The Neighbor Girl and Her FriendI hadn’t seen Julie since our wild fuck fest on Saturday because I had a very busy week at work and it seemed like Julie was pretty busy seeing all her friends that were back from college for the summer. We did have a few flirty exchanges over email and text messages so I knew it wouldn’t be long before we met again to continue what started last weekend. It was late Friday night (early Saturday morning) and I was just getting back home from having a few drinks with the guys after work. I parked my car in the driveway and was walking towards my front door when I heard a car pull up into Julie’s parent’s driveway. I could hear the base bumping from the stereo so I knew it wasn’t her parents. I decided to stall a little at my front porch to see who it was. The car pulled in quickly and soon after two girls jumped out saying “thanks for the ride. See you later!”As the car was pulling away I watched Julie and one of her friends walk up the driveway giggling and clutching each other as they both tried to help the other navigate the driveway in their high heels. They were obviously coming home from partying with their friends because both were wearing very revealing “clubbing” outfits and both seemed a little drunk. I watched as the two very sexy girls approach the front door and my cock twitched a little as the porch light revealed the extent of their sexiness. Like I mentioned, both were wearing pretty skimpy outfits that did a great job of showing off their naughty little bodies. Julie is a hot little blond with a very tight and tanned body. She was wearing some sexy little shorts that showed off her toned legs and sweet little muffin ass. Her pink top tight and low cut enough to give a nice glimpse of her perky c-cup tits. I wouldn’t say she looked slutty but she was definitely showing off her body.Julie’s friend, on the other hand, was dressed slutty. She was short like Julie, but had a deferent, but equally as sexy body. This girl had some curves! She was wearing an extremely short skirt that bounced a little when she walked, giving me quick little peeks at her awesome bubble butt. Being an ass man, this was the first thing that caught my eye. Shortly after, I noticed the skimpy little top that barely covered her large bouncy melons. She was wearing one of those backless shirts that only had thin ties around her back and neck and just loosely covered her chest and stomach. I couldn’t help but stare as her tits and ass bounced down the walkway towards Julie’s front door. As they reached the front door, they both looked over at me, whispered to each other, and then started giggling before going inside. After I shook myself back to reality after the sexy display I just watched, I went into my house and didn’t give it much more thought. About 30 minutes later, after I had changed into some sweats and was brushing my teeth before hitting the sack, I heard my phone beep from receiving a text. When I picked up my phone to see who would be texting me so late my heart skipped a beat and my cock jumped in my pants.The text was from Julie and it said, “Still awake? Can you come over for a sec?” I was shocked. Did she really want me to come over with her friend over there? Was her friend still over there? Could she be asking me over for the reason I suspected? Despite these questions I wasn’t about to wait to find out. I put some slippers on and headed next door with a semi hard cock bouncing in my sweatpants.When I knocked on the door my heart was pounding in my chest. The thought of being alone in the house with the two sex kittens I saw earlier was almost too much for me to comprehend. I heard a few footsteps approach the door and then a little giggling before the door opened. Julie was standing at the door with a big smile on her face and her friend was at her side with a similar, probably alcohol influenced, smile on her face as well. They had both changed out of their party cloths but looked equally as sexy as they did before. Both were wearing boxer shorts, with the waist band folded over a few times, and a tight cotton tank top. I became painfully aware that neither girl was wearing bra because I could see their nipples slightly protruding from under the thin cotton of their tops. I also got my first close look at her friend and she was every bit as hot as Julie. She had a very exotic look (maybe Spanish or Italian) with dark brown hair, brown eyes and a naturally tan skin tone. Everything about her was sexy, from her full pouty lips to her voluptuous hourglass figure. She had one of those amazing bodies that somehow packed big tits, a skinny waste and a wonderful bubble but into a small tight frame. I was captivated and couldn’t take my eyes off her. I managed to break the awkward silence, and my obvious stare, by croaking out, “uhh, so what’s up?””Oh nothing” Julie said, “I just wanted to introduce you to Tiffany, my friend from college.” Tiffany confidently stepped forward as I reached out my hand and said “Nice to meet you Tiffany.” She just gave me a sexy little smile and a wink that made my cock jump in my pants again. “Come in and hang out for a bit” Julie said was she waived me in and turned to walk towards the family room. Tiffany gave me another smile as she looked down at the bulge in my pants and turned to follow Julie; leaving me standing at the door dumbfounded and captivated by the two asses walking away from me. Both girls had their boxers rolled up so high that I could see a little bit of their ass cheeks as the sauntered down the hall. Both asses were amazing and I was in heaven. Julie has one of those tight, heart shaped asses that you could bounce a quarter off of. Tiffany’s ass is bigger, but still held an awesome shape and had a little jiggle to it that just made me drool. I closed the door and followed them to the living room with my eyes plastered to their back sides. Julie continued into the kitchen and Tiffany and I grabbed seats on the couch. Things were a little awkward for a minute or two while we sat on the couch without much to say until Julie returned with three drinks in her hand.”Drinks anyone?” she blurted out as she almost bounced into the room. We all took our drinks and things started to loosen up. We talked for a while (the girls did most of the talking) and I learned a lot about Julie and Tiffany at college. It turned out that Tiffany was Julie’s roommate in the dorms and she was just up for a few days to visit. From what I could gather from all their stories and inside jokes, Tiffany is way more sexually experienced than Julie was before we hooked up and was a little promiscuous during her first year in college. Julie joked a few times about having to shack up in their friend’s room while Tiffany was playing with one of her “fun friends” and Tiffany just laughed it off and gave Julie a hard time about being such a prude with all the boys. We had a few more drinks and the conversation continued to loosen up and get a little flirtier. The girls continued their friendly batter with each other until Tiffany made fun of the way Julies dances and Julie jumped off her chair and playfully hit Tiffany with a pillow, crashing on the couch between us. We all got a laugh out of Julie’s drunken display but my laughing stopped when I looked down and realized I could see right up Julie’s shorts to her completely shaved pussy. Being drunk I wasn’t able to disguise my stare so it must have been pretty obvious as I feasted my eyes on her beautiful little slit. “What do you think you’re looking at Jason?” Tiffany said in a playful voice. “Do you like what you see?”I was pretty hopeful that I knew where this night was heading and I decided to move it forward so I looked up at Tiffany, then down to her tits and then back up to her eyes and said, “I am looking at a lot of things, and I LOVE what I see!””Ummm, tuzla escort I bet you do” Tiffany said as she looked right at me with a sexy stare that could make a grown man melt. “Look!” said Julie, “I think we’re making him hard!”Julie slid her hand across my lap and grabbed my quickly growing cock through my sweat pants. Both girls were giggling as they shifted their gaze between each other and the bulge in my pants. Julie was slowly stroking my cock when Tiffany asked, “So did you two really fuck on this couch?”I didn’t bother answering her and just leaned over to kiss Julie. She inhaled deeply and returned my kiss passionately as we melted into each other. I heard Tiffany say “I guess that answers the question”, but I wasn’t paying attention as my hands explored Julies tight teen body and kissed her deeper and deeper. I slid my hand down her inner thigh, through the leg of her boxer shorts, to find her dripping wet pussy. She spread her legs to invite me in and I pushed two fingers deep into her sex and lightly rubbed her clit with my thumb. She gasped as she broke our kiss and leaned back into the couch to enjoy the stimulation. As she broke our kiss I noticed that Tiffany was no longer sitting next to her on the couch and I felt a hand in my lap again. I looked down and saw Tiffany kneeling on the floor between my knees with a cock hungry look on her face. We she noticed me looking at her she smiled and said, “She told me how you fucked her and I wanted to see for myself.” Who was I to argue, so I returned my attention to Julie’s pussy and lifted my ass off the couch to let Tiffany pull my sweats off. Once she had my pants off, she pushed my knees apart and moved in for the kill. She started by slowly stroking my cock with her hand and licking my balls. She was very methodical and took each ball in her mouth and rolled it around with her tongue before letting it pop out and moving to the other. She kissed her way up to the base of my cock and licked up to my swollen tip before engulfing my entire manhood unto her hot mouth. This girl really knew how to suck a cock. Without hesitating she sucked my dick down her throat until her nose touched my stomach. She then slowly pulled up with her lips and tongue suctioned to my dick like she was laterally trying to milk the cum from my balls with one suck. As she continued her assault on my cock she picked up her pace and was sucking and slurping so hard that a mixture of saliva and pre-cum was leaking out of her mouth and dripping down to coat my balls and the ample cleavage squeezing out of her tight tank top. It was the nastiest, wettest blowjob I’ve ever had and I was loving it. The expert blowjob I was receiving made it very difficult to keep my attention focused on Julies pussy, but I managed to do enough to keep her satisfied and nearing an orgasm. She still had her eyes closed and was rotating her hips trying to increase the pleasure she was receiving from my hands while absent mindedly playing with her tits and pinching her nipples though the thin fabric of her tank top. I decided to move things a bit further so I lifted her ass off the couch and slipped her shorts off to get better access to her sweet little pussy. As I pulled her shorts off she opened her eyes for the first time since this all started and noticed Tiffany going to work on my cock. “God Tiffany, you are such a slut!” Julie said with a laugh, “you just met him and you are already sucking his dick?” Tiffany just looked up, with my cock still in her mouth, and gave Julie a quick wink before continuing her sloppy assault on my dick.Once Julie’s shorts were off she closed her eyes again and splayed her legs wide, encouraging me to continue. I dove back in with both hands to rub her clit and finger her dripping wet pussy. As I went back to work I felt Tiffany release my cock from her mouth. I looked down to see her pull her top over her head and release an awesome sit of tits with dark, erect nipples. Her tits were a full d-cup but still very firm with just the right amount of jiggle when they fell out of her shirt. I couldn’t tell for sure if they were natural (being a Florida girl you never know) but if she bought them, she sure got her money’s worth because they looked real. I turned my focus back to Julie and felt the soft weight of Tiffany’s breasts in my lap as she began licking my cock and rubbing it on her nipples and between her tits. It felt amazing and I lifted my hips to push my cock into her voluptuous mounds of flesh even harder. I could tell Julie was nearing an orgasm so I lowered my head between her legs to finish the job with my tongue. As I began licking her clit she pulled her legs back even further allowing me to stick my tongue deep within her pussy. Julie was very close and I knew how to put her over the edge so I sucked hard on her clit and reached down to circle her asshole with my finger. Touching her ass set her off and she exploded into a very loud orgasm. Julie was moaning loud and grinding her pussy into my mouth and her ass into my hand. Her juices were coating my face and I was having a hard time breathing, but I just let her ride it out and did my best to continue the stimulation on her clit. Julie was coming down from her orgasm when I felt Tiffany start to crawl up my body. Once she got all the way up I could feel her large breasts pressed against my chest and her pubic bone, still covered by her boxer shorts, slowly rubbing on my rock hard cock. “Mmmmm, that was hot”, Tiffany whispered as she pressed her body into me and brought her face close to mine; still between Julie’s legs. As soon as I pulled my mouth away from Julie’s pussy, Tiffany dove in to give me a passionate kiss. We kissed deeply for a few moments until Tiffany pulled away and said, “Mmmm, Julie tastes good.””What did you say?” Julie said as she opened her eyes after regaining her composure. “I said your pussy tastes good,” Tiffany said with a devilish grin.Before Julie could respond, Tiffany leaned down and began licking Julie’s pussy. Julie was surprised and tried to protest at first. But once Tiffany got started, Julie couldn’t stop her and she just leaned back again and started enjoying the sensation of her first lesbian experience. Tiffany was still on top of me while as she went down on Julie who was laying on the couch next to me with her legs high in the air. Julie was really enjoying the attention she was getting from Tiffany and was running her hands through her air and pressing her face tighter against her pussy. Tiffany was going to work on Julie with the same ferocious appetite she had for my cock, and was absent mindedly grinding her hips into mine as if she was trying to fuck me through her boxer shorts. As much as I liked the up close view of one hot college girl eating out another for the first time, I thought it was time to give Tiffany’s pussy what it was obviously looking for.I lifted Tiffany’s body off of mine just enough to slip out from under her and onto the floor. As I did this, Tiffany dropped her knees to the floor and pulled Julie to the edge of the couch so she could get a better angle for fucking her college roommate with her mouth and hands. I positioned myself behind Tiffany and the site before me was so hot I just had to pause and admire it for a few moments. Julie’s tight, tan little body was wide open on the couch with her tank top pushed up over her tits. She was moaning and breathing heavy as her hands alternated between playing with her erect nipples and pulling Tiffany’s face deeper and deeper into her dripping wet pussy. Tiffany had her face buried between Julie’s legs and her whole body was still moving like she was fucking an invisible cock. I could see her large tits swaying back and forth and I was very tempted to climb underneath her body to suck as much of her sweet flesh into my mouth as possible. ataşehir escort The only thing that stopped me was what was waiting for me once I removed her little shorts. I snapped myself out of my lustful trance and got focused on the task of making Tiffany beg to be stuffed with my cock. I placed my hands on her ass and roughly massaged her full, but firm cheeks through her thin boxers. Tiffany moaned softly and pushed her ass back into my hands, encouraging me to take it further.I removed her shorts and was greeted by an amazing ass and a completely bald pussy that was glistening, and almost dripping, with her juices. I continued rubbing her ass while admiring how full, yet firm, her ass cheeks were. I spread her cheeks apart and got my first glimps of her freshly waxed, puckered asshole. Tiffany still had her face buried between Julie’s legs and kept pushing her ass back into my hands, almost bouncing her ass at me and tempting me to dive right in.It worked, and I quickly lowered myself to get my first taste of Tiffany’s dripping wet pussy. She must have felt me moving in because as I lowered myself, she spread her knees a wider and arched her back a little to make herself more accessible to my mouth. I didn’t waste any more time and I dove right in. Her pussy was so wet that my face was instantly coated with her juices as I penetrated her with my tongue as deep as humanly possible. My mouth was deep in her pussy and the rest of my face was buried between her ass cheeks when started grinding her pussy and ass against my face with a desperate enthusiasm. Her grinding motion was causing my nose to brush against her puckered ass, which she seemed to like, and I did my best to start applying pressure to her engorged clit with my tongue. As she neared an orgasm she pulled her head out of Julies lap but continued to rub her clit with one hand while grabbing the back of my head with her other to force my face deeper and deeper into her. “Fuck yea, suck that pussy!” Tiffany said as she continued to grind my face into her pussy. “You like having your face buried in my ass? Oh god yes, I’m gonna cum all over your face!”Tiffany was starting to lose control and was bucking her hips wildly as she continued with her dirty talk. I didn’t notice because my face was still buried in Tiffany’s pussy, but Julie started cuming because of the fingering she was getting from Tiffany and the excitement of how dirty her college roommate was behaving. Julie’s orgasm sparked off Tiffany’s and she began grunting obscenities as a small gush of cum filled my mouth and dripped down my chin. Tiffany released my head from her hands and collapsed to her elbows as she came down from her climax. Her chest was heaving and she rested her head in her hands, but continued slowly rotating her hips against my mouth as if she didn’t want the stimulation to stop. I continued licking her clit very lightly and rubbed her ass while she recovered from her orgasm. I looked up between Tiffany’s ass checks and could see Julie playing with herself softly as she too was trying to recover from her second strong orgasm of the night. It was at that moment that I became painfully aware of my throbbing cock and the fact that I was the only one there who hadn’t cummed yet.As if on cue, I was very happy when Tiffany raised her head from the floor and said, “Are you going to fuck me with that cock or what?I swear I had been waiting to hear this girl say that since the moment I laid eyes on her in that slutty little clubbing outfit in the driveway. I positioned myself behind her and started rubbing the tip of my cock across her wet pussy lips. “Oh yea….” She moaned as she pushed her ass back a little and reached up between her legs to fondle my balls. As I slipped my cock into her slowly, she gasped a little, but pushed herself onto my cock with one smooth stroke. It felt so good to be balls deep in this horny little college girl that I nearly lost my load before even getting started. I kept my composure and started fucking her with a slow steady pace. It was clear she didn’t want to ease into things by the way she pushed back on my cock with each stroke so I grabbed her ass and started fucking her with hard, deep thrusts. I was fucking her with all I had, making her ass slap with each hard stroke, and Julie started to take notice. She stopped playing with herself and took more interest in what Tiffany and I were doing by sliding off the couch and scooting over too where I was pounding her roommate from behind. “Looks like you like fucking college girls huh?” she said with a sly grin as she reached between Tiffany’s legs to grab my balls and feel my cock entering her pussy. “Well, it sure looked like you enjoy fucking college girls as well” I said with a smile as I slowed the pace a little so Julie could rub Tiffany’s clit between thrusts. “It was different, but definitely fun” she said shyly as she appeared to be a little embarrassed to admit she allowed a girl to go down on her. Tiffany was starting to get worked back up as the extra stimulation from Julie started building her towards a second orgasm. As I already found out, she is very vocal during sex and was encouraging both Julie and I to continue our fucking and fingering with her loud moans, grunts and vulgar sex talk. I could tell Julie was getting turned on by the situation because she got a glazed look in her eyes and was becoming more active with her hands. With her one hand she continued fingering Tiffany’s clit and rubbing my cock and balls as I slid in and out of her pussy. With her other hand she started rubbing Tiffany’s ass and slipping her hand between her cheeks to graze her asshole as she started to get lost in the moment. I kept one hand on Tiffany’s hip to keep a nice hard rhythm and reached behind Julie to slip a couple fingers into her pussy. She was dripping wet and clearly very horny because she instantly responded by moaning and leaning forward slightly to allow my fingers to penetrate her deeper. She now had her hands on Tiffany’s ass and back as she leaned forward to steady herself as I finger fucked her in rhythm with Tiffany.Both girls were moaning pretty heavily at this point and seemed to be nearing orgasm when Julie started playing with Tiffany’s puckered asshole. She started by lightly tickling her tight rosebud with her finger which caused her ass cheeks to flinch and her pussy to contract around my cock. She then started rubbing hit harder with one finger trying to press it in. “Ohhhh fuck, that feels good!” Tiffany moaned in response to Julie’s ass play. Julie then leaned down further to almost rest her head on Tiffany’s ass and spit between her cheeks to provide a little lubrication. As she started working her saliva into Tiffany’s asshole, I removed my fingers from her pussy to smear her Juices on her own anal opening so they could share the experience together. This cause Julie to go crazy and she pushed her ass back into my hand and plunged her finger into Tiffany’s ass. This sent Tiffany over the edge and she erupted into a loud orgasm as her pussy clamped down on my cock and her ass contracted around Julie’s finger. I was now fingering Julie’s clit while pressing the tip of my thumb against her anal opening. She was bucking back against my hand and trying to finger Tiffany’s ass while building towards her own orgasm. I couldn’t take anymore and I came deep within Tiffany’s still pulsating pussy and pressed my thumb all the way up Julie’s ass. Julie’s orgasm soon followed and we all found ourselves panting and out of breath as our orgasms subsided. Tiffany and I collapsed to the floor with my dick still buried in her pussy and Julie crawled on top of Tiffany to embrace her in a passionate kiss. We were all sweaty and slick at this point and the two girls’ bodies seemed to just melt together as they kissed and pendik escort explored each other’s bodies for the first time. They were pressing their pussies into each other and all I could do was watch as they lost themselves in their pent up lust for each other’s bodies. They started to settle down a little and they broke their kiss to look at each other. “Shit Julie, I didn’t know you could be such a slut!””Neither did I” said Julie as she looked over at me with a lustful smile, “I hope Tiffany didn’t wear you out, because I still need to be fucked.”We all got a little laugh out of Julie’s comment, but I was hoping she wasn’t joking because I was definitely intending to fuck that tight pussy of hers once I was able to rebound; which wouldn’t take long at all with two little hotties laying naked next to me on the floor. Tiffany reached back and grabbed my now semi-hard cock to assess Julie’s chances of getting fucked anytime soon.”Hmmm, he’s starting to get soft” Tiffany said, “I better do something about that.”She rolled over and started slowly stroking my cock. “Why don’t you sit on the couch so I can clean off your cock for Julie?” she asked as she got to her knees. I quickly sat on the couch and spread my legs so Tiffany could lean in and slip my already growing hard-on into her mouth. She quickly nursed my cock back to life and was bobbing up and down in my lap as Julie climbed up on the couch and kneeled next to me. She ran her fingers over my chest, looked me in the eyes and smiled before leaning in for a deep, passionate kiss. We practically swallowed each other’s tongues as we kissed with the anticipation of the fucking that was about to come. “I’d say this dick is ready for some fucking” Tiffany said as she pulled her mouth off my cock.She grabbed Julies ass and guided her to straddle my lap as we continued our kiss. She then grabbed my cock and guided it to the entrance of Julie’s dripping pussy. With a deep moan, Julie slowly lowered herself onto my cock until it was buried to the hilt. Julie was extremely wet so I entered her easily, but she was every bit as tight as I remember from our first encounter a week earlier. We held our kiss as Julie started slowly rocking up and down on my cock. She felt amazing and I just grabbed her firm little ass and tried to pull her closer, and get deeper and deeper insider her tight little body. Julie picked up her pace and broke our kiss to allow her breathing to increase as our fucking got more intense. I explored her body with my hands and I could feel Tiffany between my legs, with her hands on Julie’s ass, encouraging her to fuck harder. ‘Oh yea, fuck that cock harder” Tiffany said, as she placed her hand at the base of my shaft to feel it slide in an out of Julie’s slick pussy.The encouragement worked, because Julie started bouncing her pussy on my cock like a pogo stick, slamming her ass down on my thighs with a smack. I gripped her ass cheeks with both hands, lifted my hips off the couch, and met each of her thrusts with one of my own. We were fucking like a****ls and the room filled with the sounds of our primal grunts and moans.Tiffany wasn’t going to be left out and I soon felt her soft tongue licking my balls and the base of my shaft as she tried to get right in the middle of the action. It wasn’t easy with Julie’s ass coming down on her face with each thrust, but she did her best to suck my balls into her mouth like she was trying to literally pump my cum into her friend’s pussy. Tiffany’s hot mouth was bringing me close to my second orgasm faster than I expected so I decided I better get to work on Julie before I was all used up. Already knowing what sends Julie over the edge, I spread both her ass cheeks with my hands and placed a finger at the entrance of her asshole. Her ass twitched and she let out a small gasp as she felt my finger trying to enter her anus. She soon relaxed and slowed her pace a little to allow for the anal penetration she clearly wanted. Her ass was still very tight since her first experience with anal sex was only a week earlier, and my finger wasn’t gaining access to her anal opening very easily. I was going to need more lubrication if I was going to finger her ass with any level of success. As if she was reading my mind, I felt Tiffany’s tongue move up my shaft and join my finger and the entrance to Julie’s ass. Without hesitation, Tiffany began licking Julies ass with the same hunger she showed when engulfing my cock with her mouth earlier that evening. Julie moaned with pure pleasure as she felt Tiffany’s wet tongue start to tease her ass. She slowed her fucking even more and pushed her ass back into Tiffany’s face, inviting her tongue to go deeper. I removed my finger to give Tiffany more room to work, and spread both cheeks with my hands as I continued to slowly pump my cock into Julie’s pussy. I didn’t take long before Julie was cuming hard with my cock buried in her pussy and Tiffany’s face buried in her ass. “Oh fuck, eat my ass!” Julie moaned as started bouncing herself on my cock again. Her climax reached its peak with her fucking my cock so hard that Tiffany could not keep pace, so I replaced her tongue with my fingers. I slipped one finger into her ass with only a little resistance due to the lubrication it received from Tiffany’s tonguing. I inserted a second finger which Julie accepted with a grunt and a deep moan. The anal penetration increased her orgasm and she rode out the second wave as I fucker her ass with my fingers. As her orgasm subsided, she did really slow down, but kept rocking herself on my cock with her body slumped over in my lap trying to catch her breath. Between heavy breaths Julie managed to say, “fuck my ass baby, I want your cum in my ass!”With that, she rolled off my lap and laid back on the couch with her legs spread wide and knees pulled back, pulling her ass of the couch. I got off the couch to position myself between her legs, and Tiffany crawled up next to Julie and started massaging and sucking her tits. “Oh god, give me that cock!” she said as she pulled her legs back further to allow easy access to her ass. I placed my swollen tip at the entrance of her ass and teased it a little trying to allow her muscles to relax. Once she was ready I slowly pushed my cock into her tight anus. The feeling was amazing as her ass muscles gave way to the intrusion and allowed my cock to slide all the way up her ass. I stayed still for a few moments to let her relax, and I could feel her ass clenching my cock involuntarily from the stimulation her nipples were receiving from Tiffany. “Ohhhhh, that feels good” Julie said, “fuck my ass, make me cum again.”I started a slow rhythm of long, deep thrusts. Julie was moaning her encouragement and I slowly picked up my pace until my hips were slapping her ass. Tiffany was still sucking Julie’s nipples and she reached down with one hand to start fingering Julie’s clit. Julie arched her back, threw her head back and let out a deep howl as she started cuming again. Tiffany got caught up in the action and started finger fucking Julie’s pussy with three fingers and started yelling, “yeah baby, take that cock like a slut, make him cum in your ass!” Her hand was fucking furiously as she pushed her fingers deeper and deeper into Julie’s dripping wet pussy.Julie’s climax reached new heights as she had both her holes filled for the first time in her life. I was holding back as long as I could, but it all became too much for me and I pumped wave after wave of hot sperm deep within Julie’s ass as she came crashing down from her orgasm. Still crazy with lust, Tiffany pushed my cock out of Julie’s ass and leaned down to engulf my cock with her mouth and catch the last few squirts of my cum. She deep throated me until she started gagging a little and milked the cum from my balls like she was literally starved for it. Once Tiffany had sucked me dry she released my cock and collapsed onto the couch next to Julie. Having already cum twice in a short period of time, I just sat back and watched as the two naked beauties drifted off to sleep.