Bob and Rachel, both mid-twenties and married for four years, had been trying without success for two years for a baby to start their family. Bob decided to take the problem to his doctor to see if he could tell him why they’d been unsuccessful so far. The doctor suggested that Bob should get his sperm count checked. The results of the check showed that his viable sperm count was very low, and although it was possible, it was highly unlikely that he would ever be able to father a child.

The doctor suggested that Bob and Rachel consider IVF treatment, using her egg and sperm from a donor. This treatment could be had on the National Health Service but only for a limited number of attempts, after which only expensive private treatment would be available.

The couple considered IVF treatment but were basically not happy about their child being conceived in the clinical environment of a test tube or similar. The additional problem was that if the limited number of tries under the NHS were unsuccessful, they wouldn’t be able to afford the private treatment to continue trying to conceive, and all of that with no guarantee of success.

Eventually, a frustrated Bob suggested to his wife that they find a sperm donor to get her pregnant by the natural method of insemination through intercourse.

Rachel wasn’t at all happy about this suggestion. It would mean that she’d have to have sex with someone other than her husband, probably a complete stranger, and how would they find a suitable donor anyway. How could they be sure that the child would be healthy, without any genetic problems, unless extensive checks could be made into the donor’s background?

Furthermore, although she desperately wanted a baby, they both did, she worried about what Bob would think of her after she’d been impregnated by another man during sex.

They talked about it many times. Rachel said that however desperately she wanted children, she also wanted them to carry her husband’s genes as well as her own, a stranger’s sperm couldn’t do this, he would pass on his own genes.

Bob thought long and hard about the problem for some weeks, then he told Rachel that a solution to their problem would be for his father, Jerry, to get her pregnant. Jerry’s sperm must be viable, he and Bob’s mother, Louise, had created Bob so that shouldn’t be a problem. His dad was only forty-nine, so he should be quite capable of fathering another child. The genes in Bob had come from Jerry and Louise so the family genes would be passed onto Rachel’s baby by Jerry.

At first Rachel was shocked by this suggestion, but the more she thought about it, the more it seemed like a solution to their problem. Her father in law’s genes were in her husband, so a baby fathered by him would carry similar genes. It really could be the answer they were looking for, but the method of conception still seemed to her to be repugnant. However, after much discussion, Bob eventually persuaded Rachel that they should talk to Jerry and Louise about it.

Bob and Rachel invited Bob’s parents to dinner one Friday evening, telling them that they wanted to run an important proposal by them after they’d eaten.

Bobs parents, Jerry and Louise, were intrigued and eager to hear what their son and daughter in law wanted to discuss, but the younger couple were adamant that they wouldn’t discuss anything until the meal was over. It was obvious to Jerry and Louise that it was something important as Bob and Rachel were very nervous and distracted during dinner. Whatever the subject to be discussed was, it was obviously very important to them and was making them very nervous.

Dinner seemed to drag on, Rachel was a good cook but her culinary efforts were wasted this time, there was too much tension in the air and even a couple of bottles of Jerry and Louise’s favourite wines did little to relieve the tension.

At last the meal was completed and the dishes were cleared away. Taking their coffee into the lounge the two couples had made themselves comfortable in the easy chairs and on the couch.

“Now then,” Jerry said, looking at his son, “what’s this all about, the tension is giving me indigestion. Out with it you two.”

Bob cleared his throat. “Well dad, and you to mum, you know that Rachel and I have been trying for some time to start a family, but without success. We’ve seen our doctor and I’ve had tests, and it seems that my sperm count is so low that it’s unlikely that I’ll ever be able to get Rachel pregnant. IVF treatment has been suggested, but there’s no guarantee that Rachel would get pregnant within the limited opportunities offered by the NHS, and we wouldn’t be able to afford private IVF treatment.”

“In view of this situation, I’ve suggested to Rachel that we could find a man to be a sperm donor and get Rachel pregnant the natural way, by him having sex with her.” At this statement there had been a sharp intake of breath from Louise, while Jerry had just sat with his mouth open.

Jerry had been the first to speak. “But surely you can’t kurtköy escort be serious about letting another man be intimate with Rachel. And surely Rachel wouldn’t agree to being ‘serviced’ by a stud, because that’s what you are suggesting.”

Rachel had begun to cry at this point, but Bob had continued, “Dad, I know what you mean, but Rachel and I have talked about it for hours, and we can’t find another satisfactory answer. Before you say anything else, please let me finish what I was saying.”

“As I said, Rachel and I have talked, discussed, argued, call it what you like, and we don’t see another way for us to get the family we want. On top of the things that you’ve said there is also another problem, and that is that Rachel doesn’t want our child to have a stranger’s genes. She, rightly, wants our child to have a combination of her genes and mine, but we can’t do that ourselves as I’ve told you. So, the alternative that I’ve suggested, and that she agrees with, would be for you to make her pregnant. That way the child would have the family genes.”

Jerry had sat rigid for a moment with his mouth open. “How could you even suggest such a thing,” he’d burst out, “that would be incest. No, never, there has to be another way.”

Then, before anyone else could speak, Louise had said in a quiet voice. “Be quiet Jerry, it could be the answer. It wouldn’t be incest because Rachel is not a blood relative. It might be immoral, but it would be in a good cause. Jerry, you know that you and I are as desperate for a grandchild as Bob and Rachel are for a son or daughter, and it’s probably our fault in a way that Bob’s reproductive system isn’t up to scratch. I think we should discuss the suggestion sensibly and find the least embarrassing way to do it.”

With that Louise had gone to Rachel and given her a hug. “Don’t be upset love, “she’d said, “We’ll do anything we can to help you. Jerry will need to be tested to make sure his sperm are still up to fertilising your egg, but he’ll do it, don’t you worry.”

“Now, we’ll also need to sort out the procedure,” she’d continued. “It will obviously be a bit different to the way that Bob would have got you pregnant. Jerry will not be making love to you; in effect his penis will be a big hypodermic needle injecting sperm deep into your vagina. That’s the way we must all view it. Now, what we need is a plan”

“You’ll just have to know that you are in a fertile period, then prepare yourself to receive his sperm, and to keep as much of it inside you as you can, so that it gets access to your cervix. I suggest that the method with the minimum amount of embarrassment would be for you to bend over a chair or something and Jerry could enter you from behind. Then once you’ve received his load you must lie down with your hips elevated for a few minutes, to let gravity help the process. When is your next fertile period?”

“Well,” an encouraged Rachel had said, with a shaky smile. “I’m fertile now, so for a few days and then in a month’s time.”

“OK,” Louise had said, “Jerry, you’ve just enjoyed a lovely meal that Rachel has cooked for you, time to repay the complement. Take her to the bedroom and do what I’ve just said, the sooner you start the process the sooner you can get her pregnant. You can get tested later we don’t want to waste this opportunity, do we?”

Bob and Rachel had both looked at Jerry, who was still open mouthed, and now was red faced with embarrassment as well.

“Well, it seems that this is what everyone wants”, he’d said. “Rachel, do you really want to do this now?”

Rachel had looked at Bob, who’d nodded, then at Louise who’d smiled and said, “Go on Rachel, this is what you want, isn’t it?”

Rachel had blushed to her roots, she’d stood up and looking her father-in-law in the eyes had said in a low voice, “Yes, Jerry. This is what me and Bob want.” Then she’d held out her hand to him, had taken his hand in hers and led him out of the room.

Bob had looked at his mother and had gone to say something. “No, don’t say anything, Bob,” she’d said. “Just get me a drink, please. And I don’t want a glass of wine, I need something stronger, whisky or brandy and make it a large one.”

Bob had poured two large measures of whisky, then returned with them to sit on the couch with his mother. “You do realise I hope,” Louise had said, “That your dad may not get Rachel pregnant quickly, it often takes quite a few tries, there’s an element of luck in it.”

“Yes, I know,” Bob had replied, “I just hope it will happen quickly though, but I know the odds are against it. I suppose dad and Rachel will need to keep doing it whenever she is in a fertile period until it happens, which will mean him coming here on every one of those nights.”

“Yes, that’s right,” Louise had said, “Rachel will have to tell us when it’s the right time and your dad will have to come over after tea on weekdays. If the days include weekends he can come over during the day if it’s more convenient.”

Bob swallowed some whisky. “Mum,” he’d aydıntepe escort said, “I’m going to find this very embarrassing every time dad comes over to ‘do it’ with Rachel. I’d rather not be here, can I come over to your house when they need to be together,”

“Of course you can,” Louise replied, “you can come to our place anytime you want to, you know that.”

“It’s taking them a long time,” Bob had said, looking at his watch.

“Give them a chance,” said Louise, “It’s embarrassing for them as well, and your dad’s not as young as you are, it takes him a bit of time to get going these days. They’ll be back as soon as the deed’s done.”

Ten minutes later Jerry had returned.

“Is everything alright?” Bob had asked. “Where’s Rachel?”

“She’s just lying down for a minute like your mum suggested. She’ll be back soon.” Jerry had replied. “Look I think we should be going now, Louise. And leave these young people to themselves.”

“Yes, you’re right,” Louise had said, standing up. Turning to Bob she’d said, “Your dad, will come round again tomorrow evening, to help Rachel, so if you want to come round and keep me company you’re more than welcome. Jerry, tomorrow’s Saturday, so if you come here in the early evening, say around 5 p.m. you could have two goes at it before you leave, do you think you could ejaculate twice during the evening?”

“Yes, I think so,” Jerry had replied, “God, I feel like a prize bull being led to service her.”

“Nonsense,” Louise had said, “you’re just doing them a favour, like fixing a leaking tap or something. Now, get our coats and we’ll be on our way. Bob, tell Rachel that your dad will be here tomorrow evening, and you can have tea at our place and stay until your dad rings me to tell me he is on his way home.”

After his parents had gone, Bob went straight to Rachel. “Are you alright love?” he’d asked. “Was it awful?”

“Yes, I’m ok.” She’d replied. “It wasn’t awful, your dad is very kind and gentle. The trouble is that he was as embarrassed as I was, and at first, he couldn’t get his penis hard. I tried rubbing it for him, but it still didn’t get hard enough to get it in me. In the end I undid my dress, took off my bra and got him to feel my breasts and that sort of did the trick. He’s quite a big man, and I still had some difficulty getting him in me at first, but once I did it was alright because I became aroused and my pussy got very wet, so he could do me properly. I think he’s put a lot of cum inside me, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll get pregnant.”

“Well,” Bob had replied, mum said that there was an element of luck in it as well and it would probably take a few tries before you get pregnant. She’s arranged for dad to come round tomorrow evening and try again. He’ll come here early evening and stay until he’s been able to come in you twice. I hope that is alright with you.”

“We have your mum to thank for the fact that we are trying at all. We wouldn’t be where we are now without her taking charge.” Replied Rachel. “Whatever she says is alright with me, but what will you do, you can’t just sit around waiting for you dad to finish with me?”

“No, I can’t.” He’d said, “I’m going over to mum’s while dad’s here, if that’s ok with you.”

“Yes, I think that would be best.” She’d replied. “Now, I’d better clear the dinner things.”

“No, I’ll do that, you just do whatever you can to keep dad’s sperm in you, to give it the best chance of making you pregnant.” Replied Bob.

When Bob returned to the bedroom, Rachel had put on her nightdress and slipped into bed. “Come and hug me,” she’d said, “I’m so excited that we’re going to have a baby, but I’m afraid you can’t make love to me tonight in case it stops anything happening with your dad’s sperm.”

By the end of the month, they knew that Rachel wasn’t pregnant, despite Jerry inseminating her every night during her fertile period. They’d tried again with the same arrangement during her next fertile period, but with no luck. For the third month of trying, they’d decided to add another four days to the calculated fertile period of three days that they had been advised. They added on two days before and two after, in case the calculations were wrong. So, for that third month Jerry was going to Rachel for seven nights on the trot.

Also, during that third month Jerry and Rachel abandoned the agreed practice, with Rachel bent over and Jerry entering her from the rear. They thought that maybe something was being lost by this method, and that probably most babies were made using the missionary position. So for these tries they undressed and went to bed. Jerry would try to come in Rachel twice each night. He couldn’t always achieve this in the time available, but he’d tried to do so on each occasion.

Every night that Jerry was with Rachel, Bob would go to his parents’ house and keep his mum company, until his dad phoned to say he was on his way home.

If the question was asked and answered truthfully, both Jerry and Rachel would have admitted tuzla içmeler escort that they were enjoying these sessions. Rachel was an attractive, sexy young woman, while Jerry was very fit for his age, he was also well endowed, and in trying his utmost to give Rachel the best chance of getting pregnant, he fucked her well and hard for all of each session.

Finally, during the fifth month Rachel became pregnant and the insemination sessions with Jerry came to an end. It was just as well, as Louise was becoming a bit jealous of her husband fucking his lovely daughter in law, whilst she was at home missing out, and only being kept company by her son.

Rachel’s pregnancy was normal and at the end of the nine months she gave birth to a healthy baby girl which she and Bob decided to name Geraldine Louise. Bob and Rachel doted on their little daughter, as did her grandparents. They all agreed that the efforts had been well worth it.

Ten months after Geraldine was born, Bob and Rachel talked about the possibility of having another child. It would be better for their daughter to have a sibling rather than grow up as an only child. So they decided to put the proposal to Jerry and Louise again.

Bob’s parents agreed to the same procedure that had been successful in conceiving baby Geraldine, although this time Louise was not as enthusiastic as before. She agreed to go ahead but hoped that this time the process of getting Rachel pregnant would take less time.

Rachel said that she was sure the goal would be achieved more quickly as she and Jerry had learned some things from the first time.

However, after two months Rachel wasn’t pregnant, so the decision was taken that during Rachel’s next calculated fertile period Jerry would stay with her for the entire seven days at her home. Jerry would inseminate Rachel as many times as he could produce semen, at any time during the day or night. During those seven days Bob would stay at his parents’ house and keep Louise company.

Louise was frustrated by the fact that the deed was not getting done quickly enough, she wasn’t getting sex very often, and even when Jerry was home with her, he often begged off as he said he was too tired for sex. Jerry and Louise had always had a pretty active sex life, Louise was only forty-five and had always enjoyed lovemaking with her husband, but now she felt that Jerry was losing interest in her.

Then, when the next day arrived for Jerry to take up residence with Rachel for a week, Bob went to stay with his mother and found her at home in tears. “What’s wrong, mum?” he asked.

“I think your father has started enjoying being with Rachel more than being with me.” She replied. “Our sex life has suffered terribly, your dad is too tired after his sessions with Rachel and now he’s going to be with her for seven days, and if she doesn’t get pregnant this month, it will be another seven days next month and so on until it happens. I don’t think I can put up with it any longer, I think that if it doesn’t happen this time they should stop trying and you and Rachel will have to be happy with just one child.”

Bob knew how much Rachel wants another child, and so did he. They think it’s important that Geraldine should have a brother or sister. He understood his mother’s frustration and he’s experienced some of that himself. He decided to try and talk his mum out of her objections to carrying on with the plan. But no matter how much he argued, Louise still went to bed that night determined that these would be the final seven days of the plan.

When Bob got back to his parent’s house after work at the end of the next day, he took the matter up with his mum again. “Mum,” he’d said, “I’ve been thinking all day about what you said last night. I must tell you that I find this situation frustrating as well, but it’s our only chance to complete the family we want. I know it’s asking a lot of you, but I beg you not to stop the plan now. We know that it works but it doesn’t always happen as quickly as we would all like, won’t you please reconsider abandoning it.”

“No, I’m sorry Bob,” she’d replied, “But this is making things difficult between your dad and me, and I need him in my bed, making love to me. Your dad is not getting any younger, and although he’s fit for his age, he can’t keep satisfying two women and I want him home. After this week we have to abandon the plan.”

Bob was shattered, he was certain that his dad would get Rachel pregnant soon, but he knew that these things were not an exact science and couldn’t be entirely predictable. Then in desperation he took hold of Louise’s hands and looking her in the eyes he said,” Mum, I do understand your frustration, especially your sexual frustration.” He took a deep breath, “What if I were to sleep with you when dad’s with Rachel? I may not be able to father children, but I can still make love and satisfy you in that respect.”

Louise instantly became very angry. “That is a disgusting suggestion,” she’d shouted, “You should be ashamed of yourself. What do you think I am? Do you really think that I’d resort to incest to relieve my frustration? I thought you’d know me better than that. I’m really disappointed that you’d think that of me. I’m going to bed and at the end of this week it’s all over.”