The Neighbours Birthday party P4
On Friday night, my mother, dressed in a tight little blue dress and matching heels, my father, dressed in a shirt and trousers, and me dressed the same, were strolling down the road to the Dawson’s house.
It was Mrs Dawson’s birthday, and my mother said it was going to be a pretty good event, one we should not miss!
So, after a short walk, we knocked on the door of Mrs Dawson’s home, and were invited in to a very nice posh looking house, full of nice wooden furniture and expensive ornaments.
Mr Dawson owned a furniture factory in town, and he was clearly doing well for his money, and so eagerly we stepped into the large living area where the other guests were gathered having drinks.
As we got ourselves glasses of bubbly, I glanced around to see who was here, and immediately noticed Tyler, Mr Dawson’s son, who had been in the year above at me school, and his hot brunette girlfriend Katie, who had been one of the best gymnasts at school, and then I saw Mr Kupra and Mrs Kupra, a nice Indian couple about the same age as my parents, who owned a restaurant in town.
But I didn’t recognise the others, so I stood with my parents for a bit, as they introduced themselves to the other guests, and we soon learnt, that there was a hot middle aged couple called the Homes, and another similar aged, and very hot looking couple, called the Greens.
Then the birthday lady came strolling into the room, and I gasped as I saw Mrs Dawson, a beautiful tall blonde woman in her early thirties, dressed in a little black dress, stockings and heels, and eagerly she strolled around thanking us for coming to her birthday bash.
After another drink of champagne, we all strolled into a large dining room where a large long wooden table sat covered in posh looking cutlery, and more glasses of champagne, and Mrs Dawson invited us to sit, and enjoy a birthday meal with her.
As everyone took their seats, I found myself sat between Mrs Kupra, and Katie, and nervously smiled at both, before looking over at my mother and father who had managed to sit down opposite me, and then the meal began, and for the next hour we all eat, drank, and toasted Mrs Dawson several times.
Then after the plates had been cleared, and as more glasses of bubbly were being poured for everyone, Mr Dawson stood up, and then said “Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, Mrs Dawson would like to invite you to join her for her birthday treat!” and then offering his hand to her, Mrs Dawson took hold of it, before she stood up, and then stepped up onto her seat, and then stepped up onto the table.
We all quickly sat a little further back, and watched excitedly, as this hot blonde Milf then walked into the middle of the table like she was on cat walk, before she smiled and said “Are you ready?” and then some pop music began to play, and Mrs Dawson began strutting about, and kicking her long slim legs towards people, while everyone clapped and cheered.
Then Mr Dawson got up on the table, moved up behind Mrs Dawson, and began undoing her dress as Mrs Dawson stood jiggling about on the spot.
Mr Dawson then leant in and kissed his wife’s neck, before he took hold of her dress, and pulled it down, and instantly her big round enhanced tanned breasts fell out, before we could then see her perfectly flat toned stomach, and then finally her smooth bald pussy mound, with just a hint of blonde hair above it.
Everyone cheered again, as she stepped out of her dress, and now only in her black stockings and high heels, she began marching back ad forth along the table strutting about, and shaking her big boobs and naked round arse at people.
“You like it?” she asked grinning and everyone cheered again.
Then she turned towards her husband, who was now eagerly taking off his shirt and trousers, and in seconds he was completely naked and holding a fairly impressive hard cock, and eagerly she knelt down in front of him, and I watched excitedly as she then took it her open mouth, and then began sucking on it.
Mr Dawson, groaned loudly, happy to be sucked off in front of people he knew by his hot blonde wife, and stood there with a big grin on his face as his wife rapidly bobbed her head up and down his big cock.
As I sat watching this, the bulge in my own trousers began to grow, and with out thinking I began to give it a rub, and then I felt another hand down there, and looking down, it was light brown female hand, and looking to my right I saw Mrs Kupra smiling back at me, as she began to caress my bulge.
I sat back in my chair, and moaned happily, as Mrs Kupra squeezed and fondled my growing cock through my trousers, and as she did that, I glanced around to see Katie doing the same thing to Tyler, and then I saw the Homes and the Greens both touching each other, and even my parents.
Then Mrs Dawson pulled her head off of her husbands big wet cock, and I watched her drool run down her chin, before Mr Dawson then got down on the table on his back, and lying perfectly flat, with his hard cock sticking up, Mrs Dawson stepped over him, until she was standing over his waist, and then slowly she began to lower her beautiful tanned round arse, until she was crouching right over her husbands big cock, and then with a big smile, she gently dropped onto it.
They both let out a happy groan of pleasure, as Mrs Dawson impaled herself on her husbands big meat rod, and then slowly she began to rise on fall on him, riding his cock.
As I watched Mrs Kupra began tugging at my trousers, and giving her a hand, I undid them, and my own big hard cock popped out, and eagerly Mrs Kupra wrapped her hand around the shaft and began tugging my dick.
I groaned louder, enjoying the feeling of hot Indian mature woman jerking my cock, and then looking around I saw Katie was now doing the same to Tyler’s really big cock, in fact it was so big she was having to use both hands, which probably explained why he was so popular with the girls at school.
Then looking around, I saw the hot blonde Mrs Homes sucking on her husbands big cock, the hot brunette Mrs Green doing the same to her husband, and then looking at my mother and father, I saw my mother eagerly jerking my fathers cock, and seeing me looking, she smiled back at me, before she lowered her head, and still looking at me, she began sucking on it.
I watched my mother sucking my fathers big cock for a few seconds, until I heard Mrs Dawson groaning, and looking up, I saw her magnificently riding her husbands hard cock, and her big round enhanced tits lifting and falling with every bounce.
Then after a moment, Tyler pulled away from Katie’s two handed grip, climbed up onto the table and began moving towards his mother, and I stared in disbelief at what I thought was about to happen.
“Don’t worry” whispered Mrs Kupra leaning over to me “Hannah is not Tyler’s real mother, just his stepmother!”
Then I saw Tyler moving up behind his stepmother, with his huge big hard cock, and eagerly he crouched behind her, placed his big round cockhead up against her little arse ring, and I gasped in amazement as he began to feed his cock into his stepmothers arse.
Mrs Dawson groaned loudly, as she felt her stepsons cock entering her back passage, and I think everyone stopped watch it happening, until after a moment, Tyler had managed push a few inches into her arsehole, and then steadily began to fuck his stepmothers arse.
Immediately people began cheering and clapping, and we all watched Mrs Dawson taking two hard cocks in both her holes, and was clearly loving it.
For several amazing minutes Mr Dawson, and Tyler fucked that hot blonde Milf steadily, giving the birthday girl the ride of her life, and she moaned and groaned through it all, then as I sat mesmerised by the whole thing, I felt a warm wet sensation engulf my crotch, and looking down Katie had leant over, and was now eagerly sucking on my cock, while Mrs Kupra had turned her attention to her husband, and was eagerly sucking on his big brown cock.
I groaned over and over, so excited that one of the hottest girls I had known at school, was now eagerly sucking on my hard cock, and could have happily blown my load right then as her little wet silky lips slipped up and down my hard shaft, but then my attention was caught by louder moans and groans coming from the table and looking up, Mr Dawson and Tyler were now pounding rapidly into Mrs Dawson, and trapped between them, she rocked back and forth getting louder and more excited by the second.
Then with a mighty groan, Mr Dawson thrust up into his wife, and clearly began unloading his balls into her, and even though her pussy was getting filled with a load of cum, her stepson continued to fuck her arse, and all Mrs Dawson could do was groan and groan loving every second of it.
After a moment Mr Dawson then finally stopped cumming, and with a deep breath with drew his cock from her pussy, and slid out from under her, and moved towards the side of table, right in front of Mrs Green, who was still sucking on her husbands cock.
As Mr Dawson, sat down on the edge of the table, Mrs Green quickly moved towards him, and eagerly that hot brunette Milf began sucking on his wet cummy cock, and then Mr Green climbed up onto the table, and moved towards Mrs Dawson, who was still getting fucked hard in the arse by Tyler.
Eagerly Dawson began sucking on Mr Greens big hard cock, and I watched intrigued as she rocked back and forth between them, taking a cock in her arse, and then a cock down her throat.
Then looking down I saw Katie was running her little wet tongue up and down my shaft, then stopping to suck on my balls for a bit, before going back to licking my cock again.
Then looking around, I saw Mrs Kupra still sucking on her husbands cock, while he had pulled up her dress, and was now fondling her bare round chubby arse, that was right next to me, then looking across the table, Mrs Homes was also still sucking on her husbands cock, while he had pulled down the front of her strapless dress and was now fondling her big natural tanned tits, and Mrs Green was eagerly sucking away on Mr Dawson’s hard cock, having revived it pretty quickly.
Then I glanced at my mother and father, and she was still sucking on his cock, while my father had unzipped my mothers dress, and was now fondling her big hanging white tits, I watched once more enjoying the weirdness of seeing my parents getting naked and dirty in front of me.
“OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” I then heard loudly, and looking up, I saw Tyler pounding away at his stepmothers arse, like he was trying to fit his whole huge dick deep inside of her in one go, and Mrs Dawson, had stopped sucking Mr Greens cock, as she cried out loud.
Then with a mighty grunt just like his father did, he plunged his hard big cock into her arse as deep as it would go, and then began unloading deep inside of her.
“OH FUCK!” cried Mrs Dawson feeling her stepsons cock blast wad after wad of sticky hot cum into her arse.
Everyone then began cheering and clapping again, as the guy only a year older than me, finished unloading his balls into his stepmothers rear entrance, and then with a deep breath pulled his big long member out, leaving her arsehole gaping open for a moment, and I saw his cum start to ooze out, before he staggered off towards the edge of the table, and to my amazement, he headed straight for my mother.
Then just like his father had done, he sat down on the edge of the table, and my mother pulled her mouth off my fathers hard cock, and eagerly moved towards Tyler, and I watched in stunned amazement, as she took hold of his huge member covered in his own cum, and Mrs Dawson’s arse juices, and then lowered her mouth onto it, and began sucking happily on it.
I stared in complete shock, watching my mother not only happy to suck on that huge teen monster cock, but apparently not bothered that it just been up Mrs Dawson’s arsehole, and then after a watching them for a moment, I heard Mrs Dawson groan, and looking up, I saw Mr Green had slipped under her, and was now thrusting up into her wet cummy pussy, and my father was now getting up behind her, and eagerly I slid his cock into her arse, and once more Mrs Dawson was getting fucked in both holes.
She let out a happy groan, as both men fucked her steadily, and then as I watched, I saw Mr Homes, move away from his hot wife, climb up onto the table, and move towards Mrs Dawson’s face, before offering her his hard cock, and eagerly she opened her mouth and let him put it in, and everyone cheered again, as all three of Mrs Dawson’s holes were now full of hard rutting cocks.
Then I saw Mrs Green unzip her dress, and step out of it, and now completely naked, I could see her huge tits, and flat stomach, and a little trimmed bushy pussy, before she climb up onto the table, and straddle over Mr Dawson’s face, before she lowered herself, and happily he began licking her pussy.
Then Mrs Homes took off her little dress to reveal her amazing big tanned boobs and flat stomach and perfectly bald pussy, and she then moved towards Mr Dawson as well, lifted a leg up onto the table beside him, and then taking hold of his hard cock, she lowered herself onto it with a groan.
I watched the three of them fucking for several hot minutes, until I looked around to see Mrs Kupra now leaning over the table, naked, with her slightly chubby mature legs spread, and her husband kneeling between them licking her bald little pussy.
And realising I was not doing Katie any favours, I reached around her little gymnast body, and cupped her little round bubble butt, and eagerly she pulled up her little dress with one hand, and my fingers slipped under the material, until I found her smooth moist little pussy.
Katie moaned softly as I began to finger her pussy, and happily she continued to suck on my cock, and then looking up again I saw Mr Green and my father pounding hard into Mrs Dawson’s wet cunt and arsehole, while Mr Homes was thrusting his cock into her mouth, and the birthday girl was getting another big fucking of a life time.
Then I heard Mr Green getting louder, and my father getting more excited, before after another minute or so, they both began thrusting hard and crying out, and Mrs Dawson pulled her head off Mr Homes cock, as once more her holes were getting filled with sticky cum.
Both men grunted over and over as they unloaded into the birthday girl, pumping her with more goo, until finally they stopped and then for a moment caught their breath.
Then as they both pulled out of Mrs Dawson’s cum leaking holes, and moved out of the way, Mr Homes, eagerly got down under her, and she happily impaled her wet pussy on his big cock, before I watched Mr Kupra stand up, move away from his wife, and then climb up onto the table and head for Mrs Dawson’s rear.
Mr Green, then moved towards us, and hopping down off the table, he moved up behind Katie, got her to kneel up in her chair, while she was still sucking on my cock, and then lifted her dress up, I quickly moved my hand out of the way, and then he placed his still hard cum covered cock up against her little moist teen pussy, and thrust into her.
Katie groaned loudly, lifting her head off my cock, and as she did, I moved out of my chair eager to get up on the table now, and I left them fucking as Mr Green then began steadily fucking that hot little brunette teen from behind.
As I climbed up onto the table, I saw Mrs Kupra moving to join my mother, and together they both eagerly continued to lick and suck Tyler’s big hard monster cock, and I felt almost jealous that I couldn’t have two hot mature women sucking on mine, but I could have one hot Milf, and eagerly I turned towards Mrs Dawson, and happily she opened her mouth, and i slipped my cock in.
As Mrs Dawson began sucking on my cock, Mr Homes was thrusting eagerly into her pussy, and Mr Kupra was just lining his cock up against her arsehole, and then with a thrust, he slipped into her back door.
Mrs Dawson groaned again, as her three holes were once more filled with hard cock, and as the three of us fucked the birthday girl, i looked around to see Mr Dawson now lying on another part of the table behind me, while Mrs Green and Mrs Homes took it in turns to ride his hard cock, and his wet tongue, my mother and Mrs Kupra were eagerly still sucking on Tyler’s huge member, my father had now joined Katie and Mr Green and was thrusting his hard mature cock into her sweet teen mouth, while Mr Green continued to fuck her little pussy, and i quickly thought how much i was beginning to love birthday parties in this street.
After a few more minutes of hard fucking, i heard Mr Kupra getting louder and more excited, and then with a thrust he plunged in deep into Mrs Dawson’s arsehole, and began to unload his balls, filling her arsehole with cum for a third time.
Mrs Dawson groaned happily feeling her hole getting fuller with another sticky load, and then after a moment, Mr Kupra stopped cumming, and then pulled his spent cock out of her arsehole.
As Mr Kupra stepped away towards Mrs Green who was currently sitting on Mr Dawson’s eager mouth, i decided this was an opportunity i didn’t want to miss, and pulling my cock from, Mrs Dawson’s mouth, i quickly moved around her, and stepping up behind that hot blonde thirty something Milf, and seeing her bald leaking cummy pussy being filled with hard rutting cock, and her arsehole gaping a little open and leaking three loads of cum, i decided i needed to make it a fourth.
I then placed my hard ready cock against her arse ring, and with a little pressure, i slipped into Mrs Dawson’s arse, and we both groaned excitedly.
I had never fucked any one in the arse before, and was loving the tight feeling of her back passage around my cock, despite it already having had three big cocks in it, okay two big cocks and one giant cock, but still it felt good, and then eagerly i began thrusting into her, plunging my hard cock back and forth and enjoying the moment i was fucking a hot blonde Milf in the arse.
Then looking over i saw Tyler leaning back on the table, and then my mother eagerly taking off her blue dress, to reveal her huge white tits, a slightly chubby mature stomach, and a bald little pussy, with just a hint of black bush above it, before Mrs Kupra held his massive member up right with both hands, and then my mother climbed up onto the table, straddled Tyler’s waist, and slowly lowered herself down on it.
I stared in amazement, as i continued to thrust into Mrs Dawson’s arse hole, as i watched my mother trying to take Tyler’s huge cock up inside of her, and amazingly she managed to get most of his length inside of her, before she then began to rise and fall on top of him.
Watching my mother fucking herself on that huge teen dick, made feel more excited and hornier than ever, and eagerly i began to thrust harder into Mrs Dawson, and the hot blonde birthday girl groaned loudly as both Mr Homes and I pounded her holes.
As my cock slid back and forth in Mrs Dawson’s sloppy arse, and watching my mother lost in ecstasy as she rode that huge cock, while Mrs Kupra knelt between her legs sucking on Tyler’s balls, and licking my mothers arse, i began to feel the usual excited feeling in my balls, and thrusting harder and faster into Mrs Dawson, i knew i wasn’t going to last much longer.
Then as i watched Tyler, lean up, take hold of my mothers big hanging tits, and start to suck on them, making her groan louder as she continued to rise and fall on his big cock, i felt my balls tighten, and gripping Mrs Dawson’s hips i thrust deep into her and with a groan i began to unload my seed.
“OH FUCK!” i cried as i squirted hot blasts of sticky cum into Mrs Dawson’s arsehole over and over.
Then i heard Mr Homes getting louder, and with a heavy thrust he pushed his dick up into her went cunt, and began unloading into her too, and we both filled Mrs Dawson with more sticky cum.
After a few moments, i had emptied my balls completely in that sloppy arsehole, and then I just stayed there for a moment enjoying the feeling of my cock in Mrs Dawson’s arsehole, while i glanced around to see, my father and Mr Green still fucking Katie from both ends, Mrs Homes riding Mr Dawson’s cock, Mr Kupra now fucking Mrs Homes from behind, and my mother still riding Tyler’s big b**st, while Mrs Kupra licked between their legs.
Then finally i pulled out of Mrs Dawson’s arse, watched the cum begin to leak out again, before i moved towards the end of the table, and as i sat down, Mrs Kupra came over to me, took hold of my semi hard cock, and began sucking it, and once again i was amazed that a hot mature woman didn’t mind sucking arse juices of teen cock.
After a good hard sucking i was fully hard again, and then Mrs Kupra lifted her head off my cock, took off her dress to reveal her large round brown boobs, slightly chubby stomach like my mothers, and slightly black hairy pussy, before she climbed up onto the table, straddled my lap, and lowered her Milf pussy onto me.
We both groaned as her mature pussy engulfed my hard cock, and then once she was down on it, she began to ride me, moving up and down swiftly, letting her pussy lift and fall rapidly, and i lay back enjoyed the feeling of this hot Indian woman riding my teen cock.
“Oh fuck! oh fuck yeah!” she moaned over and over as she bounced on top of me.
I then glanced to my left, and there beside me just a few feet away, was my mother doing the same thing to Tyler’s big member, and i glanced back and forth enjoying the look of Mrs Kupra’s face as she fucked herself on my cock, and eagerly watching my mothers bald pussy stretched fairly wide, as it rose and fell on Tyler’s cock.
With Mrs Kupra bouncing eagerly on my lap, and her chubby round arse slamming into my balls every time she dropped, and hearing my own mothers cries of pleasure as she impale herself time and again on the huge cock inside of her, i quickly began to feel excited again, and then taking hold of Mrs Kupra’s soft arse cheeks in my hands, i began thrusting up into her.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” cried Mrs Kupra loving the feeling of my cock forcing it’s way up inside her over and over rapidly.
“Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she then cried.
I did just that, and with my mother crying out in pleasure as well just a few feet from me, i soon began to feel my balls getting tighter again.
“Oh god! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” groaned Mrs Kupra still riding my hard cock hard.
“So am I!” i groaned.
“Do it! Do it!” she groaned loudly.
As i continued to thrust into her, i could hear my mother getting louder and more excited too, and Tyler panting heavily and groaning as well, and then as i thrust up into Mrs Kupra again, and then again, i felt my balls tighten completely once more, and with a loud groan, i thrust up deep into that hot mature Indian woman’s cunt, and exploded inside of her.
“OH FUCK!” i cried unloading my second load of the night.
“YES! YES! YES! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” cried Mrs Kupra landing heavily on my cum shooting dick and then groaning loudly towards the ceiling.
As she came on top of me, i heard my mother cry out “OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKK!” and then watched as she began to twitch wildly on top of Tyler, something i had never seen her do before, and as she did, i saw Tyler tense up and then groan loudly as he was clearly shooting his second load deep in my mothers cunt.
This only got me more excited and i felt like i shot another couple of big wads of cum into Mrs Kupra’s pussy as my orgasm seem to just keep going to the sounds of my mothers.
Finally though, it did stop, and after shooting what felt like a huge load inside Mrs Kupra, i lay back exhausted, and she lay on top of me, before leaning in for a kiss, and as we did, i glanced side ways and saw my mother doing the same with Tyler.
After that the big birthday party began to calm down, people were well and truly spent, and after watching my father pump his second load into Katie’s pussy, a girl young enough to be his own daughter, my mother decided it was time for us to head home, and after wishing the birthday a girl a very happy birthday, we did.