The Nude Beach (loyalsock)
The small cove was nearly deserted as I carefully made my way down the steep, winding track. The sun had baked the cliffs and turned the mud into dust. As I got to the beach I kicked off my clothes, damp and sticky from the long climb down, and ran into the sea. The water was cool, good and clean as I swam half a dozen strokes underwater then flipped onto my back and surfaced. I was about 20m from the beach, looking up at the cliff I could see why the guidebook had said that this beach was for the dedicated sun worshipper. The path disappeared into pine trees about 150m up. The beach itself was only about 100m long and 20m wide at the most. There were about twenty people in small groups s**ttered around, most naked. Some had set up camp and obviously never moved from there, not wanting to face the climb or preferring to stay in this most beautiful of spots. There was one solid structure on the beach, made from lar! ge poles driven into the sand and more poles lashed to them with rope. Straw walls and a roof finished it off and there was a dark haired girl selling cold drinks and sandwiches. How they’d got the stuff down only became clear later when a quad bike arrived with more supplies. I swam back to the beach and waded up onto the sand. As the sun hit my body I felt the delicious warming sensation, salt water running down my face, back and legs and the shrunken feeling in my crotch that is the effect of sudden contact with cold water. Gathering my things together I found a spot on a large rock, not too far from the sandwich girl, and d****d ass of my wet clothes over the rock to dry. Unrolling my beach mat I flopped back, naked and tired onto the warm sand.

One of my favourite feelings is being slowly dried by the sun, feeling my shrunken cock warm and expand, my erect nipples sensitive to the lightest of breezes. Then, after a while I turn over to get the air to my back and buttocks. Now my cock and balls are squashed against the mat, and if I’m not careful this is when, through the slightest of pressure, I am in danger of a full erection. Cured easily by a dash to the sea or just lying still and waiting for it to pass.

To my left were a group of German tourists, an older couple with two young daughters. They must have been about 16 or 17, maybe a year or so apart in age but no more. The youngest was lying on her back and reading a book from under a straw hat. She had her knees pulled up and seeing her sideways on, small, pert breasts with pink, delicate nipples. Her body had an even light tan, with no sign of a bikini line. Her sister sat a short distance away in the sea, with her back to me. She was throwing handfuls of sand into the sea, and as she raised her arms to throw, the swell of her ample breasts could be seen under her arm. They seemed to wobble slightly as she threw, but as with many young girls, appeared also to defy the laws of gravity, remaining pert and alert as the wobble subsided. Along to the right was a group of older Italians, dripping in jewellery and chain-smoking Turkish cigarettes. The encampment by the! cliff consisted of two tents and a makeshift shelter, the location chosen for easy access to a small waterfall that had been channelled into the cliff. See this I struggled up and ambled over. There were two people waiting, a man in his thirties, tall with dark hair and a well-defined body, six-pack and a golden nipple ring. The girl was late twenties, blonde with a beautiful Swedish looking face, slim body and breasts which, although not large were beautifully shaped with a nice swell underneath and brown nipples that pointed slightly upwards. I watched them shower, completely naked and soaping each other generously. Then it was my turn. The water was not cold as I had expected, but warmed by the passage down the cliff and, compared to the salt water almost sweet to the taste. It felt good to wash the salt and sweat away and feel clean. It was also extremely arousing.

I sunbathed for a while after that and decided it was time for another swim to cool down. I foresaw long days were this pattern was repeated endlessly, swimming shower, sunbathe, sandwich and so on. Stroking out towards the horizon I turned through ninety degrees ad swam parallel to the beach. Just round the outcrop of cliff was another, much smaller beach, totally empty and secluded. I swam up and walked onto the sand flipping onto my back and closing my eyes, After about ten minutes I heard a splashing and looked up to see the two German girls in the sea in front of me. It was an extremely pleasant sight. They were both laughing and splashing each other self-consciously, and I hoped for my benefit. Both were naked and the older one I noticed had a small tattoo on her left breast. Both girls had their belly buttons pierced. The beach was too small for them to sit far away so they flopped down almost at my elbow.

“Hi” I said, grinning.

“Hello” they said together, giggling profusely.

“We need someone to judge a competition for us” said the older one with just a slight accent.

“Oh yes” I replied ” and what kind of a competition would that be?”

“A masturbation contest” said the younger one with a broad grin.

“You must judge which one of us comes first”

” Are there any rules?” I enquired.

“We can only use one hand, and neither can make a sound. We play it at home in our bedroom all the time”.

“How will I tell who is coming first?” I asked.

“That’s were you have to judge!”

“Fine ” I said, eager to start.

I positioned myself between them knelling at their feet and said,


Starting by fondling and puling roughly at their nipples they both spread their legs and then gently brushed the outer lips off their vaginas, using the tips of their fingers. The youngest had wispy blonde hair at the joining of her legs, and with her middle finger found her clitoris easily. Rubbing hard and fast she arched her back and moved her hips in a steady rhythm, her tongue petruding and licking the full pink lips of her mouth. The older one had already pushed her middle two fingers up into her cunt and was vigorously massaging the front walls of her love tunnel, clawing at the sand with her free hand, her chest heaving as her breathing got heavier. I quickly glanced round and saw that there was no one in sight. Suddenly the older girl stopped.

“This isn’t fair you are doing nothing to help us. I can see by that cock of yours that you find this sight arousing. The loser will get your come all over her. OK?”

“Sure ” I said, my voice seeming rough with the excitement of the moment.

“OK” she said and began wanking again. My erection was in full bloom at the sight of these two lovely young girls servicing themselves so openly and unashamed. I gripped the shaft of my penis and pulled back my foreskin as far as it would go, the head flushing a deep purple, and I began to rub hard. Both girls were doing well and it seemed that the younger girl would lose. I positioned myself between her legs, which she had spread out wide and moved my cock towards her. Looking at her sister for signs of the final climax I could see that I had been wrong, the youngest, in her eagerness was going to come first and I tried to hold my cock from bursting and showering her with my spunk. I kept my hard, throbbing stick as close as I could to her fanny, seeing now as the fingers slipped in and out with ease and glistened wet with her juices. She came with a sigh and then some small cries that were almost sobs.

I could barely hold on as I crawled over to the older one, who now had three fingers up her chuff, ramming them in as hard as she could and biting her bottom lip. I could stand no more and my first glob of sperm shot up her stomach and hit the tattoo on her left breast. My second spurt, weaker now, showered her belly button and dribbled onto her hand as she wanked herself harder and harder. Finally she crossed her legs over and squeezed her hand between them, coming with hard gasps, and sharp intakes of breath.

We flopped onto the beach together and lay for a moment. I could hardly believe what had happened to me. The sun shone, the sea splashed my leg and I was in paradise.

The Naked Beach Chapter 2

Lying on my back, squinting up at the cloudless blue sky I smiled. I felt the warm sun on my naked body, heard the sea lapping rhythmically against the sand and smelt the scent of pine from the woods above. The German girls had left, splashing me with salt water as they left with a call of ‘Aufetersein’. They did not seem particularly altered by what had just taken place between us all, and I hoped that other encounters would be as rewarding. Perhaps it was a game they had played, a trick they had carried out on other men, and maybe women as lucky as me, for their own pleasure and amusement. Anyway, I had enjoyed it and hoped for more.

As I was about to leave I saw a couple rounding the corner, the blonde women and dark haired man I had shared the shower with recently. They swam for the shore, strode onto the beach and each had a length of rope tied round their waist. Pulling it out of the sea I saw that, attached to the ropes were two plastic bags. At first I was startled by the couple appearance, worried that they would somehow notice in my face what had just gone on a few moments earlier or even that they had seen me masturbating over two teenage German girls. I smiled sweetly and they both returned the look.

“Mind if we join you for a while?” asked the blonde. Scandinavian I thought, maybe Swedish.

“Absolutely not” I replied, ”Help yourselves”.

They began to unpack the plastic bags, extracting various items; a towel, radio, suntan lotion and oils, sunglasses, a camera, beach mats and books. A further bag contained lemon Fanta and some chocolates. Fully prepared for a picnic, I hoped to be this organised one day.

We started to chat amiably. They had been here for ten days and were staying at the local campsite, the bus dropped them at the top of the track each day. They knew the German girls as Gudrun and Elke, always flirting with the boys and disappearing to this cove or to the caves at the other end of the beach. The couple shared their chocolate and drinks with me, kept cool in the sea in their plastic bags. The conversation lulled and we settled down to a bit of nude sunbathing. I was about to leave when the guy, whose name was Eric said,

“Don’t leave yet, we need you to take a few photographs first.”

The girl, Marlin, had started to apply the oil, first to her arms and legs, stomach and thighs then her breasts and finally to her pubic area, which was trimmed neatly and exposed the lips of her vagina to the sun. Eric handed me the small automatic Olympus 35mm digital camera with a zoom lens and began doing Marlin’s back. She rolled onto her front and Eric massaged the oil into the back of her legs and buttocks, which were a beautiful, rounded shape, tight and well, toned.

“Snap away” he said, applying copious amounts of the oils to his chest and arms. The oil ran down to his groin and he started to massage it onto his prick and balls. Stepping back into the sea I took a three quarter shot of him doing this, and he slightly raised his eyebrows as I clicked. Marlin was now massaging oils into her full, pert breasts and I snapped her too. She looked up and opened her legs slightly, revealing the pinkness of her inner lips and I took another photo. She brought her hand down slowly and began to smooth the oil through her pubes, the outer lips of her beautiful cunt and down her inner thighs.

“Let me help you,” said Eric, taking the bottle and letting the oil drip onto her body. He squeezed a line of oil from the nape of her neck, round her breasts, down her stomach and across her minge. Then down her legs onto her toes. He started to rub it in all over, occasionally taking the excess oil off his hands by rubbing them down his thighs and across his groin, brushing his growing manhood. All the time I was snapping away, encouraged on by their smiles. I was standing waist deep in the sea now, but I could still feel stirrings in my cock despite the cool water.

Eric’s cock was now showing more signs of a semi erection and Marlin was definitely breathing more heavily, her eyes half closed letting out little sighs and moans of pleasure. Eric bent down and whispered something Swedish into her ear. She smiled and turned over onto her front. Eric rubbed more oils into her back and buttocks, then slid one hand along her inner thigh and up between her legs. She raised her hips to meet his strokes, his hand going up between the cheeks of her arse, his fingers tailing against her fanny lips and brown anus. He repeated this; each time Marlin raised her hips to expose more of her cunt and asshole. Finally she dug her knees into the sand, keeping her tits flattened against the beach and raising her backside she gave me a fully exposed view of each of her beautiful holes. I continued to photograph using the zoom to get some close ups of Eric’s fingers as they began to work into her l! ove tunnel, first using one finger then two and three together. The oils glistened in the sun on finger and hole, ass thigh and cock. My own pego was in full bloom just below the water line. Eric’s own cock was also full now, an impressive sight, long and broad the head emerging slightly from the foreskin, and shone in the sun with the oil he had applied. He moved himself into position so that his penis tip brushed against the cheeks of her bum. I moved to the side so that I had a good view as he held his cock and gently wiped it against her swollen lips, rubbing it along the crack, asshole and perineum the piece of flesh between the holes. He slowly pushed his cock inside her, pulling out just as slowly and working it in again. Slowly he began his rhythm, in and out of the hole, closing his eyes and pumping hard, slowing down and shafting his whole length, in and out, in and out. I only noticed then that I had taken a whole role! of film.

Marlin looked over at me and beckoned with her finger. I obeyed and went to kneel by her face, and she took my rigid, salty member into her sweet mouth, licking down the shaft and swallowing me up to the balls. I held her head gently and began my own rhythm, matching Erics, pumping into her as she sucked and slurped. Eric reached for the oil and dribbled some over her ass, onto her asshole and over his own cock. Then gently he started to massage her anus, working with both thumbs, dipping inside of her. I could feel her mouth tighten around my straining penis each time his thumb penetrated her most secret of places, finally pushing his thumb and cock together deep inside her as he began to come. Marlin sucked desperately at my cock, massaging my balls with one hand and then pressing an expert finger against my own perineum, I came into her mouth and she swallowed all my come. Eric had pulled his spurting penis out! and was squeezing hot spunk onto her asshole as he continued to finger it.

This was turning out to be the best holiday of my life!!

I’d seen the gypsy girl every morning this week.

Usually wearing black she’d wade into the water and swim out to the boat moored beyond the rocks. The man on board would help her up often caressing her breasts as he did so. Then the boat would move off out of sight and I’d be left wondering what they were doing, frequently thrusting my fingers inside my pussy as I lay on my front (discreetly, under a towel) biting my lip as I imagined him licking her and her sucking him.

But I’m getting beyond myself. I’m a New Yorker. Perfectly groomed, every toe nail polished, my tan smooth and even. My good points? My legs definitely – they’re long and supple. Incidentally, I have beautiful feet. My arse if firm and very pert. My breasts rather small but perfectly formed and I think they look rather good as my shiny, straight dark hair caresses the skin just above them. I’m here alone. Tired of Wall Street. Too much work, not enough sex. I’m looking for! some adventure.

The gypsy girl and her lover have intrigued me.

This morning I am alone on the beach as she sways by, wearing not the black dress, but a skimpy silk slip which shows off every curve and her very erect nipples. I imagine fingering my way down the material and tracing the outline of her curves. I am watching her and she stops, smiling. Holding out her hand she gestures for me to follow her. I don’t need to be asked twice. Still wearing my sarong and a bikini top that makes my tits look gloriously curvy, I walk into the sea with her and we swim out to the boat. We’re greeted by the guy who without talking to me looks me up and down, his gaze stopping on my flat brown belly and the sarong teasingly d! ****d just above my pubic bone.

He takes us to another beach a little way up the coast. He moors the boat and we wade onto the deserted sand.

I can tell the girl is desperate for sex. She strips off her dress as she walks through the surf revealing glowing brown flesh. I gasp at her tits – as big and succulent as I have ever imagined in my fantasies. She goes to the rock face, puts her palms flat against the cliff and bends over revealing a pink little arsehole and a glistening wet pussy. She gestures at the man impatiently and he goes to her, already erect. He parts her lips and thrusts his penis inside her as she says in accented English “Fuck me now, Fuck me now”. He does so as I stand and watch,! his hands reaching round and fondling hard those juicy brown nipples.

By now she is screaming with pleasure, swaying her hips back and forward, him thrusting in and out perfectly in rhythm. But she suddenly stops making him withdraw and gestures for me to come over. He eases my bikini top over my head, smoothing his hands over my flesh as he does so and lingering on my nipples which tingle at his touch. Meanwhile she grabs at my sarong easing it down over my toned hips. I stand there in my bikini thong, their eyes on me. He reaches round to my ass and pulls the thong hard so it’s rubbing at my ass crack.

All the time she’s hungrily reaching for my tits, playing with my erect nipples, rolling them between her fingers and then kneading their flesh with her palms. I find myself wanting to sit astride her and take big handfuls of her own breasts in my palms but for now she is in control.

I can’t really see but I know that with her kneeling down in front of me, her ass in the air she must be a glorious sight and he obviously thinks so to. Standing behind her he takes his cock which is now swollen with desire and plants it into her own cunt. Her tongue inside me responds to his actions, mimicking what he’s doing to her. Thrusting deep inside my vagina and then easing out, thrusting again, deeper this time and then withdrawing. I can picture his glistening cock doing the same to her and the image makes me gasp even more.

Her firm little tongue is doing its job well. My clit begins to swell, I can feel deep currents of pleasure begin to surge in the muscles at the top of my thighs. The tingling reaches my clit and I feel my orgasm begin to build and swell. Her tongue is working me hard and I begin to come, screaming out as I do so. My pleasure is too much for her and she begins to shake also, riding on his cock for all she’s worth, his hungry hands reaching round to take the full weight of her swinging breasts. She’s now working her fanny hard along the full length of his penis, thrusting backwards and forwards, begging fo! r relief. He parts her ass even wider and pushes in deeper. She gasps loudly as his movements do their stuff, her orgasm coming in surges now, the first powerful, paralysing her movements, the second sweeter making her buttocks quiver. She falls forward into the sand with a deep sigh, reaching for me, taking my breasts in her hands and cradling them as I slip my hand between her legs and rest it there.