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The Metro ExperienceAndrew was going for his school, he usually took the metro and today was no different. It took him 45mins only to reach his station. But it seemed very long when compared to rush that happens every other day. But today was a mother of rush that too early in the morning.Andrew’s eyes wide opened when he saw the metro coming, the number of people astounded him. He pushed his way into the crowed as the metro stopped and doors opened. He pushed himself towards his usual corner.He was a 3rd year high school student and turned 18 only weeks ago. With average height, average looks, he may look like a geek with nerd glasses but he was average in school as well and usually carried his saddle bag. Lack of life goal held him from achieving his potential. And he always tried things half heartedly, never truly focusing.His luck with girls were below average, all because of the way he sounded and the fact that he never talked in class. Talking to a new person made him blush, that’s how much introverted he was.Forget about kiss he never even talked to girl about deep stuff. But he was gifted with an 8 inch cock which no one knew about.He saw familiar faces in those who were in the metro. Everyone hung up in their usual habit and way of life, thought Andrew.When he arrived at the new station a good ton of people left and were replaced by a new batch. As he saw the switch happening. He noticed a jackpot of a women near the door. “That’s totally a mother I’d like to fuck.” Thought Andrew.That hot milf end up in front of him to his surprise. A total hourglass figure, she wore a red dress and which ended as a skirt just covering her ass. her face was angular and her eyes seemed sharp and confident, without confusion. She had black hair with locks and her eyes were green in colour. Huge big boobs prominently protruded and her skin was light brown. She clasped a small purse on her right hand and took support of the wall in the left, but that was not the best part.The best part was, her ass end up pressing against his trouser, thanks to the lack of space. Once she got infront of him he stiffened. Her black locks of hair swirled around her shoulder and strands of air ended up on his face which irritated him and tried to get rid of it but she was too close. “Fuck” thought Andrew. “Think ugly, umm toilet, rotten meat, stomach ache, gas, cubs, ass…shit.”As the metro started everybody was thrown back a little. The milf ended up pressing her whole ass hard against his trouser.Andrew felt his cock stiffen. “Shit” he thought. “Shit, what will she think? I’m getting excited from her. She will totally get disgusted from him. This is not good.” When ever he tried to think of ugly thoughts his mind came to that ass pressing against his stiffening cock. His cock was still semisolid, so whether she noticed or not was not known.A new station came and he saw many people at the station trying to get inside. When the train stop. She got a bit away from his pants because of speed, but it was still touching.The door opened and loads of people came out. The milf stepped forward enjoying the new space and taking his chance, he twisted his cock so that the boundary of his underwear around his crotch will hamper his hard cock from jumping infront.The new batch came, this time more people came inside and milf again end up pressing against his trouser.Thanks to the new adjustment his cock ended up between her legs and the tip pressed against her panties before he could complete his cock’s adjustment. She ended up against him when his cock was pointing toward her.He quickly withdrew his hand from his trousers so that she may not notice his hands but he knew that she felt his cock through his trousers as they both stiffened in contact. “No no no please don’t scream, its not my fault, i did not mean to…is she thinking i am a m*****er. What if she screams that, i need to think of something before…” The train started again and she end up pressing more against him. He could feels his cock’s tip at her pussy lips through the clothes. She moaned when his cock pressed her opening. She quickly put a hand over her mouth so that none would notice.Andrew looked around trying to see if somebody noticed but none did. “phew..”As the metro sped up, he could still feel his cock touching her pussy. Because of increasing speed his cock pressed harder against her. “God this is hot, I read they are hot but that’s burning hot, spring water hot.”They both remained stiff till the next station. Her ass felt good against his cock and ass cheek pressing against his pelvis felt comforting but everything about this situation was wrong and vowed from now on he will take a taxi.The next station came and he felt her pressure decrease as the metro stopped. They both counted on people getting of so that they can shift their places.The door opened and only a few got out and were replaced by thrice as many. The metro was so full that none even had space to get inside, all were packed against each other. Metro şahinbey escort was filled to the brim.Because of all this her pressure on his trousers equaled to forcing someone to fuck through the garments.The metro started and she was totally on him now Her neck was infront of his mouth, she could feel hot breaths of Andrew on her neck making her hot. Her back pressed against his front and his cock pressed whole of her pussy and the tip of his cock had crossed the middle of legs and was like a small protruding in front of her dress at the skirt. It was like she was cradling his cock between her leg. Even though cock had constraints of trouser and underwear.Totally pressed in this lack of space, he tried to shift his position to a bit more respectful and cofertaone. But it ended up looking like he is rubbing between her legs, he infact moaned when that happened.”Oh fuck, this feels good” thought Andrew ” but I must control my self. God I never knew someone else’s touch could feel so wonderful. Ohhh fuck i can’t stop thinking about fucking her fuckable ass.” thought Andrew. He moved again this time to feel good. He said to himself “No, stop, she is not some toy and I won’t become a m*****er.” Though this whole situation was an accident, he would have still considered himself a m*****er had he given up his control, he thought with the third push I will stop this.But to his surprise when he pushed. The milf pushed herself back. He thought “Maybe because of metro?”He tried once more and she definatly pushed back. And he knew that was her signal, she was allowing it “Is she really allowing me? Fuck it, I don’t care about what other people here. I’m just gonna fuck her ass out and bring home.”He pushed again and he moaned while the milf followed his suit. They started slow, each thrust was deliberate and the were sexily pressed together. When the new station came, she bended, making it look like inertia caught her but also pushing her ass on his pants at which Andrew moaned. “God don’t I like it.” And he pushed his hardest in her taking advantage of inertia.She then got back to her usual position when the metro halted. A good amount of crowd left and was replaced by another batch, she had ample time to change her place, but she remained there.When the metro started they started humping as well.She turned her head towards Andrew so that she could see him from the corner of her eyes.He gazed at her beautiful face, he locked eyes with her even while humping. After what looked like a minute she asked ” What’s your name?”It startled him a bit for some reason, but he answered ” Andrew.”The milf moaned and gyrated on his pant.” Nice name. My name is Adrianne.””Nice name.” And he meant that. He thought what a stroke of luck, humping against a beautiful women with a beautiful voice and a beautiful ass. They were too concerned in humping than in talking, add that to his introverted mess and there you got the reason for short conversation.The movement was slow and every inch of body movement was deliberate, to conceal what they were doing. His dick rubbed her slit at his head continually rubbed her clit, as his breadth touched her neck. They were in ecstasy. At least it was for Andrew, for he never even got close to even kissing.She moaned a lot but managed to decrease it to a few squeaks. She sighed little every time he pushed his crotch and every time her breadth touched.”Oh yea” thought Andrew. He had totally given up this situation and went with the flow. Every push was like warm water and sparks of electricity washed over him. “Oh wouldn’t I like to do this every morning. I could do this again and again.” Thought Andrew. Adrianne said to him. “You like that don’t you? You like pushing that hard dick and rubbing all over my slit. Don’t you.””Hmm” he noded as she rubbed and moved her ass slowly slowly.When ever a station passed they would decrease there stroking to simple gyration. And when metro starts. They pumped with new vigour.”I want to feel better, this is not enough.” Thought Andrew. Without thinking, he slowly unzipped his cock and out of his underwear. He was taking a big risk but his self control was grazing grass. When he started doing that, Adrianne could hear the unzipping of his pants, but continued her pumping.”His cock sprang out and he quickly replaced his cock between her legs in the same position.With only her panties in between. He could feel pussy’s out line perfectly now and her clit rubbing his head. He placed both his hands on her waist so that he can push properly and hide his long cock. Heat seeped out of her panties and heated his cock. He again start rubbing and this time occasional low moans started escaping her.People start to look around for that moan but for now they could not identify who the person was.This excited both of them. He just got Hornier and pumped much more aggressively while her wetness seeped through and on his cock. But she repressed her moans.”Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck oh fuck yea… That’s it.” He was so into rubbing that any position for his cock seemed better than the last one, the only thought in his mind. To fuck her brains out!Stations came and passed but they did not stop. They were slowly humping so no one would notice. Adrianne was able to keep her moans to herself while Andrew just let his mouth open while looking up at the ceiling.All the rubbing and humping increased the stress on his cock.” I am about to cum. What do I do, I can’t cum here…ah never mind I will just do it.” He pumped and pumped when he started to get close to the line he said in his low voice ” I am about to cum” when she heard that she quickly opened her purse and took out something. He was too focused on pumping to realise what it was.He pulled his cock further and slammed hard into her as it rubbed a bit inside of her pussy and then clit, but at the tip, he felt a cloth rub his cock. He crossed the line and gave ropes of cum on to it.Thinking it must be her skirt He looked at the floor to find a small puddle that might have dropped, but could not see a drop..He looked up and saw Adrianne sniffing her handkerchief. It was then he realised what she did.He relaxed and took the whole support of the wall behind. “Finished.” He thought with a satisfying note to it.Instantly, he felt her hand holding his cock.She lined his cock.To her pussy.And pushed his headInto her.Pushed her ass backAnd whole cock came.Inside her pussy.”That ladies and gentlemen, was ‘The pussy of the year’.” He thought as soon as he felt the wave of sensation, overloading ecstasy, loosing his virginity, the hotness, the wetness, the dampness, the squeeze and the meaning of what it feels to enter a pussy.He just felt what few high schoolers feel, a tight pussy of an older women. Then sensation took his mind to a****listic instinct as he pushed her whole length until it reached and smacked her womb.And he came instantly. But there was no stopping. He cummed a few seconds ago, then cummed again and is still hard.He pushed it in with all his might he could in what little space he had. He pushed and pumped using the wall. And every pump was like touching a high voltage. He spasmed since he started cumming and kept on spasming.A loud moan escaped her lips as he instantly pumped her whole dick inside of her and people around looked towards them while few others away a bit either could not hear or could not find them.Those around were confused, many realised what was happening and quickly turned around either in disgust or to give them privacy or just felt shy.The crowed’s back became like wall against other and they tried to give them as much space as they can, so they don’t touch and disturb them while they performed the act, they did not want make A or Z out of it..Both realised what just happened, performing in public was already a turn on. But now everyone near them knew what was happening and a few times, they turned around to see the act.That pushed their turn on to the max. They fucked as if they are alone, taking as much space as they could provide. Adrianne moaned without reserve and Andrew humped without any shyness . All the hold back, all the thoughts of what people thought were dumped to the garbage at some forgotten place. All they knew was to fuck each others brains out.Andrew humped and Adrianne bended more almost reaching a doggy style, however since she did not have anything to hold her self to except the human wall in front. So Andrew pressed his whole back against the wall, and pulled her waist towards his waist forming a slant seat. Andrew kept hold of her waist and circled his arms around her waist while Adrianne kept bending and put her hand on the knees.They kept fucking like a****ls. Sound of wetness kept coming every time they pumped, loud enough for others around.”Yea!!” Thought Andrew “Yes that’s it girl, bring your ass to me, let me seed you to the brim of your being. Fuck!! How idiotic of me to had never done this before. Yea yea yea!!” His aggression and rhythm increased to knew extremes and Adrianne doubled back. The sloppy sounds of sex the shouts and moans escaping them and a total disregard for people in publics made them hornier.The occasional look back of people further heightened it. Every time his eyes met them, they quickly turned around.Andrew clenched his teeth as he fucked her and started coming close. He thought “Fuck yea, can they even come close to this? Do they think we are filming a porn here?” He laughed to himself as he thought of the situation, the experience he is having. The experience that nobody of his generation can possibly have.Suddenly he felt her convulse, as her orgasm rippled through her body, that added pressure brought him close as well and they cummed in unisons. They gave a long deep moan from their mouth as they cummed and once it stopped they relaxed and breathed. But Andrew was not over yet.He quickly looked at the next platform they are going to reach, they had completely forgotten they were in fact in a metro and that it stops and did stop at every station.Seeing that he still has a little further to go. Before she relaxes. He pulled his cock slowly as if leaving it, but instantly when only his tip was left inside, he humped his whole length into her. Surprised she gave a short yelp and then moaned as she again felt him. This was the third time he cummed and he still had stamina. The magic of a virgin.She was up for it. She pushed her whole onto him and humped like b**st. Very fast, very long and powerful humps. She gyrated and pumped as he felt the need to push back with equal force. Her moans turned from ‘unghs’ to ‘Ahh’ as her sore pussy was ravaged by ever hard cock.She got to her knees on the floor and her hands on the floor as well. Complete doggy style. He fucked her pussy and bended and played with her boobs.She was aching to feel them and once he touched that, she couldn’t help but curve her back and make ass pointed up wards.Whenever Andrew pushed her length into her. He felt her tip rub against the walls of her pussy till it reached the womb. His and her cum was threatening to leak out, but his big long cock seemingly forced all of it back through her pussy into her womb. She could feel that happening and all the hot liquid swirled inside her womb. Thankfully she was on her pills.He again felt his cock tighten and expand as he was about to cum. Feeling the expansion she quickly fell into orgasmic bliss and cummed while he kept on pumping. Then he cummed too. The force at which he cummed and the ropes he shooted had not decreased even in such short gaps, the intensity was still there. They cummed and they let their moans freely out of their mouth as their shouts filled the metro, making nearby people stiff. It was in such a way that both their orgasm ended together. His cock slowly started to get smaller and he enjoyed the hotness as much as he can.The cock came out with a pop sound and she quickly replaced his cock with her handkerchief and stuffed it inside.They both were still bending. They sighed contently and he got of her and stood up, she followed his suit. Suddenly everything was quite for him. He took the support of the wall while she supported herself on her knees while he chuckled out of breadth. “Had I knew what sex is, I would have gotten my self a girlfriend long ago… I think I will get one now.” he said.”That was sure some stamina.” she said as she stood up came close to me and said that quietly.She started to address her dress and asked “You were a virgin?”He got shy after listening to her question but he said “yea.” Calmly to his surprise.She turned around and gave me another handkerchief and said “clean my skirt will you.”It was wet in curving way, thankfully for her it was not all wet. He wiped it as much as he could and the remaining dampness she blocked by clasping her purse with hands and hand at the back. She had completely hidden it and she in fact looked like a respectable women.”You better do yours.” She said.Andrew looked at his trousers and saw a wet circle around his zip with his limp wet cock hanging there.He quickly cleaned his dick up with the given handkerchief and pulled his cock inside his pants then started cleaning his trousers.She reached my hands and said “Here.” With that she took the handkerchief and starting rubbing all over his wet trouser. It took some time but it was still damp. However the result was better than he hoped to achieve. He was so spent that Andrew’s cock denied to get hard again.”Thank you.” said Andrew. In return she just smiled and put the wet handkerchief inside her purse after sniffing their mixed pheromones.He got embarrassed at that series of actions. Suddenly he noticed that a man was looking back at their epilogue and when he got noticed he quickly turned around.Andrew couldn’t help but smile as he comprehended the experience that he just experienced.At that moment the new station arrived and noticed it was his station. He quickly dressed up properly and in an attempt to hide the wetness he pulled his saddle bag lying on the ground and handled it in front of him such that he was holding the left strap with his right hand in front of his trousers. It did not look weird. At least when he remained standing.He quickly left the metro, people eager to give him space.Outside he noticed that Adrianne was outside as well. They both got a bit surprised.She walked towards me, pulled his tie and said in his ear “Let’s meet tomorrow at this time again here.” She let go of his tie and smiled back at him seductively, Andrew responded likely. Before going she said “I was lucky to have a man with a big long cock ready for a pussy.” she turned away and walked towards the washroom of that station.He saw his hips gently sway, her curly hair fly in the soft wind and her neat red dress, with her hand at the back.” “Probably need to take out that handkerchief” he thought. He suddenly realised he needs to go on washroom as well and clean himself before he gets late for school. With that he walked towards gents washroom hurriedly and cheerfully.”I need to get a girlfriend.” thought Andrew.