THe Misadventures of Anita Chapter 1Her world had ended for her exactly three years ago today, when John had dropped dead off a heart attack in his chair, he just came in sat down and said he was going to have a nap and that was it he never woke up, and it had left Anita totally lost. If had not been for her daughter she would have taken her own life that night, but Karen was only 16, and that would have been too much for her to loss both parents on the same day and she had loved her daughter almost as much as John had. Now she was at University and in a happy relationship with her boss of all people. Mind you Anita had introduced them at work and Joe had was smitten straight away and so was Karen at his attention from an older man who at 23 was the youngest boss Anita had ever worked for but also one of the worst.They had gone on a few dates and then announced that they were in love and although Anita was happy for Karen she was worried as she knew Joe was so tough at work would he be the same at home. However when she had seem them together Joe had been as sweet and as nice John had been when he dated her and also when he married her. Eventually she had let Karen have Joe over to sleep and she had heard them make love and it brought back all the memories of John’s touch’s and their everyday love making but Joe seemed to be able to go on forever and she heard Karen quietly beg him to fuck her good and hard and then cum in her. This had been too much Anita and she had slipped her hand between her legs and masturbated to the sound of their love making and brought herself to a huge climax, and she had to bury her face in the pillow to hide her screams, then she heard Karen do the same but hers were more stifled by Joe’s grunts as he finished shortly after.The next morning Karen had awoken around 8.00am and went straight to the show and did not think anyone else would be up at that time in the morning and walked in on Joe and Karen in the shower and she was greeted by an eyeful of their naked bodies and Karen was masturbating him in the shower. Anita apologised and backed out, but could not forget the size of his cock it must have been at least 9” in length and nice and thick, no wonder Karen had begged to be fucked so hard, by it. Good she was a lucky girl to have a cock like that to fuck her and he really did treat her like a princess.Going back to her room she waited for the shower to turn off and she heard them both giggle as they went back to her room and she heard Karen “Did you see Mum’s face she could not take her eyes off your cock, I bet she would love this in her as much as I do. Mum and Dad made love every night when he was alive and since then she has done nothing about another man.”“Well you Mum certainly has a great body for a woman her age I would have never have guessed and that negligee was very fucking hot and her tits were fucking huge I would love to fuck them, like I do yours and I bet she would be as tight as you were when we fuck.”“Oh Mum has always kept herself in good shape and you should see her in her full lingerie set she is so much hotter than me. That gives me an idea maybe you should fuck my Mum when I am away, so you will not stray, when I am at University maybe you should go and introduce yourself now I am sure she would not mind or maybe we should both go?”“What?”“You heard as I bet Mum would love this and you can have a threesome with me and mum then when you come up at the weekend I know you have been looking after my Mum and then you can fill me in at the weekend and I will let 1xbet yeni giriş you fuck my ass like you want and dress up in my old school uniform and we can play teacher and student and maybe I will get Stephanie to join us as she fancies the fuck out of you and we can have a threesome with her as well.”Anita listened and could not believe what she was hearing from Karen’s mouth, she was offering her Mother to her boss as if she were a piece of meat to be abused and used, but her body and brain where in a different world as her nipples hand stiffened and she could feel her pussy juices flowing down her leg. Then she thought about the size of his cock and having that in her was almost too much for her as John was the only man she had fucked and they had sex everyday when he was alive. They had experimented in all positions and no holds barred, but usually when Karen was out of the house or when they though she was asleep.Then to her horror her bedroom door opened and Karen entered she was wearing red high heel stiletto’s, red stockings and a red suspender belt and nothing else, but a big smile. Karen had a great body she saw, nice long legs, a shaved pussy, but slightly puffed from the obvious fucking she had received, a flat stomach and 36c breast’s that were high and tight on her body topped with big nipples. Her Ginger hair hung down to her shoulders and her green eyes shone with mischievousness and her small mouth had a wicked smile on it.Then pulling Joe by his arm she saw him full naked again and his cock was so big her jaw dropped and she struggled for words. Joe was only 5’ 8” but he had a youthful body and was well muscled and tight. His blue eyes shone with excitement as he looked at her and his cock seemed to throb in front of her. “Karen what are you doing? Joe you should leave now, please.”“No he is going to stay Mum as he wants you and you are going to fuck him, and make sure he does not stray on me when I am at University, as he fancies you and you need a man to fuck you to bring you out of your depression.”Whilst speaking Karen had walked into the room and stood Joe in front of her mother and then dropped to her knees in front of her mother and took his cock in her mouth and started to suck his pre cum from the end and then with one hand pulled him towards Anita’s face.Anita watched in horror and fascination as Karen sucked his cock and then she pulled it towards her face Anita just froze, then she felt a hand push her head towards his cock and looked up at Joe to see him smiling and nodding and his hand pushing her head forward. Anita’s resistance just broke and she dropped to her knees in front of Karen and took his cock in her mouth. He was certainly thicker than John, but all her old skills were still intact as she sucked his end and flicked it with her tongue and then slowly took more in her mouth. Karen watched as her mouth dropped to her knees and started sucking Joe’s cock and then she grabbed his ass and pushed his cock deeper in to her mouth, and in horror she saw he mother slowly and completely swallow his whole cock into her mouth until she reached his stomach. This was something she had never been able to do. Joe grunted as he felt his cock brush her throat but she kept sucking. Then releasing his ass she pulled his cock from her mouth covered in her spit and she offered it to Karen who licked his shaft from balls to tip and back again. Then she tried to do what her mother had down, but as always gagged on his cock, when it hit the back of her mouth. “Relax your throat 1xbet giriş and stop worrying you cannot choke on his cock then you will be able to take him all the way in” Anita told her.Trying again Karen relaxed her mind and started sucking him again and then this time and for the first time she felt his cock slide into her throat and he groaned louder, she felt his balls smack her chin. Pulling back she looked up at him to see Mum kissing him and his hands pulling her negligee up. Smiling she went back to work on his cock and slowly deep throated his again feeling so proud of herself.Anita watched her daughter slowly swallow all of his cock with a smile and then felt a hand grab her arm and pull her up. Looking at Joe he leaned forward and very tentatively kissed her lips. Anita grabbed his face and kissed him with furious passion and forced her tongue into his mouth and licked all around his teeth and mouth and chased his tongue as he gained confidence with her. Anita felt his hands pull at her negligee and then move on to her body, pulling back she grabbed the negligee and pulled it over her head and dropped it to the floor and then his hands where on her 38DD tits and sucking her stiff nipples with extremely strong passion, that she had never felt before.All of Anita’s inhibitions where gone and she wanted his cock fucking her like he had fucked Karen last night, but she would get him to fuck her in the way she wanted it and she would then get him to fuck Karen again as she watched and give them instructions so they fucked better. Pulling away from him she dropped to her knees again and tapped Karen on the shoulder and she pulled back and Anita started sucking his cock again, but looking up at him. Karen watched and looked up at Joe as Mum sucked his cock with real venom, then Mum was offering his cock to her again, as she leaned backwards and started sucking his balls. Karen took his cock in her mouth again and slowly masturbated him with his cock tip in her mouth. Karen knew he was nearly at his orgasm by the expression on his face as he tried everything to stop it, then she saw Mum move further back and then Joe laugh and he was suddenly filling her mouth with his cum and he seemed to shot load after load into her mouth. When he finally seemed to stop she pulled back and Mum grabbed his cock and sucked any remaining cum from his cock. “Does he taste good?” Anita asked.Karen smiled and nodded and then pulled Mum to her and kissed her. Anita was shocked as Karen kissed her and tried to push her tongue in her mouth, then she tasted a familiar salty taste and opened her mouth as Karen pushed more cum into her mouth and she swallowed some of Joe’s load down her throat and he did taste sweet.Joe lay down on the bed and watched them kiss and lick up his spunk from their faces and smiled. Karen was a really dirty little slut, and red hot in bed and she matched him thrust for thrust in bed and he was in love with her, but Anita, he had always thought of as a cold fish and frumpy, but fuck she could suck cock better than her daughter and when she stuck her tongue in his ass, he just lost it as Karen had never gone near his ass, although he had tried to persuade her quite a few times and had played with hers and was finally getting close to getting her to try anal sex. Looking at Anita he wondered if she liked her ass being fucked, as he knew he was going to enjoy fucking her.They both looked at him and Karen turned to her Mum “I want you to fuck him Mum so he will not stray whilst I am at University, 1xbet güvenilirmi as I know he has a roving eye, and he has promised to come to me every weekend and fuck me silly, but I want to make sure he keeps it in my family and you need taking care of.”Anita was stunned at what her daughter had said but could already see his cock coming back to live again. “Go on Mum I know you want to but I think you should dress up in your sexiest lingerie and then we can fuck this stud stupid as he deserves it and I know he is not going to complain.” Then Karen was going to her wardrobe and opening and bring and going into her suitcase and brought out her rubber basque and stockings and then opened another case and brought out her rubber high heeled boots, and a large dildo and strap on. Turning Karen smiled “Oh who was a dirty bitch then fucking Dad’s ass where we?”Anita’s whole body went red, when she asked her about fucking John’s ass. As she loved doing that to him and then he would fuck both of her holes with his cock and strap on and call her all sorts of names and a few times they had actually taken pic’s and vid’s of themselves. Karen kept on looking and then found the pic’s of John fucking both her holes. Karen actually blushed at that and then looked at her Mum and smiled “Oh what a naughty girl we have here,” before Anita spoke she dived on the bed and showed the pic’s to Joe who looked at them and Anita went redder still and then asked for them back.Joe could see she was upset by the pic’s and offered them to her and as Anita took them he grabbed her hand and pulled her between Joe and Karen, before she could move he was on her chest and his cock between her tit’s and he was looking at her. “So you like both holes fucked do you, I think I can manage that for you and Karen as well.”Anita was stunned that he was talking about having anal sex with her and Karen, but she could feel his cock between her tits and wanted him in her cunt and ass. Looking at them both she finally found her voice “You both must stop this before it gets out of hand, I am Karen’s Mum and your my boss, I am not a piece of meat to fuck between you two.” Joe just smiled at her and then leaned back and pushed his hand between her legs and pushed two fingers straight into her soaking wet cunt. Anita groaned and looked at him and saw he was not going to stop and Karen was licking her Mums nipples and fingering her own clit.“Stop please before I lose control of myself, please stop” begged Anita but they both continued, and then finally all of Anita’s resistance caved in and with a deep throated growl she looked at him “Finger me harder, and deeper, you fucking pussy, I want you whole hand in my cunt. You bitch suck those nipples harder then sit on my face and I will teach you how a cunt should be eaten just like I did to your Aunt Sharon.”“What Aunt Sharon you and Dad fucked her together?”“Yes and she loved in until she found your Uncle Pete, but he did not want to share her, so that’s why we never speak. So now suck my nipples really hard and bit them I love it.” Karen leaned over her Mum and sucked as hard as she could and then bit the nipple and pulled it up with her teeth. Joe watched and then moved around and pulled her labia lips back exposing the pinkest cunt he had ever seen and slowly started licking her outer lips and flicking his tongue along the inner walls. Karen moaned in pleasure and pulled her legs back further so he could get better access to her. Joe was stunned that he was licking her cunt and that Karen had even suggested fucking her mother and then telling him to fuck her when she was away was a dream come true as she was totally without morals. He could not wait to fuck her cunt and ass and have Karen suck his cock clean and drink the cum from her mother’s cunt and ass.