The Preacher’s Wife – Part 5At first this was just going to be a playful romp about a fling with a preacher’s wife. It is a fantasy that I have longed to live out! But now with the fifth installment, I can only say the story has taken on a life of its own!! Julie, the frustrated preacher’s wife who has not always been an angel and the associate minister’s wife, the Philippine born Sarah have both teamed up to show me the perverted side or repressed women in the church. They have sent me off to work where my boss, Sherry has also decided that while my wife is gone, I might be fair game! What other new twists are going to come my way next?!?! Read on and find out!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~As the clock moved slowly on toward 5:00 I intentionally turned off my cell phone so that there would be no more demands on me from Julie (the preacher’s wife) and Sarah (the Associate minister’s wife). While I was anxious to get them to remove the metal and plastic device from my privates, after my session with Sherry following lunch, I was not certain I could handle much more! “Why could this not have happened to me when I was 30 or 35?!?!” I thought as I sat in my cube and stared at lines of code.I was just thinking of hitting the door a few minutes early to hopefully also avoid Sherry when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I damn near jumped out of my skin as I turned and saw Sherry standing there smiling much as I imagine a cat would when she had a mouse caught under its paws! She did not say a thing, only bent her finger to motion me to follow her before she turned and walked toward her office. The clock on the phone read 4:54. So close…. I got up and followed her.I was surprised when she told me to leave the door open. She sat at her desk and asked on the status of a couple of the things in my queue. I was a little puzzled when she did, because they were the exact same three projects that I had just put comments into the tracking system about just before she walked by. Amanda, her admin assistant stuck her head in, apologized for interrupting and then said good night. I finished telling Sherry about the last program and asked, “Will there be anything else? She looked at me for the first time since I had sat down. “That’s an excellent question!” She stood up and walked past me to the door and closed it. I watched her then as she walked over to the windows and looked out the window. “By this time of day, my breasts feel like bowling balls. My Ex helped me get them started, but he thought it was weird. He liked the bigger tits and that I would jerk him off two or three times a day in return for sucking on them. He really liked the fact that I sprayed when he fucked me. Then one day he left. He has never told me why. He has never taken up a new woman, so I still have no idea what happened.”I just sat there. I could see her cupping and playing with her breasts as she stood there staring out the window as she talked. The windows look silver from the outside, so I doubted whether anyone could even see her from below. I was not certain that I wanted to see her at this point. Sherry was talking almost as if I was not there and I thought about heading out the door while she was looking the other way.“You like them don’t you?” she asked turning to face me. She had unbuttoned her shirt and pulled down the flaps of what I realized was a nursing bra. Madonna may have had snow-cones for bra cups, but Sherry did not need anything to make hers point. They were both directed straight at me and as I searched for the right words, I watched in amazement as a single drop of white appeared on the top of the darkened red nipple on her left breast. It sat there in stark contrast for a few seconds then rolled off and onto the floor.“They are beautiful, Sherry.” I said quietly and with a great urfa rus escort deal of sincerity. She studied my face and I watched to see if any other drops would materialize and run down her truly sexy breasts.Finally she smiled and said, “Thank you. Please come here, I need to be milked.” I stood up and walked over to her as she turned and looked back out over the emptying parking lot. Moving up behind her I put my hands on her hips and rubbed the metal bulge in my pants across the crease of her skirt. She reached down and took my hands in hers and simply said, “Like this,” and she showed me how to use my thumb and fingers behind her areola to push the milk into the nipple. Within a few seconds I was rewarded by seeing tiny streams of white shooting out and onto the dark glass separating us from the prying eyes of those passing below.If you have never worn a penis trap / cock chastity device, it works differently than what you might think. You still get excited, Your cock still swells, or tries to but as it straighten, it pushes the device forward… and would continue to do so until you shot it off the end of an engorged cock. But with it going behind the scrotum as well, what happens is as you harden, the device pulls your balls forward until your arousal causes such pain you are damn near ripping your own balls off!!Within a very few minutes this was the predicament that I found myself in! Sherry laid her head back on my shoulder. The scent of her hair and perfume was pleasant and sexy. Her hands were busy below and when I looked at just the right angle I could see a little reflection of her fingers slowly circling her clit. Her ass was grinding back into my hips and moving my cock in a way that my body recognized as pleasing though I could not feel any of the pleasure of rubbing my cock against her body.From time to time, Sherry would take the fingers of one of my hands and hold them up to her mouth so she could suck on the milk that had run down over my fingers or offer them back over her shoulder to my hungry mouth! Her milk was different from anything you get in a store and after a few tastes I found simply the scent of it to be intoxicating! After a few more minutes, she took a milk covered hand of mine and shoved it down between her thighs. I was only able to get just the first part of my finger into her pussy and still let her have room to rub her clit, but it was enough. She pitched forward and I went with her to keep my purchase on her squeezing cunt. Her legs went nearly limp and I found myself holding her up. She put her hands against the window supports as my steel encased appendage had her shoved against my hand lower down in a most heavenly of ways!!I lowered her onto her knees and I heard her murmur, “Suck me!” We were both on our knees now; still facing the window and I hesitated not quite certain what she wanted. Taking a deep breath she said, “Get on your back and slide under me! I want to sit on your face since I can’t have your dick in me!” I was just wondering what would happen if a janitor came in or someone else to see why her car was still in the lot when she quietly said, “Please….please suck me! I need to cum again!!”I rolled over onto my back and quickly slid beneath her full ass cheeks and between her thighs to see for the first time her beautiful pussy. Now lots of porn stars have long pussy lips and fat ones that you can see and taste without having to do a lot of work to get to the ‘meat of the matter’. I have rarely had the pleasure of being with such a woman. Both Julie and Sarah had only slightly visible external lips and yet seeing them had been an incredible turn ons for me. Sherry had much thicker, darker and definitely wetter pussy lips than nearly any porn star urfa rus escort bayan I have ever laid eyes on!!I felt something on my forehead and glanced up to see her cupping and squeezing the left breast with both hands and spraying out fine streams of liquid silk toward the window. The sight was so hot! I kept watching as I ran my tongue down the entire length of her sex, exploring those glorious unknown folds of rubbery flesh. I started nibbling on them with my lips and stretching them just to see what it was like. Soon I was not the only one moaning!I wrapped my hands around her thighs and pulled her meaty lower lips down and began gobbling and sucking for all I was worthwhile she continued to implore me to keep sucking Mommy and helping her! It was surreal. It was erotic. It was hot as hell and I could feel precum leaking from my bent cock as I swore if I ever got hold of either of the women that had locked me up I would get my revenge!!After her fourth orgasm, Sherry rolled off of me with a stifled cry and sat with her back leaning against the wall with significantly deflated breasts as well as thighs that were almost as wet as my face! (The next to last time she came she either lost some control of her bladder or she squirted, I was not certain and it did not seem like an appropriate question at the moment!). “There are some wipes and paper towels in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet she said with a smile on her face as she looked at me. “You probably need to clean up a little before you go.” She smiled at me in a way that caused me to see her for the first time not as a boss but as a sexually vibrant woman. I smiled and got to my feet and retrieved the things she had asked for and used some myself.“Can I see it?” she asked as I threw away the towelette and tucked my shirt in. I hesitated then decided what the hell; I have seen every bit of her. So I started to undo my belt. She laughed and said she would be glad to look at my cock all bound up, but she wanted to see the message/picture that had gotten me busted to begin with. Remembering that both women had on masks, I decided what harm could there be in showing it to her. So I fished my phone out of my pocket and turned it on. I helped Sherry to her feet and then found the message and handed the phone over to her.I had no sooner handed her the phone than I heard it vibrate and then vibrate again and then a few more times. Sherry’s eyes went wide, looked up at me and then she looked down again. I made a move to grab the phone from her and she turned. “Your wife did not put this on you? These two women did, didn’t they?!” She looked over her shoulder at me and I closed my eyes knowing that what was seen and known could never be undone.When I opened my eyes she was holding my phone out to me. “We better get moving,” she said simply as she stepped around her desk and picked up her purse. I read the messages quickly. “Let’s go.” Sherry said.“Go where?”“That second message says you have to be at Julie’s by 7:00 and the one from Sarah said you better bring dessert. I know a wonderful little dessert shop on 6th Avenue. I will buy half a cheesecake and then you can introduce these women that have opened my eyes to see you in a completely different way. If they don’t invite me in, that’s fair. But I think they will.” I started to protest and she just smirked at me. “You don’t have time for this. Either you work with me or I follow you to their place. Or worse yet, tomorrow I lose another wonderful milkman and you lose your job!”15 minutes later we left the Night Delight dessert shop with a cheesecake and then she followed me the 30 minutes back across town to pull down Julie and Dale’s street. I just prayed that when she came to the door rus escort urfa Julie would have on clothes!I pulled into the drive and turned off the engine. I reached over to get the cake and started to get out of the car when Sherry came around and asked for the cake. “After all, I paid for it; I might as well deliver it. You can wait in your car!” She did not give me a chance to argue, she just took the box and walked up the drive, to the sidewalk and up to the front door where she rang the bell and waited. I sat down in the car and waited. Sherry just kept a smile on her face as she would occasionally look back at me with a smile and then ring the bell again.Then the door opened cautiously and I saw Julie in a terry cloth robe looking as if she had just awakened. The façade quickly disappeared though as she took the cake box from her visitor and stared daggers out at me as I sat in the car. Had Sherry not parked right up against my bumper, I truly think I would have started the car and left. By the time five minutes went by and then ten minutes I was fidgeting and trying to keep my stomach from getting anymore acidy. I was considering just walking away when 15 minutes after Sherry went into the house, Sarah opened the door dressed in a tube top and very short cut off shorts and waved me to come in.The second I stepped inside I knew I was going to be paying for my sins for all eternity. Julie and Sarah were each caked in makeup and had applied fake tattoos to their arms and thighs. These were not tats that you would put on a c***d either! They each had paddles and were sitting to either side of the older and much more endowed Sherry that sat in the chair with only her white button up blouse.“Come in, you little cheating prick!” Sherry said. “My two friends have told me the most delightful tale about how they came to own your prick. I asked if they had experienced your talented tongue yet and they said only a little. I talked your talents up, so you better not let me down or even worse them.”“We are going to go downstairs and get better acquainted. The cheesecake is in the kitchen. Bring it down and serve it to us,” said Julie who then offered Sherry a dainty hand up.“And oh Bryan, I like beefcake with my cheese cake, so, again, don’t disappoint us. Take off all of your clothes before you come down and serve us!” Sarah added and then followed the other two women to the steps that led to the basement. As the other two disappeared down the steps, she stopped and turned toward me. Taking hold of a chain around her neck with a key on it, she said, “We own you, so you can either relax and enjoy or stay a worried bastard, but either way, we are going to have fun with you tonight.” She smiled at me and blew me a kiss then before descending the steps added, “So loosen up and give us what we want and you will get even hotter than you ever have been before!”Alone in the kitchen, stripping off my clothes I thought to myself. “Hotter than ever before? I have not a doubt, because I am going to hell for not just thinking what I will be doing but looking forward to it!” A smile crept across my face though as I stepped to the top step. “There is no doubt I am going to pay for this somewhere along the line, so I might as well get as much out of it as I can!” And with that I descended into the lion’s den!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The women that Bryan has had around him every day for years have always seemed to be uptight prudes with repressed sexual energy…but he is finding out that in truth there has been a simmering sexual tension boiling just behind the right words and contented little smiles.But do you want to know what happens when these three sadistic and horny women get together and have a male victim to use as they please?Well tell me what you think! Give me a vote! Give me a note! Drop me a PM or send me a link to a picture or video that captures what you think should happen next!!! Maybe you will be right!As always, all comment, votes and feedback is appreciated. It makes my work and effort much more pleasant to think of the joy I am bringing to many, many fingers and palms!!! LOL