Although this is a stand-alone story, it is hard to believe it’s the 10th chapter in the Principal’s Turn series. The series depicts the conversion of a married, straight, up and coming principal (Maggie Turner) into a submissive lesbian pet to a former student turned employee (Taisha Smith).

Along the way Liz Richards became a jealous, vindictive thorn in the side of Taisha Smith. To remove the threat, Taisha was forced to put “Lizzie” in her place. In this chapter Lizzie learns what Taisha, has in store for her. Will she become a toy for a young attractive power couple?

The story depicts, elements of non-consent, reluctance and submission, involving lesbian and bi-sexual group sex. If this is offensive to you, please find another story. If you read on, please enjoy. Your comments are always welcome.


I awoke to find, Taisha no longer in bed. The clock said 2:27 PM and I didn’t really know how long I slept. It felt so good falling asleep latched onto her and I slept like a rock. I tried to recall how long I was asleep and had no idea. A couple hours I’d guess, but I lost all track of time when I was with Taisha Smith.

I dared to hope she was still here somewhere but there was no sign of her neon orange bikini on the floor. When I went downstairs, the remnants of my breakfast spread were still all there. My hopes were quickly dashed when her white cover-up was gone.

With the excitement of her possibly still being there now removed, I began to feel the effects of being thoroughly and completely fucked with the strapless cock in the form of my stinging cunt.

That realization brought to mind another problem that Taisha Smith created. As I stood naked in my dining room with a sore “vagina”, it occurred to me that in my own mind, the first word that came to mind when I noticed the pain in my “vagina” was cunt. A word that a year ago, I found patently offensive. After my encounters with Michael and Taisha, I get wet like Pavlov’s dog at the sound of the word cunt.

A few moments later when I peed, I realized it was a good thing Taisha Smith slipped out while I slept. I was far too sore to service her anymore that day. I applied some aloe cream to my overused cunt, put on some loose-fitting sweats, and even dared not to put on the white thong she required me to wear. Even as I made that choice, there was a part of me that was disappointed. I liked wearing them, knowing they pleased her. Despite everything, I needed to please her first and foremost.

I cleaned up the breakfast table and replayed the events that brought me to that point. First was the run in with Michael that fateful day in class with his runaway boner. Although I was clueless at the time, that was the first day, I realized my need to be submissive. Since then I’ve learned there are many people that feel the need to be controlled sexually.

That arrogant young man with no experience somehow sensed it as seized the opportunity. When he became legal aged, I gave in completely to temptation. In, of all places, the supply room at the school where I teach. The combination of surrendering control and the risk of getting caught, was an elixir, I couldn’t resist.

Unfortunately the risk bit me in the ass, when the new substitute teacher I treated like shit every chance I could, happened to be in the room and recorded it all on video. She was kind enough to share it with me, and sadly, I still watch if from time to time.

What were the odds that she would be an even more devious sexual top, and now has complete control over me? At least that’s what I try to convince myself. The truth is, I willingly submit to her every whim, and I have been rewarded, with orgasm after humiliating orgasm that I happily beg for.

In a couple short months, she dwarfed ten years of my active sex life combined. I was with my ex-fiancé Tony off and on for more than seven years. She gave me more satisfaction just this morning than I had with him in seven years. It wasn’t Tony’s fault, it was mine. I settled for something I thought was comfortable for far too long, not knowing what it was I truly needed.

Michael discovered it first, but Taisha took it to a whole new level. So much so, Michael and Tony are now out of the picture all together. That is because, with one finger she can take control of my entire body and bring me unbridled paralyzing pleasure, like no one ever has.

Even as I sat there in my T-shirt and sweats, alone, with no idea when she would pay me any attention, I knew, I would eagerly drop everything to please her the moment she asked.

I spent the rest of the afternoon watching TV and recovering. I replayed the multiple references she made to our relationship not lasting forever over in my mind. Relationship is not a word she would ever use. “It’s a shame this, can’t last.” would be more like it.

The not-so-subtle comment “I have a plan for you that I think you will like a lot.” played over and over as well. It was scary kocaeli escort bayan and exciting at the same time. Every time I’ve been with her, I didn’t know what to expect and every time I’ve left in awe.

I resisted the urge to text her for risk of angering her, and out of the need for some recovery time. So, I spent the rest of the weekend binging Netflix and letting my imagination run wild.

Monday Taisha was not subbing, so there was no chance to see her. At the end of the day, I sat at my desk with my chair all the way in, and slipped my left hand into my panties, fantasizing about being under her desk licking her cunt while I made myself come for her.

Before I became fully engaged, there was a knock on my door. So, my hand retreated at record speed, and I yelled, “come in!” I was sure the smell of my wet cunt, permeated the room and I was going to be caught.

It was Principal Turner. “Hey Ms. Richards, how was your Monday?”

My mind wanted to say. “Kind of a letdown, I couldn’t lick Taisha Smith’s pussy under her desk.” But I resisted the urge to ruin my career and answered, “Great Ms. Turner. How was yours?”

“Excellent,” she said nearly glowing. “We are having a strategy session tomorrow at the Marriott before the fundraiser dinner. Do you think you can make it?”

“I think so. The dinner’s at seven. What time is the session?”

“Five thirty. We should be done by six thirty, to give us time to freshen up for the dinner.”

“I can do that. Anything for the cause.” I said, wondering if Taisha would be there. I never did have a chance to discuss anything like fundraisers and the license tag fee bill, with her. It’s difficult to transition from begging to suck her pussy to discussing the education system and how to better fund it. Principal Turner was a major player in the effort to pass a bill that would add a ten-dollar charge to the annual automobile license fee to for funding Arkansas public schools.

“Remember, this one is business casual and a lot more fun than the last one. There are several rooms reserved by attendees, we can use to change in if needed, but I’m planning on wearing whatever, I wear to work.” She said, smiling. “Thanks again for all your help.”

“My pleasure Ms. Turner.” I replied thinking my moment of self-gratification was gone.

After she left, I collected myself and decided it was best to head home, before doing something stupid like rubbing one off in my classroom, where someone might see. But my mind replayed Taisha pinning me against the wall of Mr. Laurence’s classroom. The danger of people just on the other side of the unlocked door, combined with her relentless finger, gave me one of the most intense orgasms of my life. My hand was already sliding under the desk and back into my panties, as I sat with my abdomen pressed firmly against the desk.

“Oh God, Ms. Smith,” I whispered as my fingers worked my hot wetness.

I tried to imagine her tongue working between my labia, but my twisted mind took me to the image of me, totally naked, sitting on the top of my desk with my heels on opposite corners so my pussy was spread wide for her. She smiled as I frantically fucked myself for her.

“Oh my Goddess, you make me so wet. Please let me come for you!” I panted.

In my mind, my mouth was open as wide as it could go and I screamed out, “I love being your little slut! Oh God, I’m coming for you Ms. Smith! Coming so fucking hard!”

In reality, I sat pressed against the desk with my left elbow on the desk and forehead planted firmly in palm, like I was deep in thought after a trying day. My right hand was under the desk and my finger working in tiny circles on my clit. My lips were drawn in to muffle any sounds as I made myself come for Taisha Smith one more time. Every muscle tightened as I came without a sound except for the faint sloshing of my finger in my drenched cunt.

When I finished, I felt the much-needed release I’d hoped for. This time did manage to pull myself together and went home. Walking down the hall I hoped the crowd could not detect the scent of sex that permeated my nostrils. When I made it out unnoticed, I was relieved.

The drive home was filled with thoughts of how pathetic I had become. I could not believe my complete lack of control and resolved to do better. But, by the end of the evening, I found myself lying on my bed naked and pressing the massager ball against my screaming clit, begging for her pussy.

After I came for her again, I wished I had captured it on video to send to her. I was completely addicted to Taisha Smith and felt powerless to resist my depraved urges.

Tuesday, I discovered she was not subbing again. The sting of my spitefulness toward her when she first arrived, hit me hard that day. Had I not recruited Manuel Espinosa after Mr. Cheswick retired, and then forced him down Principal Turners throat, Taisha would likely have that job full time, and I would see her every day. The fact izmit escort bayan that Mr. Espinosa deserved it, didn’t seem so important anymore.

Every day was spent in a deepening fog of lust that clouded my mind. Since becoming Taisha’s “cunt licker”; a term I still couldn’t fully grasp, I have looked at women more and more frequently.

That morning, I even found myself looking at Principal Turner with a tinge of excitement. She wore a smart, navy blue blazer and tailored slacks with a white pull over tight top that highlighted her breasts tastefully. When she walked by, I found my eyes drawn to her ass that peeked out below her tight blazer.

Principal Turner was hot. Her hair was soft and flowing, with a subtle curl and hung onto the breast of her jacket. The sandy color almost glowed in the light of the hall. I had to make myself rein it in. I ran home at lunch and fucked myself with Taisha’s strap on to take the edge off.

I attended the strategy session before the fundraiser and when I saw Taisha, I felt I might cream in my panties. She wore a little black number that fit like a glove. The skirt reached to just above the knee and formed beautifully to her body. It was strapless with short sleeves and cut straight across her chest with a subtle V in the center. It revealed no cleavage but made her neck and shoulder look stunning. Her hair was up in a bun, adding to the allurer. When I looked down, I noticed her heels made her calves look toned and shapely. Then my eyes locked onto the curve of her ass sending a tingle all through my body.

It was impossible to play it cool as I found myself staring and drooling, like a horny teen. For a distraction, I engaged in conversation with Mr. Laurence to keep from giving myself away to everyone in the room.

“I was skeptical of your project-based learning program at first. It’s hard being the old dog learning new tricks. But, after you and Miss Smith were impressed with the results, I have a plan to work it in next semester.” He said smiling. “Thank you for helping me think outside the box. Sometimes breaking down those mental barriers and opening yourself up to new ideas can be quite liberating.”

And just like that the image of being bent over the table and fucked hard by Taisha and the strap on, filled my mind again. I could barely speak but managed a response. “Completely liberating,” I sighed as my eyes closed. When I opened them again, Mr. Laurence was looking at me in wonderment.

“I admire your passion, Miss Richards.” He said, squirming a bit.

I tried to recover. “I mean it is good to think outside the boundaries and try new things. Doing the same thing over and over gets stagnant for everyone involved. When the creative juices are flowing, that’s when the results are so much more gratifying…”

“What are you two up to?” Asked Taisha from behind me, saving the day.

As I turned and caught a whiff of her perfume, I felt a rush of heat shoot through me.

“Good evening, Miss Smith. We were just talking about, the ingenuity the two of you have shown, bringing new things to the table.” Said Mr. Laurence.

“Funny you should say that Mr. Laurence. Lizzie and I were pounding out some new ideas, on her dining room table after the last fund raiser dinner, weren’t we Lizzie?” She smiled innocently.

Suddenly I felt dizzy, as the memory replayed of being thoroughly fucked from behind bent over my dining room table with my “Barbie” dress tossed up over my head. After a few seconds of recovery, I was able to collect my thoughts and respond.

“Yes, we were. It was probably the most gratifying night I’ve had since becoming a teacher.” I said, proud of my ability to join her in our secret language of sexual metaphors.

Just then Principal Turner called us together to discuss the next steps in the campaign for the $10 license tag tax for education.

“I think we will need another brainstorming session tonight, Lizzie.” She said quietly as we moved closer to Principal Turner.

“Yes, my Goddess,” I whispered. She smiled glancing at me seductively.

I don’t recall anything of substance from the strategy session, as my pussy ached for Taisha Smith. I stayed close to her breathing her perfume, obsessing about what she might do to me later. I struggled not to stare at her body in that dress but was compelled to stay close in case she decided it was time. Every effort to focus on the discussion was thwarted by the throbbing in my cunt.

When we broke to prepare for the dinner, I went to the ladies room and did my best to freshen up. Even applying a little perfume to my white thong panties I would be showing to Taisha later. Like Taisha, I was also wearing a black dress and looked myself over in the mirror.

My dress hung just above the knee with three-inch ruffles around the hem and up the faux wrap around front, that led up to a waist tie. It had a full back with V neck also trimmed in the ruffle. It gebze escort was sleeveless with the ruffle surrounding the sleeve openings as well. It gave the appearance of a wraparound dress that would peel off if the waist strap were untied and I imagined how easily Taisha could undress me.

I made sure all was in place and checked my hair that was pulled back and clipped giving a great view of my neck and dangling crystal earrings.

When I returned the guests were steadily trickling in. Principal turner was with the board members and the mayor. As advertised this event was a lot less formal with increased numbers of less affluent donors. The dinner was in the main restaurant bar and there were silent auction items throughout the lobby and a cash bar after the two drink coupons included with the $100 dinner ticket. That was a far cry less than the $500 per plate price tag from the last event. (Luckily, teachers ate free.)

I could not locate Taisha and thought that was probably a good thing. So, I began to mingle and get some face time with the school board members and the interim superintendent. I put in a good word with him for Principal turner as the candidate for the full-time position. He agreed she was his choice as well, but it was going to be a process that would take a few more months.

Then I saw Taisha with Principal Turner who looked glowingly happy that evening. They spoke for several minutes, and I did not want to interrupt. When Taisha walked away, I move in to talk to Principal Turner. I smiled when I saw her following Taisha with her eyes. So, it was not just me being an overheated slut. It appeared even strait-laced Principal Turner notice her in that dress.

I spoke with Principal Turner for several minutes before a board member drug her off to meet some new donors. When I saw Taisha again, she was with black Ken and Barbie. That was not quite right. Ken and Barbie don’t exude sex, but that couple oozed it.

He wore a pair of black slacks that fit smooth and tight with a classic blue and white striped oxford button down fitted shirt. He looked like a chiseled granite statue. Judging from the size of his pecs I pictured Billy Brown from “How to Get Away with Murder”, shirtless! His hair was short and perfectly trimmed about an inch high on top of his six-foot two-inch frame. His face smooth shaven and attractive. He got my juices flowing immediately. The way those pants fit his ass…then I saw the bulge. I thought I’d found the model for my big black dildo.

After he primed the pump, with my newfound eye for women, she released the flood gates. She was at least five foot eight with stilettoes and the fullest head of beautiful black hair I may have ever seen. It was straight and thick and hung to the center of the arch of her back. I did a double take as the first thing that came to mind was a lion main. It was a shimmering jet black, and I immediately wanted to touch it to see if it was a soft as it looked and there was so much of it.

She had solid bangs in front about half an inch off her eyebrows. Her hair hung down to her nipples in front and framed her beautiful mocha face. That face seemed to light up. Her smile was big and bright with a wide mouth and shapely lips. Her nose rounded and extremely symmetrical with eyes that were almost Asian in shape. Her face seemed a bit long and narrow but gorgeous, glowing, and smooth. I was taken with her beautiful face so much; I hadn’t even noticed her body to that point.

She wore a form fitting short sleeved stand collar body skirt. It may have been spandex the way it fit or rayon spandex blend. It covered from her neck to her knees but left nothing to the imagination while still looking elegant. Her breasts were large, shapely, and separated somewhat.

I first thought there was no bra, but on second glance there was a subtle hint of a strap peeking through, but her nipples stood out just slightly through the bra. Then I noticed a unique feature of the dress, I could not recall ever seeing before. It’s right side had a subtle flat seem and the left had mini pleats from her breast to her hip. That caused the dress to pull under her left breast highlighting it’s shape perfectly. In back the pleats congregated in the small of her back causing it to pull tight under her right cheek.

Her ass was narrow but round and protruding. The dress highlighted it perfectly. Something about the way it clung to her, the narrowness of her waist and the curve of her back made her ass mesmerizing with no sign of a panty line anywhere.

When the man turned, it was difficult to say who had the better ass. They really did look like the couple in the picture frame in a store. As I stared and drooled, they turned, and I noticed the bulge again. In an effort not to stare at his cock, my eyes noticed the outline of her belly button through the tight fabric, and then the subtle little valley that ran up the center of her abdomen to her chest.

As I realized it was hopeless, it became apparent the three of them were looking my way. They were talking and smiling, and I got the impression they were talking about me. Thier smiles were somehow enticing, but I quickly turned, to avoid them seeing the blush that washed over my face.