’s jaw dropped. Sofia wore a beautiful push up bra, covered with intricate patterns and colors ranging all the way from white to pink and aydınlı escort finally purple, accompanied by a luxurious pair of high waist panties. She was a Premium Deluxe Package, alright.

That’s not what you wear for work, Mary thought. Unless you work in a strip club.

“Miss. You’re staring.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I..”

“Don’t be.”

Sofia reached behind her back.

“I know you can handle me. I could tell from your kiss.”

The bra came off. Her breasts were magnificent, both so full and ripe. Mary could feel her judgement deteriorate for every second she was looking at them. What was that she said before? Just one more kiss? She couldn’t remember.

“Sofia. I’m.. old.”

“We are only as old as we feel in our hearts and minds, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, but..”

“I want to show you something, miss. Mi gatito.”

Sofia was about to pull her panties down.

“What? Don’t!”


“Because… I don’t know.”

“You don’t think I’m pretty?”

“Oh, heavens.. you are. Muy bonita. Sofia, please come here. Sit.”

Sofia sat down. When she was this close, Mary could see that her skin was covered with goos bumps. Mostly her arms but some on her chest too. Her large breasts moved in a very tantalizing way when Sofia exhaled in a deep, trembling sigh.

There was a faint scent in the air, Mary wasn’t sure if it was perfume or something else. She probably imagined it. No. Smoke and mirrors. She imagined everything.

“Don’t you like what you see, miss?”

“I do.. but you’re not real, ok? You can’t be.”


“Shh. Quiet. Let me explain, Sofia. I’m not really here. I’m sweating, half naked on my couch right now. Alone. I am old. My body is.. old. Wrinkly. Maybe I was attractive 15-20 years ago, but I’m not anymore. Do you understand?”

“Mary.. miss, I don’t understand anything you are telling me.”

Mary grabbed Sofia’s arm. It felt very real.

“Sofia, you’re not real. Nothing of this is real!”

Sofia got out of her grip. Her eyes were flaming and she looked very upset.

“I am real! Y tú eres estúpido. Do you know that word? Stupid!”

“It’s impossible. I downloaded.. some file on my VR headset, I’m wearing headphones right now, I can take them off anytime I want and my neighbors can probably hear me talking to myself through the walls…”

Sofia grabbed her hand and slapped it on top of her breast.

“Is this not real? Tell me if this doesn’t feel real to you!”

Mary gasped. The discrepancy between reality and fiction was tearing her apart. She was one hundred percent convinced that her hand was completely empty but she could still feel the full weight of a woman’s breast in her palm. It was so palpable, so much like the real thing. She pulled her shaking hand back.

“I can’t believe this! Sofia? Please touch me.”

Sofia ran her nails down her bare stomach.

“Oh my god.. it tickles. Stop that!”

“What about here, miss?”

Sofia caressed Mary’s chest. Mary grabbed her hand and held it there, then lifted the headset slightly upwards and glanced underneath. She could see her own hand holding the saggy tit in a firm grip and she could feel another hand under it. But it just wasn’t there.

She lifted the headset up even more and the feeling of the other hand started to fade and grow weaker. Lifted it even more, the ghost hand was almost gone. It made her stomach turn. She pulled it down again. She had to let go of Sofia’s warm hand.

“Do they pay you for this?”

“The Promised Land.. the company pays my salary, miss. And some clients give me quite a generous tip, which I appreciate but never encourage. I feel it should be up to each and own, no te parece?”

“Yes. Si. What do you do for your clients?”

“Provide my services.”

“What services?”

“Cualquier cosa que quieras hacer. Anything you want, miss.”

Mary made a decision. It might work if she treated it like a dream or a hallucination. A momentary lapse of reason.

“Do you think I’m attractive, Sofia?”

She pulled her panties down. Down her legs and feet. She was holding them in her hand but in the virtual world they were gone. She dropped them on the bed.. no, the couch. Her private parts were smooth and trimmed with a cute little bush – like a cherry – on top.

In real life she hadn’t touched a razor for years.

“Yes, miss! Una flor…”

Sofia made a gesture of a flower blossoming.

“Are you doing this out of your own free will?”

“Si! I would never let anyone force me into anything.”

Mary hesitated. All romance aside, she had to ask.

“Sofia.. do you want to give me pleasure? You can say no, you don’t have to.”

Sofia was nothing but a big smile on two legs.

“More than anything, miss. No puedo esperar!”

You can’t argue with her enthusiasm, Mary thought. If it both looked and felt real, it was real, right? Right?! She was really pushing to convince her cowardly ass to go through with this. At least the consent from Sofia was well established by now.

Could it be dangerous? Yes. Maybe. But there’s no reward in life without risk. Who came up with platitudes like that? She did. Mary spread her legs apart — all four of them – and Sofia accepted the invitation without any signs of hesitation.