The Offer’So, what do you think?’ my beautiful wife asked me meekly, as she knealed between my spread legs, her slender arms outstretched, her delicate fingers freeing my cock from my trousers.It had been a couple of months now since she had started working at a lap dancing bar in town. It was the ideal environment for her to tease and sensually pleasure men, she was in control, no touching by the men unless she allowed it in the private rooms… and she was making great money from the extra’s she offered in the private rooms. She stuck to our rules, she could touch, stroke, lick, rub and tease, but NO penetration, be it oral, virginal, or anal. She had built up quite a few regulars who enjoyed being in the magnetic charms of her sensual personality and beauty, who respected her rules, and happily paid for the extra.And then it happened. One of her regulars, Mark, made her an offer. With hindsight, i was surprised it had taken this long for a regular to put forward this idea. Mark was 53, was very wealthy, had made a few million with an internet based business. Unfortunately he had been widowed 5 years ago when he’s wife died suddenly. He had grown to enjoy Julie’s company at the bar and she had become fond of him. She didn’t charge him for extra’s, but he always tipped her generously. Tonight though, he had made her an offer. And evening out with her, same rules applying, for £2000. Effectively, he had asked my wife, or ‘Destiny’ as he know her, to be he’s escort for the evening.My beautiful dark haired wife was now slowly stroking my throbbing cock, inches from her face, looking up to me for an answer.’It’s just for the evening? And you’ll stick to our rules?’ I asked, taking a deep breath. Damn she had an amazing handjob technique!’Yes Dave, No penetration.’What’s he’s plan for the evening?”I think it’s just a meal out at a restaurant, then a bar afterwards. He said he will buy me a dress to wear too, which is mine to keep after the evening.’ She was gently squeezing my cock now, I felt like I was gonna explode anytime soon!’Ok, but if you feel uncomfortable at any point in the evening, call me and I’ll come and get you!”Wow! Thank you!!’ She smiled her amazing smile, then slowly ran her tongue up the underside of my cock. That was it, I came hard, shooting my cum all over her face, neck and shoulders!The night of my wife’s ‘date’ came around. That morning she had taken delivery of her dress, She had relaxed bursa rus escort in a hot bath, freshly shlaved her legs and trimmed her pussy, with a fine landing strip leading to her pouty labia, lotioned her soft pale skin from head to foot, and was now up in our bedroom, trying on her dress. As I heard her coming down the stairs, I looked up. She took my breath away!! She was a goddess! The dress Mark had chosen for her was a black, mid thigh length dress, with a deep plunge to the front, finishing just above Julie’s navel! The pert beautifully rounded inside edges of my wife’s 34B were clearly visible. Her long dark hair was tied up, exposing her femenine slender neck. She wore a deep red lip stick that matched her nails. Her make up was natural. And thanks to the split in the side of her dress, I could see she was wearing a pair of black lace trimmed hold up stockings, under the strappy black stiletto’s. ‘Wow’ was all I could manage. I noticed she had removed her wedding ring. As far as any of her customers at the lap dancing bar were concerned, she was single. It added to her appeal.There was a knock at the door, her lift was here. She looked to me, blow me a kiss, and left. I was jealous, my gorgeous wife looked a million dollars, and she was off out on a date, without! But at the same time, I was a little horny, imaging the events of her night.About four hours later, my phone vibrated. It was a message from Julie.’Just in the ladies, having a great night. He’s offered me a further £3000 to stay the night at he’s. Ok with you??’ I couldn’t believe it!!Another messaged popped up, ‘Don’t worry, I will stick to our rule ;-)’All I could reply was, ‘Ok’I had a fitful nights sleep.About 10am the following morning, I had our front door open, and the clatter of high heels. Julie came into the Kitchen were I was making a coffee. She was still in her dress, although I noticed the stockings had gone. ‘Dave, I am sooooo horny, I need your cock!!’ Before I could say anything, she was grappling with the front of my jeans, her fingers encircling my shaft, squeezing and stroking me, rapidily stiffening my cock, before she hopped up on to the kitchen counter, hitching her dress up, spreading her legs. She was going commando! Her labia were glistening with her juices. In fact I noticed the tops of her thighs were smothered with her juices. She was clearly extremely aroused and horny, bursa rus escort bayan What could I do…. I plunged my cock deep into her, her soaking pussy easily swollowing my whole length. She was soon bucking on my cock, head thrust back, chest thrust out at me, the material slipping and exposing her areola’s. She soon came hard. I lowered her down off the counter, took her hand, and led her up to our bedroom, where i soon had her on our bed from behind, hands gripping her slim tight waist. She came again, before I finally came deep inside her, her tight pussy milking every drop out of me.As we cuddled in bed after, she started telling me about her evening. She had been picked up my Mark’s chauffeur and taken to a classy restaurant in town. Mark had met her at the door, and escorted her to their table, towards the back of the restaurant, in a semi secluded booth. He had positioned Julie with her back to the rest of the restaurant. It was at this point her phone buzzed. She reached out and grabbed it. ‘It’s from Mark, He’s sent me a link to he’s Dropbox. He took a lot of photo’s of our evening. I said it was fine, as long as he let me have copies.’ She explained. She quickly opened up the file.First photo was of Julie, sat on the other side of a round table, her back to the restaurant. The fingers of her right hand were pulling the material of her dress to the side, exposing her right breast to Mark.No one in the back ground looked any the wiser. Another photo was looking down at Mark’s lap, my wife’s foot outstretched from the other side of the table, clearly rubbing up and down he’s exposed cock! The next photo was a similar angle, but Julie had now shift around the table to be beside him, her delicate hand wrapped around the base of an impressive looking cock, he’s hand slipped inside her dress, cupping her left breast!’We spent a couple of hours at that restaurant, I think the waiter caught a couple of glimspe’s of my breasts!’ She giggled. ‘He then asked me about going back to he’s penthouse apartment and staying the night. That’s when I slipped away to the ladies to message you.’ She continued, ‘After you said ok, He called for he’s chauffeur again, who met us outside the restaurant. We climbed in the back, and no sooner had the driver shut the doors, Mark lent over, unhooked my dress, so it dropped down around my waist, and started to cup my breasts and rus escort bursa suck on my nipples. Thank goodness he’s limo had dark glass in the back, or the people waiting on the pavement for a taxi would of had quite a view!’ The chauffeur had remained professional, although she caught him taking a quick look at her semi nakedness a couple of times. They eventually pulled into a basement car park, stopping beside a lift. Mark dared her to get out the car and into the lift with her dress still down around her waist. She took the challenge! ‘I was really worried someone would see me, or call the lift as we passed their floor. Turned out it was an express lift straight up to he’s apartment!’He’s penthouse was on the tenth floor. with a large balcony overlooking the town. We came to some more photo’s, Julie on the balcony in just her knickers, stockings and heels, no dress! One shot of her leaning against the handrail, her back to the town facing the camera. But the next shot blow my mind! She was completely naked! lent forward over the handrail, arms outstretched either side of her, her legs slightly apart… anyone on the street below taking a look up would of had quite a view!!’That was such a buzz!!’ she giggled.After more shots of her on the balcony, naked, in Mark’s hottub.They had eventually retired to he’s bed. He had laid behind her, spooning her. Soon he’s hard cock was gently thrusting between her thighs. she had reached down, and guided him up, so the head of he’s cock was rubbing against her clit, he’s thick shaft sliding between her labia. He soon came, all over her pussy. She had then given him a show, masterbating for him, using he’s cum to lubricate her fingers as she worked them in and out of her lips. She had cum intensely. licking her fingers clean of Mark’s and her juices. Mark was rock hard again after that display, so she had given him one of her sensual handjobs, edging him. There was a video in the Dropbox file. 28 minutes of her edging, teasing he’s cock, teasing it with slow strokes, kisses and licks, gentle squeezes. He’s cock was bulging towards the end, the veins standing proud, the head a deep purple, the head and shaft slick with he’s pre-cum! the video eventually ending after he could take no more, and Julie let him cum, several thick ropes of cum splashing across Julie’s body. They had jumped in the shower after, Mark taking great time and care, tenderly washing every inch of her body.After another session in the morning, followed by breakfast she had returned home.I was hard again after seeing the photo’s and listening to her story. ‘Have you had your fill of cum yet?’ I asked Her. ‘You know I love your cum’ She replied, with a wicked smile.Soon she was riding me, my cock deep inside her.